Subject librarians work with individual departments by teaching course-integrated research instruction sessions, offering research appointments, consulting with faculty about their research needs, and selecting books and other resources to support teaching and learning at Amherst College.

American Studies | Missy Roser
Anthropology and Sociology | Cat Hannula
Architectural Studies | Sara Smith
Art and the History of Art | Sara Smith
Asian Languages & Civilizations | Alana Kumbier
Biology | Stephanie Capsuto
Black Studies | Alana Kumbier
Chemistry | Stephanie Capsuto
Classics | Alana Kumbier
Computer Science | Stephanie Capsuto
Economics | Cat Hannula
Education Studies | Cat Hannula
English | Missy Roser
Environmental Studies | Stephanie Capsuto
European Studies | Sara Smith
Film and Media Studies | Sara Smith
French | Blake Doherty
Geology | Stephanie Capsuto
German | Blake Doherty 
History | Alana Kumbier
Latinx and Latin American Studies | Blake Doherty
Law, Jurisprudence, & Social Thought | Cat Hannula
Mathematics and Statistics | Stephanie Capsuto
Music | Sara Smith
Neuroscience | Stephanie Capsuto
Philosophy | Alana Kumbier
Physics and Astronomy | Stephanie Capsuto
Political Science | Cat Hannula
Psychology | Stephanie Capsuto
Religion | Missy Roser
Russian | Blake Doherty
Sexuality, Women's & Gender Studies | Blake Doherty
Spanish | Blake Doherty
Theater and Dance | Sara Smith