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Organization & history

Elected Officers, 2012-13
  • Owen King, Chairman
  • Debby Applegate, Vice Chairman
  • Katherine Soule, Vice Chairman for Finance
  • Polly Longsworth, Assistant Secretary
Ex-Officio Officers
  • Bryn Geffert, Librarian of the College, Secretary
  • Kevin Weinman, Treasurer of the College, Treasurer
Term Expiring 2013Term Expiring 2014Term Expiring 2015
Debby Applegate 1989
Ute T. Brandes H1993
Robert DeMaria 1970
Ronald M. Gordon 1965
Polly O. Longsworth (1951)
Drake McFeely 1976
Adam Apt 1977 
Heidi Gilpin 1984 
Robert W. Hawkins 1971 
Younghee Kim-Wait 1982
Catherine A. Manly 1994 
Thomas Woodhouse 1962
Jose Abad 2003
Benjamin S. Baum 2003
Charles W. Husbands 1961
Owen King 1986
Paul T. Ruxin 1965
Katherine R. Soule 1988


Other Members

Willis E. Bridegam, Jr. H1985, Librarian Emeritus
Samuel B. Ellenport 1965, Chairman Emeritus
Missy Roser, Head of Research and Instruction
Jack W. C. Hagstrom 1955, Chairman Emeritus
Michael Israels 1971, Chairman Emeritus
Michael Kelly, Head of Archives and Special Collections
Floyd S. Merritt 1951, Archivist
John Peterson 1971, Chairman Emeritus
Susan Sheridan, Head of Technical Services