Bold icon Boldfaces the selected text.
Italic icon Italicizes the selected text
Bullet list icon Formats the selected items into an unordered list.
Numbered list icon Formats the selected items into a numbered list.
Indent icon Indents the selected items.
Outdent icon Outdents the selected items.
Undo icon Undo--can go back several steps.
Redo icon Redo--can redo several steps.
Link icon Make the selected text or picture a link. Lets you insert the link URL.
Unlink icon Removes the link on the selected text or picture
Anchor icon Insert an anchor you can later link to.
Format icon Format text selection dropdown list.
Styles icon Applies a stype to the selected text, usually applies to paragraphs.
Superscript icon Formats selected text as superscript.
Subscript icon Formats selected text as subscript.
Horizontal rule icon Inserts a horizontal rule.
Eraser icon Removes styles and formatting from the selected text.
Omega icon

Brings up the special character menu to insert a character here.

Horizontal bar icon Inserts a custom horizontal rule.
Full screen icon Expand editor to full screen.
Word paste icon Paste text from word.
Table icon Brings up the table menu so that the current table properties may be modified or so that a new table may be inserted here.
Table row icon Brings up the table row properties menu
Table cell icon Brings up the table cell properties menu
Insert row before icon Insert row after icon Delete row icon Inserts row above or below selected row or deletes selected row.
Insert column before icon Insert column after icon Delete column icon Inserts column to the left of or to the right of the selected column or deletes the selected column.
Split cell icon

Splits the current cell and puts the contents in the leftmost or topmost cell

Merge cell icon

Merges the selected cells and their contents.

Media icon

Brings up dialog to insert picture or media.

Break icon

Add break point for teasers and previews