This section includes a large selection of scholarly books and articles, all of which are available through either Frost Library or the Five College Consortium. Links have been provided for all items that are available full-text online. Amherst College alumni who have published in this field are identified by class year. Biographies of Amherst and related works are highlighted in the first sub-section. 

Biographies of Amherst: 

Locke, Emma P. Boylston. Colonial Amherst: the Early History, Customs and Homes; Geography and Geology, of Amherst, Life and Character of General and Lord Jeffery Amherst, Reminiscences of “Cricket Corner” and “Pond Parish” Districts. Milford, N. H.: Printed by W. B. & A. B. Rotch, 1916.  

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The French & Indian War (1758-1763) and The Anglo-Indian War of 1763 (Pontiac’s Rebellion): 

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