Good Speech: Philosophy and Rhetoric in Theory and Practice

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Another handy way to determine where you can find archival materials related to a particular person or topic is to check the sources listed in a biography or other secondary work on your topic. Often the acknowledgements section of a secondary resource will highlight the most significant archival collections used by the author. Typically searching the Five Colleges Catalog for the individual's name as a Subject Keyword along with "Biography" will result in a fairly comprehensive list. 

Primary Sources (online)

Other examples include: 

Civil Rights Digital Library

Secondary sources will likely give you clues as to where an individual's archival collections might be found, but you can also search for common phrases such as: "digital collections", "papers", "archives", or "finding aid" (a finding aid is a description of an archival collection). 

    Primary Sources (print)

    Using the Advanced Search option in the Five Colleges Catalog, start by entering the individual's name in the first search box. You can copy and paste the following into the second search box as "Subject Keywords" [the 'or' between terms allows the catalog to search for any of the terms, not all of them]. "archival resources" or archives or correspondence or diaries or interviews or notebooks or sketchbooks or "personal narratives" or photographs or "pictorial works" or sources or speeches 

      Secondary Sources