Robert Frost Library was, in large part, funded anonymously in 1965, with the proviso that it be named for the poet Robert Frost, who taught at Amherst College, off and on, for more than forty years.

In 1997, with the donors' consent, their identity was made public and a plaque was placed in the main lobby, to the right of the main entrance. It reads:

Robert Frost Library
Dedicated October 24, 1965
A Gift of a Charitable Trust of
the Haas Family of Philadelphia
F. Otto Haas, 1936
John C. Haas, 1940

Within the Library, many individual rooms and areas were funded by other donors, often named in memory or honor of a favorite teacher, classmate, or relative. The spaces thus donated and named are listed below, arranged by floor.

Each named space is marked with a plaque or sign naming the donor or honoree. The list below does not always quote the plaque exactly. When a motto or other phrase appropriate to the person honored appears on the plaque, it is included in the list.

Level 1 (Main Floor)

New book alcove: (east side)
In memoriam John Andrew Moore, 1918-1972. 

New book alcove: (west side)
Gift of J. Henry Neale, Class of 1924

* Digital Poetry Display
This poetry display was the idea and gift of Charles R. Longsworth '51

* Digital Newspaper Display
Alfred Friendly (1914-1983), BA (German) '33, PBK, CDH, (Hon) '58, Amherst Trustee 1961-67, Washington Post Managing Editor 1955-65, Pulitzer Prize 1968, author and historian

Reserve Desk
Given in memory of Harrison F. Lyman, Class of 1898, and the Reverend Payson W. Lyman, Class of 1867

Library Administration Office
Given in memory of Frederick W. Hoeing, Class of 1929, by Augusta L. Hoeing, Elizabeth M. Guest, and J. Alfred Guest, Class of 1933

Research and Instruction Office
Gift of E. Kimball Morsman, Class of 1924

Copier Alcove
Given in memory of Nishtha J. Adhvaryu, Class of 1996 (1974-1995).
"Forever an inspiration"

The Alfred Friendly '33 Periodicals Reading Room
Gift of Alfred Friendly, Class of 1933

    Level 2

    * Lounge
    Given in memory of Howard A. Halligan, Class of 1896, by Mr. & Mrs. Howard K. Halligan, Class of 1930

    * Beyond Words Gallery
    Given in memory of Asa G. Baker 1888, by Walton C. Baker 1916, and Ingham C. Baker 1919

    * North Study Area
    Given in honor of Miriam R. Fillman, by her husband, Henry I. Fillman, Class of 1917

    * Open Access Conference Room (227)
    Given in memory of Benjamin F. Harris, by Mrs. Benjamin F. Harris and John D. Harris, Class of 1934

    * AC Press office 228
    Given in memory of Walter B. Mahony 1898, by Walter B. Mahony, Jr. 1936

    * AC Press office 229
    Given in memory of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Leeb, by Stuart Leeb, Class of 1950

    * Faculty study 201
    In honor of Martha McCraig Chapman, Converse College Class of 1942, a staunch believer in the liberal arts

    * Faculty study 202
    Gift of Robert K. Moses, Class of 1935

    * Faculty study 203
    Gift of Jarrel G. Burrow, D.M.D., Class of 1946

    * Faculty study 204
    Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Bertram M. Bloch, Class of 1933

    * Faculty study 205
    Given in memory of Victor S. Noerdlinger, by Mrs. Victor S. Noerdlinger, Mr. & Mrs. Victor S. Noerdlinger, Jr., Class of 1952, Ann Noerdlinger, and Louis Hernstein

    * Faculty study 206
    Given in memory of Harry W. Evans, Class of 1953

    * Faculty study 207
    Given to prepare Amherst men for medicine, by W. W. G. Maclachlan, Jr., M.D., Class of 1945

    * Faculty study 208
    Gift of Walter Furbush McNiff, Class of 1943

    * Faculty office 212
    Given in memory of George Frisbie Whicher, Class of 1910, by a member of the Class of 1931

    * Faculty office 213
    Given in memory of David Skolnick, 1889-1956, by S. Harold Skolnick 1936

    * Faculty office 214
    Given in memory of Charles Amos Andrews 1895, Treasurer of the College, 1931-1940 by his family

    * Faculty office 215
    Given in memory of John H. Armstrong 1954

    * Faculty office 216
    Given in honor of his parents, by W. Thomas Lundell 1950

    * Faculty office 217
    Gift of H. Prentice Browning 1933

    * Faculty office 219
    In honor of the White Family, John Francis White 1902, John W. White 1934, John F. White 1967, Duncan R. White 2003

    * Faculty office 220
    Given in memory of his parents, Edward A. and Isabel C. Zimmerman, by Austin M. Zimmerman 1931

    * Faculty office 221
    Gift of George A. Stuart 1942

    * Faculty office 222
    Given in loving memory of Frederick B. Hollister, Jr. 1950 (July 17, 1928-January 3, 1959)

      Level 3

      * Group study 3A1
      Gift of Mr. & Mrs. J. Franklin Fort, Class of 1933

      * Group study 3A2
      Gift of the Edwin F. Schild Charitable Foundation

      * Group study 322
      Given in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Benton R. Lyster, by Philip B. Lyster, Class of 1933

      * Group study 325
      Given in memory of Glenn D. Kesselhaut, Class of 1978. Dedicated in loving memory by his family and friends, May 31, 2003

      Northwest Study Area
      Recklitis Study Room, donated by Christoper P. Recklitis 1953

      * Faculty study 307
      Given in memory of his parents, by Rufus J. Wysor, Jr., Class of 1942

      * Faculty study 308
      Given in honor of Mr. & Mrs. George B. Beitzel, by George B. Beitzel, Class of 1950

      Faculty study 309
      Loomis Patrick, 1927

      * Faculty study 315
      Given in memory of Alan W. Richenaker, Class of 1950, by his friends and classmates

      * Faculty study 328
      Gift of David Winslow, Class of 1938

      * Faculty study 329
      Gift of Robert H. Flint, Class of 1934

      * World War II Study Room
      Gift of the Class of 1946 on the occasion of its 65th Reunion, May 28, 2011

        Level A

        * The Barbara and Frederick S. Lane '36 Room
        Gift of Barbara and Frederick S. Lane, Class of 1936

        * Barker Room
        Gift of Ruth and A. James Barker, Class of 1948

        * Staff Lounge (A16)
        Given in memory of Edward E. Poor, Jr., Class of 1910, by Camilla S. Poor, Edward E. Poor III, Class of 1937, Richard W. Poor, Class of 1938, Henry B. Poor, Class of 1939, and Camilla P. Carlisle

        * Faculty study A22
        Given in honor of Atherton Sprague, Class of 1920, friend and teacher, by A. Bruce Bielaski, Jr., Class of 1931

        * Faculty study A25
        Gift of Donald D. MacAlpine, Class of 1926.
        "Read ... to weigh and consider." - Francis Bacon

        * The John William Ward Exhibition Room
        Gift of Judith and George W. Carmany III, Class of 1962

        * The Kenneth P. Higgins '27 College History Room
        In honor of Kenneth P. Higgins, Class of 1927, by Thomas M. Lee, Class of 1951

        * The Albert E. Barnett, M.D., '52 Reading Room
        Gift of Albert E. Barnett, Class of 1952

          Level B

          * Map Room
          Given in memory of Reginald Finch Towner, Class of 1928, by Ruth Dear Towner