Selected Poems (1934)

Note:  This is a different collection from the several other editions also titled Selected Poems, including those of 1923, 1928, 1936 (England), and 1955, as well as several published after Frost’s death.  See the data sheets or on-line records for those works for details of Amherst’s holdings.

There was only one edition of this work, with “Third edition” on the title page, which went through three separate printings.  Frost had asked that the dedication to Helen Thomas not be included, but his request was overlooked in production.  He then asked that the dedication leaf be removed from unbound (or unsent) copies of the first printing; that was apparently done.  But the request was then overlooked again in the second and third printings.

First printing (1934), first state (with the dedication leaf).  3 copies.
* Copy 1 is from the library of E. Porter Dickinson; in dust jacket.  Gift of the Estate of E. Porter Dickinson.
* Copy 2 is inscribed by Frost to Hugo Saglio (Class of 1931): “To Hugo the Teacher from Robert the Teacher”, Christmas 1934; in dust jacket.  Gift of Hugo T. Saglio.
* Copy 3 is inscribed by Frost to Martin K. Howes (Class of 1926), with four lines from “Two tramps in mud time” on the title page; in dust jacket.  Gift of the Estate of Martin K. Howes.
First printing (1934), second state (with the dedication leaf excised).  4 copies.
* Copy 1 is inscribed by Frost to Harold J. Baily (Class of 1908), Amherst, November 1935; in dust jacket.  Gift of Mrs. Harold J. Baily.
* Copy 2 has the bookplate of George F. Whicher (Class of 1910); in dust jacket.  Gift of the Estate of George F. Whicher.
* Copy 3 is inscribed by Frost on p. [2] to Edward B. Fox, with the full text of “Desert places” written out (the text is that of the first periodical appearance, not the final book publication).  Gift of Margaret Fox Hutchinson, Barbara Fox Doubleday, and Robert Y. Fox (Class of 1955), in memory of their father, Edward B. Fox.
* Copy 4 has the ownership signature of Hugo T. Saglio (Class of 1931).  Gift of the Estate of Hugo T. Saglio.
Second printing (February 1937).  1 copy.
* Copy 1.  From the library of Margaret Olds Strahl.  Gift of Margaret Olds Strahl.
Third printing (February 1938).  2 copies.
* Copy 1 has the bookplate of Jack W. C. Hagstrom (Class of 1955); in damaged and price-clipped dust jacket.  Gift of Jack W. C. Hagstrom.
* Copy 2 is signed by Frost on front free endpaper (“Amherst”); from the library of Martha Overton Myers.  Gift of Martha Overton Myers.