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Cora Lee Gibbs

Cora Lee Gibbs was interviewed by Joel Upton on May 1, 2009.  Excerpts from the interview are below.  Copies of the interview on DVD are in the open stack video collection of the Frost Library for borrowing, and are available for viewing in Archives and Special Collections or for purchase on request .

Cora Lee Gibbs came to Amherst in 1979 when her husband Julian H. Gibbs (AC 1956) became President of Amherst College.  She was a lecturer and public program developer at the Mead Art Museum and created the "Art for Lunch" program.  Before this, she served as head of educational programs at the Rhode Island School of Design.  After leaving Amherst, she was appointed director of the Newport Art Museum where she now serves as Director Emeritus. She holds a BA and MA in Art History.

Joel Upton is Professor of Art and the History of Art and has been at Amherst since 1972.  He offers courses on the history of medieval and Renaissance art and architecture and complements and interweaves these with courses in Japanese pre-modern architecture.

  • Gibbs talks about the end of fraternities at Amherst:
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  • Gibbs describes entertaining in the President's house:
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  • Gibbs gives a brief history of Johnson Chapel:
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  • Gibbs gives a brief history of Williston Hall:
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