Study Spaces

Frost reading room -- J. Mestre - May 2012

 * Variety of carrels, large tables, and comfortable seating throughout the libraries
 * Extended hours during reading and exam periods (Keefe Science is open 24/7)
 * Wireless throughout

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Find the best places in Frost Library to meet your needs with our Zone guides.

* Floors 1 and 2 are Social Zones: collaborative work and conversations
* 3rd Floor and A Level are Quiet Zones: individual study and low, brief conversation
* Levels B and C are Silent Zones: self-enforced silence and individual study



    Group Spaces

    Frost level 2 -- J. Mestre - May 2012

    * Many group study spaces throughout Frost; contact the Circulation Desk for more information
    * Four rooms on level 3
    * Kesselhaut Room on level 3
    * 2 computer-equipped rooms on level A; 3 other group studies
    * Reserve/check availability of a group study in Frost. (A minimum of 2 people per room, please.) 

    Frost level 1 -- J. Mestre - May 2012

      Storage Lockers

      * Free for Amherst College students
      * Available on a first-come, first-served basis; request a locker at the Frost Circulation Desk
      * For storing books checked out to you (or those you own)
      * Not for journals or newspapers (as they can't be checked out), food or beverages
      * Lockers are cleared at the end of each Spring semester. You must remove all materials from your assigned locker by that time.
      * For the safety of our patrons and to ensure the protection of the collection, the Library reserves the right to access and inspect any of its lockers at any time.
      * Neither the Library nor the College assumes any liability for any theft or damage to items left in the storage lockers.

        Instructional Spaces

        Barker and Lane are primarily library-instruction spaces, for use during class sessions taught by a librarian. They may be available for other one-time instructional purposes or trainings, but note that they are not a substitute for classroom space scheduled by the Registrar. Schedule use of Barker or Lane at least 24 hours in advance by contacting Missy Roser in Research and Instruction, or your subject librarian.

        Last minute or impromptu use of either Barker or Lane may be possible if there's no conflict; ask at the Circulation Desk or call Access Services at 542-2373.

        * Library instruction, library meetings, and technology training have top priority.
        * Use that requires computer projection has priority over other use.
        * Use the free-standing whiteboard (Lane) or bulletin board (Barker door) to post times each day when they cannot be used as lab space.
        * Ask users to vacate the room prior to the start of any scheduled class or meeting.
        * Instructors/meeting conveners are responsible for leaving each room in good condition for subsequent users. 
        * Barker and Lane will be open as part of the A-level computer lab during the academic year when not in use for a class or meeting. This is a higher priority as use increases leading up to final exams.
        * The doors to Barker and Lane will be unlocked and opened completely while available as public lab space.
        * The IT Student Supervisor at the A-level service desk will monitor activities in Lane and Barker as elsewhere on A level by walking through the area from time to time.

          Room Locations

          Reserve/check the availability of a Frost group study room

          Room Floor Level
          Group Study Rooms 1-5 A Level
          Group Study Rooms 6-9 Level 3
          Archives Reading Room A Level
          Barker Room A Level
          CHI Seminar Room Level 2
          Collaboration Lab Level 1
          Computer Lab A Level
          Friendly Reading Room Level 1
          Kesselhaut Room Level 3
          Lane Room A Level
          Map Room B Level
          Open Access Conference Room Level 2

          Frost room details