Emily Dickinson poems in The Norton Anthology of Poetry (5th ed.) for which Amherst College holds manuscripts.

Images of all 850 Dickinson manuscripts held in the Archives & Special Collections at Amherst College are freely available online via Amherst College Digital Collections (ACDC): https://acdc.amherst.edu/. This document lists all of the Dickinson poems included in The Norton Anthology of Poetry (5th edition) for which Amherst College holds at least one manuscript. All images in ACDC can be freely downloaded and/or printed free of charge for use in the classroom, or any other non-commercial purpose.

Boston Public Library has made their extensive holdings of Dickinson manuscripts available via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boston_public_library/sets/72157604466722178/

We have included links to the BPL documents that relate to those held at Amherst.

Published editions of Dickinson’s poems and letters from the nineteenth century are available through various online sources:

Poems (1890): http://archive.org/details/poemssucc00dickrich

Poems: Second Series (1891): http://archive.org/details/poemsbyemilyd00dickrich

Poems: Third Series (1896): http://archive.org/details/poemsbyemilydick00dickrich

Letters of Emily Dickinson (1894): http://archive.org/details/lettersofemilydi00dick

A Masque of Poets (1878): http://archive.org/details/masqueofpoets00lathrich

Atlantic Monthly (October 1891): http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/ndlpcoop/moahtml/title/lists/atla_V68I408.html

Franklin 112/Amherst 83 “Success is counted sweetest”

AC holds one of three extant manuscripts. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:8057

BPL’s ms is available online: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boston_public_library/2402678081/in/set-72157604466722178

First published: Brooklyn Daily Union, 27 April 1864; A Masque of Poets (1878); Poems (1890)

Franklin 202/Amherst 660 “’Faith’ is a fine invention”

AC holds one of three extant manuscripts, a letter to Samuel Bowles that includes the poem. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:6070

First published: Poems: Second Series (1891); Letters (1894)

Franklin 348/Amherst 85 “I would not paint a picture”

AC holds only extant manuscript. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:17618

First published: Bolts of Melody (1945)

Franklin 359/Amherst 85 and 96 “A bird came down the walk”

AC holds both extant manuscripts.

First published: Atlantic Monthly, October 1891; Poems: Second Series (1891)

Franklin 591/Amherst 84 “I heard a fly buzz when I died”

AC holds only extant manuscript. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:1457

First published: Poems: Third Series (1896); Ancestors Brocades (1945)

Franklin 895/Amherst 191, 831, and 66 “Further in summer than the birds”

AC holds three of five extant manuscripts.

Scripps College manuscript is online: http://ccdl.libraries.claremont.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/pal/id/1851/rec/3

BPL manuscript is online:

First published: Poems: Second Series (1891); Bolts of Melody (1945)

Franklin 905/Amherst 87 “Split the lark and you’ll find the music”

AC holds only extant manuscript. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:2831

First published: Poems (1890)

Franklin 935/Amherst 92 and 138 “As imperceptibly as grief”

AC holds two of four extant manuscripts.

BPL manuscript is online:

First published: Atlantic Monthly, October 1891; Poems: Second Series (1891)

Franklin 1096/Amherst 88 “A narrow fellow in the grass”

AC holds one of two extant manuscripts. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:3075

BPL holds letter from ED to Higginson in which she comments on the punctuation of the poem as published in the Springfield Republican:

First published: Springfield Daily Republican 14 February 1866; Springfield Weekly Republican 17 February 1866; Poems: Second Series (1891)

Franklin 1263/Amherst 372 “Tell all the truth but tell it slant”

AC holds only extant manuscript. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:12239

First published: Ancestors Brocades (1945); Bolts of Melody (1945)

F 1489/A 816, 32, 766, 833 “A route of evanescence”

AC holds four of six extant manuscripts.

BPL manuscript is online:

First published: Atlantic Monthly, October 1891; Poems: Second Series (1891); Letters (1894)

F 1577/A 378 “The Bible is an antique volume”

AC holds one of two extant manuscripts. https://acdc.amherst.edu/view/asc:11886

First published: The Life and Letters of Emily Dickinson (1924); Ancestors’ Brocades (1945)

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