Tools for website traffic analysis

If you're interested in knowing what kind of usage the materials you're publishing on the college's website are getting, the college has the following solutions:


The college has web server logs parsed via Awstats going back many years, both for the main college website before it was delivered using Drupal, and for the Drupal-delivered content (the cms) starting in 2006. Any college user with a valid login can review those logs by visiting the top Awstats report screen. Awstats is more accurate and contains more precise data about a broader set of usage statistics, but does not contain information on usage by role, and is not a flexible reporting tool like Google Analytics - it contains a large collection of static reports but is not customizable. Awstats is also tracking the logs for www3 content which Google Analytics does not.

Google Analytics

The college began using Google Analytics in July of 2011. Access to Google Analytics requires a college account and is available to faculty and staff. To request access, email David Hamilton or file a request with the help desk. Google Analytics allows you to craft your own reports tailored to your interests. It's slightly less accurate than AWstats but is more flexible, and also contains some data that allows tracking content usage by role and other similar parameters that are not available in the AWstats reports. Be aware that Google analytics is tracking only a subset of college content on - it does not track any other college webserver traffic, and some sections of the college's website are not tracked, specifically:


Google Webmaster Tools

Google's webmaster tools provide some data about usage of the college's site, including 404 'missing page' reports, information on common search terms, information on what websites link to college content, and a handful of other reports. Google Webmaster tools access is available to faculty and staff, and requires a college account. Contact David Hamilton or file a help desk ticket if you need access to Webmaster tools.

Site usage by role, date, time, and 'feature'

A weekly report that contains information derived from the Drupal CMS 'watchdog' logs is available to faculty and staff - ask your manager or department head to contact David Hamilton if you would like to receive this report. This report contains granular information about broad 'behaviors' on the college's site - things like 'number of logins by type of user, by period of time, number of career network searches' and more.