In-Content Gallery: Upates

Required Fields:

  • Title (main title for component): We recommend titling this “The Latest” but feel free to adjust the language according to how you are using the component.
  • Title of Update & description

Optional Fields:

  • Date: This will default to today’s date. You can use this date to indicate the date the content was posted. Or you can delete the date completely—the date is optional.
  • Link title and URL
  • Featured checkbox

WHEN TO USE: Use this display mode to promote any information or business unique to your department or program. This component can be positioned at or near the top of any page, and is well suited to frequent updates. This could be used for announcements, upcoming meetings for majors, job openings, intership opportunities, kudos on publications or conference presentions. While you could use this to promote an event, know that there are other display well-suited to events, such as “Featured Event Callout,” or “Important Dates”; for additional options contact us at:

There is no limit to how many updates you add. If more than two, the user will be able to click or swipe through them. You can reorder the Updates by simply dragging left or right in the edit view. You can also change which one has the featured flag at any time.

Updates Instructions
Edit view of "Updates" display mode.