Records Management at Amherst College

On April 21, 1979 the Amherst College Board of Trustees voted that “Records of permanent historical value should be deposited in the Archives of the College when retention in active files is no longer considered necessary by the Department, Committee, or Administrator responsible for the records.” Generally, non-electronic records designated for permanent retention should be deposited in the Archives for secure physical storage. The Archives’ staff works with units within the College to physically transfer materials to archival storage and to ensure easy access to original documents when necessary.

Some categories of College records are open to researchers, some require special permission for access, and some are absolutely confidential. These pages are intended to provide guidance for both units of Amherst College that generate records and for users interested in consulting College records.


Requests for official transcripts and certification letters are handled by the Office of the Registrar. Please see their Transcripts & Certifications page for instructions on how to request these materials.

Student Health Records

Student health records are retained for a limited time and are strictly confidential. Requests for health records must be made through Student Health Services. See "Requesting a copy of your medical records" on the Student Health Service web page for instructions.

Dean of Students Files

Files from the Dean of Students are maintained in perpetuity and are strictly confidential. Access to these files is only permitted when permission is granted directly from the Dean of Students Office.