Content Type: Featured Event Callout

Required Fields:

  • Title Field -- This should be the full name of the event (it's the only text the viewer will say, so be descriptive. No character limit.
  • Date/Time Dropdown -- The current date will show by default; adjust for date & time of event as needed (year does not display). 
  • Event Location Dropdown -- Set to "n/a" by default; adjust as needed. If used, location will link to Google map.

Optional Fields:

  • Link Field -- If used, the Title field will become a link.
  • Image -- browse for an existing image, or upload. If uploading, image must be a minimum of 500 x 300 pixels. An image is NOT required.

WHEN TO USE: Use this to draw attention to a single upcoming event. Can be positioned anywhere on the page. 

Featured Event Callout Instructions
Edit view of "Featured Event Callout" display mode.