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Staff members by department

Library Administration

Bryn Geffert Librarian of the College 413-542-2212
Cynthia Lepage Business Manager 413-542-2212
Susan Rivers Receptionist/Bookkeeper 413-542-2378
fax   413-542-2662

Acquisitions, Gifts, and Conservation

K. Carley Technical Services Specialist/Acquisitions 413-542-2215
Mark Fiegenbaum Technical Services Assistant/ Acquisitions 413-542-5008
Erin Loree Electronic Resources Librarian 413-542-5014
Susan Sheridan Head of Technical Services & Acquisitions 413-542-2850

Amherst College Press

Mark Edington Director 413-542-5709

Archives & Special Collections

Christina Barber Archives & Special Collections Specialist 413-542-2299
Margaret R. Dakin Archives & Special Collections Specialist 413-542-2299
Michael Kelly Head of Archives & Special Collections 413-542-5307
Peter Nelson Archivist 413-542-2299
Mariah Sakrejda-Leavitt Archives Project Specialist 413-542-2299
fax   413-542-2692


Jane Beebe Head of Cataloging Section/ Music Librarian 413-542-5007
Sharon Domier East Asian Studies Librarian & Cataloger 413-542-2215
Kate Gerrity Cataloging Librarian 413-542-5010
Rebecca Henning Cataloging Librarian (Special Collections) 413-542-5011
Amy Johnson Technical Services Specialist/Cataloging 413-542-5220
James Kelly Cataloging Librarian 413-542-2215

Circulation |

Jennifer Chien Circulation Assistant 413-542-2373
Susan Kimball Head of Access Services 413-542-2663
Sherry LaClaire Reserves Associate 413-542-5027
Judy Lively Circulation Supervisor 413-542-5024
Nona Monahin Weekend Circulation Associate 413-542-2373
Bilal Muhammad Evening Circulation Specialist 413-542-5030
Christie Cho Casual Reserves Associate 413-542-2665
Janet Poirrier Circulation Associate 413-542-5025

Digital Programs

J. Chapin Digital Programs Specialist 413-542-2263
Kelcy Shepherd Head of Digital Programs 413-542-5481
Sarah Walden Digital Projects Librarian 413-542-2960

Interlibrary Loan

Steven Heim Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 413-542-5028
Winnifred Manning Interlibrary Loan Assistant 413-542-5029

Music Library

Jane Beebe Head of Cataloging Section/Music Librarian 413-542-5007
Ann Maggs Music Library Specialist 413-542-2387

Research and Instruction   (Also see Subject Librarians )

Gretchen Gano Social Sciences Librarian 413-542-5352
Kristen Greenland Science Librarian 413-542-8112
Dunstan McNutt Research & Instruction Librarian 413-542-5454 
Missy Roser Head of Research & Instruction 413-542-5387
Sara Smith Arts & Humanities Librarian 413-542-2677

Science Library

Kristen Greenland Science Librarian 413-542-8112
Maryanne Alos Science Library Specialist 413-542-2076


Nancy Finn Technical Services Associate/Serials 413-542-5009
Mary O'Brien Technical Services Specialist/Serials 413-542-5017
Paul Trumble Head of Serials 413-542-5019


Jan Jourdain Head of Library Information Technology 413-542-8209