The following out-of-copyright books on College history have been digitized and are available online. Additional books that address College-related topics can be found at

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College History

History of Amherst College during its first half century, 1821-1871 by W. S. Tyler, 1873

History of Amherst College during the administrations of its first five presidents, 1821-1891 by W. S. Tyler, 1895

A History of the Endowment of Amherst College by Stanley King, 1950

"The Consecrated Eminence" The Story of the Campus and Buildings of Amherst College by Stanley King, 1951

Sketches of the Early History of Amherst College by Heman Humphry, 1905

Reminiscences of Amherst College by Edward Hitchcock, 1863

A plea for a miserable world. An address, delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the building erecting for the charity institution in Amherst, Massachusetts, August 9, 1820 by Noah Webster, 1820

The Substance of Two Reports of the Faculty of Amherst College to the Board of Trustees, 1827

Exercises at the Semi-Centennial of Amherst College, 1871

Town of Amherst History

History of the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts by Carpenter and Morehouse, 1896

Handbook of Amherst by Frederick Hitchcock, 1891

Student Life

Student Life at Amherst College by George Cutting, 1871

Physical Culture in Amherst College by Nathan Allen, 1869

A Manual of the Gymnastic Exercises as Practiced by the Junior Class in Amherst College by Edward Hitchcock, 1884

A Glance at Amherst Athletics by Walter L. Tower, 1935

Sabrina: the class goddess of Amherst College by Max Shoop, c.1910

Sabrina: being a chronicle of the life of the goddess of Amherst College by Winthrop Hiram Smith, c.1921

"Sabrina Doesn't Live Here Any More" by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. Amherst, 37:5 (Spring 1985).

Amherst Alpha Delta Phi, 1837-1887

Songs of Amherst, 1860

Church of Christ in Amherst College, 1901

Amherst College Buildings and Grounds

A Visitor's Guide to the Public Rooms and Cabinets of Amherst College by Charles Hitchcock, 1862

Sunlight Pictures: Amherst: Artotypes by Edward Bierstadt, 1891

Opening of Walker Hall, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., October 20, 1870, 1871

Student and Alumni Publications

Amherst Life: Selections from Undergraduate Publications by Walter Savage Ball, 1896

An Amherst Book edited by Herbert E. Riley, 1896

Amherst Memories: A Collection of Undergraduate Verse of Amherst College edited by Allan MacNeill and John Clapp, 1890

Amherst Graduates' Quarterly
          Volume 1, 1911-1912
          Volume 2, 1912-1913
          Volume 3, 1913-1914
          Volume 4, 1914-1915
          Volume 6, 1916-1917
          Volume 7-9, 1917-1920
          Volume 10-11, 1920-1922
          Index to the complete Amherst Graduates' Quarterly, Volumes 1-38, 1911-1948

Amherst Magazine, 1998-Present
          Index to the Amherst Alumni News and Amherst Magazine, Volumes 1-56, 1949-2004

Academics and Curriculum

Amherst College Course Catalogs

The '85 Address, Together with some Newspaper and Magazine Articles Discussing the Amherst Idea, 1911

The Reply of the Trustees to the Class of Eighteen Eighty-Five, 1911

Preparation for Citizenship at Amherst College by Anson Daniel Morse, 1888

Pater Mundi, or, Modern science testifying to the Heavenly Father, being in substance lectures delivered to senior classes in Amherst College by Enoch Fitch Burr, 1870


Biographical Record of Amherst College, 1896

Record of the services of Graduates and Non-Graduates of Amherst College, in the Union Army or Navy during the War of the Rebellion by Edward P. Crowell, 1905

The Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima by Arthur Sherburne Hardy, 1891