Department Name: Digital Programs Department, Frost Library

Job Title: Digital Programs Student Assistants

Term/Start Date: Summer 2018

Job Description: The Digital Programs Student Assistants will use digital cameras to digitize archival objects (such as manuscripts, letters, and books), and process the scanned images using Adobe Lightroom. Assistants will keep spreadsheet records up to date and work on other projects as assigned.

Approximate Number of Hours:  18- 35 hours/week, flexible; department is open 9:00AM-5:00PM, M-F.

Requirements: Able to work productively with minimal supervision and a high degree of accuracy, respond well to feedback, follow directions, and ask intelligent questions. Must have good communication skills, be punctual, have an eye for detail in visual images, and be able to keep accurate and thorough documentation. No prior library experience is required. Basic understanding of digital photography, Adobe Photoshop and experience working with digital images preferred but not required. Seniors graduating in May 2018 will not be considered for this opening.

Hourly Wage: $13

The library will subsidize 1/3 of the housing rate for students working 32-40 hours per week or 1/6 of the housing rate for students working 20-31 hours per week. Students working less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for a housing subsidy

How to Apply: Email letter of interest in 500 words or less and attach résumé or describe any previous work experience of any kind.

Contact Name: Timothy Pinault

Address: tpinault at amherst dot edu

Application Deadline: 4/20 by 4pm