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Spring 2019

pretty nie place very warm Glad you like it!
We love amherst! - S & A Thanks!
good place Thanks!
Izza cute place Thanks!
The Library has a great water fountain! Stay hydrated We agree!
All the library staff is great! Lights on C Level Thanks!
Could the B level bathrooms be single-user all gender bathrooms? Thanks for the suggestion, we'll pass it on.
I'm a local master OT student that commutes to E. Longmeadow. This is an ideal place to study when I'm not on BPU campus! Thanks! That's so great! Glad you like it here
In addition to digitally scanning books when checking out, could we also bring back stamps of the due date? It's so cool to see a record of all the times people have checked out books. We think that's cool, too! And it can be helpful to not have to check due dates online, right? (which you can do on our website). We'll pass the suggestion on, thanks!
I love this library, it's so modern. Thank you! Glad you like it here.
Frost café should at least have these compostable napkins out when the café is closed. Besides those napkins, there are no paper towels anywhere Thanks for the suggestion. We will pass it on to the café. We can look into the paper towel issue. If you need towels, please ask us in the meantime.
Way too noisey. Shutter the café Thanks. The first floor is a social floor. Floors A& 3 are quiet, and for total silence, you can go to B&C!
Are the rest of the math books (in archives) going to be put out anytime soon in C? The rest of the math books in Archives? Tell us more, we're not sure what you mean.
Usable back door, please! Thanks! We can pass the request on. The gates at the front door help us keep track of the books and other materials. We don't have that system in place anywhere else.
I'm in love, Thanks Library! Aww, thanks!
It's better than the UMASS Amherst Library… structure wise - Umass student Glad you (sorta) like it here!
Isenberg students also love coming here!` Awesome! We welcome everyone!
Great Library Thanks!
I love amherst but where are the kids books? Most of the children's books are on C Level in the PZ section. Ask us at the desk if you need help!
Study spaces make me feel like I'm in a prison Yikes. We agree that many of our study spaces need an upgrade! We will do our best to advocate to the College about student needs, and we'll try to find ways to make the space we have more appealing.
LOL I agree (comment response to above)  
You shoulda been here 50 years ago (comment response to above)  
It was quite swell!  
Need group study spaces w/ windows + lighting  
Depressing environment; made me even sadder on this rainy day Sorry to hear that! We know there is a desire for more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing study spaces. We try to make the most of the space we have. If there are specific issues you have with the building, let us know. We take patron feedback seriously!
Needs better group rooms. Pls paint the walls. Thanks for the suggestions. Let us know what you'd like group rooms to have.
Study booths please! :) (and 24 hr accessibility would be lovely) Thanks for the suggestions! We are always looking for ways to improve our study spaces. We'll pass along the 24 hour request. In the meantime, the Science Center does provide 24 hour access.
I second the idea of 24 hr access!  
We need another gender neutral bathroom Good point. We will share your request and see what we can do.
Lights on C Level  
I like this place! (drawing)  
I love the environment of the library  
Great library  
[heart] I'm in love. Thanks library! (to all of the above) We're so glad to hear that!

November 2018

Can you please open earlier on the weekends?  
Please open earlier on weekends! Due to staffing requirements, it’s difficult to extend hours in a large building like Frost, but we do provide 24x7 access to Keefe Science Library using your student ID card.
More secluded study rooms, like the clear ones on the 3rd floor Thanks for these suggestions -- we'll bring them to the Space Committee
The trash cans across from the café are fricken nasty We'll let Facilities know -- thanks!
More seating on Level 2 Thanks for these suggestions -- we'll bring them to the Space Committee
Why do you have total junk/crap for books, all good books are in other libarrys. :( We're sorry to hear that -- we do have a purchase request form on our Services & Requests page, where students, staff, and faculty and request additions to our collections. Our Research & Instruction librarians also work closely with academic departments to ensure the collection is meeting teaching and research needs.
Thank you so much. We came from Japan. 13.11.2018 You're very welcome! We're glad you enjoyed the library!
Could you add some rulers to the finishing station? Thanks for the suggestion! We'll see what we can do :)
All of the library staff is great! Thanks so much! :)
:) Yay! This is a great place! Aww, thanks! We think so, too!
The computers are great, I don't have one at home so this is a BIG help! :D We're so glad to hear that!

October 2018

The coloring books were very nice, however maybe provide a pencil sharpener? Thanks Great idea! We'll get one soon :)
I love the library & thesis support! <3 We're so glad! :)
How do you decide which journals to put out on the shelves in hard copy? They don't strike me as the most essential or standard. E.g. where is American Historical Review? (Rhetorical question. I know it's online). Ongoing budget pressures force us to make tough decisions about canceling print subscriptions, so we prioritize new content over duplicate content (if we already have it online, for instance). Some journals only come in print, which would explain why we have some that may not seem to be the most popular. We regularly make decisions in close coordination with faculty in their academic departments, and periodically conduct serials reviews to ensure that we are being responsible stewards of the library budget.
Please use different toilet paper. These ones are so difficult to roll out  
Lights on C level - please Thanks -- we'll talk to Facilities about this
Great job! Thanks! Thank you!
Why can't Frost close later? Due to staffing requirements, it’s difficult to extend hours in a large building like Frost, but we do provide 24x7 access to Keefe Science Library using your student ID card.
Thank you! Enjoyed the tour :) We're glad you liked it!
To have a post office will be nice Thank you  
Can we have at least one Android charger for check out? There are still lots of people on campus who use Androids, especially international students  
It's very cold Please let the folks at the Circulation Desk know at the time if an area is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made.
Rightmost sink in A-level men's room has a drip We'll get in touch with Facilities -- thanks for letting us know!

September 2018

Where are the chalks? :( There's chalk at the blackboard to the right of this board  -->
Thank you! I now have somewhat understanding of this decimal system, which is helpful That's great! We’re so glad this helped
How do you look up where books are if reference is not there? You can look up books at, using the Books & Media tab. There are handouts at the Circulation Desk and signs at the stairwells to help you find what floor your book is on (or you can ask our friendly desk staff!)
The world should be run like a library! Thanks so much! (next step: world domination)
I want to know when the next scavenger hunt will be! Great! If we hear back from lots of students, we'll be sure to make more!
<3 Williams <3 back!
The library is tuff Thanks! :)
How Long can books be checked out for? Good question! Students can borrow books for 90 days
Thank you! The tour was helpful AWESOME! We're so glad it helped :)
The door underneath the handle in the men's bathroom is black and really gross… Eww! Thanks for telling us -- we'll let Facilities know.
That was a very fun and informative tour! I especially liked visiting the archives. We're so glad you liked it! The folks in archives are really super :)
Chargers/Laptop outlets for long tables behind display case would make a huge difference! Pretty please :) We'll let our Space Committee know -- thanks!
I want to know how to receive help in the Archives You can ask any of the friendly staff in Archives for help!
Is the library a good place to make new friends? We think so! There's lots of spaces to chat and relax with new friends, too.
How do I find out when there's free food/snacks? We'll often put snacks/food at the Circulation Desk, if they're freely available; our student workers can also be great sources about free food on campus
Thank you for teaching me how to get books on reserve You're very welcome!

August 2018

Noice library you got here Thank you!
Put shades on south-facing windows? Otherwise, awesome! Thanks! We'll let the Space Committee know.

May 2018

We <3 this library! Thank you so much!
The floors on A + B levels + stairways could use a mop! Thanks for letting us know!
In the winter, parts of the building get really cold. (Comfy chairs on 1st floor) Maybe checkout blankets? Please let the folks at the Circulation Desk know at the time if an area is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made. Checking out blankets presents hygeine issues -- we don't have a laundry facility in the Library.
The Paintings here are sooo cool :) Thanks! If you ever want to find out more about them, just ask us! :)
Could we have standing desks in the Quiet area (3rd fl?) Thx! We’re planning to add some standing desks in the southeast corner of the 3rd floor once the semester wraps up.  :)
Who made the suggestion for getting the bean bags? They're great! Glad to hear it! We heard requests for more cozy seating options….and the Space Committee thought these might help :)
Please turn on the Air Conditioning! The library is most heavily populated over these two weeks of reading period and finals and is currently rendered unbearable because of the heat. The current date of May 15th to activate the AC system makes no sense, it's hot now and the students are here now. Whatever monetary or environmental motivations are keeping the AC off, please reconsider them or alternatively turn the AC off for a period of time after the students, who pay so much for this college, are gone. It would make working in Frost much more productive and tolerable and benefit the student body tremendously. Thank you

This sounds like something the Library can't help with directly, as Facilities controls the campus-wide heating and cooling schedule. Given the variability in New England weather, it can be challenging to develop a schedule for these campus operations.

We recognize that these mismatches create hardships (for staff as well as students!), and will do our best to alleviate discomfort where we can.

Swell Job Aww, thanks! :)

April 2018

The right-most sink in the boys bathroom downstairs has been leaking for quite some time Thanks for letting us know -- we've asked Facilities to look into this right away!
Didn't Frost go to Dartmouth? Tom '74 Yes, for part of one year. He also taught at Amherst several times over the years -- find out more at the Robert Frost at Amherst page.
We need vegan drinks! Like lattes + stuff (please) Dining Services offers soy and rice milk, and is looking into more options - thanks!
The Custodians here are so nice! [Yes!] They are wonderful!
CAN FROST CAFÉ CLOSE AT 10 pm -- not 9:50 Dining Services says: We work hard to maintain posted hours -- as our espresso machine requires a lengthy automated cleaning process, some drink options may be unavailable prior to closing.
Level 1 is freezing due to the exceptional heat loss via the large exterior glass panelling. Can we turn up the heat? Also, B and C level aren't too kind to people with dust mite allergies. Any chance we could get those cleaned? Please let the folks at the Circulation Desk know at the time if a floor is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made. We'll also ask Facilities about cleaning possibilities. 
Please offer an alternative e-book platform than adobe digital editions, it is constantly crashing, ups CPU usage, and is just generally slow Thanks -- we try to select the most user-friendly platforms when possible, and appreciate the feedback!

March 2018

There's a ladybug infestation on the 3rd floor -- I was wondering if we can do anything to save the small bois! Thanks! We'll talk to Facilities about rescue operations. :)
Why is there a table in the bathroom? [confused face] Sometimes it's useful to have a place to set bags/other belongings (so they're not on the floor).
It’s the greatest place ever! Go mammoth Loving all the love on this board!
Love this school!  
Students, Ask about the results of the staff survey?  
Everyone is so kind! We're so glad you feel that way!
there's only one HDMI cable thing for new Macs that enables you to connect screens on A-Level. Can we get more? Thanks -- we've brought this request to IT for you
I like the "Frost Café" sign font -- Roots We like it, too! :)
Go Mammoths! <3 The Minutemen WOO! YEAH! [smiling mammoth]

February 2018

Vegan drinks would be a nice addition :) Dining Services offers soy and rice milk currently -- we're passed along your request for more options!
I like the smile of the guy on the front desk - warm x so welcoming ;) We're glad you feel welcome here :)
I wish the smoking area wasn't righ in front of the entrance (smells bad for everyone going in + out)   [ditto!] Smoking areas are determined by the campus smoking policy (not less than 25') -- if you have concerns or suggestions, please contact Facilitites (
Then we should have a covered place to smoke. Smokers, like you, do not enjoy standing in the rain.  
My apologies.  
Why aren't there goats on A-Level? Are you sure about that? (take a look around office A-16...)
The connector cables on A-Level Desks 40-44 rarely work! We’ve let IT know about this, so they can take a look -- thanks!
Vegan food options? Would love some baked goods :) We've let Dining Services know, thanks! (baked goods are lovely, aren't they?)

January 2018

It's so quiet and peaceful, wow :P It's nice to have this little break, isn’t it? ;)
Where is the Terracycle box for recycling chip bags, candy wrappers, etc. ????? Thanks for your comment! We'll look into this.
I love Patches more than I love any human <3 Patches loves YOU, too!
Love your mindfulness coloring books! Yay Mental Health! We're so glad these help! If you'd like others/more, let us know!
We appreciate you + your work! Thank you! We appreciate your appreciation :)

December 2017

There should be iceream + frappachinos - 11 year old We'd like that, too! :) Thanks for your suggestion!
Can you renovate the 1st floor men's bethroom? It's kind of gross… Thanks -- we definitely know this is an issue.
More Screen displays on 1st floor please (See below)
A Level is too sad. (See below)
I like the natural light of the 1st floor…And love big screens Thanks for telling us what you like/don't like about the building! We'll keep this in mind (we like natural light, too! :) )
I love studying in Frost but have difficulty focusing while sitting down…could you invest in more standing desks on floors other than just 2nd? :) Thanks! We'll bring it to the Space Committee to see what we can do. :)
People should not use the desks on A Level unless they are using the desktops We've developed a policy around this and posted signs -- staff members are ready to assist if you are not comfortable with asking users to relocate.
Kudos to the library staff for their researching dill. Ya'll are saving my life/my grade Aww, thanks! We're here and happy to help :)
B level is too warm - D If you feel that an area of the Library is too hot/cold, please let a staff member at the Circulation Desk know and we will do our best to regulate it!
Most of the chairs (even the new ones) are uncomfortable after any reasonably long time. Please consider upgrading. :) Also, the lib is seriously lacking in 'cozy' places to curl up with a book. Please consider getting blankets + more comfortable couches. Thanks! We’re looking into updating study furnishings on Level 3, and we've also ordered some bean bag chairs for additional cozy options. :) 
If it weren't for Frost I would fail my classes so thanks We're here for you -- you can do it! :) 
Printer(s) on 1st floor. Easily accessible when running to class. Also, the easiest accessible printer this side of campus Thanks for your suggestion! We know students are often on the run. :)
Adding cups to the water countains was a lovely idea :)  We're so glad this helped!
I don't like that the books are all locked up in shelves. They should be free to run + play with their friends. While we advocate for free-range books, they are remarkably clumsy on their own and generally need a student's help to roam.
The printer ink should come in more flavors. Please do not drink printer ink. Only printers should do that.
Do you think I'll do well on Finals? I really need a boost of confidence. You're gonna do GREAT! :D
The ceilings intimidated me They are very sorry, and will attempt to be more approachable.
Outlaw Soup, it is too dangerous to the precious books We prefer to place our trust in the careful guardianship of our considerate patrons. :)

November 2017

A water fountain on each level would be great We'll see what we can do -- thanks!
IT'S SO COLD [drawing of snowman] *brrr* lol can we check out small heaters or electric blankets? That's an idea! Please let the folks at the Circulation Desk know at the time if a floor is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made.
[Orientation response] So much Fun! I would like more activities involving the archives! (And maybe add an answer key to the book shelving activity) Done! Thanks for the suggestion!
[Orientation response] 1) I learned all I needed to know   2) Where the DVD section was  
This Library has SO MANY BOOKS! -Reading is AMAZING  
Thank you for the new compost bins! Now I can finally compost my banana peels :) Hurrah!
[Orientation response] Course reserves! (Thank you [library staff member]!) - First time in archives + Beyond words! Excellent!  
[Orientation response] Didn't know students could reserve study spaces!  
hot water dispensers? [another comment: yes] We will look into this. In the mean time, when the café is open you can ask for hot water :)
What is the map room used for? Why do we have it? We don't have a geography department. No Geography, but Geology and History, for sure! :) It's currently used as a student study space.
The archive book section smells nice! :-)
The staff in the café are Awesome! [another comment: Agreed] We think so, too!
Filter status on the water station on the right is yellow -- just letting YOU know :) Thanks -- we will pass the information along
When will AC Library be zero waste? If you're referring to energy use and waste management, it's not within the capacity of our current building infrastructure to achieve that, unfortunately. Future building projects should certainly consider this!
Could the balcony stay open past 8 pm? Love that space! As the weather gets darker & colder, we close the balcony to keep our heat in, but we'll ask our Space Committee to think about later closing times in the warmer months. Glad you love the space!
Can Frost café be open on Saturdays? We can share your request with café management!
i'm 8 and I want a playroom for kids when the adults are teaching <3 Great idea! Our Space Committee will see what we can do. :)
More books! (for kids) We have a growing children's book collection on Level C, just look for call numbers starting with PZ or ask a librarian! :)
Vegan option for drinks (lattes, chai, etc) would be pretty rad :) Thanks! We've passed this along to Dining Services
How about a book display on gun violence in USA? "Another Day in Death of America," eg, "Short Tragic Life of Robert Peace," etc Thanks for your suggestion -- we've let our Program Committee know!
Keep café open until closing or at least until 11 Thanks! We've passed this along to Dining Services
An oasis of peace in a troubled world We're glad you found some respite here. :)
Almond milk in Frost Café? Please! :) Dining Services: We offer milk, half & half, rice milk and soy milk, to stay nut free we are unable to offer almond milk.
No outside "trash" "recycling" cans they attract insects + rodents the inside ones are much more defined Thanks for these suggestions -- we'll look into them.
more bike racks preferably covered due to fact bikes are being left inside + bike rack's full Thanks for these suggestions -- we'll look into them.
microwave w Braille in Café Thanks! Our Space Committee will meet about this soon.
Thank You! - Academy Hill 7th Graders We're glad you visited -- come back again soon! :)

October 2017

Really, Dining? $2 for a small seltzer? PLEASE BE MORE REASONABLE -- WE'RE ON BUDGETS! We've passed this along to Dining Services -- thanks!
I agree…you can get them @ cumby's for $1.49!  
Love your Dickinson archives!! Thank you! We're quite proud of this collection. :)
Could you open earlier on Saturdays and Sundays, say, at 9? Or alternatively, open 24 hours like Merrill? Why does the humanities library close? It's difficult to extend hours in a large building like Frost. We've made Merrill available 24x7 so that all students have access to the space and technology when other facilities are closed.
I Like the Fancy water bobiler. We're glad you like it! :)
The clock on the far end of the periodicals section needs a new battery Thanks for letting us know! We'll get this fixed.
I wish I could sit on B/C level without having a sneezing fit. Can we have a silent floor/area in another part of the library? We’re sorry to hear that! The layout of Level 3 makes it difficult to designate as silent – as a quiet floor, the carrels around the perimeter do tend to be pretty tranquil.
LOVE LOVE LOVE [unclear] This comment is a little unclear to us, but we're returning the LOVE! <3
Thank you for kind dedicated help to an obscure request! You're very welcome! It's what we do :)
[Orientation response] 1) How to get certain mag titles on shelf   2) historical binding display Thanks for doing our orientation! You can ask anybody at the Reference Desk about getting materials (we'll also buy things we don't have!)
[Orientation response] Where did ya'll find these LIT stickers? --> More activities w/ prizes please! Our AMAZING [Frost staff member] made them! --> Message received! :)
[Orientation response] Awesome activity! Do more like this? Children's scavenger hunt? Best thing I learned how to check out reference books! We're so glad that you enjoyed the self-guided orientation -- thanks for your suggestions!
[Orientation response] there are maps of the library Yes! We hope you find these useful!
[Orientation response] So much fun! I would like more activities involving the archives! (And maybe add an answer key to the book shelving activity) We're so glad that you enjoyed the self-guided orientation -- thanks for your suggestions!
[Orientation response] Learning about how to look up books on reserve We're so glad that you enjoyed the self-guided orientation -- thanks for your suggestions!
more reese's @ frost café! We <3 mammos!  
More sour patch watermelons! We'll let Dining Services (folks who manage the café) know!
I love love love this place! I'd live here if I could! Amazing areas and native indian videos, I loved it We are so happy that you love it here!
Chocolate/sweets in the reception desk please? We don't have food at the Circulation Desk, but we'll let the café know that you want sweets!
More Zotero workshops! OK! But please do tell us what times might work, because attendance at workshops this semester was low. You can also make an appointment with a librarian, or drop by the reference desk for help!
Zotero workshops on weekends in diff. levels  
Men's toilet in Frost Level B hasn't been cleaned in a long time -- there's some…dried "liquid" under the toilet seat! Thanks for letting us know (ewww!) We'll talk to Facilities about this.
People should not use laptops on A level in front of the Desktops. These spots should be reserved for people who need to use the desktops! Hi! We have received multiple comments about this. We agree -- you will see signs in the Lab about this soon.
Please do something about this  

September 2017

I would love non-dairy milk at Frost Café Dining Services says: Rice and soy are both available. Are you looking for something in particular?
Get tissues! It's flu/cold season! Good point! We have tissues and disinfectant wipes available at the Circulation Desk.
We need shelves down on C level to place books that remove from the stacks :) Thanks! We'll pass this along to Access Services and see if we can add more reshelving trucks down there :)
Why not a simple notice saying: "Please DON’T put your feet up on the sofa and cushions with your shoes on"  Easy  
Trouble with wifi in front foyer area around stairs! We'll need a bit more detail to help with this; you can contact IT directly at
People sit with the SHOES on the couch. Isn’t that impolite? It depends on who you ask! We ask that you treat each other (and our furniture) with respect.
Frost is consistently wonderful, but its bathroom smells We're sorry to hear that, and will see what we can do to fix this
Please fix your PA system. I was here when the library closed at 11 Fri night, working at the computer, and I could barely hear the closing announcement, between 10:30 - 11. It was muffled :( [9/9/17] Thanks for letting us know -- we'll look into this!
Loving the new water fountain on A-level :) Thank you! We're glad you love it! We know hydration is super important :)
Wonderful place to be! Thank you. - Townie Thanks! We're glad you feel welcome here :)

Summer 2017

[Frost staff member] is like a walking Amherst encyclopedia! She is! :)
The Frost Custodians are the greatest, smartest, funniest and prettiest custodians on campus! ;) p.s. I love this library! [heart, name] So true! They are also the best bakers :)
BAG HOOK ON THE BACK OF THE INCLUSIVE RESTROOM ON 2 PLEASE! Thanks, good idea! We will pass this along and hope to have one installed soon!
3rd Floor Bathroom We hear you! While this is not likely to happen quickly, we know that it's an issue and will pass along the request
3rd Floor  
Thanks to [Frost staff member] for your help today!  
Wonderful staff, really helpful! Thanks :)  
I want to study  

May 2017

Thank you for the pizza. You're welcome!
Food was good. Awesome!
Pizza was great! Frost coming in clutch for finals Awesome!
I love Frost Thanks!
Social Hour Tell us more...
I came back from Umass! It's so beautiful here Welcome back! Enjoy the views
We need wildlife friendly solar panels on our library Interesting idea…we've passed it on to college facilities department
No more cutecutes ? Care to elaborate?
Frost café even more food Do you have some suggestions we can pass on to Dining Services?
Get rid of lamb night  
How about a "composting" bin as well as "landfill only" and "recyclables"? Good idea! We are trying a compost bin on the 2nd floor and hope to get more in the future if that works out.
Café area needs cleaning up. Old newspapers (March?). Crud on floor. Thanks. Thanks for letting us know. We will pass this along and hope to get the space cleaned up.
Stability ball chairs! We will pass this on to the Library's space committee-- thanks!
Treadmill desk!! We will pass this on to the Library's space committee-- thanks!
Who really is Satoshi Nakomato? The world may never know…

April 2017

As a low-income student, can Frost provide more free food? I'm starving… Thanks, we try to provide free snacks at different points in the semester, especially during finals. We can try to do more. But you bring up a good question-- where do students turn when they're not getting enough food? We will dig into this and get back to you soon.
Any way to enforce study room reservations on the 3rd Floor? People are in there even after I've reserved a room. Hi! People often don't know that the room is reserved. We are working on a system that will show reservation times right at the door. In the meantime, you should feel free to say something like, "Hi, sorry to disturb you, but I have the room reserved from 3-5." if you're uncomfortable or if the people won't leave, feel free to talk to a staff member.
Can we make A-Level quiet please? A Level is designated "quiet", not "silent", but if you feel people are being louder than they should on A Level, feel free to talk to a staff person when it happens.
I shouldn't have to pay for a fork. Agreed. We will pass along your point to the café.
MORE PLANTS PLEASE! Hi! We love plants, too, and can try to bring more into the library.
Could we perhaps add more plants. Makes the space lively and fosters a nice work environment. Hi! We love plants, too, and can try to bring more into the library.
Put cups next to water bottle filler - I'm thirsty Check out the newly installed water fountains on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors! There are cups available at the Cafe on the 1st floor.
Hello from UMass Hello right back!
Thank you [Café Employee] of Frost Café for being so friendly to visitors We'll pass your gratitude on to the Café staff. Come again soon!
Where did the sofa in C-level go? #naps The old C-level sofa is gone but the 3rd floor has a variety of couches for all your napping needs
UMass > Amherst GOOOOO MAMMOTHS! (heart symbol)
I feel like my IQ went up! Love, Umass (heart symbol) We're happy  to have you! Come back soon neighbor :)

March 2017

Nap room! Ahh… that sounds lovely. Not sure our space can accommodate this, but we'll pass along to the library's space committee!
Thank you to the staff for all your hard work. I'm sorry we (students) don't recognize you more. Aww. [blush]. Thank you!
Hi! Merrill is too loud on weekdays from 8-11pm. Thanks for your feedback! We will look into whether it makes sense to create noise "zones" in Merrill. In the mean time, there are always the quiet (Lev 3 & A level) and silent floors (B&C) in Frost.
Can we get a fax machine? #FaxNoPrinter Hi! We do not have a fax machine in the library. There is one in the Career Center that students can use. You can also scan and email yourself documents from our scanners.
More spaces for just athletes. Space in the library is in high demand. All of our (non-office) spaces are for everyone.
Thank you For being Nice to me You're welcome! We like being nice. :)
Science books in Frost!!! We do keep popular science, medicine, science biography, and technology books in Frost (Q, R, T sections) -- Reserve books are in Keefe Science Library, for convenience in between classes.
B Level is really hot Please let the Circ Desk know at the time if a floor is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made.
SCRAP PAPER for computer look-up stations on all floors? Thanks for your suggestion! We'll look into this
Great hydration station! Quenched my thirst YEAH! Glad it helped you beat the heat!
[heart drawing] [heart drawing back!]
This place is the BEST Aww! *blush* No, YOU'RE the best!
Nobody ever realizes that the collab room isn't soundproof! People talk very loudly in there… Thanks for letting us know! We'll look into ways to communicate this better.
Can we increase the pressure of the Brita water dispenser please? The new fountains on the 2nd & 3rd floors are faster -- and there's a new one in the Reading Room, too!
We need standing desks on the quiet floors! We'll pass this along to our Space Committee (the fine folks who make decisions on furniture, etc.)
Thank you for your continued support of students! You're very welcome -- we're here for all of you
I love the CHI! Thanks for letting us use it! We're glad that you are enjoying evening & weekend access to the CHI -- productive space-sharing is important to us
A majority of the charging cords at the charging stations haven't been working. Can this be checked out? (Because the stations are so great!) Thanks, we'll look into this (we're glad you like them!)
Better way to save lists of sources found thru Frost Library search We'd love more details about this -- contact our User Experience Librarian to chat!
Better chairs / The cushion chairs on 3rd floor are too deep so it's tough to sit up straight We'll pass this on to the library's Space Committee
How much $$ does the library spend on new books each year? Hopefully enough so that “every reader has their book, every book has their reader” following two of the laws of library science proposed by  S. R. Ranganathan in 1931. New titles can be suggesed using the Library’s online request form.
Every time I request a book from another 5C its from Mt. Holyoke! Do they have the best library out of the other 5C's? Or is it just chance? There is a method to the madness. Five College requests are handled by an algorithm based on availability and library collection size. In this case, it may be that your research area is well-represented in the MHC collection.

February 2017

[Archives staff member] and the Archives are wonderful! Thanks! We've let the Archives and Special Collections know they are appreciated
Vending machine? / I want seltzer water at 11PM We've let our Space Committee know there is an interest in vending machines. The café sells seltzer water - stock up when it's open, then bring it with you at 11PM!
Why is A floor so hot? / Why is 3rd floor so cold? / Could you figure out the temperature on the 3rd floor? It's so hot or so cold Please let the Circ Desk know at the time if a floor is too hot/cold. They can report to Facilities to see if any adjustments can be made
Better flow in water bottle filler please The new water fountains on the 2nd and 3rd floors are faster. Another new one is due in the Reading Room soon. Check them out!
Is it possible to make sure 3rd floor remains quiet on weeknights? We will look into increasing the signage and other ways to help reinforce these noise-level norms, while ensuring that these remain community-driven. If you are troubled by noise in a quiet or silent area, you can inform library staff at the Circulation Desk  and they will do their best to resolve the noise issue
Thanks for maintaining such an excellent study atmosphere! Amherst students wouldn't be where we are without this place! Thanks so much! We're glad to hear this and are always interested in your thoughts on how we can make Frost the best it can be!
Thanks for sheltering two cold Mount Holyoke girls! You're welcome anytime no matter the weather!
Shout outs to [Frost café staff] @ Frost Café! Thanks! Shout outs received!
Love the standing desks. More of them would be great! We're glad to hear that you like these -- our Space Committee will discuss your requests for more & taller standing desks!
Standing desks - for taller ppl, too!! (see above reply!)
longer hours pls we r nocturnal We are making note of these requests -- it’s difficult to extend hours in a large building like Frost, we do provide 24x7 access to Keefe Science Library using your student ID card. There are a variety of study spaces, computers and printers
More water fountains! We are thirsty students We know! New water fountains on floors 1, 2 & 3 are coming soon!
frost café more food/drink options longer hours We don’t manage the café, but we're sharing your requests with Dining Services!
Reserve book text alerts NO MORE FINES We can't create these in the system at this time, but agree that it's a great idea! For fine-related issues, you can contact
Library Dog We currently have a very friendly canine Library Ambassador named Patches behind the Circulation Desk (you can ask about her there!)
Thanks for being so incredible!!!!! Thank you for your support! It's an incredible community. :)
iPad stations (a la Apple Store style) w/ digital subs loaded Thanks for your idea! We'll consider it among our tech offerings.
[referring to above] second this (see above response!)
Would you please flash the lights 5 mins before closing? When the [sic] get suddenly shut off, I can't see to safely exit Thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned!
Dust jackets shouldn't be discarded as they often contain valuable info! We understand that these can be very helpful; they also pose significant maintenance and preservation issues. New books do keep jackets while on display, and you can find some of the jacket info on tools like Amazon. We do our best to balance the needs of present researchers with the need for future use.
More books on psychoanalysis. Freud isn't dead! Our PSYC liaison librarian ( will work on this; if you have titles in mind, you can email her, or use /library/services/request for purchasing materials
Have a small gym so people can take exercise breaks It's a great idea to take breaks & get moving! Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to support a gym in the Library. May we suggest stair drills? There are lots of desk workouts you can find online:
You can have 1-2 bikes set up (inspo by Silicon Valley) (see above response!)
More dairy-free options available @ Frost Café would be nice! (Drinks like mocha [unclear] be made to be dairy-free) We don’t manage the café, but we’ve shared your requests with Dining Services!
Men's toilet on the 1st floor NEEDS a facelift. Pls Thanks for letting us know! We'll check into this.
I love having different levels for different noise levels! It's easy to find a space for collaboration or quiet study [heart heart heart] We're so glad you find these zone guides helpful!
Kudos to the staff for being fab Aww, we [heart] you, too! Thank you!
Please [accept credit/debit cards at Frost cafe]! I can't always transfer $10 to my ACDollars account We don’t manage the café, but we’ve shared your requests with Dining Services!
It would be awesome if there were Kleenex stations around the library, especially 1st floor Thanks for your idea! We offer tissues regularly at the Circulation Desk, so if you’re getting sniffly, come on over!
[Positive Frost Cafe staff comment, and positive Research & Instruction staff comment] Awe thanks! You guys all ROCK! XOXO [on behalf of Frost Cafe staff and Research & Instruction staff]
We should have a place for student recommended books! (bulletin board mb?) Great suggestion! We'll look into how we can do that
Can there be coffee on the weekends? Frost café is open Sundays 2:30-10PM. We've let Dining Services know you'd like MORE COFFEE!
COFFEE ON SATURDAYS! (see above response!)
Make printing free + Have water fountains UPDATE: New water fountains on floors 1, 2 and 3 are coming soon!
Have water fountains On 2nd and 3rd floors there are fountains by south stairs facing Quad
Make printing free We've let the IT department know -- they manage our printers
I think you're GREAT! Awww! We think YOU are pretty great too!
More art installments please Thanks! We'd like more, too! We currently have 2 gallery spaces. Would love to hear your ideas! You can contact Blake Doherty to share ideas!
More dairy free options available would be nice! We don’t manage the café, but we’ve shared your requests with Dining Services!
love the Black History Month collection of Books! I think the idea of special display is really cool and exposes me to new books and genres! Kudos! Thanks! We love hearing from you. If there are other topics or genres you’d like us to cover in the future, let us know!
During the winter, B level can get a little too hot w/ the heat cranked up :) Thanks for alerting us! Anytime the temperature isn’t comfortable, you can tell the Circulation Desk and we’ll ask Facilities to adjust
Warmer (see above response!)
PLEASE make 2nd floor a "quiet floor" -- this is a library! One floor (& the rest of campus) is plenty of social space The majority of our floors (C, B, A, Level 3) support quiet and silent study, based on our current understanding of study preferences and habits. In “social” zones, we see a wide range of academic activity that requires conversation, from group work to faculty-student consultations. These zones are based on community input and observations, and are meant to help those seeking spaces best-suited to their needs at the time
almond milk option at frost café would be great! [heart] & skim milk cartons, too! We don’t manage the café, but we’ve shared your requests with Dining Services!
Could Frost maybe have a 24/7 hot water station, at least for the winter? It would be so amazing for poor souls with awful cold… (see above response!)
Paper towels in the first floor bathrooms would be great We’re working on this…stay tuned for a response!
FREE PRINTING PLZ We've let the IT department know -- they manage our printers
FREE FOOD is best route to my soul We’ve noticed :) …we try to provide free food in trying times (like finals)
Later closing hours would be nice! Thanks Although it’s difficult to extend hours in a large building like Frost, we do provide 24x7 access to Keefe Science Library using your student ID card. There are a variety of study spaces, computers and printers
Some students do not know that Level A and the third floor is "quiet zone." The library should increase the number of signs that indicate this fact. Whenever I hear a loud conversation or a conversation that takes more than one minute and feel annoyed by it, I teach the noisy students the rule of conversation level. But approximately three out of five times, they do not stop conversation. I know there are "silent zones." But I often use the computers in Level A. In the library of my previous university in Japan, if I found noisy students in quiet zone who have conversation more than one minutes, I could report them to the library desk. Reported students were either fined or forbidden to borrow books for a week. Furthermore, there were library stuff who walked around the quiet zones and check whether there were noisy students. The library must ensure students have a comfortable space to study. Thanks for your feedback! We will look into increasing the signage and other ways to help reinforce these noise-level norms, while ensuring that these remain community-driven. If you are troubled by noise in a quiet or silent area, you can inform library staff at the Circulation Desk and they will do their best to resolve the noise issue.

January 2017

I Love the Library! Thanks! We [heart] you, too!
Great Job! Thank you!
Please mark waste/trash baskets LANDFILL To show where it really goes! Thanks for your idea! We’ll pass this along to Facilities – you can also see Amherst’s trash/recycling data here:
 Please get a rice cooker station. [heart] Unfortunately, we can’t offer this due to food service regulations :(
 bathroom tables A+ We're glad you find these useful!
[heart] the library & staff! Aww, we [heart] you too! Thank you!
Please accept credit/debit cards at the Frost café [smiley face] We don’t manage the café, but we’ve shared your requests with Dining Services!
Make printing payable with your credit/debit card also The IT department manages our printers – we’ve passed along your request, and you can also get in touch with them at