The Immigrant City

Spring 2013

Listed in: History, as HIST-251; Mark Clinton (Section 01)Francis G. Couvares (Section 01)

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  • Overview


I. Comparing Aggregate Data

  • Go to Social Explorer
  • Select the “maps” tab > U.S. Demographic Maps > Census 1790 – 2010
  • Select the "Find" button (looks like binoculars)
  • Search for Holyoke, MA and select the first option (Holyoke City, Hampden, MA) - once you get a map view, you can use the zoom tools to see individual streets
  • In the righthand menu bar you will see three pulldown menus - the first indicates the census year and geography, the second indicates the variable, and the third is a subcategory of that variable
  • You can change the census year and compare (using tracts) different variables for the same geographies to see how things have changed. There are tract divisions from 1940 through the present. For 1940 & 1950, use "County & Census Tract". For all other years, use "Census Tract". 
  • Click on the slides below the map to create a slideshow tracking change over time, or create reports for each decennial census for more precise numbers.

II. Potential topics (variables)

  • Age (i.e., 25-29, or 60-65)
  • Population density
  • Education (i.e., High School)
  • Unemployment (for some years this will be a category of "Employment")
  • Housing (i.e., owner-occupied)
  • Race (i.e., % White)