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Donald S. Pitkin H1966

Donald Pitkin  was interviewed by Lawrence Alan Babb on April 20, 2001. Excerpts from the interview are below.  Copies of the interview on DVD are in the open stack video collection of the Frost Library for borrowing, and are available for viewing in Archives and Special Collections or for purchase on request.

Donald S. Pitkin, Professor of Anthropology, taught at Amherst College from 1964 until 1992.  The American Anthropological Association honored him in 2000 as "one of the pioneering U.S. anthropologists to do fieldwork in Europe."  In 1985, he wrote "The House that Giacomo Built", which was made into a film of the same title.

Lawrence Alan Babb has been at Amherst since 1969 and is the William Schupf Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations and Professor of Anthropology.  He is a social anthropologist whose main area of interest is South Asia where he has conducted fieldwork in India. 

  • Pitkin talks about his field work in Italy:
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  • Pitkin describes political activities at Amherst in the 1960s:
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  • Pitkin talks about coming to Amherst in the early 1960s and the beginning of the anthropology program:
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