The purpose of the Frost Library digital sign is to share information about library events, programs, services, and resources as well as publicize general college news and events.

1. Content – relevant, timely, must have a clear message and solid branding

a. Any content that appears in the “news” portion of the library home page is appropriate for display on the digital sign.  The content needs to be reformatted appropriately for the sign, i.e., fewer words, direct to websites by name, not URL (not appropriate to have “clickable” links in the text), good quality graphics, etc.  For events, be sure to include the event name, location, date, time, and any other necessary information.

b. Additional content may include:

1) Events from the college calendar

2) Information on collections, e.g., displays (including Archives), shifts, access issues, etc.

3) Information on services (workshops), hours (esp. holiday/break schedules or weather-related)

c. Contributors will be asked to indicate when their content items should be removed from rotation on the sign.  If no end date is specified, the item will remain on the sign for one week.   It will then go to a repository of recurring items that can be rotated periodically onto the sign.  Users will occasionally be asked to review their recurring items and to delete items that are no longer relevant.

d. Time sensitivity – upload 1-2 weeks prior (if event); remove within 1 business day post-event.

e. Include a clear headline and brief description

f. Include start and end times/dates, location, sponsor (who, what, when, where)

g. Submissions may not include any copyrighted images or text without permission

h. Event sponsorship: “Amherst College Library”, the entity, is better style than “Robert Frost Library”, the building.

i. Restrictions – e.g., no commercial, for-profit content, or personal messages

2. Editing the sign

a. All library staff members may edit the sign’s content providing they:

1) Receive training on how to edit the sign from a member of the Web Committee

2) Add content only, not remove content added by someone else

b. Anyone may ask a member of the Web Committee to add content for them

c. Depending on demand, we may create a “submit form” for staff to contribute content

3. Appearance – In general, style guidelines for good PowerPoint slides should be applied, i.e., simple, helpful images and clear/brief text in readable fonts.

a. Appearance, e.g., legibility, color, graphics, font (more modern sans-serif such as Arial, Calibri, Verdana; may mix with serif fonts, but not too cluttered)

b. Images: 

1)   Full screen images/backgrounds must be 1080 x 1920 pixels to cover the entire sign.

2) Backgrounds are stored in the system in Resources > Backgrounds and in Images\backgrounds

3) Other images, especially clipart/icons, are stored in the system in Resources > Stock art and in Images\icons

4. Schedule

a. Daily “Scenes" rotate every 30 seconds

b. Special event “Scenes” for an ongoing event display for the duration of the event and are static from 15 minutes prior to the event to the event’s conclusion.

 1) The Program Committee is responsible for creating/changing special event “Scenes.”

5.  Retain store of “standard” info that can be used as filler, i.e., availability of chargers, games, etc.

6. Event in progress:  the Program Committee will change the content of the sign to feature events.

7.  Set system to power off nightly at 2:00 a.m. and on daily at 7:30 a.m. during the academic year and off 8:00 p.m. and on at 7:30 a.m. during the summer.

8. Maintenance:

a.  Monthly clear system cache by clicking on the Clear Caching icon.


10/15/14, the Web Committee