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Robert Frost Library Fellows

Approximately every two years the Friends of the Amherst College Library sponsors the Robert Frost Library Fellowship, which brings a visiting scholar to campus for a week, usually during the Fall semester, to participate in courses, be available for consultation with students, and participate in activities which reflect the central and interdepartmental role of the Library in the academic life of the College.*

2011     Fred Hoxie

2010     Victor Levin 1983

2008     Sarah Ruhl

2006     Donald Richie

2004     Michael Mazur 1957  (scheduled for 2003, postponed because of illness)

2001     Marianne Constable

1999     Jay Parini

1997     James Carroll

1995     Martin Daly and Margo Wilson

1994     Anthony Hecht

1991     Franco Modigliani

1989     Richard Wilbur 1942

1987     Richard Sewall

1985     Helen Vendler

1983     James Merrill 1947

1980     Thom Gunn

1979     Frank T. Pierce

1978     Myron Gilmore, scheduled to be the Frost Fellow for 1978, postponed due to illness. He died in November.

1976     Mario DiCesare

1973     John Cruickshank

1972     Charles Carrington

Advisory Committee on the Robert Frost Library Fellowship

(as of October 16, 2010)

Robert DeMaria '70, Chair

Peter Czap

Bryn Geffert

Heidi Gilpin '84

Margaret R. Hunt

Michael Israels '71

T. Michael Kelly

Kenneth Rosenthal '60

Thomas Woodhouse '62


*From the Spring 1971 Newsletter of the Friends of the Amherst College Library: "At the annual spring meeting the Friends voted to invite a visiting scholar to be in residence at the Frost Library for one month during the coming Amherst sesquicentennial year. He will live on the campus, probably during October, and be available at the Library for conversations with faculty and students, and for participation in courses, occasional lectures, and similar activities which will reflect the central and interdepartmental role of the Library itself in the academic life of the College. He will also be asked to take an interest in the state of the book collection in his particular field."