Flexible Article: Video Call Out

  • Copy/paste a URL from YouTube or Vimeo into the "External Video" field, or upload or drag a video file to the "Amherst Streaming Server." Set width/height to 853 x 480.
  • Choice of background colors (black, grey, purple or dark purple).

Video Title Goes Here

March 22, 2016

Use this component to display a single video. Enter a short description of the video.

Video callout edit view
Edit view of "Video Callout" display mode.
Browse for Video Link
Chose "Browse" to add the URL to your video.
External Video Link
Choose "External Video" to add a video from YouTube
YouTube Video Share Link
Choose "Share," then COPY the URL
No Related Videos Code
Paste URL. Add ?rel=0 to end of URL. Enter width and height as shown. Click on "SAVE."