frost lobby uprisingThank you to Amherst's students, staff, and faculty for the great care and respect they showed for one another and the library during the occupation of Frost. We're grateful for your understanding of the library as a safe, engaged, and conducive space for dialogue and discussion about these issues so integral to life on campus. The library staff wishes everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving break and looks forward to continuing these important conversations here afterwards.

In the meantime, student allies, faculty, and staff have compiled Amherst Uprising Information & Sources to provide some context for the movement.

vpnLibrary research from off-campus
Leaving for break, but still want to access the Library's databases, electronic books, and articles? Check these instructions—and if you need research help, please contact us!

ED_coloring_colored.jpgDe-stress with coloring books
Take a break with our new grown-up coloring books, now available as a Frost Café collection.

A Small Exhibit of Small Photographs ... but in Stereo
Currently in our exhibit case on Level B of Frost Library is a display of stereograph images from the 1870s and 1880s, taken from the Archives and Special Collections. Remember the Viewmaster? Stereographs, consisting of two nearly duplicate photographic images printed side-by-side on a card, give the illusion of 3-D when viewed through the lenses of a stereo card reader. They were hugely popular in the latter 19th century. Stop by, peer through the readers, and imagine you are walking the campus circa 1880.

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As part of website usability efforts, the AC Links button ac_links_2011  has been renamed to Get It @ AC SFX - get it button.gif, to make its function clearer to all users. It still works in exactly the same way.
If you're curious about how Get It @ AC works, consult our FAQ.

Hitchcock.jpgCelebrating our Digital Scholarship Summer Interns
If you missed the culminating presentation by the Library's Digital Scholarship Summer Interns, check out their "Hitch in Time" project site. Over the course of eight weeks, they embarked upon a critical reexamination of the life and legacy of one of Amherst’s best-remembered presidents: geologist and minister Edward Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s impact and importance to the college can be seen on campus even today, from the dorm that bears his name to the contents of the Beneski Museum to the very presence of the geology department itself. Drawing on Archives & Special Collections’ Edward and Orra White Hitchcock Papers and a breadth of digitally based research methodologies and tools, they engaged in an exploration of what Edward Hitchcock left behind, both tangibly and intangibly. From the personal—an account of the contents of Hitchcock's will—to the global—mapping the reach and reception of his intellectual conversations—this project delved into one man's legacy in the spirit of Hitchcock himself, who spent his life consumed with questions of time and infinity in his roles as both geologist and man of God.

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