Listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Amherst College archivists discovered a previously unknown recording of 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. speech.

Amherst Uprising Information & Sources
The library maintains a resource guide compiled by student allies, faculty, and staff that includes information about the Amherst Uprising movement, and further diversity and inclusion readings and research resources.

Photo of woman from Signs of the Times exhibit Signs of the Times
Currently on exhibit in Frost Library's Mezzanine Gallery is photographer Eric Broudy's Signs of the Times, a series of portraits of homeless people from the Amherst, Hadley, and Northampton area.

Broudy photographed and interviewed his subjects at their panhandling spots and included their own recorded words about their lives beneath the photographs themselves. “I wanted to ensure that what they had to say about themselves was not separated from their photograph,” Broudy said. “It’s far too easy to look at these people and make judgments about them without knowing the first thing about their lives. I wanted to make sure that in this exhibition what they had to say about themselves would not be separated from their visual image.”

Signs of the Times will be on display through September 30, 2016.

No Five College Library book delivery during holiday week

Due to several library closures for the holidays, there will be no Five College Library book delivery from December 24th-January 3rd. The last delivery of Five College books to Amherst will be Wednesday, December 23rd.

Shakespeare and Dance Workshop with Nona Monahin
Shakespeare’s plays contain numerous references to dance, some of which are used to create puns, others to illuminate a particular character or dramatic situation. Dancing also occurs as part of the action of many plays. In this interactive workshop led by Nona Monahin, participants will become acquainted with a number of dances mentioned in Shakespeare's plays and learn about reconstructing a dance from historical sources. Join Nona at 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 12, in the Frost Library Periodicals Reading Room.

Illuminated manuscript image of a man praying Digital Scholarship Summer Internships

Not sure what digital scholarship is, but intrigued by the term? Want to learn about methods for digital scholarship & develop hands-on skills? Interested in visualizing data or analyzing text?

Apply for a Frost Library Digital Scholarship Summer Internship! We welcome a range of applicants – no prior technical or digital scholarship experience necessary, just curiosity and commitment. This internship is a site for exploration of diverse interests and backgrounds in a digital space, and we encourage and welcome applications from all majors and academic backgrounds.

See for more information & application instructions.

L A Aerial by Jana Morgan Mabee "Memory Maps: Places That Never Were" by Jana Morgan Mabee
This exhibit on view at Frost Library explores how maps document and define territories, and how wandering disrupts such attemps at order.  Jana Morgan Mabee considers how meandering and the memories that follow mediate one's relationship to place, and how repetition -- marked by stitches, footsteps, stories, commutes -- ingrain patterns and mold mental maps into idealized and nostalgic forms of the original territories.


 A Small Exhibit of Small Photographs ... but in Stereo
 Currently in our exhibit case on Level B of Frost Library is a display of  stereograph images from the 1870s and 1880s, taken from the Archives  and  Special Collections. Remember the Viewmaster? Stereographs,  consisting of  two  nearly duplicate photographic images printed side-  by-side on a card,  give  the  illusion of 3-D when viewed through the  lenses of a stereo card  reader. They  were hugely popular in the latter  19th century. Stop by, peer  through the readers, and imagine you are  walking the campus circa 1880.

AC_Press_logo_web Amherst College Press selected to partner with University of Michigan and a consortium of libraries to establish a new, open access, scholarly press
In a move that gives libraries direct responsibility for helping to solve some of publishing’s problems, and that puts liberal arts colleges at the table of scholarly publishing, the Amherst College Press will partner with Michigan Publishing and a consortium of 80 college libraries to launch a new academic press.

The Oberlin Group, a consortium of 80 libraries in America's top liberal arts colleges, has selected the Amherst College Press and Michigan Publishing as its partners for the impending launch of Lever Press. Inspired by Archimedes’ hope to move the earth with a lever long enough and a solid place to stand, Lever Press is a collaborative, open-access scholarly publishing enterprise driven by the values, ambitions, and imagination of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges.

According to Michael Roy, Dean of the Library at Middlebury College, “Lever Press will provide a platform for a group of small liberal arts colleges to combine resources in the service of making a difference in the way in which scholarship is produced, shared, and preserved. We are committed to leading by example, and in contributing to broader changes that will allow scholarship to be produced in a way that is sustainable, makes creative use of the affordances of the Internet, and is able to reach a global audience. Our partnership with Amherst and Michigan provides us with a depth of experience and a mature publishing infrastructure that will allow us to quickly establish ourselves in the marketplace, and will provide our authors with the services and resources they need to transform their ideas into world-class scholarship.”