Distinguish Between My Profile, My Website and My Academic/Professional Profile

Every Amherst user is given a biographical (personal) profile, a website, and an academic/professional profile.  Each has its uses-- the personal profile can be filled with information about your hobbies and family, your academic/professional profile can hold information about your publications, and your website can be used for news or photos.

When you change your academic/professional profile on your website, the information you change is also changed on your department's faculty and staff listing.

  • After you log into the Amherst site, you'll see a link at top called "My Website." This is your personal website, and you can post anything you want on it: everything from news about your latest academic projects to photos of your family. You may create separate subpages under your homepage if you wish.
  • Your biographical profile, available via the "My profile" link at the top of the screen, or the "Find people" search function, is similar to the profiles of students and alumni. It includes your full name and contact information, and a link to your personal website. By default, your personal contact information is visible only to you, but you can change your settings to make your information available to others in the Amherst community.
  • Your academic/professional profile, linked from course pages and departmental faculty listings, lists your professional accomplishments, publications, research interests and more. The top portion of your profile is automatically generated: your name, title, courses taught and departmental affiliation. Below that, you may add/edit anything you like. You may also add subpages to your profile.