Term/Start Date: immediate, with possibility of summer and/or continuing work next year

Job Description: Regular responsibilities include maintaining reference area, reshelving print reference books, and shelving new reference material. Other project work for R&I librarians might include organizing map room and government documents, bibliographic searching, or support for outreach.

Approximate Number of Hours: 5-8 hrs/week

Requirements: attention to detail, willingness to learn new things, interest in research and libraries, desire to help others, great communication skills; must be available at least three separate days per week for at least an hour between 9a – 9p

Hourly Wage: $9 / hr

How to Apply: email resume, times when you are available to work, and short answers to questions:

1. Describe any experience you have in libraries or in organizing things of any kind (files, objects, events, groups).

2. Describe any experience you have in customer service, teaching, or helping others.

3. Why do you want to work in the library?

Contact Name: Missy Roser

Address: mroser@amherst.edu

Application Deadline: Thursday, February 28, 2013