In-Content Gallery: Featured Set Gallery

Required Fields:

  • Title (the title associated with each image is required) -- 2 to 4 words
  • Description (approxinately 35 words or less)
  • Image size: 700 x 500 minimum. (If larger, maintain the same ratio of width to height.)

Optional Fields:

  • Main Title -- title that appears above the slideshow
  • First URL -- the first URL, opposite the image title, should be left EMPTY
  • Title & URL

WHEN TO USE: Can be used to highlight a set of related links through images and text. If used without the optional link field, this could be used as a slideshow.

NOTE: 1) the navigation to the next slide will NOT appear until you have at least 3 entries; 2) the text only navigation (the small grid) appears automatically.

Featured Set Gallery Instructions
Edit view of "Featured Set Gallery" display mode.