The Amherst College Oral History Project was an initiative of the Public Relations Department of the College in the late 1970s. Horace W. Hewlett, director of public relations of the College from 1947 to 1958 and secretary of the College and director of publications from 1958 to 1977, conducted 27 interviews with Amherst College professors emeriti, staff members, and other notable members of the Amherst community. Additional earlier interviews, a recorded reminiscence and a panel discussion were collected by Hewlett for inclusion in the project. Hewlett's interviews were conducted between 1977 and 1982. All of the interviews have transcripts produced at the time of the interview, the majority also have audio recordings of the interview. Transcripts are presented here in their original form and maintain edits and omissions made at the time of the interviews; the transcripts therefore are not faithful transcriptions of the contects of the audio recordings.

George W. Bain, Samuel A. Hitchcock Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, Emeritus
Interviewed on December 22, 1977

Theodore Baird, Professor Emeritus of English
March 10-13, 1978
Reflections on Amherst and "English 1"

Ralph A. Beebe, class of 1920, Massachusetts Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Interviewed on January 4, 1978 

J. Seelye Bixler, class of 1916, Trustee Emeritus
Interviewed by J. Alfred Guest on January 23 and May 14, 1976

J. Seelye Bixler, class of 1916, Trustee Emeritus
Interviewed on December 5, 1979

F. Curtis Canfield, class of 1925, formerly Stanley King Professor of Dramatic Arts
Interviewed on February 12-14, 1979

G. Armour Craig, class of 1937, Samuel Williston Professor of English
Interviewed on June 21, 1979
Subject: Reminiscences of Robert Frost

Elizabeth (Mrs. Kendall B.) DeBevoise, Curator, Emily Dickinson Homestead
Interviewed on March 20, 1981

William M. Golding, Manager and Walter R. Luchas, Assistant Manager of Valentine Dining Hall
Interviewed on February 4, 1981

Herman A. Greenberg, class of 1930
Interviewed on May 6, 1982
Subject: reminiscences on Professor Herbert Friedman (Instructor in Biology, 1927-1929)

J. Alfred Guest, class of 1933, Secretary of the Amherst Alumni Council and former Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Amherst College
Interviewed on January 18 and 22, 1980

Alfred F. Havighurst, Professor Emeritus of History
Interviewed on April 2, 1980

Margaret Pinckney (Mrs. Stanley) King
Interviewed in September 1963

Ralph C. McGoun, Jr., class of 1927, Professor Emeritus of Dramatic Arts
Interviewed on March 9, 1979

Newton F. McKeon, class of 1926, Professor Emeritus of English and former Director of the Converse Memorial Library
Interviewed on December 2, 1977
Subject: Origin of the Hampshire Inter-Library Center (HILC)

Charles H. Morgan, William R. Mead Professor of Art, Emeritus
Interviewed on December 7, 1978

William A. Mueller, Director of Physical Plant and Services
Interviewed on January 23, 1980

Rose R. Olver, Professor of Psychology
Interviewed on October 3, 1979

Harold H. Plough, class of 1913, Harkness Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Interviewed on November 21-22, 1977

E. Dwight Salmon, Winkley Professor of History, Emeritus
Interviewed in summer 1979

Nina Fannin (Mrs. Theodore) Soller
Interviewed on May 21, 1980

Theodore Soller, Professor Emeritus of Physics
Interviewed on May 7, 1978

George Rogers Taylor, George Daniel Olds Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Interviewed on May 19, 1978

Willard L. Thorp, class of 1920, Professor Emeritus of Economics
Interviewed on March 23-28, 1978

F. King Turgeon, Professor Emeritus of French
Interviewed on October 30, 1979

Alice Felt Tyler
Interviewed on May 14, 1979

John William Ward, former President of Amherst College
Interviewed on June 19, 1979

Colston E. Warne, Professor Emeritus of Economics
Interviewed on November 8, 1978

Robert B. Whitney, George H Corey Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Interviewed on December 13, 1977

Eugene S. Wilson, class of 1929, former Dean of Admissions
Interviewed on January 17-18, 1979

Eugene S. Wilson, class of 1929, former Dean of Admissions
Reminiscences about President Stanley King, 1952

Panel: A Discussion of College Admissions
Abraham H. Lass, Principal of Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, New York
Eugene S. Willson, former Dean of Admissions, Amherst College
January 25, 1978