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Calvin Plimpton 1939

Calvin Plimpton, accompanied by his wife Ruth Talbot Plimpton, was interviewed by Charles Longsworth on November 20, 2001.  Excerpts from the interview are below.  Copies of the interview on DVD are in the open stack video collection of the Frost Library for borrowing, and are available for viewing in Archives and Special Collections or for purchase on request.

Dr. Calvin Hastings Plimpton, Class of 1939, was a physician who specialized in metabolic diseases.  He served as the thirteenth president of Amherst in the tumultuous decade from 1960 to 1971.  During Plimpton's tenure, the college increased enrollment and introduced a new curriculum.  Plimpton also helped secure the initial funding to create Hampshire College.  Plimpton saw three major buildings open on campus: Arms Music Center, Merrill Science Center and Robert Frost Library.

Charles Longsworth, Class of 1951, is Chairman Emeritus of Amherst College Board of Trustees. He served as President of Hampshire College (1971-1977) and coauthored with the former Hampshire President, Franklin Patterson, The Making of a College: Plans for a New Departure in Higher Education

  • Plimpton describes the campus building projects of the 1960s:
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  • Plimpton his role in the founding of Hampshire College:
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  • Plimpton explains how President John F. Kennedy came to visit Amherst:
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