Applied Algorithms

Fall 2013

Listed in: Computer Science, as COSC-341; Catherine C. McGeoch (Section 01)

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This course guide provides resources to help you with your literature search assignment.  You can also access the library catalog, the Five Colleges library catalog, Discover, and other general searches by clicking on the "Library Quick Search" bar at the top of the course guide.


You will be presenting a paper that describes an algorithm for a particular problem.  Types of papers to look for: survey papers, new algorithm papers, and empirical analysis or experimental analysis papers.  Empirical analysis or experimental analysis papers are ideal for this assignment.


Topic areas:

  • Room assignment problem (graph coloring)
  • Ride board problem (vanpool, dial-a-ride)
  • Quadratic assignment problem (office location planning)
  • Combinatorial auctions
  • Knapsack problem


Some appropriate algorithm types:

  • Heuristic Search
    • Tabu Search
    • Simulated Annealing
    • Greedy
    • Hill climing
  • Branch & bound
  • Backtracking

Databases: Find articles, book chapters, e-books

ACM Digital Library (1947 to present)
Full-text articles and conference papers from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science.

INSPEC (1969 to present)
Index of publications in all areas of physics, engineering, and computer sciences.

USENIX Conference Proceedings
Online access to conference proceedings in the area of computer science

Web of Science (1984 to present)
Search thousands of journals across the sciences and social sciences and track cited references to locate more recent articles.


These journals and conference proceedings may be useful in your assignment and were recommended by your professor:



ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics

ORSA Journal on Computing

Operations Research


Conference Proceedings

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Proceedings - ALENEX

European Symposia on Algorithms (ESA)