Jewish History in the Modern Age

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Faculty: Adi Gordon (Section 01)

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Annotated Bibliographies:

Over the next few weeks, you'll be gathering and curating a list of sources for your annotated bibliography. Here are some resources that will help you think through how to structure your bibligraphy and what to include in your annotations:

Other useful resources:

Handout we used in class
List of recommended historical figures


    Relevant databases for contextual information:



      Entire works written about your figure:

      • In the 5 Colleges Catalog, use the "New Search" box in the top left corner, and enter the figure's name, with the last name first, separated by a comma (i.e.: arendt, hannah). Select "Subject begins with" from the drop-down menu (the default is "Keywords anywhere").
      • There will often be multiple subheadings that start with the figure's name (such as "Criticism and interpretation"), so you might browse the available options in case something stands out.
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