Bound volumes of early nineteenth century plays and libretti by British and American authors given to the college by George Arthur Plimpton, Class of 1876.

The following list from department files has not been verified for accuracy. The call number for the collection is PN6111.P5.


Author Title
Á Beckett, G.A. Don Caesar de Bazan.
  Last of the legends.
  Wanted a brigand.
Addison, H.R. Sophia’s supper.
  Tam O’Shanter.
Addison, Joseph. Cato; 2d ed. 1713.
Aiken, G.L. Uncle Tom’s cabin.
Aladdin; or, The wonderful lamp.
Albery, James. Two roses.
Allingham, J.T. Weathercock.
Almar, George. Oliver Twist.
  Peerless pool.
Ambient, Mark. Oh! Susannah!
Amcotts, Vincent. Adonis vanquished.
Amherst, J.H. Battle of Waterloo.
  Ireland as it is.
  Ireland-as it was.
Andrews, G.H. Scarlet letter.
Angier, Émile. Gabrielle.
Arden, H.T. Right-fall heir.
Arnold, S.J. My aunt.
Ascher, I.G. Circumstances alter cases.
Baddeley, G.C. End of the tether.
Baker, B.A. Glance at New York.
Baker, G.M. Messmates.
  Mrs. Walthrop’s bachelors.
Baker, Thomas. Tunbridge-Walks.
Ball, Edward. Devil’s elixir.
  False colours.
  Father and son.
  Floating beacon.
  Flying Dutchman.
  Innkeeper of Abbeville.
  Note forger.
  Peveril of the Peak.
  Robin Hood.
Ballou, M.M. Miralda
Banim, John. Damon and Pythias.
  Sergeant’s wife.
Banks, John. Cyrus the Great. 1696.
  Unhappy favourite. 1712.
Barnett, C.Z. Bohemians of Paris.
Barnett, Morris. Bold dragoons.
  Monsieur Jacques.
  Out on the loose.
  Serious family.
  Serious family.
Barney the Baron.  
Barrie, Sir J.M. Walker, London.
Barrière, Théodore. Angel of midnight.
Barry, S. Persecuted Dutchman.
Barrymore, William. El Hyder.
Bayard, J.F.A. Child of the regiment.
Bayley, T.H. Barrack room.
  Forty and fifty.
  Mr. Greenfinch.
  One hour.
  Swiss cottage.
  Tom Noddy’s secret.
Beaumont, Francis. Rule a wife and have a wife.
Beazley, Samuel. Lottery ticket and lawyer’s clerk.
Becher, Martin. Crimeless criminal.
Belasco, David. May blossom.
Belden, N.H. Pirate of the isles.
Bell, Robert. Temper.
Bellingham, Henry. Meddle and muddle.
Belot, Adolphe. L’article 47.
Bennett, G.J. Soldier’s orphan.
Bernand, W.B. Balance of comfort.
  Conquering game.
  Four sisters.
  His last legs.
  Irish attorney.
  Life’s trial.
  Middy ashore!
  Nervous man and the man of nerve.
  Platonic attachments.
Bickerstaff, Isaac. Padlock.
Bilkins, Taylor. Christman pantomime.
Birch, Samuel. Adopted child.
Blake, T.G. Lonely man of the ocean.
Blanchard, E.L.L. Harlequin Hudibras!
Blink, George. Vampire bride.
Boaden, Mrs. Caroline. Don Pedro the Cruel and Don Manuel the Cobbler.
Boker, G.H. Francesca da Rimini.
Boltwood, Edward. Balm of Gilead.
  Princess Runaway.
Booth, J.B. Ugolino.
Boucicault, Dion. Arrah—na—pogue.
  Colleen Bawn.
  Formosa (The most beautiful)
  Jessie Brown
  Led astray.
  London assurance.
  Long strike.
  The O’Dowd
  Old heads & young hearts.
  Poor of New York.
  West end.
  Willow copse.
Bourgoise, Anicet. Duke’s daughter.
Bowles, T.G. Port admiral.
Bridgman, C.V. Rifle and how to use it.
Broadhurst, G.H. Bought and paid for.
  What happended to Jones.
Brome, Richard. Northern lass.
Brooke, Mrs. F.M Rosina.
Brough, R.B. Alfred the Great.
Brough, William. Apartments.
Brough, William. April fool.
  Area belle.
  Doing banting.
  Gnome king.
  Hercules and Omphale.
  Joan of Arc!
  Kind to a fault.
  My heart’s in the highlands.
  Number one, round the corner.
  Phenomenon in a smock frock.
  Trying it on.
Brougham, John. Columbus el Filibustro!!
  Decided case.
  Demon lover.
  Dombey and son.
  Game of life.
  Greet tragic revival.
  Gun-maker of Moscow.
  Irish Yankee.
  Jane Eyre.
  Life in New York.
  Love and murder.
  Miller of New Jersey.
  Recollection of O’Flannigan and the faries.
  Romance and reality.
Broughton, F.W. Once again.
  Ruth’s romance.
Brown, John. Barbarossa.
Browne, W.M. Fool for luck.
Browne, W.M. Trustee.
Bruton, James. Bathing.
Buchanan, R.W. Strange adventures of Miss Brown.
Buckingham, G.V. Rehearsal; 7th ed. 1701.
Buckingham, L.S. Love’s martyr.
  Merry widow.
  Silver lining.
  Take that girl away!
Buckstone, J.B. Agnes de Vere.
  Breach of promise.
  Dead shot.
  Dream at sea.
  Flowers of the forest.
  Good for nothing.
  Green bushes.
  Happiest day of my life.
  Henriette the Forsaken.
  Husband at sight.
  Irish lion.
  Jack Sheppard.
  Josephine, the child of the regiment.
  Kiss in the dark.
  Leap year.
  Luke the labourer.
  Maid with the milking pail.
  Married life.
  May queen.
  Pet of the petticoats.
  Presumptive evidence.
  Rake and his pupil.
  Rough diamond.
  Rural felicity.
  Shocking events.
  Thimble rig.
  23, John Street, Adelphi.
  Weak points.
  Wreck ashore.
Budworth, J.H. First night.
Bullock, Christopher. Woman is a riddle.
Bunn, Alfred. My neighbor’s wife.
Burnaby, Charles. Ladies visiting-day; 2d ed. 1708.
  Reform’d wife; 2d ed. 1700.
Burnand, Sir F.C. Antony and Cleopatra.
  Black-eyed Susan.
  Cupid and Psyche.
  Deadman’s Point.
  Deal boatman.
  Easy shaving.
  Fair Rosamond.
  Fowl play.
  In for a holiday.
  King of the Merrows.
  Madame Berliot’s ball.
  Mary Turner.
  Robin Hood.
  Venus and Adonis.
  Windsor castle.
Burnett, J.G. Blanche of Brandywine.
Burton, Ed. Favorite medley of songs.
Burton, W.E. Toodles.
Byron, G.G.N.B. Manfred.
Byron, H.J. Blow for blow.
  Corsican “bothers”
  Cyril’s success.
  Dearer than life.
  Enchanted wood.
  “Grin” bushes.
  Hundred thousand pounds.
  La! Sonnambula!
  Lancashire lass.
  Maid and the magpie.
  Married in haste.
  Not such a fool as he looks.
  Nymph of the Lurleyburg.
  Old story.
  Princess Spring-time.
  Prompter’s box.
  Robinson Crusoe.
  Rosebud of Stingingnettle farm.
  Sensation dramas for the back drawing room.
  Timothy to the rescue.
  Uncle Dick’s darling.
  War to the knife.
  Weak woman.
Calcraft, J.W. Bride of Lammermoor.
Campbell, Bartley. Little sunshine.
Carleton, H.G. Butterflies.
Carleton, J.L. More sinned against than sinning.
Carré, Michel. Faust and Marguerite.
Centlivre, Mrs. S.F. Busy body.
Challis, H.W. My wife’s husband.
Chambers, C.H. Awakening.
  Captain Swift.
  Open gate.
Chapelle, P.A. My young wife and my old umbrella.
Cheltnam, C.S. Dinner for nothing.
  Little madcap.
  Shadow of a crime.
Cherry, Andrew. Soldier’s daughter.
Cibber, Colley. Careless husband; 2d ed. 1705.
  Double gallant.
  Love’s last shift. 1702.
  She wou’d and she wou’d not.
Clairville, L.F.N. La fille de Madame Angot.
Claridge, C.J. Fast coach.
Clarke, H.S. Hugger-mugger.
Coape, H.C. Conspirator in spite of himself.
Collier, William. Kate Kearney.
Collins, Wilkie. No name.
Colman, George, the elder. Clandestine marriage.
  Jealous wife.
Colman, George, the younger. Blue devils.
  Heir at law.
  Iron chest.
  John Bull.
  Love laughs at locksmiths.
  Poor gentleman.
  Ways and means.
Colomb, G.H. Hamlet improved.
Congreve, William. Love for love; 4th ed. 1704.
  Old batchelor; 7th ed. 1707.
Conrad, RT. Jack Cade.
Cook, S.N. Broken promises.
  Out in the streets.
Court of lions; or, Granada taken and done for.
Courtney, John. Time tries all.
Courtright, William. Motor bellows.
  Simon says “Wig wag”.
Cowley, Mrs. Hannah Belle’s strategern.
  Bold stroke for a husband.
Coyne, J.S. Awkward arrival.
  Binks the Bagman.
  Box and Cox married and settled.
  Did you ever send your wife to Camberwell?
  Diogenes and his lantern.
  Everybody’s friend.
  Hope of the family.
  Leo the Terrible.
  Love knot.
  Man of many friends.
  Nothing venture, nothing win.
  Our clerks.
  Presented at court.
  Richard III.
  Secret agent.
  Terrible secret.
  To parents and guardians!
  Wanted, one thousand spirited young milliners for the gold diggings.
  Widow hunt.
  Willikind and his Dinah.
  Woman in red.
Craufurd, David. Courtship à-la-mode.
Critchett, R.C. Lady Huntworth’s experiment.
  Liberty hall.
Crowne, John. Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian. 1703.
  Regulus. 1694.
Cumberland, Richard. Wheel of fortune.
Dale, Horace C. Josiah’s courtship.
Dalrymple, J.S. Naiad queen.
Daly, Augustin. “Frou Frou.”
  Under the gaslight.
Dance, Charles. Bengal tiger.
  Burlington arcade.
  Country squire.
  Delicate ground.
  Izaak Walton.
  Kill or cure.
  Marriage a lottery.
  Morning call.
  Naval engagements.
  Who speaks first?
  Wonderful woman.
Dance, George. Lucky stars.
Danvers, H. Conjugal lesson.
Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Don Giovanni (Don Juan)
Darnley, J.H. Balloon.
  Facing the music.
D’Avenant, Charles. Circe; 2d ed. 1685.
Davis, James. Geisha.
Davis, Owen. At Yale.
Davis, R.H. Orator of Zepata City.
Delano, Alonzo. Live woman in the mines.
Delavigne, J.F.C. Louis XI.
Delmont, Deen. Twelve jolly bachelors.
Denier, John. Humpty Dumpty.
Dennery, A.P. Cartouche, the French robber.
  Celebrated case.
Dennis, John. Rinaldo and Armida. 1699.
De Pass, E.A. Debt.
Derrick, Joseph. Confusion.
Dibdin, Charles. Smuggler’ s daughter.
Dibdin, T.J. Alexander the Great! in little!
  Banks of the Hudson.
  Heart of Mid-Lothian.
  Harlequin and Mother Goose.
  Ivanhoe; or, The Jew’s daughter.
  Lady of the lake.
  Two Gregories.
  Valentine and Orson.
Dickens, Charles. No thoroughfare
Dilley, J.J. Auld acquaintance.
  Glimpse of paradise.
Dillon, Charles. Mysteries of Paris.
Dimond, William. Broken sword.
Dixon, F.A. Maire of St. Brieux.
Douglass, J.T. Wooing under difficulties.
Dowling, M.G. Othello travestie.
Doyle, Sir A.C. Speckled band.
Dryden, John. Amphitryon...3d ed. 1706.
  Duke of Guise. 1699.
  Evening’s love. 1691.
  Indian emperour. 1692..’
  Oedipus; 4th ed. 1692.
  Rival-ladies. 1693.
  Sr Martin Marr-all. 1691.
Dubois, Alfred. Deeds of dreadful note.
Dubourg, A.W. Twenty minutes under an umbrella.
Duff, A.H. Little Em’ly.
Dumanoir, P.F.P. Don Caesar de Bazan.
Dumas, Alexandre, père. Catherine Howard.
Dumas, Alexandre, fils. Danicheffs.
Dumont, Frank. Crushed actor.
  Girl from Klondike.
  Mr. Mikado.
Durivage, F.A. Lady of the lions.
Durivage, O.E. Stage-struck Yankee.
Duveyrier, A.H.J. Chevalier de St. George.
  Secret service.
Edwardes, Conway. Anne Boleyn.
Eliot, Anne. Green-room rivals.
Ellis, George. Harlequin, Cherry and Fair Star.
  Enchanted harp.
Esmond, H.V. One summer’s day.
  When we were twenty-one.
Estcourt, Richard. Fair example. 1706.
Farnie, H.B. Olivette.
  Paul Jones.
Farquhar, George. Beaux’ stratagem.
  Recruiting officer.
Farrell, John. Maid of Genoa!
Farren, Percival. Field of forty footsteps.
Fawcett, C.S. Tragedy.
Fenn, Frederick. ‘Op-o’-me-thumb.
Fessenden, H.M. Troublesome children.
Feuillet, Octave. Romance of a poor young man.
Fezandie, Hector. Proposal.
Fielding, Henry. Tom Thumb.
Fitch, Clyde. Barbara Frietchie.
  Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines.
  Her own way.
  Stubbornness of Geraldine.
Fitzball, Edward, see Ball, Edward.
Floyd, W.R. Handy Andy.
Foote, Samuel. Liar.
  Mayor of Garratt.
Forepaugh, Luella. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Fort, J.N. Daisy Thorne.
Fournier, L.P.N. Man with the iron mask.
Fournier, M.R. Comedy and tragedy.
Fraser, J.A. Modren Ananias.
Friars, Austin. Number two.
Fulda,.Ludwig. Lost paradise.
Fuller, H.W. False pretensions.
  Red letter day.
Ganthony, Robert. Brace of partridges.
Geoghegan, J.B. Collection of convivial songs.
Giacometti, Paolo. Marie Antoinette.
Gifford, J.W. Supper for two.
Gilbert, Sir W.S. Broken hearts.
  Comedy and tragedy.
  Creatures of impulse.
  Dan’l Bruce, blacksmith.
  Grand duke.
  Her Majesty’s Ship Pinafore.
  On bail.
  On guard.
  Palace of truth.
  Pygmalion and Galatea.
  Randall’s thumb.
  Tom Cobb.
  Utopia limited.
  Wedding march.
  Wicked world.
  Yeomen of the guard.
Gillette, W.H. All the comforts of home.
  Too much Johnson.
Girardin, Mme. D.G. Clockmaker’s hat.
  Sheep in wolf’s clothing.
Glengall, R.B. Irish tutor.
Glover, S.E. Cradle of liberty.
Godfrey, G.W. My milliner’s bill.
Goldsmith, Oliver. Good-natured man.
  She stoops to conquer.
Good night, Signor Pantaloon.  
Goodrich, F.B. Romance after marriage.
Goodwin, J.C. Wang.
Gordon, Walter. Duchess or nothing.
  Fireside story.
Gore, Mrs. C.G.F.M. King O’Neil.
  Maid of Croissey.
Goring, Charles. Irene. 1708.
Gott, Henry. Wizard of the moor.
Goubaux, P.P. Infatuation.
Grangé, E.P.B. After dark.
  Corsican brothers.
Greenwood, T. Death of life in London.
Griffin, G.W.H. “Shylock”.
Grundy, Sydney. Arabian nights.
  “Bunch of violets”.
  Fool’s paradise.
  Man proposes.
  Pair of spectacles.
  Sowing the wind.
Hageman, Maurice. Crazy idea.
  Professor Robinson.
Haines, J.T. Austerlitz.
  Idiot witness.
Hall, Mrs. A.M.F. Mabel’s curse.
Hall, Famars. Braganzio the Brigand.
Hardwicke, E.L.Y. Court of Oberon.
Hardwicke, Pelham. Bachelor of arts.
Harrigan, Edward. Harrigan & Braham’s Waddy Googan songster.
Harris, A.G. Avalanche.
  Little treasure.
  My son Diana.
  Tom Thrasher.
  Very serious affair.
Harris, F.A. Chums.
Harrison, Mrs. C.C. Two strings to her bow.
Hart, Robert. Slippery day.
Harvey, Frank. Bought.
Hawkins, Sir A.H. Adventure of Lady Ursula.
Hawtrey, Charles. Private secretary.
Hay, Frederick. Beautiful forever.
  Chops of the channel.
Hazlewood, C.H. Aurora Floyd.
  Female detective.
  Lady Audley’s secret.
  Never too late to mend.
  Poul a dhoil.
Heathcote, A.M. His toast.
Hennequin, Alfred. “Three hats”.
Henry, Richard. Happy day.
  Narrow escape.
Hertz, Henrik. King René’s daughter.
Higgie, Thomas. Martin Chuzzlewit.
  Tower of London.
Hildreth, D.W. Lone tree mine.
Hill, F.S. Shoemaker of Toulouse.
  Six degrees of crime.
Hilliard, R.C. Littlest girl.
His novice.  
Hoadly, Benjamin. Suspicious husband.
Hodgson, G.S. Bobby A 1.
Holcroft, Thomas. Road to ruin.
  Tale of mystery.
Hollenius, L.J. Dollars and cents.
  Game of cards.
Hollingshead, John. Birthplace of Podgers.
Home, John. Douglas.
Hook, T.E. Invisible girl.
Hoppin, W.J. Lady of the bed-chamber.
Horne, R.H. Death of Marlowe.
Howard, Bronson. Saratoga.
Howard, Sir Robert. Committee. 1710.
Howe, J.B. British slave.
  Scarlet Dick.
Hudson, E.N. Bridge of Notre Dame.
Hugo, V.M. Angelo.
  Lucretia Borgia.
  Ruy Blas.
  La tour de Nesle.
Hurst, J.P. Sugar and cream.
  True colours.
Inchbald, Mrs. E.S. Every one has his fault.
  Wedding day.
  Wives as they were and maids as they are.
Irwin, Edward. King O’Toole’s goose.
Ives, A.E. Village postmaster.
Jacobs, W.W. Boatswain’s mate.
  Ghost of Jerry Bundler.
Jenks, A.F. Robinson Crusoe.
Jerome, J.K. Barbara.
  Fanny and the servant problem.
  Miss Hobbs.
  When Greek meets Greek.
  Woodbarrow farm.
Jerrold, D.W. Ambrose Gwinett.
  Beau Nash.
  Black-ey’d Susan.
  Bride of Ludgate.
  Descart the Buccaneer
  Doves in a cage.
  Nell Gwynne.
  Paul Pry.
  Prisoner of war.
  St. Cupid.
Jerrold, W.B. Beau Brummell.
  Cool as a cucumber.
  Cupid in waiting.
Johnson, S.D. Shaker lovers.
Johnstone, J.B. Tufelhausen.
Jones, H.A. Dancing girl.
  Joseph entangled.
  Silver king.
Jones, J.W. On an island.
Jones, J.S. Carpenter of Rouen.
  Green Mountain boy.
  Moll Pitcher.
  People’s lawyer.
Jonson, Ben. Every man in his humour.
Joseph, Delissa. Blue stocking.
Kemble, Mrs. M.T. Day after the wedding.
Kendall, J.M. Princess Phosa.
Kenney, James. Irish ambassador.
  Raising the wind.
  Spring & autumn.
  Sweethearts and wives.
Kerr, John. Wandering boys.
Kilpatrick, Judson. Allatoona.
Klein, Charles. Maggie Pepper.
  Third degree.
Kotzebue, A.F.F. von. Pizarro.
Knowles, J.S. Bridal.
  John of Procida.
  The wife.
  William Tell.
Lacy, M.R. Doing for the best.
Lacy, T.H. After the party.
  Clarissa Harlowe.
Ladies beware!  
Laidlaw, F.A. True!
Lancaster, Edward. Manager’s daughter.
Landis, S.M. Fiend.
Latimer, John. Maria Martin; or, The murder in the red barn.
Law, Arthur. Country mouse.
  New boy.
Lawrence, Slingsby. Cozy couple.
  Game of speculation.
Lean, Mrs. F.M.C. Miss Chester.
Leavitt, A.J. Blinks and Jinks.
  Lost will.
  Mischievous nigger.
Le Brandt, Joseph. My Lady Darrell.
Lee, Nathaniel. Caesar Borgia. 1711.
  Mithridares. 1685.
  Rival queens; 5th ed. 1704.
  Sophonisba; 5th ed. 1704.
  Theodosius. 1697.
Lelaid, H.P. Americans in Paris.
Leland, O.S. Blue and cherry.
  Rights of man.
Lemon, Harry. Up for the cattle show.
Lemon, Mark. Domestic economy.
  Grandfather Whitehead.
  Ladies’ club.
  Mind your own business.
  Moving tale.
  Railway belle.
Le Ros, Christian. Great gun trick.
Leslie, Henry. Orange girl.
Lewis, Leopold. Bells.
Lewis, M.G. Castle specter.
  One o’clock.
Lille, Herbert. As like as two peas.
Lillo, George. George Barnwell.
Lloyd, D.D. Woman-hater.
Lopez, M. Wild oats.
Lovell, G.W. Look before you leap.
  Love’s sacrifice.
  Provost of Bruges.
  Wife’s secret.
Lover, Samuel. Happy man.
  Il Paddy Whack in Italia.
  White horse of the Peppers.
Lumley, R.R. Palmistry.
Lunn, Joseph. Fish out of water.
Lynch, T.J. Rose of Ettrick Vale.
Lytton, E.G.E.L.B.-L. Lady of Lyons.
Mack, R.E. Cousin Fannie.
Macklin, Arthur. My lady help.
Macklin, Charles. Man of the world.
McLachlan, Charles. I dine with my mother.
Macready, Charles. Village lawyer.
Maddox, J.M. Curious case.
Maltby, C.A. Borrowed plumes.
  I’m not meself at all.
Manning, Francis. Generous choise. 1700.
Marble, T.L. Royal runaway.
March, George. One in hand is worth two in the bush.
Marshall, Robert. His Excellency the Governor.
Marston, J.W. Anne Blake.
  Patrician’s daughter.
  Pure gold.
Martin, William. Chang-Ching-Fou! Cream of Tartar!
Mason, A.E.W. Witness for the defence.
Massinger, Philip. Drama’s vindication.
  Fatal dowry.
  New way to pay old debts.
Mathews, C.J. Adventures of a love letter.
  Bachelor’s bedroom.
  Bull in a china shop.
  Little Toddlekins.
  Married for money.
  My awful dad.
  My wife’s mother.
  Used up.
  Who killed Cock Robin?
Matthews, Brander. Gold mine.
Matthison, Arthur. Enoch Arden.
Maturin, C.R. Bertram.
  Melmoth the Wanderer.
Maturin, Edward. Viola.
Mayhew, Edward. Make your wills!
Mayhew, Thomas. Ambition.
Medina, L.H. Nick of the woods.
Megrue, R.C. It pays to advertise.
  Under cover.
Meilhac, Henri. Frou-Frou.
Melford, Mark. Turned up.
Merington, Marguerite. Philosopher’s stone.
Meritt, Paul. “British born”.
Merivale, H.C. Lady of Lyons married and settled.
  Peacock’s holiday.
Mildenhall, Thomas. Governor’s wife.
Miles, G.H. Mary’s birthday.
Miller, Wynn. Dream faces.
Millingen, J.G. Who’ll lend me a wife?
Milman, H.H. Fazio.
Milner, H.M. Fair maid of Perth.
  Gambler’s fate.
Milton, John. Comus.
Miss Cleopatre.  
Mitford, M.R. Rienzi.
Moncrieff, W.T. Bringing home the bride.
  Eugene Aram.
Moncrieff, W.T. Jewess.
  Monsieur Tonson.
  Paris and London.
  Spectre bridegroom.
Monte Cristo.  
Moore, Edward. Bamester.
Moore, J.G. That blessed baby.
Moreau, Adrien. Courier of Lyons.
Morton, Edward. Eton boy.
Morton, J.M. After a storm comes a calm.
  Aunt Charlotte’s maid.
  Away with melancholy.
  Betsy Baker.
  Box and Cox.
  Brother Ben.
  Capital match!
  Chaos is come again.
  Cousin Lambkin.
  Day’s fishing.
  Declined-with thanks.
  Desperate game.
  Done on both sides.
  Don’t judge by appearances.
  Dying for love.
  Englishman’s house in his castle.
  First come, first served.
  Fitzsmythe of Fitzsmythe Hall.
  Friend Waggles.
  From village to court.
  Going to the Derby.
  Grimshaw, Bagshaw and Bradshaw.
  Harlequin Blue Beard, the great Bashaw.
  Harlequin Hogarth.
  Hopeless passion.
  Husband to order.
  Irish tiger.
  “King and I”.
  Lend me five shillings.
  Little savage.
  Master Jones’ birthday.
  Midnight watch.
  Milliner’ s holiday.
  Most unwarrantable intrusion
  Mother and child are doing well.
  Muleteer of Toledo.
  My first fit of the gout.
  My husband’s ghost!
  My precious Betsy!
  My wife’s second floor.
  Old Honesty.
  Our wife.
  Pacha of Pimlico.
  Poor Pillicoddy.
  Prince for an hour.
  Regular fix!
  Sent to the Tower.
  Slasher and Crasher.
  Taken from the French.
  Thumping legacy.
  Ticklish times.
  To Paris and back.
  Two Bonnycastles.
  Two buzzards.
  Where there’s a will there’s a way.
  Which of the two?
  Who do they take me for?
  Who stole the pocketbook?
  Who’s my husband?
  Who’s the composer?
  Woman I adore!
  Woodcock’s little game.
Morton, Thomas. All that glitters is not gold.
  Another glass.
  Cure for the heartache.
  Dance of the shirt!
  Roland for an Oliver.
  School of reform.
  Secrets worth knowing.
  Seeing Warren.
  Sketches in India.
  Speed the plough.
  Town and country.
  Way to get married.
Moser, Gustav von. “On ‘change”.
Muddock, J.E.P. “Caught at last”.
Münch-Bellinghausen, E.F.J. Ingomar the Barbarian.
  Son of the wilderness.
Murphy, Arthur. Way to keep him.
Murphy, J.F. Shamrock and rose.
Murray, W.H. Gilderoy.
Muskerry, William. Khartoum!
N-, S-T-A- Lover’s stratagem.
Najac, Emile de. Babie.
Nature and philosophy; or, The youth who never saw a woman.
Neville, G.F. Little vixens.
Newton, H.L. Mr. Seal of North Carolina.
Nobles, Milton. Phoenix.
Nomad, pseud. see, Muddock, J.E.P.  
Ohnet, Georges. Iron master.
O’Keefe, John. Agreeable surprise.
  Wild oats.
(Old clothes) merchant of Venice.
O’Rourke, Edmund. Eileen Oge.
  Family secret.
  Husband of an hour.
  Peep o’day.
Otway, Thomas. Cheats of Scapin.
  Don Carlos; 5th ed. 1704.
  Orphan. 1705.
  Titus and Berenice. 1701.
  Venice preserv’d. 1704.
Owen, Robert. Hypermnestra. 1703.
Oxberry, W.H. Matteo Falcone.
  Pacha’s pets.
Oxenford, John. Billing and cooing.
  Cleft stick.
  Doctor Dilworth.
  Five pounds reward.
  My fellow clerk.
  Twice killed.
  Two orphans.
  Young lad from the country.
Palmer, T.A. Among the relics.
  Dodge for a dinner.
  East Lynne.
Pardey, H.O. Nature’s nobleman.
Parsons, J.F. Bernstein and Firestein.
Paul. Howard. Queen of Arragon.
  Thrice married.
Payne, J.H. Brutus.
  Charles the Second.
  ‘Twas I!
Peake, R.B. Amateurs and actors.
  Bottle imp.
  Haunted inn.
  “Master’s rival”.
  Quarter to nine.
  Title deeds.
Pearce, William. Hartford bridge.
Pearl of Savoy.  
Pedrillo; or, A search for two fathers.
Pemberton, T.E. Freezing a mother-in-law.
  On the bench.
  Steeple jack.
Pettitt, Henry. Neck or nothing.
Philips, Ambrose. Distrest mother. 1712.
Phillips, Frederick. Bird in the hand worth two in the bush.
Phillips, Watts. Camilla’s husband.
  Golden fetter.
  Huguenot captain.
  Lion at bay.
  Lost in London.
  Maud’s peril.
  Nobody’s child.
  Not guilty.
  On the jury.
  Paper wings.
  Paul’s return.
  White cockade.
Phillpotto, Edm. Golden wedding.
Pilgrim, James. Robert Emmet.
Pinero, Sir A.W. Amazons.
  Cabinet minister.
  Dandy Dick.
  Gay Lord Quex.
  His house in order.
  In chancery.
  Money spinner.
  Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith.
  Princess and the butterfly.
  Weaker sex.
  Wife without a smile.
Pitt, G.D. Eddystone elf.
  Last man.
Planché, Mrs. E.St.G. Pleasant neighbor.
Planché, J.R. Brigand.
  Cabinet question.
  Captain of the watch.
  Charles the XII.
  Court beauties.
  Deep, deep sea.
  Discreet princess.
  Dumb belle.
  Faint heart never won fair lady.
  Follies of a night.
  Fortunio and his seven gifted servants.
  Golden branch.
  Grist to the mill.
  Handsome husband.
  Hold your tongue.
  Invisible prince.
  Irish post.
  King Charming.
  Knights of the round table.
  Lady in difficulties.
  Lavater the Physiognomist.
  Loan of a lover.
  Mr. Buckstone’s voyage around the world.
  Old offender.
  Once upon a time there were two kings.
  Pride of the market.
  Printer’s devil.
  Puss in boots.
  Somebody else.
  Two Figaros.
Planquette, Robert. Bells of Corneville.
Pocock, Isaac. Miller and his men.
  Rob Roy MacGregor.
  Robinson Crusoe.
Poole, John. Deaf as a post.
  Hamlet travestie.
  Married and single.
  Paul Pry.
  Simpson and co.
  Turning the tables.
  ‘Twould puzzle a conjuror!
Power, T.F. Virginia veteran.
Power, Tyrone. Born to good luck.
Pretty girls of Stillberg.  
Pritchard, J.V. Great Hindoo secret.
  My mother-in-law.
Quinn, Richard. Innisfail.
Rae, Marsham. Poppleton’s predicaments.
  Sunny side.
Raux, Eugene. Road to fortune.
Raymond, R.J. Mr. and Mrs. Peter White.
Rayner, B.F. Bumb boy of Manchester.
Reach, A.B. Jenny Lind at last.
Reade, Charles. Dora.
  Griffith Gaunt.
  Nance Oldfield.
Rede, W.L. Affair of honour.
  Home to town.
Reece, Robert. Brown and the Brahmins.
  Dora’s device.
Reeve, Wybert. Not so bad after all.
Renard, Jules. Carrots.
Reynolds, Frederic. Bridal ring.
  Laugh when you can.
Reynoldson, T.H. Curse of mammon.
  L’elisir d’amore.
Rhodes, T.B. Bombastes furioso.
Rice, Charles. Three musketeers.
Ritchie, Mrs. A.C.O.M. Armand.
Roberts, George. Forty winks.
Robertson, T.W. Birds of prey.
  Breach of promise.
  David Garrick.
  Jocrisse the Juggler.
Rodwell, G.H.B. Teddy the Tiler.
Rodwell, J.T.G. More blunders than one.
  Race for a dinner.
Rogers, W. Black Hugh.
Rose, E.E. “Marble arch”.
  Vice versa.
Rose, George. Dark cloud.
Rosenfeld, Sydney. Club friend.
  Pair of shoes.
  Rainmaker of Syria.
Rossi, Gaetano. Ii giuramento.
Rowe, Nicholas. Fair penitent.
  Jane Shore.
  Royal convert. 1708.
Runnion, J.B. Champagne and oysters.
Russell, G.W. Matchmakers.
Ryan, D.L. One too many.
Ryley, Mrs. M.L. American citizen.
  Christopher Junior.
  Mice and men.
S-T-A-N- see, N-, S-T-A  
“Sal Atticum”, pseud. “Chums”.
Sardou, Victorien. Daniel Rochat.
  Madame Sans-Gene.
Saunders, C.H. Rosina Meadows, the village maid.
Schiller, J.C.F. von. Robbers.
Schönberg, James. Narcisse the Vagrant.
Schoenthan, Franz. Kettle of fish.
  Night off.
Scott, C.W. Tears! Idle tears!!
Scribe, Eugene. Adrienne Lecouvreur.
  First love.
  Ladies battle.
  Marco Spada.
  Russian honeymoon.
  Woman that was a cat.
Sea of ice; or, A thirst for gold and the wild flower of Mexico.
Sedgwick, A.B. Circumstances alter cases.
Selby, Charles. Anthony and Cleopatra.
  Barnaby Rudge.
  Behind the scenes.
  Boots at the Swan.
  “Chamber practice”.
  Frederick of Prussia.
  Hour at Seville.
  Marble heart.
  My friend the major.
  My sister from India.
  New footman.
  Paris and pleasure.
  Phantom breakfast.
  Pirates of Putney.
  Powder and ball.
  Robert Macaire.
  Satan in Paris.
  White sergeants.
  Widow’s victim.
  Witch of Windermere.
  Young mother.
Selwyn, Edgar. Rolling stones.
Serle, T.J. Yeoman’s daughter.
Settle, Elkanah. Cambyses; 3d ed. 1675.
Shadwell, Thomas. Epsom-wells. 1704.
  Miser. 1691.
  Royal shepherdess. 1691.
  Volunteers. 1693.
Shakespeare, William. All’s well that ends well.
  Antony and Cleopatra.
  As you like it.
  Comedy of errors.
  Julius Caesar.
  Katharine and Petruchio.
  King Henry IV.
  Henry the Fifth.
  King Henry the Eighth.
  King John.
  King Lear.
  King Richard II.
  Love’s labour’s lost.
  Measure for measure.
  Merchant of Venice.
  Merry wives of Windsor.
  Midsummer-night’s dream.
  Much ado about nothing.
  Richard III.
  Romeo and Juliet.
  Twelfth night.
  Two gentlemen of Verona.
  Winter’s tale.
Shannon, Charles. Youthful queen.
Sheil, R.L. Apostate.
Sheridan, R.B.B. Camp.
  School for scandal.
Sherwood, C.H. Cable car.
  Early bird.
Sidney, F.W. Brixton burglary.
Simon, J.P. Tomkins the Troubadour.
Simpson, J.P. Black sheep.
  Broken ties.
  Court cards.
  Daddy Hardacre.
  Creams of delusion.
Simpson, J.P. School for coquettes,
  Scrap of paper.
  That odious Captain Cutter!
  Time and the hour.
Siraudin, Paul. What tears can do!
Smale, Mrs. T.E. Compromising case.
Smith, Albert. Blanche Heriot.
  Cricket on the hearth.
Smith, Edmund. Phaedra and Hippolitus.
Smith, John. Alice the mystery.
  Pretty Jane! the cruel squire!! and Robin the Ploughman!!!
Smith, J.F. Court of Old Fritz.
  Sir Roger de Coverley.
Smith, J.W. Quack doctor.
Smith, S.T. Cut off with a shilling.
  Happy pair.
  His own enemy.
  My uncle’s will.
  Old cronies.
  Which is which?
Smith, S.F. Hypocrite.
Smith, W.H. Drunkard.
Soane-Roby, Bernard. Deserter in a fix.
Somerset, C.A. Maurice the Woodcutter.
  Mistletoe bough.
Southerne, Thomas. Oroonoko; 2d ed. 1699.
Souvestre, Émile. Mrs. Willis’s will.
Spaight, G. Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday.
Spooner, E.M. Obstinate family.
Statue lover; or, Music in marble.
Stephenson, B.C. Passport.
Stewart, J.C. 3 A.M.
Stirling, Edward. By royal command.
  Captain Charlotte.
  Devil’s daughters.
  Horatio Sparkins.
  Idiot of the mill!
  Kissing goes by favor.
  Nicholas Nickelby.
  Norah Creina.
  Pet of the public.
  Queen of Cyprus.
  Rag-picker of Paris.
  Trapping a Tartar.
Stocks up! Stocks down!  
Stocqueler, J.H. Object of interest.
Suter, W.E. Brigand of Calabria.
  “Brother Bill and me”.
Suter, W.E. Dick Turpin and Tom King.
  Highwayman’s holiday.
  John Wopps.
  Quiet family.
  Sarah’s young man,
Sutro, Alfred. Fascinating Mr. Vanderveldt.
  John Glayde’s honour.
  Walls of Jericho.
Swartout, N.L. Toastmaster.
Swayze, Mrs. J.C. Ossawattomie Brown.
Talfourd, Francis. Macbeth travestie.
  Pluto and Proserpine.
  Rule of three.
Talfourd, Sir T.N. Abon Hassan.
  Athenian captive.
  King Thrushbeard!
Tayleure, C.W. Horseshoe Robinson.
Taylor, Tom. American cousin.
  Babes in the wood.
  Blighted being.
  Fool’s revenge.
  Going to the bad.
  Helping hands.
  Henry Dunbar.
  Hidden hand.
  King’s rival.
  Lady Clancarty.
  Mary Warner.
  Masks and faces.
  New men and old acres.
  Nine points of the law.
  Overland route.
  “Payable on demand”.
  Plot and passion.
  Sister’s penance.
  “Still waters run deep”.
  Tale of two cities.
  Ticket-of-leave man.
  ‘Twixt axe and crown.
  Two loves and a life.
  Unequal match.
  Up at the hills.
  Vicar of Wakefield.
Terry, Daniel. Antiquary.
  Guy Mannering.
Thiboust, Lambert. Not if I know it!
Thomas, Augustus. Alabama.
  Oliver Goldsmith.
Thomas, Brandon. Highland legacy.
Thomas, Charles. Breaking the ice.
  Lady Fortune.
Thompson, Alfred. Columbus.
Thompson, C.P. Jack Robinson and his monkey.
Thornton, Henry. Bowl’d out.
  Meg’s diversion.
  One Tree Hill.
  Post boy.
Tinsley, Lily. Cinders.
To oblige Benson.  
Townley, James. High life below stairs.
Townsend, Charles. All tangled up.
  Broken fetters.
  Capt. Racket.
  Darkey wood dealer.
  Finnigan’s fortune.
  Perils of a great city.
  Rio Grande.
Townsend, W.T. Mutineer’s widow.
  Post captain.
Triplet, James. Call at no.1-7.
Truinet, C.L.E. Cup of tea.
Tuke, Sir Samuel. Adventures of five hours; 4th ed. 1704.
Twelve, Mellis. Turtle doves.
Vanbrugh, Sir John. Provok’d wife. 1709.
  Provoked husband.
  Relapse. 1708.
Varney, Louis. Les mousquetaires.
Vernon, Leicester. Lancers.
Walcot, C.M. Hiawatha.
Waldauer, Augustus. Fanchon the Cricket.
  Little barefoot.
Walker, C.E. Warlock of the glen.
Walkes, W.R. Pair of lunatics.
Wallack, Lester. Veteran.
Walton, C.M. Nothing to nurse.
Walzel, Camillo. Fatinitza.
Warren, T.G. Nita’s first.
Watson, T.M. “By special request”.
Webb, Charles. Belphegor the Montebank.
Webber, H.A. Man and wife.
Webster, Benjamin, the elder. Bird of passage.
  Caught in a trap.
  Dead heart.
  Devil’s violin.
  Golden farmer.
  Highways and byways.
  Modern Orpheus.
  One touch of nature.
  Queen of the market.
  Swiss swains.
Webster, Benjamin, the younger. Fast family.
  Private inquiry.
Webster, John. Duchess of Malfi.
White, Charles. Black chemist.
  Bogus Injun.
  Policy players.
White, James. Feudal times.
  King of the Commons.
Wigan, Horace. Always intended.
Wild, John. One, two, three.
Wilkins, J.H. Civilization.
Wilks, T.E. Black domino.
  Captain is not a-miss.
  Crown prince.
  Dream spectre.
  Jacket of blue.
  Michael Erle.
  Roll of the drum.
  State secrets.
  Wenlock of Wenlock.
Williams, H.L. Black magician.
  Darkey drama.
  Romeo of “The Gridiron”.
Williams, M.S. “B.B.”
  Turkish bath.
Williams, T.J. Dandelion’s dodges!
  Dunducketty’s picnic.
  Ici on parle français.
  I’ve written to Browne.
  Larkin’s love letters.
  Little sentinel.
  My turn next!
  Nursey Chickweed.
  On and off.
  Out to nurse.
  Silent protector.
  Smashington Goit.
  Tourist’s ticket.
  Trials of Tomkins!
  Turn him out.
  Ugly customer.
  Volunteer review.
  Who is who.
  Who’s to win him?
Willis, W.G. Hinko.
Winston, M.A. Rural ruse.
Woodworth, Samuel. Forest rose.
Wooler, J.P. Allow me to apologize.
  Faint heart which did win a fair lady.
  Hunt for a husband.
  Old Phil’s birthday.
  Orange blossoms.
  Rival beauties.
Woolf, B.E. Don’t forget your opera-glasses.
Worrell, James. Young waterman’s society.
Wycherley, William. Country girl.
  Country-wife. 1695.
  Gentleman dancing-master. 1702.
  Love in a wood. 1711.
  Plain-dealer; 7th ed. 1700.
Wylie, J.E. Snowed in.
Young, Sir C.L. Charms.
  That dreadful doctor!
  Yellow roses.
Young, Edward. Revenge.
Young, Mrs. R.J. Brown of Harvard.
Young, William. Rajah.
Your life’s in danger.