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The Archives and Special Collections houses over 80,000 rare books and more than 11,000 linear feet of archival collections. These collections include everything from manuscripts and paper records to sound recordings, photographs, posters, artwork, and objects. Manuscript collections are designated by call numbers beginning with MA. The College's institutional records are designated with call numbers beginning in RG.

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Richard (AC 1952) and Josephine Haskell Aldridge Papers [MA.01017]
1898-2002 (bulk 1930-1994)
12.5 linear feet

Papers documenting the life of poet Richard Aldridge and his wife, children's author Josephine Haskell Aldridge. Material in the collection includes draft and unpublished writings by Richard Aldridge from childhood on; publication-related materials; a large amount of correspondence from family members and other writers; documentation from the various schools that Richard Aldridge attended, including photographs and memorabilia from Amherst College; and photographs, primarily of Richard Aldridge's childhood and his time in the U.S. Army in Germany in the mid-1950s.

Robert Allen (AC 1955) Amherst College Course Notebooks [MA.00323]
0.5 linear feet

Six spiral-bound class notebooks kept by Robert Allen for courses in Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Embryology and Economics at Amherst College 1953-1955.

Timothy D. Allman Papers [MA.00049]
6 linear feet

Journalist. Contains a draft of Allman’s proposed PhD thesis for St Anthony's College, Oxford (never completed) plus his original news dispatches concerning the wars in Indochina, some of which were published in revised form by the Manchester Guardian for which he worked as a stringer at the time.  The papers also include correspondence with people at the British Embassy in Vientiane, Laos.

Amherst College Academic Computer Center Records [MA.00241]
1970-1998 (bulk 1972-1985)
1.5 linear feet

Newsletters, manuals, grant proposals, minutes, correspondence and other documents related to the operations of the Amherst College Academic Computer Center, under the direction of Betty Romer. Includes files on the planning, design and construction of the Seeley-Mudd Building (1980-1984) which has housed many of the offices of the department of Information Technology.

Amherst College Administrative Publications Collection [MA.00263]
23 linear feet

Publications produced by the Amherst College administration for a broad campus audience and administrative publications for a five college audience.The collection includes course cataloges; student, faculty and alumni directories; handbooks; facebooks; calendars; annual reports; and news and outreach publications.
Digitized Amherst College Catalogs available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College Admission Office. Annual Reports to Secondary Schools [MA.00335]
0.5 linear feet

Reports by the Office of Admission at Amherst College for the use of secondary schools. The reports present statistics on the incoming freshman class and information for secondary school principals and guidance councilors.
Digitized Collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College Afro-American Society/Black Students' Union Collection [MA.01025]
approximately 1 linear foot

Includes documents that were recovered from the Black Students' Union space in The Octagon in the Spring of 2016. These documents range from the founding constitutions of both the Afro-American Society and the Black Students' Union to clippings and ephemera produced by allied student groups such as La Causa and the Asian Students Association.

Amherst College Alumni Biographical Files [MA.00053]
354.25 linear feet

Biographical questionnaires; writings and correspondence by or about alumni, newspaper articles, obituaries, photographs. Also includes some materials pertaining to an entire class, such as class agent records, and copies of class resolutions or class anthologies.

Amherst College Alumni Office Historical Records [MA.00047]
4 linear feet

Minutes, reports, correspondence, programs, scrapbooks and other materials documenting official activities of Amherst College alumni, including Alumni Council meetings, dinners and conferences and the activities of regional alumni associations.

Amherst College Alumni Office Public Records [MA.00046]
20.75 linear feet

Correspondence, minutes, printed matter, and other administrative records related to alumni relations at Amherst College, 1922-1992. 

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College American Studies Department Records
8 linear feet
Amherst College Affirmative Action Committee Records [MA.00057]
1.5 linear feet

Minutes, reports, correspondence, printed material and other records documenting the activities of the Advisory Committee on Affirmative Action.

Amherst College Association of Amherst Students Records [MA.00202]
20 linear feet

Financial records, meeting minutes, correspondence, election records and other records documenting the activities of the Association of Amherst Students, the official student government body of Amherst College.  

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Athletics Collection [MA.00187]
1865-2009 (bulk 1900-1990)
56 linear feet

Programs, photographs, correspondence, press information, newsclippings, and other records and memorabilia documenting the history of intercollegiate and intramural athletics at Amherst College. The collection does not include much material related to physical education; see separate collection.  See also: A Glance at Amherst Athletics by Walter L. Tower, 1935.

Amherst College Audio-Visual Collection
approximately 1500 items

Audio and video recordings and motion picture films documenting Amherst College people, places and events. Includes doumentation of commencements, convocations, inaugurations, reunions, lectures, musical performances and a variety of other subjects.
A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives & Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Board of Trustees Material Concerning President Alexander Meiklejohn [MA.00086]
1 linear foot

Materials generated by the Board of Trustees of Amherst College relative to the presidency (1912-1924) and resignation of Alexander Meiklejohn.

Amherst College Board of Trustees Records. Meeting Minutes [RG 001-01]
105 volumes (partial); 1.5 linear feet (partial)

This sub-group of the Board of Trustees Records contains minutes taken at Amherst College board of trustees meetings.

Amherst College Board of Trustees Records. Secretary of the Board [RG 001-002]
circa 1900-1973
10.5 linear feet

The secretary of the board was charged with maintaining the official record of Board of Trustee activities and with facilitating communication between board members and with other institutions. Contains minutes, correspondence, financial reports, subject files.

Amherst College Botany Department Papers [MA.00076]
2 linear feet (30 volumes)

The Botany Department Papers consist of 30 unbound volumes of files on specific species of indigenous plants. Each file includes a brief description of the species, its common name, a list of the locations in Massachusetts where it has been studied, and by what herbarium or scientific society. Each file also contains a map of Massachusetts showing the geographic location of the species. The collection seems to have been initially created in 1930, with later updates being entered in 1936.

Amherst College Buildings and Grounds Collection [MA.01005]
circa 100 linear feet

The collection is currently being reprocessed. The finding aid available is incomplete. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Centennial Collection [MA.00005]
circa 2.5 linear feet

Records of the Amherst College Centennial Celebration Committee and clippings, programs, ephemera, photographs and scrapbooks related to activities at the College for the celebration in 1921 of the 100th anniversary of its founding.

Amherst College Church and Chapel Records [MA.00252]
6 linear feet

Records of the Church of Christ in Amherst College and other Christian religious activity on campus, including Amherst student involvement in Zion Chapel/Hope Church, from the founding of the college to the mid-twentieth century. Includes manuscript records, correspondence, printed material, and books.

Amherst College Class Albums Collection [MA.00103]
35.5 linear feet

Autograph, portrait and photograph albums of graduating classes from 1853 to 1909. Also includes several fraternity albums.

Amherst College Class of 1902 Papers [MA.00007]
1.5 linear feet

Reunion pictures and publications, correspondence, articles written by members of the class, and a scrapbook.

Amherst College Clubs and Societies Collection [MA.00054]
22.5 linear feet

Official records and associated material of Amherst clubs. Includes founding records, minutes, financial records, membership lists, clippings, publications, correspondence, reports, photographs and other materials.

Amherst College Coeducation Collection [MA.00010]
2 linear feet

Chronologies, articles, newspaper clippings, and committee reports relating to coeducation at Amherst College and its subsequent anniversaries. The bulk of the collection covers planning for coeducation and responses to coeducation by Alumni, Faculty, Students, Amherst's president John Ward, and the Trustees of Amherst College. This is an artificial collection created by compiling related materials from other collections.

Amherst College Commencement Collection [MA.00097]
14.5 linear feet

Commencement programs, news articles, speeches, class week programs and schedules of events, tickets for events held during class week and commencement, poems, student addresses and other items relating to commencements. Digitized selections available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College Committee Records [MA.00229]
approximately 12 linear feet

Records of some 200 various Amherst College committees, including draft, interim and final reports, as well as (in some cases) minutes, correspondence and other supporting documents.  Some committees are formal standing committees, but the majority are ad-hoc temporary bodies often convened as Presidential advisory committees or task forces.

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Curriculum Reports Collection [MA.00142]
1938-present (bulk 1938-1984)
1 linear foot

Contains copies of various reports made by the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) and other committees regarding Amherst's curriculum. Also included are a few books and a magazine article related to the curriculum and related issues and controversies.

Amherst College Dean of Students Records. Associate Dean of Students Bekki Lee [RG 006-001]
1.5 linear feet

Records documenting the professional activities of Rebecca (Bekki) Lee, Amherst College Associate Dean of Students, in her role advising various Asian and women’s student affinity groups from 1986 to 2009. Student groups represented include the Asian Students Association (ASA), Korean-American Students Association (KASA), AIKYA or South Asian Students Association, Pacific Island and South East Asian Students (PISEAS), Asian American Studies Committee (AASC), Diversity Task Force (DTF), and Amherst Feminist Alliance (AFA).

Amherst College Degrees and Honors Collection [MA.00011]
3.5 linear feet

The bulk of the collection is made up of diplomas and certificates awarded by Amherst College to Amherst Graduates, as well as honorary degrees awarded to individuals associated with the college. The remainder of the degrees and certificates were awarded to Amherst College Alumni by other institutions both educational and civic.

Amherst College Department of Hygiene and Physical Education Records [MA.00251]
1859-1965 (bulk 1861-1933)
14 linear feet

Records documenting the activities of the Amherst College Department of Hygiene and Physical Education from 1861 to 1933. A significant subset of the collection is material on anthropometry (the study of bodies using detailed measurements) at Amherst College. The collection covers the period from the establishment of the department in 1861 to 1933, when the department was renamed Physical Education Department and underwent a slow, concurrent change to a more modern philosophy of physical education.

Amherst College Department of Neuroscience Records [MA.00238]
1.25 linear feet

Reports, announcements, correspondence, and various course materials documenting the establishment and ongoing administration of the academic program in neuroscience at Amherst College, 1971-2011, as well as instruction in certain lower-level biology courses. Amherst College was the first institution to offer an undergraduate major in neuroscience.

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Development Office Records
1960-1992 (bulk 1960s and 1970s)
36 linear feet

General office files concerning corporate relations, fund-raising, capital programs, friends and associations, deceased alumni, the Long Range Planning Committee, and Federal legislation and grants. 

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Dramatic Activities Collection [MA.00146]
45.5 linear feet

The collection includes surviving programs, scripts, photographs, slides, set and costume designs, publicity material, posters, newspaper clippings, and audio/video material that chronicle the conceptualization, creation, production and review of hundreds of Amherst College theater and dance productions.

Amherst College Early History Collection [MA.00055]
1815-1891 (bulk 1815-1849)
6 linear feet

Printed material, legal documents, financial records, correspondence and other papers documenting the history of Amherst Academy, its Charity Fund, and the inception and founding of Amherst College. Includes early circulars and catalogues of both Amherst College Academy and Amherst College, as well as papers of several 19th century trustees.Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College Early History Manuscripts and Pamphlets Collection [MA.00217]
1820-1843 (bulk 1821-1825)
0.5 linear feet

Correspondence, petitions, pamphlets and other printed material documenting the early history of the College. The collection was collected and arranged by Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Mellon and given to the College in 1921. Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College English Department Records [MA.00065]
1879-1977 (bulk 1930s-1960s)
7.75 linear feet

Assignments, examinations, student papers, course descriptions, reading lists and excerpts, and other material pertaining to the English Department and its courses, chiefly 1930-1970.

Amherst College Examinations Collection
1849-1967 (bulk 1910-1967)
6 linear feet

Examinations given at Amherst College from 1849 to 1967. The collection includes entrance examinations, final exams, midterms and various in-class tests, examination schedules, as well as examinations for awards and honors.

Amherst College Faculty Club Records [MA.00098]
2.25 linear feet

Minutes, treasurer's reports, bank statements, bills, and correspondence relating to the activities of the Faculty Club.

Amherst College Financial Record Books [MA.00068]
circa 1830-1952 (bulk circa 1860-1921)
13.5 linear feet

Ledgers, account books, correspondence and other financial records relating to Amherst College scholarships, loans, tuition payments, special funds, and investments, dating chiefly from ca. 1830-1900.

Amherst College Fire Department Records [MA.00132]
1942-1948, 1997
1 linear foot

Correspondence, receipts for supplies and equipment, photographs, rosters, fire brigade histories and newspaper clippings documenting the activities of the Amherst College Fire Department.

Amherst College Football Films [MA.00256]
70.25 linear feet

Motion picture films of Amherst College football games from the 1940s through the 1980s.

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Fraternities Collection [MA.00205]
1830-2014 (bulk 1830s-1984)
46 linear feet

Correspondence, reports, printed material, newspaper clippings, financial and business records, publications and other materials relating to fraternities at Amherst College.

Amherst College Hillel Records [MA.00380]
1.5 linear feet

Correspondence, publicity materials, news clippings, and meeting minutes related to the operation of Amherst College Hillel from the late 1970s to the late 2010s.

A guide to this collection is not yet publicly available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Inaugurations Collection [MA.00094]
3.5 linear feet

Speeches, notes, newsclippings, photographs, invitations, tickets, programs, and guest lists from various Amherst College Inauguration ceremonies dating from 1821 to present.

La Causa/Chicano Caucus Collection [MA.00337]
4 linear feet

Minutes, correspondence, publications, and posters related to the activities of La Causa, a student group on campus. The material covers the 1970s through the present.

Amherst College Library Bookplates Collection [MA.00133]
circa 1828-1989
1.5 linear feet

Approximately 222 bookplates and bookplate designs used in the Amherst College library.  The collection also includes information about the history of some of the bookplates; a variety of printing blocks, engravings and other print masters; and a small amount of correspondence.

Friends of Amherst College Library Records [MA.00059]
3.5 linear feet

Correspondence regarding the formation of the group, minutes of meetings, financial and membership records, newsletters, other publications, and information regarding activities sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Amherst College Library History Collection [MA.00105]
1850-1987 (bulk 1850-1965)
0.75 linear feet

Materials compiled by former Librarian Newton F. McKeon. Mr. McKeon assembled these materials to write a history of the Amherst College Library. This history, however, was never written. The Library History Collection includes McKeon's notes, copies of library reports and records, ephemera dating from the 19th century, and published and unpublished articles and reports about the Amherst College Library. Most of the material focuses on the late 1800's through the early 1910's. Reports describing the spatial needs of the library dating from 1937, 1959, and 1961 are also included.

Amherst College Library Records [MA.00106]
1833-1977 (bulk 1876-1933)
14.5 linear feet

Library records documenting the development of the Amherst College Library. Despite the time span (1833-1977), the records provide incomplete information about the administration of the Library. The records best document the library holdings (1833-1938), and particular functions, such as classification. The Records include correspondence, accession logs, annual reports, in-house manuals and procedures statements, some financial records, printed catalogs, and shelf lists. The administrative files of Librarian Newton F. McKeon (1939-70), Charles Laugher (1970-75), and Willis E. Bridegam, Jr. (1975- ) are not part of this collection.

Amherst College Mead Art Museum Records [RG 002-004-001]
1874-present (bulk 1946-present)
9.1 linear feet

Correspondence, research notes, news clippings, guest books, exhibition catalogues, monographs, press releases, and photographs. Bulk of collection relates to the Armory Show Retrospective of 1958. Collection also includes several exhibition catalogues.

Amherst College Moratoria Collection [MA.00070]
1.5 linear feet

Clippings, printed matter, photographs and administrative records related to four separate moratoria held at Amherst College to protest and discuss current events.

Music at Amherst College Collection [MA.00063]
1833-ongoing (bulk 1890-1965)
13.5 linear feet

Documents evolution of musical singing, performance, and composition at Amherst. Includes printed and manuscript music, photographs, printed material, personal correspondence and documentation, sound recordings, books, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and concert programs.

Amherst College New Year Greeting Cards Collection [MA.00160]
1.75 linear feet

Collection consists of New Year greeting cards sent to Amherst College alumni by the College, as well as several scrapbooks of the cards and related correspondence. Cards often contain artistic scenes from the campus or reproductions from the collection of the Mead Art Museum.

Amherst College News Bureau News Releases [MA.00131]
3.5 linear feet

Printed news releases disseminated by Amherst College from 1948 to 1984, documenting events of importance to the Amherst College community. Newspaper clippings are included with some of the press releases.

Amherst College Non-Alumni Biographical Files
1773-2019 (bulk 1821-2019)
55 linear feet

This collection documents individuals associated with the college as faculty, staff, honorary degree recipients, trustees, visiting speakers and artists and in any role other than student. Contains newpaper clippings, photographs, curriculum vitae, pamphlets, correspondence and other materials.

Amherst College Olio 1928 Photographs and Papers [MA.00157]
1 linear foot

Amherst College yearbook. Collection includes photographs and artwork used in the 1928 "Olio," along with some material from the 1926 "Olio," additional photographs and correspondence related to the editorial and business matters of the Olio's editorial committee.

Amherst College Oral History Project Records [MA.00037]
1952-1982 (bulk 1977-1982)
1.5 linear feet

Typed transcripts and audio recordings of oral history interviews with Amherst College professors emeriti, alumni, staff members, and other notable members of the Amherst community. Most of the interviews were conducted between 1977 and 1982, with some material from earlier years also included.

Amherst College Original Library

Items are cataloged individually in the online library catalog.

Amherst College Photographer Records [MA.00219]
approximately 70 linear feet

Negatives, prints, transparencies and digital images documenting Amherst College events, people and places taken by College Photographers and their assistants.

Digitized selections of this collection are available through Amherst College Digital Collections

Amherst College Physician and Pratt Health Cottage Records [MA.00372]
.75 linear feet

Four record volumes containing administrative records, individual student health records and aggregate student health statistics from the Pratt Health Cottage at Amherst College and Dr. Edward Hitchcock Jr. (AC 1849), the college physician.

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Posters Collection [MA.00190]
1830-present (bulk 1870-1905)
16 linear feet

Poster, placards and broadsides advertising campus events and public notices, chiefly 1870 to 1905 with additional materials from other years, especially from the 1980s to present. Materials continue to be added to this collection.

Amherst College President's Office Public Records [MA.00239]
8 linear feet

Clippings, correspondence, and other records documenting of the public face of the Amherst College President's Office, 1934-1976. Includes invitations and requests for information, as well as correspondence and other documents related to institutional associations such as the American Council on Education, Association of Colleges in New England and New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Amherst College President's Office Records. Edward Hitchcock [RG 003-003]
11 folders

This collection, a part of the President's Office Records, contains the manuscripts, correspondence, and printed addresses of Edward Hitchcock while he served as Amherst College's third president.

Amherst College President's Office Records. Heman Humphrey [RG 003-002]
7 folders

This collection, a part of the President's Office Records, contains the correspondence, administrative material, addresses, and sermons of Heman Humphrey while he served as Amherst College's second president.

Amherst College President's Office Records. Zephaniah Swift Moore [RG 003-001]
3 folders

This collection, a part of the President's Office Records, contains the correspondence, addresses, and sermons of Zephaniah Swift Moore while he served as Amherst College's first president.

Amherst College Queer Resource Center Records [MA.00275]
circa 2000-2016
0.5 linear feet

Posters, flyers and announcements related to activities and services sponsored by the Queer Resource Center (QRC), a college-sponsored support center for queer students at Amherst College.

Amherst College Record Books [MA.00208]
1801-1919 (bulk 1825-1908)
4 linear feet (38 volumes)

Manuscript record volumes documenting various visitors and activities at the College during the 19th century; largely administrative in nature.

Amherst College Reunion Trophy Collection [MA.00159]
1.5 linear feet

The Reunion Trophy of Amherst College was presented annually to the alumni class having the largest percentage of living members present at Commencement. Collection consists of letters and documents related to the Reunion Trophy.

Amherst College Sabrina Collection [MA.00172]
circa 1860–2010
2.5 linear feet

Histories, correspondence, articles and photographs relating to the statue Sabrina, donated to Amherst College in 1857 and the object of pranks and interclass rivalry for much of the time since.

Amherst College Salutations Collection [MA.00151]
circa 1920-1994
2 linear feet

Letters of commendation and formal greeting, proclamations and certificates presented to Amherst College on special occassions by other colleges and universities, as well as other cultural institutions.

Amherst College Scrapbooks Collection [MA.00099]
71 linear feet

Scrapbooks containing programs, souvenirs, photographs, newspaper clippings, college papers, letters and ephemera relating chiefly to student life at Amherst. Includes both personal and institutional scrapbooks.

Amherst College Student and Alumni Publications Collection [MA.00230]
65 linear feet

A collection of literary, humor and news publications, largely written and edited by Amherst College students and alumni, but also including Five-College publications and publications edited by the college for students and alumni. 
Digitized selections available through Amherst College Digital Collections.
Digitized Amherst College Olio yearbooks available through Amherst College Digital Collections.
Digitized selections of the Amherst Student newspaper available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Amherst College Student Council Records [MA.00201]
2.5 linear feet

Minutes, financial records, correspondence, reports, and various printed matter documenting the activities of student government at Amherst College, 1917-1975 (with gaps), including budget allocations to student clubs and organizations, election of officers, and administration of the honor system.

Amherst College Student Work and Correspondence [MA.00182]
circa 1821-circa 1900
4 linear feet

Correspondence and literary manuscripts - mostly orations, disputations and essays - written by Amherst College alumni. The collection includes materials of such individuals as Henry Ward Beecher, John Quincy Adams, William Austin Dickinson, and Edward Hitchcock.

Amherst College Study Abroad Office Records
circa 1969-2013
1 linear foot

Study abroad handbooks, policies, minutes, statistics and participation lists related to the Twelve College Exchange for study abroad.

Amherst College Treasurer's Office. Financial Records [MA.00177]
1875-1975 (bulk 1920-1950)
12.5 linear feet

Annual financial reports, 1933-1958, and other permanently retained records of the Amherst College Treasurer and Comptroller, including journal entries, vouchers, documentation of securities transactions and investment portfolios, and samplings of student ledger cards.  

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College Trustee Reports Collection
2.5 linear feet

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Amherst College WAMH/WAMF Records [MA.00257]
5.5 linear feet

Records of the Amherst College student radio station, WAMH (formerly WAMF). Records include audio recordings, publicity materials, program guides, correspondence, photographs, training materials, FCC materials and internal documentation of radio station operations.

Amherst College War Materials Collection [MA.00062]
4 linear feet

An artificial collection consisting mainly of publications, ephemera and correspondence related to Amherst College's involvement in various United States wars, including the Civil War, Mexican War, Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Amherst College Weather Station Records [MA.00003]
1835-1924, 1948-present
3 linear feet

Climatological data recorded by Professor Ebenezer Strong Snell (Class of 1822) and his daughter Sabra Snell from 1835 to 1902; observations recorded by the Hatch Experimental Station at the Massachusetts Agricultural College from 1891 to 1924; and by Dr. Philip Ives (Class of 1932) from 1948 to date.

Amherst College Women / Ladies of Amherst College Records [MA.00048]
1.75 linear fee

Organizational, membership and financial records, spanning the history of the organization from 1906 to 1976. Include constitutions, meeting minutes, and annual membership lists, as well as newspaper clippings, correspondence, expense records and memorabilia.

Amherst College Women's and Gender Center Records [MA.00246]
1968-2001 (bulk 1975-2000)
1.25 linear feet

Newsletters, flyers, photographs, correspondence and other materials maintained by the Women's and Gender Center (formerly the Women's Center) of Amherst College, and documenting its activities as an informational resource, intentional space and advocacy group related to women's and gender issues.

William Pitt and Sarah Archer Amherst Family Collection [MA.00295]
4 linear feet

Correspondence, manuscript documents, printed ephemera, diaries, and books that document the life and career of William Pitt Amherst, Second Barron Amherst of Montreal and First Earl Amherst of Arracan (1773-1857). Documents to and from Lord Amherst largely document his time as ambassador to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1890-1812) and his embassy to China (1815-1817). The diaries kept by Lady Sarah Archer Amherst cover the entirety of their stay during Lord Amherst's appointment as Governor-General of British India (1823-1828). The collection also includes two Persian manuscripts given to Lord Amherst while in India.

Jeffery Amherst Collection [MA.00196]
1757-1874 (bulk 1757-1797)
2.25 linear feet

Chiefly handwritten letters exchanged between Jeffery Amherst and British army officials or government authorities; also, engraved portraits of General Amherst, newspaper clippings and a set of eight medals commemorating British victories in the wars in North America. 
Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digitized Collections.

Amherst Recording Council Records
1 linear foot

Audio recordings of lectures and performances at Amherst College between April 2004 and February 2006.

Amherst Summer School Collection [MA.00058]
0.25 linear feet

Started by Dr. Sauveur as the Normal School of Languages at Amherst College in 1875. Contains existing documentation of the Library School and incomplete documentation of other school programs. Includes bulletins, brochures, lecture notes, examinations and certificates; as well as Newton McKeon's notes on the Library School.

Materials relating to the Amherst Uprising

Archives and Special Collections holds a number of materials of varying provenance relating to the November 2015 Amherst Uprising. These materials include: coverage in the Amherst Student, hundreds of digital images taken by students participating in Uprising events, materials produced by the BLST 377/SWAG 329 class “Bad Black Women” and web crawls of social media feeds related to the events.

Joseph Amiel (AC 1959) Papers [MA.00110]
8 linear feet

Typescripts, galleys, proofs, and publicity material for Joseph Amiel's novels Hawks, Birthright, Deeds, Star Time, and A Question of Proof, published 1979-1993. Also included are four screenplays written by Amiel, 1970-1994, and class notes taken by Amiel for history and English courses at Amherst, 1956-1959.

Arabic Manuscripts Collection [MA.00290]
0.5 linear feet

Manuscript volumes and fragments in Arabic from the 9th to 19th centuries.

Archaeological Institute of America Western Massachusetts Society Records
circa 1940-2005
3 linear feet
John H. Armstrong (AC 1954) Papers [MA.00004]
1932-1974 (bulk 1950-1960)
3.5 linear feet

Correspondence, photographs, diaries, journals, publications and vital and legal documents dealing with Armstrong's days at Amherst College, Harvard University, his foriegn language studies and finally, the trip to Africa on which he died. The collection also includes the papers of Catherine M. Armstrong relating to her son's death, including correspondence with the families of Armstrong's fellow travelers, official correspondence relating to the investigation, notes on her trip to Paris to visit the family of Tommy-Martin and notes of sympathy following her son's death.

Frederick D. M. Aronow (AC 1967) Papers
circa 1965-1972
1 linear foot

Papers Related to the Vietnam War, "Winter Soldier," and the Civil Rights Movement.

Asian Students Association Records [MA.00395]
3 linear feet

Minutes, correspondence, publications, and posters related to the activities of the Asian Students Association.

Robert Bagg (AC 1957) Papers [MA.00244]
1822-2007 (bulk 1953-2007)
24.1 linear feet

Papers documenting the literary, scholarly, and personal activities of poet and translator Robert Bagg. Correspondence between Bagg and contemporaries, including poets Richard Wilbur and James I. Merrill, make up a large portion of the material. Also included are drafts of poetry and other writings, Bagg's undergraduate and graduate student work, and teaching and administrative materials from Bagg's time as a professor of English. The Bagg Papers also include sub-collections of material originally belonging to three associates: Thomas F. Gould, John A. Moore, and James J. Scully.

George W. Bain Papers [MA.00254]
1920-1990 (Bulk: 1928-1981)
18.25 linear feet

The papers of George W. Bain, geologist and professor of geology at Amherst College from 1926 to 1966. The papers include teaching materials, writings, published works, correspondence, notes and research materials.

Theodore and Frances Titchener Baird Papers [MA.01013]
1901-1996 (bulk 1930-1996)
12.5 linear feet

The Theodore and Frances Titchener Baird Papers document the personal and professional lives of Theodore Baird and Frances Titchener Baird, Theodore Baird's wife. Theodore Baird served as an Amherst College English professor from 1927-1969, and much of the collection consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence between Baird, and his Amherst College affiliates. Also included is a small amount of papers from Frances Titchener Baird. A significant portion of the collection was added after the initial processing, and consists of personal diaries written daily by Theodore Baird and Frances Titchener Baird starting in 1932 and 1933 respectively.

Ingham C. Baker (AC 1919) Papers [MA.00008]
0.5 linear feet

Correspondence, french road maps, french song sheets, and a military citation covering the time Ingham C. Baker served as an ambulance driver for the American Field Service and U.S. Army Corps from 1916 to 1919. The bulk of the collection consists of letters from Ingham C. Baker to his family, particularly his parents Asa George Baker (AC 1888) and Lucy C. Baker, and his brother Walton C. Baker (AC 1919). It also includes letters to Ingham C. Baker from his parents and two letters from his friend Arthur Hazeldine (AC 1919 non-grad).

Leslie Stuart Baker (AC 1921) Papers
0.5 linear feet

The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence from Leslie S. Baker to his parents (Elwood and Sallie) during World War I.  Baker  joined the war in 1917, served as a machine-gunner in France, and in 1920, while still a student at Amherst College, published a book about his company, The Company History: The Story of Company B, 106th Machine Gun Battalion, 27th Division, U.S.A.  The collection includes a small amount of  miscellaneous additional material by and about Baker, including some of his drawings.

Ball Family Papers [MA.00130]
1.25 linear feet

Personal papers of three Amherst College alumni, the Rev. Albert H. Ball (AC 1866) and his two sons Allan (AC 1892) and Walter (AC 1897). The collection includes alumni notes, notebooks, manuscript writings, and printed matter.

Lincoln Wade Barnes Photographic Negatives Collection [MA.00253]
circa 1927-1965
6.5 linear feet

Photographic negatives depicting local places and events taken by photographer Lincoln Wade Barnes and his staff, chieifly at Amherst College, circa 1927-1965.

William E. Barton Collection of Walt Whitman Materials [MA.01012]
0.25 linear feet

The collection contains assorted Whitman manuscripts, portraits, and various printed material, collected by William E. Barton. The collection also contains Barton's research notes, transcriptions, and correspondence.
Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Violet Beach - Henry Ward Beecher Collection [MA.00267]
circa 1870-1890
0.25 linear feet

The Violet Beach-Henry Ward Beecher Collection contains 15 letters and a selection of photographs related to the Beach and Beecher families.

George Wesley Bellows Papers [MA.00117]
1899-1962 (bulk 1905-1929)
7 linear feet

Correspondence, manuscripts, legal documents, certificates, contracts, awards, medals, exhibition brochures, newspaper clippings, magazines, photographs, printed materials, and 3 scrapbooks relating to George Bellows and his family. Much of the collection consists of correspondence, this includes letters between George Bellows and Emma Story Bellows and others. The bulk of the manuscripts and printed materials relate to Bellow's work, and include speeches, articles, and biographies. There is also a large section of photographs both personal and of his paintings.  See also: Charles H. Morgan Papers on George Wesley Bellows.

Antonio Benitez-Rojo Papers [MA.00184]
4 linear feet

Cuban-born writer and intellectual; professor of Spanish at Amherst College, 1983-2005. Chiefly printed printed matter by and about Benítez-Rojo's literary work, book covers, flyers and posters of conferences given or attended by him, photographs, and videotapes of some of his lectures.

Bruce B. Benson (AC 1943) Papers [MA.01016]
1.5 linear feet

Amherst College alumnus Class of 1943, instructor and later professor of physics at Amherst College, 1947-1990. Collection includes Benson's class notes and exams from college and graduate school; teaching notes and assignments from courses he taught at Amherst; draft articles about physics that he wrote, along with reprints of his published articles; material from college-wide faculty committees on which he served; and a small number of photographs and pieces of incoming correspondence.

Lucy Wilson Benson Family Papers [MA.00406]
72 linear feet

The papers of Lucy Wilson Benson, who served as president of the National League of Women Voters (1968-1974), secretary of human services for Massachusetts (1975-1977), and U.S. undersecretary of state for security assistance, science and technology (1977-1980).The papers also include material from and about other family members. This is an unprocessed collection.

This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Donald N. Bigelow (AC 1939) Papers [MA.00233]
1860-2009 (bulk 1935-2004)
50.85 linear feet

Correspondence, speeches, reports, articles, photographs, printed matter and audio-visual media documenting the personal life and professional career of Donald N. Bigelow (AC 1939), a top administrator in the U.S. Education Department of Education, as well as a writer, teacher and consultant on education policy, chiefly from 1961 to 1984. Professional papers include records of many Federal programs he oversaw as part of the National Defense Education Act (NDEA, 1958), Higher Education Act (1965), and Education Professions Development Act (EPDA, 1967). Correspondents include Benjamin DeMott and Allan Nevins.

William P. Bigelow (AC 1889) Papers [MA.00071]
1 linear foot

Professor of Music at Amherst College. Letters, postcards, photographs, drawings, sheet music, certificates, receipts, passports, manuscripts, music programs, and other materials documenting the professional and personal life of Professor Bigelow and his wife Jane Ball Bigelow.

Osmond Jesse Billings (AC 1900) Sermons [MA.00072]
1906-circa 1960
4 linear feet

Congregational minister. Papers consist mainly of handwritten sermons, but also include a journal and other miscellaneous writings.

Clarence Birdseye (AC 1910) Field Journals [MA.00169]
1 linear foot (13 volumes)

Field journals of the noted inventor, naturalist and businessman Clarence Birdseye. This collection consists of 13 field journals, 12 of which were written by Clarence Birdseye and one by Perry W. Terhune. The dates of the journals are from 1910 Nov 9 to 1916 Jul 20.

Walter R. Blackmer (AC 1897) Sermons [MA.00079]
5 linear feet

Congregational preacher. Collection consists mainly of sermons, but also includes addresses and talks delivered on various occasions.

Bliss Family Papers [MA.00021]
circa 1850-1981 (bulk 1856-1922)
4 linear feet

Correspondence (with other writings, clippings, and photographs) of members of the Bliss and Dodge families, principally of Howard Sweetser Bliss, second president (1902-1920) of Syrian Protestant College (later American University of Beirut), which was founded by his father, Daniel Bliss, in 1866. Two letters by Howard Bliss (age 13) are from 1873; additional letters (to 1920) describe his undergraduate years at Amherst College, his travels to universities at Oxford, Goettingen and Berlin as a travelling fellow of Union Theological Seminary, and his pastorship at churches in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Montclair, N.J., following his ordination in 1902. The correspondence, especially of Abby Wood Bliss between 1874 and 1909, provides insight into marriage and family relationships of the 19th and early 20th centuries, discussing a range of issues from education and the raising of children to health problems and the treatment of illness. The Dodge family was descended from Howard's and Amy's daughter, Mary Bliss Dodge. 

Portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Marshall Bloom (AC 1966) Alternative Press Collection [MA.00149]
circa 1967-1992
approximately 253.5 linear feet

Approximately 3,500 alternative "underground" newspapers published chiefly in the United States, circa 1967-1989, most originally compiled by Liberation News Service as record copies from its subscribers. Also included is a much smaller collection of glossy magazines for gay men, circa 1967-1992.
This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Steven L. Bloom Film Scripts Collection
33 linear feet

This collection of screenplays comprises approximately 441 scripts from a similar (slightly smaller) number of movies. The films represented span the period from the 1930s – within a decade of the first “talkie” moving picture – to the 2010s.

This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Marshall Bloom (AC 1966) Papers [MA.00001]
1950-1999 (bulk 1962-1999)
12.5 linear feet

Correspondence, diaries, unpublished writings, news clippings, publications, financial records, photographs and other materials chiefly documenting Bloom's childhood, education, personal life and work as the founder of Liberation News Service and its larger role in the radical counterculture of the 1960s.

Louise Bogan Papers [MA.00085]
13.5 linear feet

Poet and editor. Collection consists of correspondence, drafts of poems, prose, short stories, and translations, lectures, teaching notes, news clippings, journals and notebooks documenting Bogan's career from 1930 until her death in 1970; and also includes some family correspondence and photographs.

Walter Boughton Papers [MA.00009]
0.5 linear feet

Mainly teaching notes and classroom materials from Walter Boughton's approximately thirty years teaching and directing theatre at Amherst College. Also contains notes schoolwork done by Boughton while attending Brown University.

Bowles-Hoar Family Papers
60 linear feet

Combined papers of the families of Samuel Bowles II and III, the founder and editor of the Springfield Republican, and Judge Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar of Concord, Mass.  The families are connected through the marriage of Judge Hoar's daughter Elizabeth to Samuel Bowles IV.  The collection is currently being processed, with items occasionally featured on blog posts for "The Consecrated Eminence" and pages within the Archives and Special Collections section of the Library's website.

Frank Learoyd Boyden (AC 1902) Papers [MA.00152]
5.5 linear feet

Headmaster of Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, Mass.), 1902-1969. Collection consists of Boyden's correspondence concerning Amherst College, his Class of 1902, his fraternity, Class reunions and other general correspondence.

Henry Walcott Boynton (AC 1891) Papers [MA.00022]
6.5 linear feet

Correspondence, notes, reviews and clippings documenting the literary career of Henry Walcott Boynton. The collection includes handwritten drafts of plays, prose and poems, and drafts of stories written under the pseudonym John Walcott. Correspondence is chiefly with magazine and book publishers, including the Atlantic Monthly, The Bookman and The Nation.

Margaret Sutton Briscoe Papers [MA.01019]
1.5 linear feet

Short story writer, playwright, and novelist, wife of Amherst professor Arthur John Hopkins (for his papers, see separate finding aid). Collection includes copies of published short stories, correspondence, and manuscript writings, including Briscoe's unfinished memoirs.

Sidney Brooks (AC 1841) Papers [MA.00329]
0.5 linear feet

Sidney Brooks of Harwich attended Phillips Academy in Andover before attending Amherst College from 1837 to 1841. His papers include thirty-five letters, a ledger of his expenses, and writings from his school days.
Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Bailey LeFevre Brown (AC 1924) Papers [MA.00034]
1 linear foot

Mathematician. Contains mathematical notes, correspondence, article reprints and other materials documenting his research in mathematics. Includes correspondence with Neal H. McCoy.

William Crary Brownell (AC 1871) Papers [MA.00023]
1867-1936 (bulk 1870-1927)
5.5 linear feet

American journalist and newspaper editor.  Correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts of his journalistic writings, photographs and other personal and professional papers.

Henry Bullard (AC 1860) Lichens Album
circa 1860
.25 linear feet

An album of pressed lichen specimens presumably collected by Henry Bullard, class of 1860.

Frederic Marsena Butts (AC 1909) Papers [MA.00242]
1909-1949 (bulk 1909-1910)
0.5 linear feet

Mostly writings and photographs documenting Butts' trip to the Mediterranean, Asia and North Africa, 1909-1910. Also included are a speech before an Amherst College alumni group and correspondence about a scholarship he established there.

Margaret Blaisdell Byrd Collection of New York City Music, Opera and Theater Scrapbooks [MA.00119]
2.5 linear feet (8 volumes)

Eight scrapbooks of programs and clippings related to musical concerts, theatrical performances and opera in New York City, 1899-1962.

F. Curtis Canfield (AC 1925) Papers [MA.00081]
4.5 linear feet

Drama professor and director. Collection includes course and lecture notes, as well as some correspondence, newspaper clippings, framed portraits and photographs, and material for Canfield's books.

Ercole Cartotto Portrait Drawings of Selected Amherst College Alumni, Faculty and Administration [MA.00100]
circa 1930
1 linear foot

Nineteen framed portraits of Amherst College alumni, faculty and staff, by the Italian-born portraitist.

Chapin-Kiley Manuscript Collection [MA.00147]
circa 1820-1900 (bulk 1880-1890)
0.5 linear feet

Consists of 59 manuscript items, chiefly letters and dating from 1880-1890, collected by Samuel Chapin (AC 1880) and preserved by Marcus P. Kiley (AC 1919). The collection includes materials of such individuals as Lyman Abbott, Edward Beecher, William Lloyd Garrison, Edward Everett Hale, Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Charles Drew House Family Albums [MA.00114]
1 linear foot

The Charles Drew Memorial Cultural House is an Amherst College residential theme house founded in 1984 to celebrate the achievements of black people and to explore the cultures of Africa and the Diaspora at large. The collection includes photographs and miscellaneous material documenting the members of Drew House and House special events from 1986-1992.

Aurin M. Chase (AC 1896) Letters
0.5 linear feet

Correspondence of Aurin Moody Chase (AC 1896) during his years as a student at Amherst College.

George Bosworth Churchill (AC 1889) Papers [MA.00006]
5 linear feet

Professor of English at Amherst College, 1903-1925, and Member of the Massachusetts State Senate, 1917-1920. Correspondence, lectures, class materials, manuscripts, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and photographs by or about Churchill. The bulk of the collection is made up of professional documents: lectures, undergraduate papers, class materials and manuscripts. A number of speeches and articles relating to his substantial political career are also included. The collection contains some correspondence between Churchill and his wife and between Churchill and acquaintances, mostly between 1891 and 1894.

Sandra Cisneros Collection [MA.00102]
0.5 linear feet

Writer. Collection includes signed typescripts or photocopied typescripts of six stories, one unpublished story, an unpublished speech, an interview, a biographical sketch, and a bound volume of part of the novel Caramelo, distributed to friends for comment.

William H. Clamurro (AC 1967) Papers [MA.00366]
circa 1969-2018
0.75 linear feet

The William H. Clamurro (AC 1967) Papers contain wartime letters from Clamurro to his parents and to an Amherst College classmate, Jack D. Hailey; poetry written while in Vietnam; letters from poet Archibald MacLeish to Clamurro, and other documentation about Clamurro's time in Vietnam and the writing he did during his service.

Evans Clark (AC 1910) Papers [MA.00024]
1 linear foot

Correspondence, clippings and other material on the major activities of Evans Clark's career. Some clippings are by Clark, presumably the editorials written while he was with the New York Times.

John Bates Clark (AC 1872) and Alden Hyde Clark (AC 1900) Family Papers [MA.00240]
1847-2003 (bulk 1900-1940)
3 linear feet

Primarily personal correspondence documenting the lives of members of the Clark family across three generations: in particular, economist John Bates Clark, his son Alden Hyde Clark (AC 1900), and Alden's three children, Mary Lawrence Clark, John Alden Clark (AC 1929), and William Whitcomb Clark (AC 1933). Includes correspondence between Alden Hyde Clark and his fellow missionaries in India (the American Marathi Mission) and general documentation on 20th century missionary activity in that country.

Charles W. Cobb (AC 1897) Papers [MA.00354]
circa 1930-1940
1.5 linear feet

Papers of Charles Wiggins Cobb (AC 1897), Professor of Mathematics at Amherst College, 1909-1941, including manuscripts of unpublished books, data and reports on U.S. manufacturing, reports done for Mathematics classes, data on industrial materials and copies of letters.

Morrill Cody (AC 1921) Papers [MA.00222]
1930-1969 (bulk 1958-1962)
0.5 linear ft.

Journalist, editor and diplomat.  The collection consists mostly of incoming correspondence, concerning social affairs, editorial work, and publishing. Among the correspondents are a number of literary figures, including Sylvia Beach, e. e. cummings, Marcel Duchamp, Ernest Hemingway, Langston Hughes, Marianne Moore, Ezra Pound, Raymond Queneau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith Sitwell, Alice B. Toklas, and William Carlos Williams.

Sherwin Cody (AC 1889) Correspondence [MA.00223]
0.5 linear feet

The collection consists almost entirely of incoming correspondence, mostly concerning social affairs, editorial work, and publishing. Correspondents include a wide range of writers, editors, and artists, including Edmund Gosse, Walter Blackburn Harte, William Dean Howells, Arthur Curtiss James (AC 1889), Henry James, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Lee Masters, and William Butler Yeats.

Jerry Cohen (AC 1963) Papers [MA.00179]
13 linear feet

Chiefly legal records kept by Cohen during his 14 years as General Counsel of the United Farm Workers of America and personal attorney of César Chávez. The collection relates primarily to Cohen's participation in the legal battles for union recognition and basic labor rights fought by the U.F.W. in the late 1960s and 1970s. The collection contains only non-privileged material.

Charles W. Cole (AC 1927) Papers [MA.00163]
1906-1979 (bulk 1920-1960)
26 linear feet

Letters, reports, minutes, speeches, photographs, printed matter and other materials documenting Charles W. Cole's personal life and professional career as President of Amherst College (1946-1960) and as a member of a variety of committees and boards in the private and public sector. The collection also includes correspondence and other personal papers of Cole's first wife, Katharine, but does not include any significant material related to Cole's appointment as Ambassador to Chile or Trustee of Hampshire College.

Joseph Gerald Cole (AC 1915) Papers [MA.00271]
circa 1919-1945
1.5 linear feet

Papers of Joseph Gerald Cole (AC 1915) relating to his military service in World War I and his later life. Includes diaries, photographs, correspondence, certificates, clippings, and ephemera.

John D. Coles (AC 1980) Papers [MA.01008]
15 linear feet

The collection contains mainly production material related to John Coles’ directing career in feature films and television movies and series. Also included is Coles’ personal research material for an unproduced documentary on the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican nationalist group.

College and University Intramural Athletic Handbooks Collection [MA.00178]
circa 1948
0.75 linear feet

Intramural athletics handbooks from 72 North American colleges and universities. They were collected and exhibited at the College Physical Education Association meeting held in Chicago, Illinois, December 27-28, 1948, by Albert E. Lumley, chairman of the College and University Intramural Division for 1948-1949.

Henry Steele Commager Papers [MA.00173]
1920-1998 (bulk 1945-1985)
84 linear feet

Papers documenting the professional life and career of Henry Steele Commager, 20th century historian, public intellectual, and engaged citizen. They include the extensive letters received from historians, congressmen, educators, journalists, jurists, publishers, as well as former students, and the general public. Commager's writings and public appearances reflect his active professional life as well as his influence within the profession. The papers document a wide variety of issues of 20th century American society, including the interventionist role in Europe; civil liberties; academic freedom; the loyalty oath; nationalism; the American military in Vietnam; the expansion of executive power; changing views of foreign policy; and the purpose and role of education in society.

Lawrence H. Conrad Collection of Vachel Lindsay and Robert Frost Material [MA.01014]
1918-1966 (bulk 1928-1934)
0.7 linear feet

Consists of material related to American poets Vachel Lindsay and Robert Frost which was collected by a mutual friend of theirs, writer and English professor Lawrence H. Conrad. The collection includes correspondence, manuscript and typescript poems by Lindsay and Frost, programs and pamphlets produced by Lindsay, and press clippings and scholarly writings about the two poets.

Jane C. Crowell Papers [MA.00262]
circa 1870-1950
1 linear foot

The Jane C. Crowell Papers document aspects of the personal life of Jane Caroline Crowell, daughter of Edward Payson Crowell, professor of Latin at Amherst College, and Mary Warner, native of Amherst and childhood friend of Emily Dickinson. Most of the collection consists of typescripts of Jane Crowell's poetry, essays, and short stories. The collection also includes miscellaneous family photographs, including images of Crowell's parents and grandparents, as well as an important photograph album documenting the Crowell/Warner family home (the historic Solomon Pitkin House).

Manuel Cuéllar Vizcaíno Collection [MA.00185]
1.5 linear feet

Books, magazines, manuscripts, speeches, news clippings and photographs that document Manuel Cuéllar Vizcaíno's career as a Cuban writer and teacher, chiefly from the 1940s through the 1950s. All of the materials are in Spanish.

John P. Cushing (AC 1882) World War I Posters Collection [MA.00300]
1914-1926 (bulk 1914-1919)
approximately 750 items

This collection contains more than 700 World War I posters, ephemera, and propoganda collected by John P. Cushing (AC 1882).  Propaganda posters (chromolithograph) commissioned by seven different governments during World War I exhorting the populace to enlist in the military, conserve food, produce supplies supporting the war effort, and buy war bonds.  Unlike mass-produced public notices of the same period, these were colorful works of art that attracted popular attention and communicated powerful but succinct messages. The collection includes work from the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and Spain.

Harry J. Danos “C” Pre-Meteorological Program (AAFTTC) Collection
1.5 linear feet

Harry J. Danos participated in the “C” Pre-Meteorological Training Program at Amherst College, from February 1943 to February 1944. The program aimed to quickly produce qualified meteorologists to meet military demand. This collection consists of Harry Danos’s coursework while in the program as well as miscellaneous related materials.

Benjamin Butler Davenport Papers [MA.00073]
2 linear feet

Playwright, producer, actor and theater manager. Papers contain correspondence, photographs, and autographs from numerous actors, producers and others relating chiefly to Butler Davenport's theatrical productions in New York City.

Jeffrey Davidow Papers [MA.00101]
4 linear feet

Ambassador to Venezuela and Mexico, Asst. Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs. Contains materials relating to his diplomatic career in Latin America, including news clippings, business and personal documents, appointment books, photographs, speeches, transcripts of interviews, and government reports.

Eli Whitney Debevoise Papers [MA.00107]
3 linear feet

The papers of Eli W. Debevoise document his position as the deputy general counsel with the High Commission for Germany-Office of General Counsel (HICOG-OGC) from 1950-1953 and his ongoing interest in US-German affairs. While the Debevoise Papers include personal and professional correspondence, appointment calendars and other administrative material, memoranda, and speeches, the majority is published material relating to post-World War II Germany.

Beeckman Jousseaum Delatour (AC 1911) Letters to Albert J. and Susie S. (Holcomb) Delatour [MA.00320]
circa 1907-1920
1 linear foot

The Beeckman Jousseaum Delatour (AC 1911) Papers contain letters from Beeckman Delatour to his parents, Albert J. and Susie S. Holcomb Delatour, during his undergraduate years at Amherst College (1907-1911), his medical school years at Johns Hopkins University (1911-1915), and his service in France during World War I (1917-1919). There is a small amount of associated ephemera, but the bulk of the papers document the maturation of a youth of the early twentieth century.

Detroit Publishing Company and William Henry Jackson Photochrom Collection [MA.00193]
2 linear feet

444 photochrom images of American landmarks, both natural and man-made, dating from 1898 to 1908. Scenes of Mexico and Cuba are depicted as well. The majority of the photographs were taken by William Henry Jackson while employed by the Detroit Publishing Comapny, with the rest being taken by other photographers working for the company.

Dicken-Statham Family Papers [MA.00268]
6 linear feet

The Dicken-Statham Family Papers document four generations in the life of the family of Henry Heathcote Statham (1839-1924) and his wife, Florence Dicken Statham (1856-1938). Statham was an architect, author, and musician. He edited the journal “The Builder” for 20 years and was the author of several books, including a long-used textbook about architecture. Florence Dicken Statham was born in India to William Stephens Dicken, Deputy General Inspector of Hospitals for the East India Company in the middle of the 19th century. She raised a family of six children and wrote her own children's book, "Flix and Flox," a copy of which is in the collection. The papers cover topics such as the British Raj, World War I (the Stathams lost two sons, Arthur and Noel, in war), and family life in England across two centuries. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, journals (including W.S. Dicken’s original journal of a voyage to India), and other unique documents that illustrate the family's history.

E. Porter Dickinson Papers [MA.00209]
7.5 linear feet

Mainly correspondence, materials relating to Porter Dickinson’s family and the town of Amherst, photographs, and objects that reflect the many of his interests (particularly mountaineering and the White Mountains).  Correspondents include Robert Francis, Professor E. Kimball Morsman, and Walter Hendricks.

Emily Dickinson Collection [MA.00167]
1840-2005 (bulk 1850-1955)
21 linear feet

The collection documents the creative work and personal life of Emily Dickinson, spanning her lifetime, from 1830 to 1886; her family and friends; and the early publication history of her work. It also includes material from Dickinson scholars Mabel Loomis Todd, Millicent Todd Bingham, Jay Leyda, and others. The collection includes original poems, manuscripts, and letters from Dickinson to family and friends; images of the poet, including the daguerreotype and silhouette; physical artifacts related to Dickinson; manuscript transcriptions; printers' copies and proofs; Mabel Loomis Todd's correspondence, research indices, and writings; and material from or about Dickinson's friends and family, including correspondence, photographs, objects, and scrapbooks.  For a brief overview of our holdings see: Emily Dickinson at Amherst College.

Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Daniel and Tammy Dickinson Family Papers [MA.00245]
1818-1901 (bulk 1850-1880)
0.5 linear feet

The Daniel and Tammy Dickinson Family Papers document the lives of three generations of the Daniel Dickinson (1793-1874) and Tammy (Martha) Eastman Dickinson (1801-1887) family. The papers date from 1818 to 1901 and are comprised almost entirely of correspondence, mostly incoming to Daniel and Tammy from siblings, children, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances, and business contacts. Topics in the letters include family news, religion, the Civil War, and western migration. The last two folders of the collection contain photocopies of miscellaneous background papers, including a selection of genealogical research reports with information about people mentioned in the collection.

Louis P. Dolbeare (AC 1940) Papers [MA.00122]
1934-1998 (bulk 1934-1965)
1 linear foot

Urban planner and 1940 graduate of Amherst College. Collection contains correspondence with friends and family, photographs and newspaper clippings relating to Amherst College alumni reunions and theater productions.

Doshisha University Collection [MA.00228]
4 linear feet

Correspondence, ephemera, photographs, printed matter and media documenting the long-standing connection between Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan and Amherst College. Digitized selections available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

John W. Dower (AC 1959) Papers [MA.00288]
1850-2010 (bulk 1941-2010)
69.5 linear feet

Chiefly a collection of primary and secondary research materials compiled by John W. Dower in the course of several decades of teaching, research, writing and publication on the history of Japan, particularly with regard to World War II and its aftermath, popular media and racial representation. It includes articles, archival source material, correspondence, photographs, research notes, and draft manuscripts for several of Professor Dower's publications.

Raymond T. Drew (AC 1949) Papers [MA.00112]
1943-1982 (bulk 1943-1972)
2.25 linear feet

The bulk of the collection consists of letters written by Drew to his family in Greenfield, Massachusetts, while serving as a radio operator in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II, 1943-1946, which were transcribed and printed by his cousin Conrad Totman; and poetry manuscripts, ca. 1946-1975. Included in the poetry are two copies of his book Goat Songs (1970), and letters to Drew about the book; correspondents include James Merrill. The collection also includes photographs of Drew, snapshots taken during World War II, miscellaneous correspondence and sketches.

Harrison Griswold Dwight (AC 1898) Papers [MA.00012]
8 linear feet

Correspondence, printed articles, manuscripts, notebooks, diaries, family photographs, and notes covering the life of Harrison Griswold Dwight, author and Amherst graduate. The bulk of the collection is made up of letters to Dwight from friends and publishers covering a period from 1897 to 1959. These include a number of letters from well-know persons ranging from Willa Cather to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Walter Alden Dyer (AC 1900) Papers [MA.00115]
1862-1944 (bulk 1910-1944)
4.5 linear feet

The bulk of the papers consist of Dyer's many articles and stories. These published works are from the following magazines: Household, The Art World, Country Life in America, the Country Gentleman, The Antiquarian, The Fine Arts, Yankee, Antiques, Our Dumb Animals, Colliers, Holland's Magazine, Top Notch, The Woman's Magazine, The American Magazine, Own Your Own Home, The Bookman, The Adult Bible Class Magazine, Home Magazine, House Beautiful. The papers also include many book reviews of Dyer's works.

Clarence Willis Eastman Papers [MA.00013]
circa 1935-1955
3 linear feet

The bulk of the collection consists of notes, assignments and other materials related to Eastman's teaching of German language and literature at Amherst College. In addition, there is correspondence, personal diaries and unpublished manuscripts on topics in medieval German literature and German linguistics; one folder related to army training at Amherst College during World War I; and copious notes and manuscripts for his 1916 genealogy of the Thompson, Hull, Clark, Curtiss, Gunn, Peck, Stiles, Wells (Welles) and Judson families.

Joseph B. Eastman (AC 1904) Papers [MA.00197]
1837-1960 (bulk 1904-1944)
84 linear feet

Correspondence, diaries, diplomas, newspaper clippings, photographs, speeches, reports, miscellaneous printed matter and memorabilia chiefly documenting Eastman's 25-year career in the U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), 1919-1944, as well as memorabilia and other materials related to Eastman's personal life.

Alfred Ely (1778-1866) Correspondence [MA.00316]
0.5 linear feet

Twenty-nine letters from Alfred Ely, Trustee of Amherst College from 1825-1854 and pastor of the Congregational Church in Monson, MA, to Simeon Colton, a Congregational and Presbyterian minister in North Carolina. This collection also contains one letter from an unidentified sender to Simeon Colton and one letter from Daniel Johnson to Simeon Colton.

Benjamin Kendall Emerson (AC 1897) Papers [MA.00025]
circa 1837-1928
8.5 linear feet

The papers consist of personal and family correspondence; geological notebooks kept by Emerson during his geological survey of Massachusetts and other areas of New England; pamphlets and scientific papers relating to Emerson's Helix Chemica and his Geology of Massachusetts and Rhode Island; essays and compositions written by Emerson when he was a student; and notes and letters concerning family genealogy.

Margaret Hitchcock Emerson Papers [MA.01006]
circa 1898-1960
1.1 linear feet

Primarily family correspondence saved by Margaret Randolph Hitchcock Emerson from the year 1934, in which her mother (Mary Waters Bryan Hitchcock) died. There is a small amount of correspondence from other years, as well as a random collection of writings, ephemera, and publications.

John Erskine Papers [MA.00082]
1 linear foot

Educator, writer, musician. Papers include correspondence and a corrected typescript of Erskine's book The Memory of Certain Persons.

Martín Espada Papers [MA.00135]
13.5 linear feet

Poet, social activist, educator. Contains correspondence, poetry manuscripts and galley proofs, news clippings, contracts, posters, notebooks, photographs, video and audio recordings, and other materials documenting his literary career, personal life and social activism, 1957-2006. Includes translations of some of his poetry into other languages, especially Spanish.

William Cole Esty (AC 1889) Papers [MA.00014]
2.5 linear feet

The papers contain account books, diaries, essays, exams, and notebooks documenting Esty's academic career at Amherst and M.I.T.  Most of the material dates from 1887-1893 and relates to courses offered at these institutions and are useful in the study of curriculum development. There are also several notebooks and scrapbooks in the letters from Esty's childhood and adolescence.

John B. Fairbank (AC 1867) Family Papers [MA.00104]
0.5 linear feet

Soldier, lawyer. Various documents relating to John Fairbank's life and career, and those of his parents, sisters, and other members of his family.

Daniel B. Fayerweather Will Papers [MA.00080]
1 linear foot

New York merchant. Court statements, orders and records; and correspondence involving the court cases brought by Fayerweather's legatees against his executors over the settlement of his estate.

Thomas Weston Fels (AC 1967) Papers [MA.00237]
1972-2008 (bulk 1983-2004)
25 linear feet

Papers documenting the professional activities of writer and curator Thomas Weston Fels (AC 1967), including research, writing, correspondence, and exhibition planning documents and notes from throughout his professional education and career. Also included are materials relating to his book Farm Friends: from the late sixties to the west seventies and beyond.

Oriole Farb Feshbach Records of the Master Institute of United Arts, Inc.
circa 1937-1971
2.5 linear feet

Includes the records of the Master Institute of United Arts, Inc. and the Riverside Museum in New York, NY, founded in 1922 by Nettie and Louis Horch.

First Congregational Church in Amherst Records [MA.00216]
1829-1959 (bulk 1829-1939)
0.5 linear feet

Sermon and anniversary celebration programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other records documenting activities of the First Congregational Church in Amherst, Massachusetts, chiefly 1829-1939.

Nathan Welby Fiske Papers [MA.00015]
2.5 linear feet

Amherst College professor, 1824-1847. Chiefly notes by Fiske on Greek language and literature, mental and moral philosophy and American history.

W. Clyde Fitch (AC 1886) Collection [MA.00116]
1867-1986 (bulk 1883-1909)
6.3 linear feet

American dramatist and graduate of Amherst College in the Class of 1886. Correspondence, annotated play scripts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, articles and photographs documenting the literary career, works, and personal life of Clyde Fitch (1865-1909). Correspondents include Robert Browning, Richard Harding Davis, William Dean Howells and William Lyon Phelps.

Thomas A. Flanagan (AC 1945) Papers [MA.00171]
1866-2002 (bulk 1946-2001)
42 linear feet

Literary manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and related materials documenting the professional career of Thomas Flanagan, Irish-American novelist and professor of English.

Allan W. Forbes (AC 1908) Photograph Collection
1 linear foot

Photographs taken by Allan W. Forbes (AC 1908) largely of Amherst College and the surrounding area during his time as a student.

Reginald French Papers [MA.00144]
1 linear foot

Amherst College Professor of Romance Languages. Papers include his dissertation (Harvard University, 1933), "Francesco d'Antonio da Fiorenza, Cieco," as well as extensive notes, a few articles and some miscellaneous photographs, newspaper clippings, greeting cards and correspondence.

Alfred Friendly (AC 1933) Papers [MA.00161]
1911-1983 (bulk 1927-1982)
8 linear feet

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and longtime managing editor of the Washington Post. Collection consists of correspondence and writings by Friendly, including columns written for the Washington Post or for other publications, manuscripts, and various other endeavors.

Robert Frost Collection [MA.00181]
1887-2008 (bulk 1920-1963)
26.25 linear feet

Literary manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and magazine articles, ephemera, audio recordings and other materials related to Robert Frost's career as a poet and teacher. Correspondents include Joseph Blumenthal, G. R. Elliot, James Hayford, Otto Manthey-Zorn, Lawrance Thompson and George F. Whicher.  See also: Newton McKeon (AC 1926), Robert Frost Bibliography Papers

Robert Frost Periodicals Collection
25 linear feet

Contains published articles by or about Robert Frost.

Claude Moore Fuess (AC 1905) Materials for a Biography of Frank Waterman Stearns (AC 1878) [MA.00156]
1868-1941 (bulk 1915-1941)
0.5 linear feet

Fuess was an educator, historian and author, commissioned by businessman Frank Stearns to write a biography of Stearns himself, a project which was abandoned after Stearn's death. Collection includes unfinished typescript chapters of the biography, along with various biographical materials about Stearns and some of his personal papers.

G. & C. Merriam Company Collection [MA.00170]
0.25 linear foot

Business correspondence (30 items) written to George and Charles Merriam, booksellers in Springfield, Mass., 1833-1852, from people associated with Amherst College and the town of Amherst.

Charles E. (AC 1872) and Eliza Miner Garman Family Papers [MA.00026]
1732-1932 (bulk 1862-1907)
35.5 linear feet

The collection contains correspondence, papers, essays, pamphlets, notes, notebooks and diaries relating to the personal and professional life of Charles Edward Garman, Professor of Moral and Mental Philosophy at Amherst College. His teaching career is represented by the printed pamphlets he distributed in his classes and by lecture notes taken by his students.

General Files
approximately 26 linear feet
Julian H. Gibbs (AC 1947) Papers [MA.00113]
2 linear feet

Chemist, former Amherst College president. Papers consist mainly of papers, abstracts, articles and lecture notes on topics in physical chemistry, and correspondence with colleagues.

Katrin Janecke Gibney Papers [MA.00306]
0.5 linear feet

Diaries kept in secret by Katrin Janecke (later wife of Sheridan de Raismes Gibney (AC 1925)) during her years living in Berlin and working at die neue linie magazine and at an assigned job in the German Propaganda Ministry during World War II and in the period immediately following the German surrender. Also an unpublished memoire by Katrin Gibney based on the diaries, titled "Angels Forbidden". Diaries and memoire are both in English.

Sheridan de Raismes Gibney (AC 1925) Papers [MA.00016]
1920-1992 (bulk 1922-1985)
3.25 linear feet

Chiefly play scripts and dramatic treatments written by Gibney for stage and television, 1925-1980; personal and professional correspondence, 1920-1962; the manuscript of an unpublished novel, Flatbush Man, ca. 1979-1985; and various papers related to his undergraduate years at Amherst College and his receipt of an honorary degree in 1939.

Catalogue of the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics [MA.00017]
1 linear foot

Bound manuscript volumes, loose ms notes, and published material describing specimens of Native American relics that once formed the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics at Amherst College. Includes the original collection descriptions of Dr. Edward Hitchcock (AC 1849) and later additions from other sources, including the collection of D. S. Kellogg. Supplementary materials include two printed catalogs of the museum, 1903-1904, articles by F. B. Loomis and Margaret Bruchac (2010), plus NAGPRA Notices (2012, 2015).

Gillett Family Papers [MA.00143]
1848-circa 1920
1.5 linear feet

Scrapbook, journal, herbarium, photographs and college notebooks of various members of the Gillett family, many members of which attended Amherst College: Edward Bates Gillett (AC 1839), Frederick Huntington Gillett (AC 1874), Arthur Lincoln Gillett (AC 1880), and Robert Swift Gillett (AC 1916). The herbarium is believed to have been kept by Lucy Douglass Fowler Gillett.

Ravi D. Goel Collection of George Hibbert Driver (AC 1900) Materials [MA.00315]
1952-1958, undated
1 linear foot

One notebook of published and unpublished poems, a notebook containing Driver's reflections on various interests, and six volumes of "Driver's Own Encyclopedia," an alphabetical index of Driver's original notes, writings, and research. This collection also contains a manuscript copy of Fare of Poems, his book of poetry, mostly typewritten, with corrections, manuscript inserts, notes, marginalia, and tearsheets.

Gold Family Papers [MA.00381]
circa 1890-1930 (bulk 1916-1919)
2.25 linear feet

The Gold Family Papers document some of the activities and relationships of three generations, dating from approximately 1890 to 1930. Family and business-related correspondence makes up the largest portion of the material, with business correspondence in two categories: a general category and one containing correspondence from individuals. There are a few folders of miscellaneous materials, two photographs of unidentified people, and several diplomas and certificates.

Samuel G. Goodrich (Peter Parley) Collection [MA.00123]
1812-1972 (bulk 1820-1860)
1 linear foot

Collection consists chiefly of correspondence but also passports, contracts, tickets, official proclamations, and other documents relating to childrens' writer Samuel G. Goodrich's (pen name Peter Parley) life and literary work.

Ronald Gordon (AC 1965) Oliphant Press Materials [MA.00281]
Ronald Gordon (AC 1965) Oliphant Press Materials 1965-2009
3 linear feet

Chiefly selected job files related to the commercial work of the Oliphant Press, a New York City printing and graphic design firm founded by Ronald Gordon (AC 1965) in 1966, containing corres-pondence, sketches and intermediate designs, invoices, finished press specimens, etc. Clients include a wide variety of mostly New York City-based cultural and educational institutions, but also largely featuring Amherst College. Jobs included broad¬sides, book-lets, keepsakes, bookplates, bookmarks, holiday cards, invita¬tions, and stationery, as well as glossy softcover editions. Also, printed ephemera produced by and for the Press itself, as well as Ron Gordon's personal family holiday greeting cards and invitations.

Theodore P. Greene (AC 1943) Papers [MA.00199]
circa 1943-2006
1 linear foot

Professor of history and American studies at Amherst College, 1952-1989. Primarily correspondence, writings and talks, and research materials on the history of Amherst College and higher education.

Werner L. Gundersheimer (AC 1959) Papers [MA.00277]
1.5 linear feet

Correspondence, photographs, articles, awards and other materials documenting the academic and professional life of Werner L. Gundersheimer, educator, European historian and past Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.

Jack W. C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Collection of Dana Gioia Bibliography Papers [MA.00284]
15 linear feet

Materials was assembled by Jack W. C. Hagstrom in the course of writing a bibliography of poet Dana Gioia (Dana Gioia: A Descriptive Bibliography with Critical Essays; Parrish House, 2002). Includes publications containing writing by and about Gioia; correspondence between Gioia and Hagstrom; and Hagstrom’s notes, correspondence, and typescripts for the bibliography.

Jack W. C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Collection of James I. Merrill Bibliography Papers [MA.01030]
43.75 linear feet

Materials assembled by Jack W. C. Hagstrom in the course of writing a bibliography of poet James I. Merrill (James Ingram Merrill: A Descriptive Bibliography; 2009). The collection includes periodicals containing writing by and about Merrill; correspondence between Merrill and Hagstrom; Hagstrom’s notes, correspondence, and typescripts for the bibliography, and copies of Merrill’s correspondence with select other people.

Jack W. C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Collection of Thom Gunn Bibliography Papers [MA.00265]
25.3 linear feet

Materials assembled by Jack W. C. Hagstrom in the course of writing a bibliography of poet Thom Gunn (Thom Gunn: A Bibliography 1940-1978; 1979). An update to the book was published in issues of the Bulletin of Bibliography between 1992 and 1994 as Emendations to Thom Gunn: a bibliography 1940-1978 (Part I-[V]). The collection includes publications containing writing by and about Gunn; correspondence between Gunn and Hagstrom as well as Gunn and other people; and Hagstrom’s notes, correspondence, and typescripts for the bibliography.

Jack W. C. Hagstrom (AC 1955) Correspondence with or about Donald Hall, Marianne Moore, Dave Smith and Richard Wilbur [MA.00235]
7.5 linear feet

Chiefly Hagstrom's correspondence with poets Hall, Moore, Smith and Wilbur, as well as with numerous publishers, scholars, librarians and book dealers, mainly concerning his collection of these writers' works. Also included are critical and bibliographical reviews, invoices, etc.

Haldeman-Julius "Little Blue Books" Collection [MA.00286]
55 linear feet (3,029 volumes)

A representative but incomplete collection of the once popular "Little Blue Books," a series of small, very inexpensive staple-bound books that were published by the Haldeman-Julius Publishing Company of Girard, Kansas between 1919 and 1978. The works covered include many classics of Western literature, but also practical how-to manuals alongside frank writings on controversial or emergent social themes. The name of the series changed over the first few years, known as the People's Pocket Series, the Appeal Pocket Series and the Ten Cent Pocket Series, before finally attaining the name that persisted, Little Blue Books.

Joel M. Halpern Research Materials and News Reports on the Former Yugoslavia [MA.00211]
28 linear feet

Anthropology research materials relating to historical-demographic studies in various parts of the former Yugoslavia, chiefly 1961-62, including code books, code sheets and bound print-outs. The bulk of the collection consists of print-outs of email and Internet postings from various news sources concerning the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Howard B. Hamilton Japanese Theater Papers [MA.01023]
circa 1956-1994
25.5 linear feet

Hamilton (1918-2007), a physician and medical researcher associated with the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission and the Radiation Effects Research Foundation in Hiroshima, Japan, was equally noted for his enthusiastic patronage of and participation in Japanese Noh theater, and for his lecture-demonstrations of Noh for English-speaking audiences.  The collection consists of several thousand photographs, albums, films, theater programs related to Noh, Kabuki and Bunraku, as well as a small number of props and costumes. (His collection of Japanese art and theater books will be cataloged separately. Many of his Japanese art and artifacts are also part of the Mead Art Museum's collections.)

Harbor Press Ephemera Collection [MA.00282]
1924-2006 (bulk 1925-1941)
3.75 linear feet

Printed ephemera produced by the Harbor Press, a commercial printing and design firm in New York City from 1925 to 1942, founded by John Fass and Roland Wood (AC 1920). The collection includes broadsides, invitations, announcements, cards, brochures, programs, menus, bookplates, keepsakes, memorial tributes, letterheads, certificates, advertisements, etc., produced for the Press’s mostly New York City clientele, and sometimes for itself.

Fosdick Beach Harrison (AC 1890) Papers [MA.00333]
1849-1890 (bulk 1886-1890)
0.5 linear feet

The Fosdick Beach Harrison (AC 1890) Papers is comprised of five folders documenting Harrison's time at Amherst College. The collection includes diaries, correspondence, and photographs.

William Gooding Hartin (AC 1909) Student Papers [MA.00145]
0.25 linear feet

School principal and superintendent, businessman. Papers consist of essays written for classics and English literature courses at Amherst College, 1907-1909, and Amherst College debate teams. Three articles that may have been written later in Hartin's life are included in the final folder.

Doris Hartman Papers [MA.00348]
circa 1940-2011
approximately 7 linear feet

American Christian missionary in Japan.  Letters, diaries, photograph albums, color slides, sermons, memorabilia and other materials documenting her career in Christian ministry in Vermont and (from 1952 to 1981) Hiroshima, Japan.

A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Marika Joyce Hashimoto (AC 2006) Papers from Doshisha Fellowship [MA.00204]
2 linear feet

Doshisha Fellow for one year after graduation from Amherst College. Teaching records, printed matter, photographs, and other materials documenting her year as a teacher of English and peer mentor, as well as information on Amherst House at Doshisha and various university activities.

James Hayford (AC 1935) Papers [MA.00236]
1.5 linear feet

Poetry notebooks and manuscript poems by Vermont poet, teacher, and political activist James Hayford, 1933-1993. There is also a small amount of prose writing, including the text of his Bond oration at Amherst College in 1935, his M.A. thesis (1942) on Robert Frost, and an unpublished short novel. A small amount of correspondence is also included.

George W. Hewitt Negatives and Transparencies
circa 1896-1916
4 linear feet

Negatives and transparencies, primarily on glass, of photographs taken by amateur photographer George W. Hewitt between 1896 and 1916. The images were primarily taken in Europe, with some taken in the United States and India. Hewitt was an architect and many of the photographs focus on buildings and architectural details.

Laurens Perseus Hickok Papers [MA.00088]
1822-1875 (bulk 1830-1845)
4 linear feet

Correspondence, certificates and licenses, lectures, sermons, and other writings by Hickok. Sermons make up the bulk of the collection. Much of the correspondence in the collection concerns Hickok's uneasy career at Union College, from his appointment as Vice President to his resignation in 1866. The collection also contains some correspondence between Hickok and his family, including his wife, Elizabeth Taylor Hickok.

Hills Family Papers [MA.00089]
1785-1957 (bulk 1853-1910)
24 linear feet

The Hills Family Papers contain correspondence, deeds, personal financial records, photographs and memorabilia of several generations of this prominent Amherst family during the second half of the 19th century. As a record of a wealthy 19th century family, this collection is important because of its size, time span and completeness.

Hills Family Legal Papers [MA.00052]
0.25 linear feet

Family legal papers. Consists mainly of deeds that document the exchange of property in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Also includes two wills and miscellaneous legal papers.

Edward and Orra White Hitchcock Papers [MA.00027]
1805-1910 (bulk 1811-1864)
20 linear feet

Correspondence, drawings, legal documents, sermons, drafts of published and unpublished works, printed articles, autographs, artwork, and images relating to the professional activities and some of the personal life of Edward Hitchcock, Orra White Hitchcock, and their family. The material spans the years 1804-1910, with the bulk of the material falling into the period 1820-1864. Edward Hitchcock's work as a minister and nationally noted geologist is well documented in the papers. Orra White Hitchcock is less thoroughly represented. The collection contains the diaries she kept when she accompanied her husband on their European trips, along with her ad hoc sketches.

Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections

Edward (AC 1849) and Mary Judson Hitchcock Family Papers [MA.00002]
1840-1962 (bulk 1850-1911)
25 linear feet

Papers documenting the professional activities and personal life of Edward "Doc" Hitchcock, Mary Judson Hitchcock and the Hitchcock and Judson families. "Doc" Hitchcock's papers include letters, published and unpublished writings, travel diaries, and manuscript and printed music used by Hitchcock while playing the cello. They reflect his roles and interests as an educator in physical education and hygiene, a faculty member, physician and family man. Papers of his wife, Mary Judson Hitchcock, include letters, legal records and photographs documenting her roles as wife, mother, member of the College and town community, and genealogist. Also included are letters and other personal papers of the Hitchcocks' children Edward, Caroline, Lucy, Jane, John and Albert, as well as genealogical information on the Hitchcock and Judson families. The papers include letters written to Mary W. Bryan Hitchcock in 1898 by her husband John Sawyer Hitchcock (AC 1889) and brother-in-law Albert Hitchcock while serving in Cuba during the Spanish American War, where they contracted malaria.

Orra White Hitchcock Classroom Drawings [MA.01020]
61 items

Sixty-one drawings created by Orra White Hitchcock for use in Professor Edward Hitchcock's classes on geology and natural history.

Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections

Arthur John Hopkins (AC 1885) Papers [MA.00090]
3.5 linear feet

Correspondence, draft writings, articles, notes and other materials documenting the career of Hopkins as a scientist and professor of chemistry at Amherst College. His scientific notes and writings chiefly document research in the field of alchemy, but there is also some material on the calculation of latitude and longitude. In addition, the papers include some correspondence of his wife, Margaret Briscoe Hopkins, as well as genealogical information.

Luther Clark Howell (AC 1864) Papers [MA.00091]
1 linear foot

Chiefly correspondence and photographs, 1855-1869 documenting Howell's early life, student days at Amherst College, and military service in 31st Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers during the Civil War. Correspondence includes letters to and from Luther Clark Howell, his family members and friends. Civil War letters describe battles, forts, and travel during the Civil War. Photographs include portraits of Civil War officers and Amherst College classmates.

Albert Wells Hubbard (AC 1867) Family Papers [MA.00092]
1 linear foot

Correspondence, reports,and two photographs from circa 1864 to 1909, chronicling A.W. Hubbard's graduate years at Princeton until several years after his death in 1899. The bulk of the collection represents personal correspondence among Albert Wells Hubbard, his wife Emma Roxanna Spencer Hubbard, and their immediate family. A large portion of the material documents his years as a missionary in Turkey between 1873 and 1899.

Hugh Hawkins Papers [MA.00232]
1914-2012 (bulk 1950-1990)
9 linear feet

Personal and professional papers of an Amherst College professor of History and American Studies. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, diaries, committee records, course materials, general printed matter, and audiotapes.

Heman Humphrey Sermons [MA.00212]
1.5 linear feet

Educator, Congregational clergyman, and the second President of Amherst College (1823-1844). Collection consists of Humphrey's holograph sermons and one bound volume of sermons published as pamphlets between 1813 and 1861. The collection includes Humphrey's printed sermons on temperance, slavery and Native American rights.

Rolfe Humphries (AC 1915) Papers [MA.00093]
1896-1992 (bulk 1915-1969)
9.5 linear feet

Chiefly of correspondence, manuscript drafts, typescripts and galley proofs documenting the career of Rolfe Humphries as a poet, translator, teacher, editor, and reviewer. Correspondents include Louise Bogan, David Ferry, Richard Gillman, Donald Hall, Ezra Pound, Theodore Roethke, and E. Merrill Root. Poetry manuscripts include material that was unpublished or appeared later in substantially different form. Also included are reviews of Humphries' work and general articles about him as well as a small amount of family papers, including an autobiography of his mother, Florence Yost Humphries.

Reverend William James (1797-1868) Family Papers and Sermons [MA.00095]
2.5 linear feet

Family correspondence and sermons documenting the family and career of William James as a Presbyterian minister in New York State.

Fayad Jamis Collection [MA.00186]
0.5 linear feet

Unpublished manuscripts, books, handwritten and decorated booklets, and photographs related chiefly to Fayad Jamis' career as a poet and book artist during the period 1959-1987. Includes a heavily annotated copy of Jamis' collected poems, La Pedrada, which was published in Havana in 1985. All of the materials are in Spanish.

Richard Claverhouse Jebb Papers [MA.00198]
1859-1917 (bulk 1882-1905)
2 linear feet

Chiefly scholarly notebooks and manuscripts by Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb on topics in ancient Greek poetry and drama. The collection also includes one letter from W. G. Headlam and one published article concerning Jebb's personal library.

John Jeffries Air-Mail Letter Collection [MA.00096]
0.75 linear feet

American physician; first American to be airborne. Includes a letter dropped from Jeffries' balloon during his historic flight, as well as clippings, correspondence and other materials about the letter.

Alan Jenkins (AC 1924) Carl Sandburg Collection [MA.00154]
circa 1938-1970
1.5 linear feet

Jenkins was a Congregational pastor who formed a friendship with poet, novelist and folk singer Carl Sandburg. Collection contains correspondence between Sandberg and Jenkins, articles on Sandburg by Jenkins, other news clippings, photographs, notes, and related letters from Sandburg's literary contemporaries.

Edward Theodore Johnson, Jr. (AC 1962) Papers
circa 1952-2018
35 linear feet

The professional papers of Edward T. Johnson (AC 1962) and his architectural firm Edward T. Johnson & Associates, composed primarily of architectural drawings, plans, and blueprints, includes documentary photographs and polaroids of specific sites.The date range of these projects are unknown. The collection also contains a small amount of materials relating to Johnson’s personal life and family (letters, photographs, notes, diplomas, etc.).

A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Burges Johnson (AC 1899) Family Papers [MA.00318]
22 linear feet
Bruce W. Jones (AC 1956) Family Correspondence [MA.00227]
1952-2006 (bulk 1952-1956)
0.5 linear feet

Approximately 184 letters and postcards written home from Amherst College by Bruce Jones when he was a student. Includes explanatory notes provided by Jones.

Charles L. Kades Papers [MA.00214]
1913-1997 (bulk 1945-1996)
17.5 linear feet

Charles L. Kades (1906-1996) was a lawyer and U.S. army officer who served in the Government Section of the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP) in post-war Japan.  He is best known for his role in drafting Japan’s post-war constitution.  The collection includes original and photocopied memoranda, drafts, and correspondence documenting the constitutional drafting process.  It also includes contemporaneous translations of the Japanese parliamentary debates on the constitution.  Additional material includes interview transcripts, correspondence with researchers, and other retrospective material on the constitution and on post-war Japan.  A small amount of material documents Kades’s work as a lawyer for the U.S. Public Works Administration, U.S. Treasury Department, and the New York law firm of Hawkins, Delafield, and Wood.

Kennedy Convocation Collection [MA.00121]
1962-1988 (bulk 1962-1963)
1.5 linear feet

Correspondence, press releases, news clippings, photographs and other materials documenting President John F. Kennedy's visit to Amherst College on October 26, 1963 for a special convocation at which he and poet Archibald MacLeish were awarded honorary degrees, and for a groundbreaking ceremony for the Robert Frost Library.  Related item: "The President and the Poet: John F. Kennedy at Amherst, 1963. " Web exhibition, 2003.

Digitized selections available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

William E. Kennick Papers [MA.00200]
4 linear feet

Professional and personal correspondence, lecture notes and other course materials, and speeches and writings related to his career as a professor of philosophy at Amherst College. Letters are mostly incoming correspondence from former students, fellow faculty members and administrators at Amherst. Correspondents include Profs. Theodore Baird, William Pritchard, Jerold Rothstein Presidents Calvin Plimpton and John William Ward; from former students, David Foster Wallace (AC 1985). Also included are Professor Kennick's 6-volume typescript on the history of philosophy and a binder of printed material entitled collectively "A Gallimaufry of Materials for Use in My Philosophy Courses." Among his writings are published articles and a personal memoir. The collection also includes approximately 40 letters of condolence to Mrs. Nancy Kennick after her husband's death in 2009.

David Kerr Research Materials on Liberation News Service and the Alternative Press [MA.00168]
0.75 linear foot

Background articles, interview tapes and transcripts, and other materials for David Kerr's research on the alternative press in the United States, with particular focus on Liberation News Service, an alternative press service started by Marshall Bloom and Ray Mungo in 1967.

Marcus P. Kiley (AC 1919) Papers [MA.00162]
2 linear

Librarian and member of Amherst College Class of 1919. Collection includes notes from classes, papers and letters related to various library organizations, letters and other printed matter related to the Class of 1919, and a book of tributes to Kiley upon his retirement.

Stanley King (AC 1903) Papers [MA.00056]
1880-1967 (bulk 1895-1967)
14.5 linear feet

Businessman and former President of Amherst College. Correspondence, speeches, articles, scrapbooks, awards, photographs and other materials documenting his personal and professional life and that of his wife, Margaret P. Jackson King. Correspondents include Newton D. Baker, Ernest M. Hopkins, Felix Frankfurter and Frederick J. E. Woodbridge.

Earl G. Latham Papers [MA.00344]
49 linear feet

Professor of Political Science, Amherst College, 1948-1977, who was active in Democratic Party politics. Correspondence, lecture and research notes, publications.

Vachel Lindsay Collection [MA.00128]
1924-1933 (bulk 1924-1925)
1.5 linear feet

Poet. Papers include correspondence, cards, newspaper and magazine clippings, programs, and a photograph, mostly sent to Eugenia Graham.

Karl Loewenstein Papers [MA.00206]
1822-1977 (bulk 1908-1973)
89.5 linear feet

Materials produced and collected by Karl Loewenstein (1891-1973) over the course of his long career as a German-born emigré political scientist, professor, lawyer, and government advisor.  The papers include professional and personal correspondence, manuscripts, lecture notes, reports, memoranda, legal documents, diaries, lecture and interview transcripts, photographs, recordings, and printed material.  The bulk of the collection documents Loewenstein’s long academic career, which began in Munich and continued at Yale and Amherst (1936-1961) after his emigration to the United States in 1933.  His work as an advisor for the Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense of the American Republics (1942-1944) and for the U.S. Office of Military Government for Germany (1945-1946) is also well documented.  Notable correspondents included Thomas Mann, Max Weber, Lyonel Feininger, Otto Kollreuter, Theodor Maunz, Otto Crusius, Julien Reinach, Lavinia Mazzucchetti, and Mina Tobler.  Pre-1933 materials include correspondence, manuscripts, and family papers.  The collection also includes small amounts of material belonging to Loewenstein’s wife, Piroska (Rona) Loewenstein, and other family members.  See also: "Karl Loewenstein and the American Occupation of Germany," an online exhibition prepared by members of Prof. Catherine Epstein's Nazi Germany class with assistance of Amherst College Academic Technology Services 
Digitized selection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Frederic Brewster Loomis (AC 1896) Papers [MA.00018]
1 linear foot

Amherst College professor of biology, comparative anatomy, mineralogy and geology. Correspondence, typescripts and scientific articles related to biological and archaeological expeditions that Dr. Loomis made to Patagonia, South America, 1911-1912; the Big Badlands in South Dakota; the Wasatch Basin in Wyoming; Converse County in Wyoming; Sioux County in Nebraska; and other expeditions to Maine, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida.

Otto Manthey-Zorn Papers [MA.00126]
0.25 linear feet

Professor of German. Letters regarding his appointment to the faculty of Amherst College; notes for, and draft of, an uncompleted memoir.

Joseph Moncure March (AC 1920) Papers [MA.00210]
1896-1999 (bulk 1917-1977)
12.5 linear feet

Poet, essayist and Hollywood screenwriter who is best known for his long narrative poems The Wild Party and The Set-Up. Collection includes literary manuscripts, film-scripts, personal and professional correspondence, and other material (including motion pictures, recordings and works of art).

A. W. Marsh (AC 1913) Physical Education Department Records [MA.00302]
2.5 linear feet

Records from Professor A. W. Marsh, including correspondence, reports, forms, publications, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and blueprints from Amherst College (and some material from other colleges and universities) regarding physical education, athletics, health, and Physical Education departmental business.

Dexter Marsh Papers [MA.00108]
0.5 linear feet

The collection covers Dexter Marsh's financial activity from 1830 to 1853, including expense books, journals, day books, bills, receipts, and a deed. The collection also includes two registers of visitors to his home in Greenfield, which housed his fossil collection until his death. The second register contains some journal entries made by Marsh's wife from 1853-1858. One photograph of Marsh is also included.

Anthony W. Marx South Africa Research Materials [MA.00347]
circa 1985-1998
7 linear feet

Notes, printed matter, and audiocassette recordings related to Marx's comparative research on race and civil rights (particularly education) in South Africa, Brazil and the United States.  This research resulted in the publication of the books Lessons of Struggle : South African Internal Opposition, 1960-1990 (1992) and Making Race and Nation : a Comparison of South Africa, the United States, and Brazil (1998).

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives & Special Collections for access to this material.

John J. McCloy (AC 1916) Papers [MA.00035]
1897-1989 (bulk 1940-1979)
74.25 linear feet

Working papers, correspondence and memoranda, speeches, scrapbooks, photographs, legal documents, printed material, and memorabilia documenting McCloy’s varied career as lawyer, banker, U.S. government official (including Assistant Secretary of War during World War II and High Commissioner of Germany after the war), negotiator, and behind-the-scenes presidential advisor on national security and foreign policy issues. The papers include very little personal or family-related material.

Newton McKeon (AC 1926) Robert Frost Bibliography Papers
8 linear feet

The collection consists of notes, drafts, correspondence, annotated copies of published bibliographies of Frost, slips and card files, and other miscellaneous materials produced or collected by Newton McKeon in the course of work toward a comprehensive bibliography of Robert Frost.

William Rutherford Mead (AC 1867) and Olga Kilyeni Mead Papers [MA.00042]
1840-2001 (bulk 1846-1950)
3.1 linear feet

Architect. Includes personal, professional, and family correspondence, financial records, articles and printed matter, photographs, music scores and general memorabilia. Includes information about the Meads' relationship with Amherst College, including their bequest for the construction of the Mead Art Museum.

Leonard C. Meeker (AC 1937) Papers
circa 1916-1995
approximately 17 linear feet

Solicitor General for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II, career diplomat, Ambassador to Romania (1969-1973).  Unprocessed collection.

Alexander Meiklejohn Papers [MA.00066]
1894-1924 (bulk 1912-1923)
5.5 linear feet

Philosopher and former president of Amherst College. Papers contain correspondence with other educators and records created during his presidency.  See also: Amherst College Trustees Materials Concerning President Alexander Meiklejohn, 1923-1948

News clippings concerning the resignation of Alexander Meiklejohn [MA.00067]
1.25 linear feet

Newspaper clippings and one scrapbook documenting the crisis in the presidency of Alexander Meiklejohn, 1923-1924, which led to his resignation in 1923 and the appointment of George D. Olds as his successor.

Merrill Center for Economics
1.5 linear feet

Notes and other documents from the Merrill Center for Economics, a conference hosted every summer at the Southampton, New York, estate of Charles Merrill (AC 1908). The eight week conference was attended by eminent national and international economists and focused on various economic and policy questions.

Charles E. Merrill (AC 1908) Trust Collection [MA.00304]
1954-1996 (bulk 1959-1980)
5 linear feet

Documents relating to the granting activities over the lifetime of a charitable trust established after the death of Charles E. Merrill (AC 1908) according to instructions laid out in his will. The bulk of the collection consists of bound volumes of financial updates and funding recommendations that were sent to trustees prior to their meetings.

James I. Merrill (AC 1947) and William S. Burford (AC 1949) Correspondence [MA.00176]
1945-1980 (bulk 1946-1947)
0.25 linear feet

The bulk of the collection consists of thirty-four letters written by James Merrill to William S. Burford while they were Amherst College undergraduates. Also, six pen and ink sketches from Merrill's student days at Amherst; and two copies of the final publication of (as well as a draft of credits for) the literary journal The Medusa, which Merrill and Burford co-founded.

Merrill-Magowan Family Papers [MA.00207]
Merrill-Magowan Family Papers 1884-2002 (bulk 1926-1975)
32.75 linear feet

The Merrill-Magowan Family Papers document the activities and relationships of three generations of Merrill and Magowan family members, dating from 1880 to 2002. Family correspondence makes up the largest portion of the material, with business records appearing in bulk in the papers of Charles Edward Merrill (AC 1908), founder of Merrill Lynch & Co. These materials are supplemented with artworks, diaries, memorabilia, photographs, writings and newspaper clippings, and a set of family heritage albums. Genealogical research material and notes can be found throughout the collection.

John Merson (AC 1966) Papers [MA.00069]
0.5 linear feet

Vietnam War soldier, business administrator. Contains mainly letters written home to family members during Marine Corps basic training and combat duty in Vietnam, 1965-1968.

Ivor L. Miller Papers [MA.00166]
1900-2022 (bulk 1990-2018)
37.25 linear feet

Papers documenting the research materials and scholarly work of Dr. Ivor L. Miller in cultural studies of the African Diaspora. The papers include photographs, audio and video recordings, publications, correspondence and printed material primarily relating to Miller's study of the Ékpè society of the Cross River region of Nigeria and Cameroon and Abakuá mutual-aid society in Cuba and their diasporic connections. Miller's earlier work on graffiti writers in New York City and Yorùbá and Santería religions are also documented in the collection.

Don Milliken Collection of Correspondence Art and Associated Materials [MA.00264]
5.5 linear feet

Correspondence art is a worldwide art movement emphasizing the decentralized participation of artists and amateurs in a variety of media through the use of the international postal system. This collection consists primarily of correspondence art, magazines, artists' books, small press publications, and postcards. Also contained in this collection are materials related to correspondence art, such as exhibition catalogs, stamp catalogs, book buying catalogs, posters, and public relations material.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection [MA.00175]
circa 1576-1987
8.5 linear feet

Correspondence, literary manuscripts and other materials of literary, scientific, or historical significance that are generally unrelated by provenance and do not fit into any other existing manuscript collections. The material has been gathered together into a single collection for ease of access and for preservation.

Charles H. Morgan Papers on George W. Bellows [MA.00050]
1882-1979 (bulk 1960-1975)
7 linear feet

Professor of Art and director of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, 1949-1969. Contains correspondence regarding Bellows, transcripts of letters between Bellows and other individuals, documents concerning Bellows, and catalogues of exhibitions showing Bellows' work. Includes a number of draft manuscripts of Morgan's book George Bellows - Painter of America. Addendum I includes correspondence concerning the Bellows book written after publication.

Charles H. Morgan Papers on Greece [MA.00051]
1.6 linear feet

Professor of Art and director of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, 1949-1969. Contain notes, drafts and illustrations for Morgan's book The Byzantine Pottery, a study of pottery found in Corinth, published in 1942.

Charles H. Morgan Papers on Michaelangelo [MA.00038]
circa 1960
0.5 linear feet

Professor of Art and director of the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, 1949-1969. Papers contain manuscript and typescript drafts of Professor Charles H. Morgan's book The Life of Michelangelo, published in 1960.

Dwight W. Morrow (AC 1895) Papers [MA.00028]
1877-1954 (bulk 1900-1931)
124 linear feet

Extensive correspondence; memoranda and reports; subject files; meeting minutes; speech transcripts and printed articles; scrapbooks; clippings files; family financial records; photographs; and some artifacts. The material dates from 1877 to 1954, with the bulk of the collection dating from 1900 to 1931. The papers document the professional, public service, and personal activities of Dwight W. Morrow (1873-1931). They reflect Morrow's multiple roles and commitments as lawyer, international financier, statesman, public servant, alumnus, board member, and family man. The papers' fullest coverage is of Morrow's work as a partner at J.P. Morgan & Co. (1914-27) and as ambassador to Mexico (1927-30).

James E. Morrow Letters to Clara J. Johnson [MA.00045]
0.25 linear feet

Union military officer. Contains letters to Clara Johnson written during the Civil War. Also includes one letter to Clara Johnson from her father.

The Morrow-Lindbergh-McIlvaine Family Papers
circa 1900-1984
4 linear feet

The Morrow-Lindbergh-McIlvaine Family Papers contain information (documents, photographs, and published information) about the extended family of Dwight W. Morrow (AC 1895): his parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and other relatives. The papers complement in particular the Dwight W. Morrow (AC 1895) Papers (MA.00028).

Anson D. Morse (AC 1871) Papers [MA.00036]
circa 1870-1916
7 linear feet

Historian and political thinker. Contains notes, manuscripts, articles, notebooks, newspaper clippings, and correspondence relating to his work as Professor of History at Amherst College.

Mount Pleasant Classical Institution and Mount Pleasant Institute Collection [MA.00061]
0.25 linear feet

The Mount Pleasant Classical Institution opened in 1827 as a school for boys aged 4 through 16. It closed five years later in 1832. A second school on the same site was founded by Rev. John A. Nash in 1846 as The Mount Pleasant Boarding School for Boys; after several name changes, it closed in the early 20th century. Collection consists chiefly of printed catalogues and ephemera; catalogues include complete lists of students and description of curriculum.

Wadsworth W. Mount (AC 1928) Papers [MA.00213]
5 linear feet

The papers document Wadsworth W. Mount's long interest in the value-added tax (VAT). The bulk of the papers consist of correspondence regarding the VAT and articles he wrote about it: "New Taxes for Old," "Who Pays the Piper Should Call the Tune," and "A Re-examination of Taxation Fundamentals." Mount compiled a large amount of correspondence and documentation concerning tax policy in binders over a period of 45 years, which he entitled "Reform by Typewriter."

Jean McClure Mudge Papers
1916-2013 (bulk 1965-1991)
3 linear feet

Photographs, correspondence, motion picture films and other materials created by writer and filmmaker Jean McClure Mudge. The material primarily relates to her experience as curator of the Emily Dickinson House in Amherst, MA and her documentary films.

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Lewis S. Mudge Papers
circa 1962-1976
3 linear feet

Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Amherst College, and Minister to the College.  Teaching materials, research notes, scholarly writings.

John T. B. Mudge (AC 1971) Papers on Amherst College Moratoria [MA.00398]
1969-1971, 1993
.5 linear feet

This collection includes material collected by John T.B. Mudge during the moratoria, in which classes were officially canceled in order to allow campus-wide discussion of grievances and proposals related to the Vietnam War, racism, College governance, and coeducation, among others. This material primarily includes clippings, printed matter, photographs, and administrative records related to the first two of the four separate moratoria held at Amherst College from April 1969 to May 1970.

Cullen Murphy (AC 1974) Prince Valiant Comic Collection [MA.01000]
5.5 linear feet

The collection comprises orginal pencil sketches, story scripts and illustration scripts for the Prince Valiant comic drawn and written by Hal Foster, plus original illustrations by John Cullen Murphy, as well as a Stan Drake original comic strip.

Joseph Hardy Neesima (AC 1870) Collection [MA.00355]
1.8 linear feet

The material in the Joseph Hardy Neesima Collection consists mostly of secondary source material created about Neesima in the twentieth century.

Nelson Family Juvenilia Collection of Pamela Russell and Murray McClellan [MA.00249]
circa 1892-1895
0.5 linear feet

Handwritten and illustrated fictional works created by the children of the Nelson family of Goshen, New Hampshire, in the 1890s.

Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

George D. Olds Papers [MA.00150]
circa 1870-1915
3.5 linear feet

Professor of mathematics and President of Amherst College. Collection includes course notes taken by Olds as a student in Germany, lecture notes for guest lectureships at German universities and for mathematics courses at Amherst College, as well as a photograph album and scrapbook.

Coach James Ostendarp Amherst College Football Team Records [MA.00389]
15 linear feet

Football game books, play books, practice schedules and other records created during Coach James Ostendarp’s tenure as Amherst College football coach from 1959 to 1992.

This collection is stored off-site and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Records of the Paris Press [MA.01031]

The Paris Press was founded in 1995 with the mission of publishing “groundbreaking yet overlooked literature by women.” Paris Press authors include: Muriel Rukeyser, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Bryher, Ruth Stone, Zdena Berger, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. In 2018, the Press was acquired by Wesleyan University. The collection consists of the working records of the press pertaining to book projects and general operations. 

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Donald S. Parsons (AC 1955) Collection of 19th Century Music Books and Scores [MA.00287]
7 linear feet

American music books and scores, comprising chiefly sacred music but also including some popular songs and airs.

Edward Smith Parsons (AC 1883) Papers [MA.00127]
1883-1943 (bulk 1916-1921)
2.5 linear feet

Clergyman and English professor. Correspondence and news clippings, mainly regarding Parsons' dismissal from Colorado College; diaries; scholarly notes and papers on John Milton; and miscellaneous booklets.

The Frank C. Partridge (AC 1882) Collection
0.50 linear feet

The Frank C. Partridge (AC 1882) Collection is comprised of photographs, class notes, reunion material, a scrapbook, and correspondence relating to Frank Partridge, who was very active in his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, and as an alum.

Cornelius Patton (AC 1883) William Wordsworth Manuscript Collection [MA.00247]
2.25 linear feet

Manuscript poems, outgoing correspondence, and scrapbooks about English Romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850).
Digitized selections available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Arthur Stanley Pease Letters to Frederick Tuckerman [MA.00158]
0.5 linear feet

Pease was a classical scholar, avid amateur botanist, professor and President of Amherst College. The collection consists of 60 letters, all but one from Pease to Amherst College treasurer and author Tuckerman, dealing chiefly with the natural history of the White Mountains and Appalachian Range.

John Pemberton Papers [MA.00374]
1958-1997 (bulk 1972-1989)
5 linear feet

Research, field notes, correspondence, and academic papers of John Pemberton, primarily relating to his studies of Yoruba art, culture, and religion.

This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Justin Perkins (AC 1829) Papers [MA.00153]
circa 1830-1869
3 linear feet

Educator, minister and missionary to Persia. Collection includes correspondence with others in his field, manuscript sermons, lectures and notes, some newspaper clippings and pamphlets, and some bound manuscripts, mostly letters and journals.

Phonograph Collection of Poetry and Spoken Word Recordings [MA.00215]
circa 1937-1976
1.5 linear feet (59 LP records)

59 spoken word phonograph recordings, commercially produced, which include poetry readings primarily featuring the work of notable American authors, speeches and interviews. Authors include Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Dylan Thomas, John Updike and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Photograph Albums of The Great Nobi (1891) and Kanto (1923) Earthquakes [MA.00278]
0.25 linear feet

Two albums of photographs of the Great Nobi Earthquake (also known as the Great Mino-Owari Earthquake), 1891, and the Great Kanto Earthquake, 1923. Compiler(s) unknown.

Photographic Images Collection
circa 1850-present
30.5 linear feet, plus 7 linear feet unprocessed
Donald Pitkin Papers [MA.00305]
41 linear feet

Papers documenting the professional and academic life of Donald S. Pitkin, Amherst College Anthropology professor, 1964-1992. Collection includes Pitkin's class notes, assignments, and syllabi from courses taught at Amherst College; material from College committees on which he served; research, correspondence, notes, drafts, and typescripts relating to published and unpublished works, speeches, and articles. Also included are journals, correspondence, and photographs relating to Pitkin's several year residence and research in Sermoneta, Italy.
This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Calvin Plimpton (AC 1939) Presidential Speeches [MA.00083]
0.5 linear feet

Physician and former Amherst president. Collection contains proofs of The Spoken Word, a collection of his speeches; and also includes other speeches and articles by Plimpton.

George A. Plimpton (AC 1876) Collection of Dramas [MA.00379]
1605-1950 (bulk 1845-1942)
27 linear feet

A collection of 4591 published plays, largely from nineteenth and early twentieth century American and British popular theater.
Portions of this collection are stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

George A. Plimpton (AC 1876) Collection of French and Indian War Items [MA.00195]
1670-1934 (bulk 1730-1815)
20 linear feet

Maps, portraits, drawings, autograph letters, broadsides, newspaper clippings, muster rolls, receipts and a variety of other documents (many in facsimile or reprint) documenting the history of the French and Indian War, with particular focus on British forces and the campaigns directed by General Jeffery Amherst, Commander-in-Chief of the troops in North America (1758-1763), which culminated with the capture of French Canada in 1763.

George A. Plimpton (AC 1876) Materials related to the Dedication of the Amherst Building at Doshisha University [MA.00203]
1935-1936 (bulk 1935)
0.5 linear feet

Speeches, photographs, news clippings, correspondence, and other materials related to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, which George A. Plimpton attended as a representative of Amherst College in October 1935. The celebration included the presentation and dedication of the Amherst Building to Doshisha from friends of Amherst College.

Harold H. Plough (AC 1913) Anthropology and Evolution Course Materials [MA.00118]
1.5 linear feet

Lab exercises, lecture topics, outlines, lecture notes, examinations, and correspondence relating to Anthropology and Evolution courses taught at Amherst by Professor Harold H. Plough. Anthropology materials cover a number of courses from the period of 1939 to 1958. Evolution materials cover the course "Evolution of the Earth and Man" from 1947 to 1957.

Frederick J. Pohl (AC 1911) Papers [MA.00343]
5.5 linear feet

Primarily letters, typescripts, scrapbooks, articles and clippings documenting Pohl’s writings and research on varied historical/biographical subjects, as well as correspondence and travel ephemera. 

This collection is stored off-site. Please contact the Archives in advance of your visit to arrange access.

Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers
1698-1968 (bulk 1800-1950)
90 linear feet

The Porter-Phelps-Huntington Family Papers are now held at Special Collections and University Archives at UMass-Amherst.

Portraits and Signatures Collection [MA.00077]
circa 1825-1900
0.5 linear feet

An artificial collection of engravings and photographs, predominantly portraits of a variety of individuals, as well as reproduced signatures. Subjects include American presidents, British monarchs, famous actors, Lord Jeffery Amherst, and others.

George D. Pratt (AC 1893) Papers [MA.00231]
1882-1935 (bulk 1888-1898)
6.5 linear feet

George D. Pratt was an industrialist, conservationist, and trustee and benefactor of Amherst College. These papers consist chiefly of incoming correspondence, mostly during his undergraduate years and after, as well as a photograph album of family travels and vacations, a diary from 1886 and a small amount of other material.

Herbert L. Pratt (AC 1895) Autographs of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
1 volume

A collection of letters and documents containing the autograph signatures of all signers, each accompanied by engraved portraits of each man. The volume is prefaced by a series of six letters from George Washington to James Madison discussing the ratification of the Constitution.

Pratt Museum of Natural History Records [RG 002-004-004]
7 linear feet

Reports, correspondence, clippings, photographs, field notebooks and catalogues related to the various natural history collections formerly held in the Pratt Museum, as well as expeditionary field work undertaken to develop those collections. Also includes some records of the Amherst College department of Geology.

Hugh B. Price (AC 1963) Papers [MA.00325]
circa 1967 - 2015
19 linear feet

The Hugh B. Price Papers contain material documenting Price's career from the 1970s through the 2000s. Included are correspondence, manuscript drafts, speeches, memoranda, position papers, press coverage and interviews. The bulk of the material was generated during Price's tenure as president of the National Urban League in the 1990s. Price also held positions at the Rockefeller Foundaton, the Brookings Institution, and Princeton University.

Alfred Sherwood Romer (AC 1917) Papers [MA.00194]
1 linear foot

Correspondence, clippings, photographs and other material relating to Romer's Amherst career, his service in WWI France, and his later activities as President of the Class of 1917 and as Chairman of the Phi Alpha Psi Fraternity Corporation.

E. Merrill Root (AC 1917) Papers
0.5 linear feet
Gertrude Hall Brownell Collection of Viola Roseboro' Correspondence [MA.00358]
0.5 linear feet

Corrsepondence from Viola Roseboro' to Gertrude Hall Brownell spanning the last decade of Roseboro's life and reflecting Roseboro's views on literature, politics, current events, shared acquaintances, and her health.

Edwin Charles Rozwenc (AC 1937) Papers [MA.00039]
26.2 linear feet

Historian and professor at Amherst College. Contains professional correspondence, manuscripts, course materials and research materials documenting his career.

Hugo Saglio (AC 1931) Correspondence [MA.00084]
0.25 linear feet

Business administrator. Collection consists of correspondence, mostly personal. Correspondents include Paul Abbott, James Hayford, Gail Kennedy, Sterling Lamprecht, David Morton, James Notopoulos and Arthur Stanley Pease.

Samuel French Company Theater Collection [MA.01009]
1794-2012 (bulk 1840-2012)
463 linear feet

The Samuel French Company Theater Collection is more than four hundred and fifty linear feet of material including thousands of plays and publications, photographs, costume design illustrations, theatrical ephemera, and documentation of the Samuel French Corporation’s business transactions dating back to the mid 1800s.

John Elliot Sanford (AC 1851) Correspondence Collection [MA.00297]
1819-1900 (bulk 1845-1854)
0.25 linear feet

Contains correspondence to John E. Sanford (1830-1907) from his parents, Reverend John Sanford (1788-1866) and Sophia Loud Sanford (1790-1869). The bulk of the correspondence is from Reverend Sanford. Frequent topics include the health of the parents and their advice to John about his; money matters; Amherst news, and the personal and professional lives of both young John and his older brother, Baalis (AC 1845). The last folder in the small collection contains miscellaneous correspondence to and about John E. Sanford.

Eva Schiffer Materials Related to Editing the Publication of the Thomas Mann-Karl Loewenstein Correspondence [MA.00224]
circa 1977-1983
0.25 linear feet

Correspondence related to the compilation, editing, and permissions to publish the correspondence between Thomas Mann and Karl Loewenstein, which was published in 1982 in Blätter der Thomas Mann-Gesellschaft, Nr. 18-19 (1981-82).

Oscar Schotté Biology Research Materials [MA.00225]
0.5 linear feet

Biologist in the field of experimental morphology, experimental embryology, endocrinology and regeneration.  Collection consists of research papers consisting of laboratory notes, tabulations and drafts of publications.

David Schubert (AC 1933) Collection [MA.00314]
circa 1932-1980
0.25 linear feet

Contains a limited group of papers related to poet David Schubert, including letters to, from, and about David Schubert from family, friends, teachers, and administrators. The collection includes a selection of published versions of his poetry as well as orginal manuscripts and typescripts.

Julius Hawley Seelye (AC 1849) Papers [MA.00031]
8 linear feet

Clergyman, educator, author and politician; 5th President of Amherst College, 1876-1890. Chiefly correspondence, sermons, notes, journals, speeches and articles. The bulk of the collection is family and other correspondence, although it also includes many sermons and writings by Seeyle.

Senior Honors Theses Collection

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Charles Upham Shepard (AC 1824) Papers [MA.00075]
3.3 linear feet

Botanist, mineralogist, natural historian. Collection consists primarily of letters regarding Shepard's mineral collection, and also includes a few notebooks, a bound volume of pamphlets and miscellaneous other materials.

D. George Sherman (AC 1969) Papers [MA.00137]
circa 1965-1992
26.5 linear feet

Anthropologist. Contains Sherman's notes from his coursework and studies at Amherst College and Cornell University; field notes for and drafts of his book Rice, Rupees and Ritual (1990); published articles and public lectures; and extensive background and lecture notes related to the anthropology courses he taught.

George Sibbald Papers [MA.00274]
0.5 linear feet

Approximately 335 letters, bills, receipts, accounts, contracts, deeds and insurance documents, largely addressed to or concerning George Sibbald (circa 1756-1830) and his commercial affairs. There are also 36 printed items and five maps (one of lands in Geogia and four concerning property in New York City). Subjects include import and export in the early and post-Federal periods and there are trade records for a variety of goods all up and down the East Coast, throughout the Mediterranean, and from Surinam, Greenock, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Cassel, and Lucca. Letters and reports deal with the outfitting of ships, and land speculation and development in Georgia and Florida. The Georgia Asylum Land Company (speculation in 500,000 acres of pine barren land in Georgia) is represented among these papers, as are dealings with the North American Land Company. Although for the most part the papers are signed by commercial figures whose names have not otherwise been recorded, there are several items signed by or concerning such people as Robert Morris, Oliver Phelps, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and Clement Biddle. The collection is also has philatelic interest, in connection with the cancellations and postmarks of early post offices.

Small Press Ephemera Collection [MA.00280]
circa 1926-1982
3.5 linear feet

Pamphlets, publicity material, mailings and other ephemera relating to small presses in the United States, United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Snail's Pace Press Ephemera Collection [MA.00283]
1922-1963 (bulk 1924-1957)
0.25 linear feet

Chiefly printed ephemera of Professor Francis H. Fobes’ Snail’s Pace Press, including pamphlets of Greek and Roman texts, college examinations, certificates, light verse, and holiday greetings. Also, a small amount of correspond­ence of Fobes and others regarding the Press, and a biographical remembrance of Fobes.

Snell Family Papers [MA.00032]
1793-1940 (bulk 1835-1870)
15 linear feet

Notebooks, correspondence, architectural and mathematical drawings, College account records, scientific papers and photographs of Ebenezer Strong Snell (1801-1876; AC Class of 1822) and his wife, daughters, parents and sisters. The papers chiefly document Snell’s family and personal life but also Ebenezer Snell’s career at Amherst College as Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. The 19th century history of Amherst College and the teaching of science, including astronomy, meteorology and physics, are also documented. The family papers provide insight into family life in Amherst in the mid-to-late 1800’s and include correspondence, diaries and journals, household account books and photographs.

Ethel "Sandy" (Beach) Socolar Family Papers [MA.00338]
circa 1880-2015
4.5 linear feet

The Ethel "Sandy" (Beach) Socolar Family Papers (circa 1880-2015) contain correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks related to the lives of Ethel "Sandy" (Beach) Socolar and her family, especially her mother, missionary-educator Ruth Porter (Ward) Beach, and sisters, Frances Helen (Beach) Bingham and Elizabeth Waterbury (Beach) Keller. The bulk of the material dates from about 1910-1950.

Richard L. Soffer (AC 1954) Ornithology Collection

Richard L. Soffer (AC 1954) has formed a remarkable and extensive collection of books about birds, with particular attention to the various methods and techniques that have been used to reproduce illustrations of birds. The books in the collection provide examples of every type of illustrative technique: hand painting, woodcut and wood engraving, etching and engraving, lithography, and modern photomechanical methods.

Sprague Family Papers [MA.00248]
1890-2005 (bulk 1920-2005)
11.25 linear feet

The Sprague Family Papers include the papers of Rosemary Sprague, an Amherst-area attorney; her father, Atherton Hall Sprague (AC 1920), an Amherst College professor of mathematics; and her mother, Marion Whittemore Sprague. The collection includes correspondence, diaries and travel journals, unpublished poetry, plays, and novels, Sprague family genealogical material, and photographs. Notable among the correspondence are letters that Rosemary Sprague received from her friend, the poet James Merrill.

Springfield Amherst Summer Academy (SASA) Collection [MA.00155]
0.5 linear feet

SASA was a summer program for minority students from the Springfield, Mass. area. The collection includes application forms; curriculum materials including worksheets, "pre-tests" and tests; directory of participants; "SASA family alumni list"; and evaluations.

Videotapes of “Conversations with Ilan Stavans” [MA.00165]
2 linear feet

VHS videocassettes of the television show "Conversations with Ilan Stavans," broadcast on WGBH (Boston, Mass.) beginning in September 2001 as part of the program "La Plaza." "Conversations with Ilan Stavans" is a series of one-on-one discussions with notable Latino artists, writers and intellectuals.

William Augustus Stearns Papers [MA.00120]
7 linear feet

Clergyman and 4th President of Amherst College, 1854-1876. The collection contains several folders of correspondence among Stearns family members, especially between about 1830-1865.  There is also some professional correspondence to and from Stearns including a group of anti-slavery letters and documents, as well as some religious documents pertaining to Stearns's ministry in his Cambridgeport church. The bulk of the collection consists of Stearns's sermons in manuscript form.

John Robert Sitlington and Josephine Quarrier Sterrett Family Papers [MA.00361]
1 linear foot

Family correspondence, photographs, and newsclippings related to the family of John Robert Sitlington and Josephine Quarrier Sterrett.  Also includes donor transcriptions of correspondence.

William Taubman Research Materials for Nikita Khrushchev biography
circa 1950-2003
32 linear feet

Bertrand Snell Professor of Political Science at Amherst College (1967-).  Research materials, notes, correspondence and drafts of Taubman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev: The Man and His Era. Included are photocopies of many declassified American and Soviet government documents relating to Khrushchev and his time in power. The papers also contain a wide variety Russian and English-language books, periodicals, memoirs, articles, clippings, scholarly papers, conference proceedings and documents. Taubman’s own detailed research notes, as well as his correspondence with scholars, experts, archivists, and Khrushchev family members, are interspersed throughout.

Bernhard Tauchnitz Publications Collection
55 linear feet; 812 volumes

A representative but incomplete collection of several series of books published by the firm of Bernhard Tauchnitz from 1829 to 1954. The books in this collection, all inexpensive, paperbound editions, were a direct precursor to mass-market paperbacks.

Reverend James Taylor Papers [MA.00125]
0.5 linear feet

Congregational minister, former Amherst College trustee. Papers consist of sermons, accounts, legal papers, and a leather folder.

Willard L. Thorp (AC 1920) and Clarice Brows Thorp Papers [MA.00220]
1857-1994 (bulk 1920-1967)
80 linear feet

Willard Long Thorp (1899-1992; AC 1920) was a pioneer statistician, economist, domestic and foreign policy advisor, international development expert, and private business consultant.  Thorp’s papers document the role of a key U.S. government figure during periods marked by political and economic turbulence.  As Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs from 1946-1952, he played a critical role in the design and implementation of the Marshall Plan and of the Truman administration’s Point IV program of international aid.  He also held a number of United Nations appointments and was Director of the Merrill Center for Economics.  Thorp also taught Economics at Amherst College.  The collection documents all of these activities and many more.  It also partially documents his partnership with Clarice Brows Thorp (1912-2003) and her career as a lawyer and civil rights advocate prior to their marriage in 1947.

William R. Throckmorton Research Materials on Amherst College Alumni in World War II [MA.00044]
1.5 linear feet

Correspondence, military records and other research materials compiled by William Throckmorton for the preparation of his books documenting the military activities of Amherst College alumni during World War II. Includes various manuscript and typescript drafts.

Toll Family Papers [MA.00276]
14 linear feet

The collection consists of papers dating back more than a century and covering five generations in the family of Charles Hansen Toll (1882-1972) and Mayes Martin Toll (b. 1888-1974). The bulk of the collection dates from 1906 – 1973, when Charles “Carl” Toll was a professor or professor emeritus at Amherst College. The Toll family lived in Amherst for more than 60 years and was active in the affairs of the College and the town. The collection is comprised chiefly of correspondence, but there are also diaries, postcards, children’s drawings, and travel ephemera. The Toll Family Papers are stored off-site, please contact us in advance of your visit.

Town of Amherst Collection [MA.00124]
1845-present (bulk 1920-1959)
3 linear feet

Written histories of the town; local government records; records of schools, private organizations, and local businesses; personal papers; souvenirs and programs of community events; maps of the town; and a large number of newspaper clippings.

Dudley H. Towne Papers [MA.00363]
circa 1920s-1990s
13 linear feet

The personal and professional papers of Dudley H. Towne, Professor of Physics at Amherst College from 1952 to 1997. The papers include course materials, his letters home during WWII, unpublished reminiscences on his life from childhood to the end of his life with a focus on his experience as a gay man and various other materials.

A guide to this collection is not yet available and portions of the collection are restricted. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Kim Townsend Papers [MA.00226]
3 linear feet

Professor of English, Amherst College, 1970-2008. Chiefly research materials related to Townsend's work on his books Sherwood Anderson, a 1987 biography of the American author, and Manhood at Harvard, a 1998 book discussing the development of gender roles and norms in the post-Civil WarUS.

Frank Trapp Papers [MA.00221]
1944-2003 (bulk 1944-1987)
2.25 linear feet

Professor of Fine Arts at Amherst College, 1956-1992. Collection includes his watercolor sketches and photographs made while serving with the U.S. Army during World War II, primarily in New Guinea, 1944-1946. Also, a brief typescript memoir of his war experiences written in 1985 (revised 2003), and research material on the artist Peter Blume for his 1987 book on him.

Israel E. Trask Papers [MA.00339]
1812-1855, 1938
0.5 linear feet

The Israel E. Trask Papers document the professional and personal life of Israel E. Trask (1773-1835), early Amherst College Trustee (1821-1835) and Mississippi plantation owner.

Edward Tuckerman Botanical Papers [MA.00043]
1 linear foot

Botanist. Contains correspondence, notes, pamphlets and botanical specimens. Correspondents include William G. Farlow, Charles Frost, Asa Gray, William Nylander, Henry Ravenel, and Charles J. Sprague.

Edward Tuckerman Materials [MA.01028]
circa 1830-1890
0.5 linear feet

The Edward Tuckerman Materials include a small group of documents ranging from items associated with some of botanist Edward Tuckerman's early schoolwork and interests to much later correspondence among his widow and colleagues about his botanical collections. The material includes correspondence, notebooks, photographs, and unique documents. Notable among the material are items associated with the Boston Phrenological Society.

Tuckerman-Clark Family Papers [MA.01026]
4 linear feet

Documents related to the families of Margaret Tuckerman Clark (including her father, mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles) and her husband Orton Loring Clark (primarily papers related to Clark himself). The collection includes correspondence, photographs, unique documents, and genealogical material (especially for the Tuckerman line). Notable among the collections are items associated with Margaret Clark’s grandfather, poet Frederick Goddard Tuckerman, and his brothers Edward Tuckerman, a lichenologist, and Samuel Parkman Tuckerman, an organist and composer.

Tuesday Club (Amherst, Mass.) Records
approximately 3 linear feet

Literary and social organization for local women founded in 1883. Official organizational records, photographs, news clippings, and other materials documenting the activities of the Tuesday Club, a women’s club in Amherst,Mass. founded in 1883.  Organizational records include a constitution, meeting minutes and programs, copies of papers delivered at club meetings, membership information, and correspondence. 

A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

James Hayden Tufts (AC 1884) Papers [MA.00129]
1.5 linear feet

Philosopher. Collection includes genealogical notes on Tufts, Warren and Chapin families; family correspondence; and articles by Tufts.

John Mason Tyler (AC 1873) Papers [MA.00041]
4 linear feet

Biologist. Contains correspondence, manuscripts of lectures, speeches, classroom notes and pamphlets.

William Seymour Tyler (AC 1830) Papers [MA.00020]
4.5 linear feet

Professor of Latin and Greek Languages and Literature, Amherst College, 1836-1893. Family correspondence; manuscript essays by Tyler and by his brother Wellington H. Tyler; addresses; articles; notes; diaries; photographs of Tyler and of his wife; pamphlets by Tyler; funeral orations; and lectures given by him throughout his life.

U.S. Army Ambulance Service, Section 539 ["Black Cats"] Records [MA.00139]
1.5 linear feet

World War I ambulance unit, recruited in Amherst, Massachusetts in June 1917 from Amherst College students and local residents. Collection consists of clippings, photographs, a photograph album, maps, books, correspondence, pay and enlistment records, and other materials documenting the activities of the U.S. Army Ambulance Service Section 539, also called S.S.U. 539, in France during World War I.

Uchimura Kanzō (AC 1887) Collection [MA.00356]
Uchimura Kanzō (AC 1887) Collection 1887-1963
0.5 linear feet

The Uchimura Collection contains material related to the life of Uchimura Kanzō, including biographical information, typescripts and reproductions of correspondence, and commemorative items.

United Farm Workers Printed Matter Collection [MA.00180]
0.5 linear foot

Leaflets, posters, and bumper stickers used by the United Farm Workers in various strikes and boycotts held in California throughout the 1970s.

Henry J. Van Lennep (AC 1837) Sketches and Papers [MA.00191]
1.25 linear feet

Most of the collection consists of pencil sketches and watercolors of scenery, people and objects, chiefly Turkish but also some American. In addition, a small amount of personal papers include passports related to his travel as a missionary in Turkey, a notebook of sermons written by Van Lennep in Armenian, and portrait photographs.
Digitized collection available through Amherst College Digital Collections.

Dora Judd Mattoon Ward Papers [MA.00285]
1883-1979 (bulk 1911-1932)
1.5 linear feet

Papers documenting the personal and professional lives of Dora Ward and her husband, Earl Ward (AC 1906). The bulk of the collection comprises correspondence with family members describing the Wards' work as missionaries in Turkey and India, 1911-1932. The correspondence is supplemented with photographs, work records, diaries, memorabilia, and newspaper clippings.

Edwin St. John Ward (AC 1900) Papers [MA.00189]
1897-1986 (bulk 1915-1918)
0.5 linear feet

Correspondence, legal documents, news clippings, journal articles, one book and one map relating to the professional activities and personal life of Edwin St. John Ward. The bulk of the material falls into the years 1915-1918, when Dr. Ward was in service to the American Red Cross in Turkey, Palestine and France.

John William Ward Papers [MA.00087]
2 linear feet

Educator, historian and 14th President of Amherst College. Collection consists of speeches, lecture notes and course syllabi, articles and other papers documenting Ward's career as teacher, scholar and administrator at Princeton University and Amherst College.

Paul Langdon Ward (AC 1933) Papers [MA.00327]
11.5 linear feet

Papers documenting the personal and professional life of educator Paul Langdon Ward, including materials relating to his many articles and lectures, as well as to his research interests.  Includes a smaller amount of material relating to his childhood as the son of medical missionaries in the Middle East.

William Earl Dodge Ward (AC 1906) Family Papers [MA.00234]
1791-1977 (bulk 1870-1935)
8 linear feet

Papers documenting the personal and professional lives of multiple generations of Ward and Bliss family members, dating from 1791 to 1977. Family correspondence makes up the largest portion of the material, supplemented with work records, diaries, memorabilia, photographs, writings, genealogical materials, and newspaper clippings.

Noah Webster Family Papers [MA.00074]
2 linear feet

Letters, legal and business papers, journals, photographs and other materials belonging to Noah Webster and four generations of his descendants. Consists mainly of correspondence concerning lexicographer Noah Webster's life and work. Some papers relate to the work of educators Rev. Henry and Eliza Jones and of businessman Robert Day.

Charles Foster Weeden, Jr. (AC 1916) Papers [MA.00298]
circa 1916-1983
0.5 linear feet

The Charles Foster Weeden, Jr. (AC 1916) Papers document the personal and early professional life of Charles Foster Weeden as a member of the Near East Relief in Urfa, Turkey between 1919 and 1920. Most of the collection consists of Weeden’s outgoing correspondence to his family and his writings about his work in the Near East Relief. There is a smaller amount of incoming correspondence from family and friends. Two photograph albums and a file of loose photographs also document his work in Urfa.

Leonard R. Weitzel, Jr. and Madeleine DeBarthe Schuermann Correspondence Collection [MA.00382]
1.63 Linear feet

The Leonard R. Weitzel, Jr. and Madeleine DeBarthe Schuermann Correspondence Collection is comprised largely of correspondence from Weitzel to DeBarthe (later Schuermann). Schuermann was the companion of Robert Frost's illustrator Julius J. Lankes during the last twenty years of his life, and Weitzel was her cousin and, for a time, a romantic interest. The collection contains approximately 300 letters and several photographs.

Whicher Family Papers [MA.00040]
1 linear foot

Correspondence, photographs, and family memorabilia of the Whicher family. The bulk of the correspondence is between George Meason Whicher and his wife Lillian Hope Frisbie Whicher. Other correspondents include Alvah Lillie Frisbie and George Frisbie Whicher.

George Meason Whicher Correspondence [MA.00375]
2.5 linear feet

Contains personal and professional incoming correspondence, primarily to George Meason Whicher. Correspondents include numerous American authors, poets, and educators.

L. Dan Wickenden (AC 1935) Papers [MA.00033]
6 linear feet

Novelist and editor. Includes typed original manuscripts, galley proofs, correspondence to and from Dan Wickenden, literary reviews, printed materials, theatrical photographs, a small number of personal items, and a scrapbook containing newsclippings and reviews. They primarily document Wickenden's literary and professional career.

Richard P. Wilbur (AC 1942) Papers [MA.00164]
circa 1945-2005
2 linear feet

Poet and teacher. Worksheets, notes, typescripts, and galley proofs for published poems (sometimes together with associated correspondence), poetry translations and prose pieces by Richard Wilbur.

Thomas W. Wilcox (AC 1942) Papers [MA.00308]
0.25 linear feet

Correspondence, poetry, and other materials owned by Thomas Wilcox (AC 1942). Much of the correspondence is from Richard Wilbur (AC 1942) and his wife Charlotte "Charlee" Wilbur, dating from the World War II era. Also included are poems by Richard Wilbur and photos of the Wilbur family. Other correspondence in the collection is from Wilcox family members and Amherst College notables including Armour Craig and Theodore Baird.

Emma Hart Willard Family Papers [MA.00140]
1819-1961 (bulk 1820-1880)
8.5 linear feet

Correspondence and papers documenting the personal life and career of Emma Hart Willard, a pioneering advocate of educational equality for women, including material on the Troy Female Seminary (later the Emma Willard School) when it was founded and administered by Emma Hart Willard. In addition, papers of her son John Hart Willard, his wife Sarah L. Willard and his daughter Emma Willard Scudder. Also included are papers and correspondence related to Willard Scudder, Henry Joel Scudder and Hewlett Scudder and the Willard, Scudder and Keyes families. There is correspondence from Timothy Dwight, Henry Barnard, A. S. Barnes, Almira Phelps (Mrs. Lincoln Phelps) and L. H. Sigourney.

Samuel Robinson Williams Papers [MA.00138]
1877-1956 (bulk 1904-1955)
2.25 linear feet

Professor of physics, Amherst College, 1924-1947. Includes drafts of manuscripts, reprints, bound volumes, printers' proofs, publishers' prospecti, correspondence, research notes, photographs, drawings, plans, and reports relating to his teaching and research in physics, as well as a small amount of personal papers documenting his private life. His extensive correspondents are listed in the appendix.

Talcott Williams (AC 1873) Papers [MA.00273]
47 linear feet

Reporter for the New York World, 1873-1877, Washington correspondent for the New York Sun, 1877-1879, and editorial writer for the Springfield (Mass.) Republican, 1879-1881 and the Philadelphia Press, 1881-1912; director of the Pulitzer School of Journalism, Columbia University, 1912-1919.  The collection consists mainly of correspondence to and from Talcott Williams, and to and from his wife Sophia. 

A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.

Williams-Chambers-Blaisdell Family Papers [MA.00270]
circa 1845-2010
6 linear feet

The Williams-Chambers-Blaisdell Papers ("the Blaisdell Papers") contain correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, and documents from the family of missionaries William Nesbitt Chambers and Cornelia Pond Williams Chambers and their children, especially their daughter Dorothea Nesbitt Chambers (later Blaisdell).  The papers include material (primarily correspondence) from other family members such as Nesbitt and Cornelia's siblings and relatives.  The bulk of the material dates from about 1885-1930, and there is much correspondence from the era of World War I.

Williams-Chambers-Seelye Family Papers [MA.00321]
circa 1832-1985
16 linear feet

The Williams-Chambers-Seelye Family Papers consist primarily of the correspondence of three generations of the family of William Frederic and Sarah Pond Williams with relatives and friends during the family’s residence in the Ottoman Empire between 1848 and 1933, when they were missionaries working for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and (later) educators at various institutions. The collection also contains documentation relating to the personal and professional lives of these family members. A manuscript by Dorothea Seelye Franck, the great-granddaughter of Frederic and Sarah Williams, is also in the collection. Bulk dates are 1850-1930.

Williams-Chambers-Seelye-Franck Family Papers [MA.00313]
circa 1845-2010
20 linear feet

The Williams-Chambers-Seelye-Franck Family Papers ("the Franck Papers") include correspondence, photographs, juvenilia, memorabilia, manuscripts, teaching materials, and publications relating to several generations of missionaries, educators, public servants, and artists. In addition to describing the lives of multiple members of the family, subjects include missionary work in Turkey in the late 19th century into the 20th century; World War I and Armenian history in the period as reported by missionaries and educators in Turkey; life at the American University of Beirut from about 1920-1935; religious and intellectual life in the first half of the 20th century, and many other topics. The collection also includes a section devoted to the life and career of dancer Mary-Averett Seelye. The material dates from about 1850-1988, with the bulk of the material dating from about 1890-1940.

Eugene S. Wilson (AC 1929) Papers [MA.00331]
circa 1954-1971
2.5 linear feet

The papers of Eugene S. Wilson, Dean of Admissions at Amherst College from 1953 to 1971. This collection is unprocessed.

Howard R. Wolf (AC 1958) Papers [MA.00188]
93 linear feet

Literary manuscripts, correspondence, news clippings, ephemera and other materials documenting the professional and personal life of writer, critic and educator Howard R. Wolf. Correspondents include writers John Coetzee, Carl Dennis, Irving Feldman, Robert Hass, Leonard Michaels, and Roger Porter (AC 1958).

James Playsted Wood (AC 1927) Papers [MA.00345]
circa 1920-1973
35.5 linear feet

The papers of James Playsted Wood (AC 1927), a writer, editor and professor of English at Amherst College from 1937 to 1946. Contains notes, working drafts and published works. Also included is his business and personal correspondence. 
A guide to this collection is not yet available. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for access to this material.