From the group's charge:  The Library’s Assessment Group will strengthen our ability to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions and serve as a resource to all library departments. It will advise and assist individual departments, librarians, and staff in their planning, design, implementation, and interpretation of assessment projects.

Membership as of 09/01/20

Kelly Dagan
Susan Kimball, chair

    Collection Development

    The Collection Development Group is a standing committee of librarians to:

    1. coordinate and refine the Library/academic department liaison program;
    2. actively participate in materials selection for the Library, and work closely with faculty and administrators to shape the collection;
    3. gather and standardize collection development information and serve as a forum for its exchange among liaisons;
    4. provide information to and advise the Librarian and the Library Committee on allocations and collection development policy.

    Membership as of 01/06/2022

    Dawn Cadogan
    Stephanie Capsuto
    Kelly Dagan
    Blake Doherty
    Sharon Domier
    Laura Evansco-chair
    Martin Garnar
    Rebecca Henning
    Mike Kelly
    Susan Kimball
    Alana Kumbier
    Missy Roser, co-chair
    Sara Smith
    Sarah Walden McGowan

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      Digital Programs

      From the group's charge: The Digital Programs Group provides input on the strategic direction and development of the library’s digital program.

      Membership as of 09/04/2019:

      Laura Evans
      Kate Gerrity

      Rachel Jirka
      Mike Kelly
      Alana Kumbier
      Tim Pinault
      Sara Smith
      Sarah Walden McGowan, chair

      Group meeting notes on the library staff intranet image


        Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

        The Amherst College Library is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive practice, which we see as central to fostering a work environment where everyone feels valued, and to providing the best possible services to our community. To this end, the Library Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee provides leadership and guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the library, working with partners on campus and in the Five Colleges as appropriate.

        Membership as of 1/1/2022
        Beth Bouloukos
        Suzie Bradley
        Laura Evans
        Alana Kumbier, co-chair
        Sara Smith
        Sarah Walden McGowan, co-chair

        A list of committee activities can be found here

        The full charge for the committee and meeting minutes on the library staff intranet (for internal use only)


          The Program Committee coordinates the Library's non-instructional programming, including speakers, gallery exhibits, and social events.

          Contact the chair for further information.

          Membership as of 07/01/18:

          Blake Doherty, chair
          Kenneth Kunes
          Margaret Dakin
          Ellis Butler

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            From the group's charge:  The Space Committee evaluates the Library’s immediate space needs and recommends strategies to address them, with a goal of creating a more welcoming, comfortable and effective physical environment for Library users and staff.  The Space Enhancement and Design Group coordinates the process of setting priorities and developing projects that meet this goal.

            Membership as of 03/17/17:

            Christina Barber
            Susan Kimball
            Missy Roser

            Group meeting notes on the library staff intranet image

              Scholarly Communication

              The Scholarly Communication Committee meets regularly to keep abreast of the issues shaping the communication of ideas in the world of scholarship, and who take responsibility for providing information on these issues to the broader Amherst College community. Its focus is on understanding the environment shaping scholarly communications and translating its implications helpfully and effectively to the community.

              The Committee will serve a number of interrelated purposes:

              • Stay current with changes in legal and technological issues shaping the flow of scholarly ideas, and provide information to the entire Amherst community on these matters (e.g., fair use; open access; metrics and altmetrics; the use and implications of Creative Commons licensing; etc.).
              • Develop policy for, and advocate the development of, the Amherst College Institutional Repository (“Octagon”).
              • Act as a source of informed guidance for both faculty and students on the use, development, and dissemination of scholarly work.
              • Develop relationships on behalf of Amherst College with the scholarly communications community in the Five Colleges area and beyond.


              Hannah Brooks-Motl
              Stephanie Capsuto, chair
              Sarah Walden McGowan

              Other members of the Amherst College community may be asked to take part in the work of the committee as need and interest suggest.


                From the group's charge: The Web Content & Integration Group provides overall leadership for the development and maintenance of the Amherst College Library’s Web presence.

                Membership as of  09/18/19:

                Christina Barber
                Suzie Bradley
                Kelly Dagan, co-chair
                Bridget Dahill, co-chair
                Blake Doherty
                Johanna Radding

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                  Faculty Library

                  Faculty Library Committee meeting minutes image

                  Membership as of 02/01/21

                  Taha Ahmad '24
                  Professor Brittney Bailey
                  Professor Sara Brenneis, chair
                  Joshua Kim '25
                  Professor Klára Móricz
                  Martin Garnar, Director of the Library, ex officio