Each department also has a subject librarian who selects resources in that discipline, teaches about doing specialized research, and is the contact for any questions.

American Studies | Robert Hayashi
Anthropology/Sociology | Christopher Dole
Art & the History of Art |
Asian Languages & Civilizations | Trent Maxey
Biology | Ethan Clotfelter
Black Studies | Hilary Moss (on leave); John Drabinski
Chemistry | Sheila Jaswal
Classics | Rebecca Sinos
Computer Science | John Rager
Economics | Collin B. Raymond
English | Chris Grobe
Environmental Studies | Anna M. Martini
European Studies | Sara Brenneis
French |
Geology | Tekla Harms
German | Christian Rogowski
History | Trent Maxey
Law, Jurisprudence, & Social Thought | David Delaney
Mathematics and Statistics | Tanya Leise
Music | Klara Moricz
Neuroscience | John-Paul Baird
Philosophy | Jyl Gentzler
Physics and Astronomy | Kannan Jagannathan
Political Science | Pavel Machala
Psychology | Matthew Schulkind
Religion |
Russian | Boris Wolfson
Spanish |
Theater and Dance | Wendy Woodson
Women and Gender Studies | Michele Barale