Summer Science: Bioethics Seminar

Concept mapping / narrowing or broadening your search


Where to search?

The Googles vs. Google Scholar vs Discover vs subject databases vs the Five Colleges catalog

Which databases?

check the research guides for recommendations

Philosophy: philpapers.orgPhilosopher's Index

Medical: PubMedScienceDirect

Other: Academic Search PremierSocial Services Abstracts

What to Search?

one concept per box: kids OR children OR infants
* = truncation
"quotation marks" keep concepts together

then look for subject headings in records

How to Get It?

look for an article (is there an AC Links button? do we have access? do you need ILL?)

look for a book

ask for a purchase

What Next?

check for references

check your article or book in Google Scholar for sources that cite it