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Peter R. Pouncey H1985

Peter R. Pouncey was interviewed by William H. Pritchard  on June 10, 2009.  Excerpts from the interview are below.  Copies of the interview on DVD are in the open stack video collection of the Frost Library for borrowing, and are available for viewing in Archives and Special Collections or for purchase on request.

Peter R. Pouncey served as President of Amherst College, 1984-1994 , and as Edwin F. and Jessie Burnell Fobes Professor in Greek (Classics).  Born in China, he relocated with his family to England and graduated from Oxford University.  He was a faculty member at Columbia University in the Classics Department and later served as Dean of Columbia College before coming to Amherst.  He is the author of The Necessities of War: A Study of Thucydides' Pessimism and his novel Rules for Old Men Waiting won the McKitterick Prize in 2006.

William H. Pritchard, Class of 1953, the Henry Clay Folger Professor of English, graduated from Amherst with a degree in philosophy.  After earning his Ph.D. in English from Harvard, he returned to Amherst as an instructor in 1958 until the present time.  Pritchard's academic interests lie in American and British 20-century fiction, poetry, and criticism.

  • Pouncey talks about this life around education:


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  • Pouncey reflects on his reputation as a "tough guy" President:


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  • Pouncey describes some of the "eccentric"  Amherst faculty:


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