A Way Out (1929)

A separate copy of the prospectus for the work is in the file, with call number:  File RBR 29 1929 prospectus.


Only printing.  10 copies, all in original half black cloth and orange boards (except as noted); some (as noted) with unprinted glassine dust jacket.  Frost signed each copy at the end of the preface.
*Copy 1 is no. 149.  Purchased from the publisher in June 1929.
*Copy 2 is no. 480; inscribed by Frost to Roland Wood (Class of 1920): “... once more what is already doubly his and acknowledged his by Robert Frost, 1940” with a ms. footnote directing the reader to the dedication page, where the printed dedication reads “To Roland A. Wood who created the part of Asie, Academy of Music, Northampton, Mass., February 24, 1919”; Wood was also a partner in the Harbor Press, which printed and published the book (hence Frost’s “doubly his”).  Gift of the Estate of Roland Wood.
*Copy 3 is no. 261; inscribed by Frost to Jack W. C. Hagstrom (Class of 1955): “For Jack in New York from R. F. there too, April 19, 1958. They both should have been at Concord or Lexington celebrating the Fight.”  Gift of Jack W. C. Hagstrom.
*Copy 4 is no. 365; inscribed by Frost to Samuel French Morse “from his old friend and supporter”; with the ms. exlibris of Katherine Frazier (1937).  Gift of Jane C. Morse.
*Copy 5 is unnumbered; Wood has drawn a line in place of the number and inscribed the volume to George F. Whicher (Class of 1910), June 1929; with Whicher’s bookplate; with dust jacket.  Gift of the Estate of George F. Whicher.
*Copy 6 is no. 175; inscribed by Frost to E. Porter Dickinson; with dust jacket.  Gift of the Estate of E. Porter Dickinson.
*Copy 7 is no. 306; inscribed by Frost to Hugo T. Saglio (Class of 1931); with dust jacket.  Gift of Hugo T. Saglio.
*Copy 8 is unnumbered, with “Review Copies” [sic] written in place of the number, in Roland Wood’s hand; rebound in green buckram with a copy of the prospectus.
*Copy 9 is no. 444; found among the unsold stock of Henry Holt and Co. in 1990; with dust jacket; unopened.  Gift of Henry Holt and Co.
*Another copy, no. 445, is in the Harbor Press collection; call no. RBR Ha 1929 F9.  Gift of the Harbor Press.

A photocopy of copy no. 206, made on double leaves 26 cm tall; the original was inscribed by Frost: “To Dean Hill, my thanks in advance for his acting in the Strangers part of the play.  July 16, 1938”; in pale blue wrappers with brass fasteners, with pencil notes on front: “D. E. Hill, Plainfield Little Theatre, June 1938” and “Dorset, Vt. Players’ Club, July 1938, 1st performance, D. E. Hill — The Stranger”; pencil markings throughout the text, including some textual changes, presumably for one or another of the performances.  [In file.]  Source unknown.