Anthropology and Sociology Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • Anthropology Plus (early 19th century to present)
    Index covering anthropology, archaeology, and related interdisciplinary research, compiled from Harvard's Anthropological Literature and the Royal Anthropological Society's Anthropological Index.
  • AnthroSource (1988 to present)
    Developed by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), AnthroSource indexes 100 years of anthropological material.
  • Sociological Abstracts (1952 to present)
    Covers the international literature in sociology and related disciplines.
  • Sociology Database (ProQuest) (1985 to present)
    Covers the international literature of sociology and social work, including culture and social structure, history and theory of sociology, social psychology, substance abuse and addiction and more.
  • Social Science Database (ProQuest)
    Covers academic literature for disciplines ranging from anthropology, sociology, and political science to communication, education, criminology, demography, economics and more.
  • Dissertations & Theses Global (ProQuest)
    Includes nearly 3 million searchable citations to dissertation and theses from around the world, offering full text for most of the 80,000 new dissertations added each year since 1997 and strong retrospective full-text coverage.
  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
    Website devoted to the rapid dissemination of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Women's Studies International (1972 to present)
    Interdisciplinary, covers the latest scholarship in feminist research.

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.

Primary Sources

Also see the Primary Sources research guide.
  • American Folklife Center Online Collections
    The American Folklife Center, a part of the Library of Congress, is one of the largest archives of ethnographic materials from the United States and around the world.
  • ArchiveGrid
    Primary-source collection descriptions from WorldCat records and archival finding aids.
  • Historical Newspapers (ProQuest)
    Combined search of the historic Boston Globe, Chicago Defender, Chinese Newspapers Collection, Hartford Courant, Los Angeles Times, New York Amsterdam News, New York Times, South China Morning Post, Times of India, and Washington Post.

Data & Stats

Locate data and statistical resources for research in this discipline.
  • ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
    World's largest archive of computerized social science data, provides abstracts and data.
  • Social Explorer (1790 to present)
    Access to data from the U.S. Census, American Community Survey, religious congregations, and other sources, with options to create thematic and interactive maps and reports.
  • China Statistical Yearbooks (1949 to present)
    Digital repository of statistical and census data published officially by the mainland Chinese government.
  • Statistical Insight (ProQuest)
    Searches U.S. federal government (1974-present), international intergovernmental (1983-present), state government and privately published documents (1981-present) that contain statistics. Many tables are available online as images or Excel files.
  • Historical Statistics of the United States
    Standard source for quantitative information about the U.S., updated and includes 37,000 data series.
  • iPOLL
    Database contains survey questions and answers asked in the US over the last 70+ years by more than 150 survey organizations. Create a personal registration for access to full features.

New Titles

Exemplary ethics in ancient Rome (Langlands, Rebecca, author.) Frost Library; BJ212 .L28 2018

The end of man : a feminist counterapocalypse (Zylinska, Joanna, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; GF86 .Z95 2018

The tales teeth tell : development, evolution, behavior (Smith, Tanya M., author.) Frost Library; GN209 .S55 2018

Upside-down gods : Gregory Bateson's world of difference (Harries-Jones, Peter, author.) Frost Library; GN21.B383 H372 2016

Stand up straight! : a history of posture (Gilman, Sander L., author.) Frost Library; GN231 .G55 2018

Through a glass brightly : using science to see our species as we really are (Barash, David P., author.) Frost Library; GN280.7 .B37 2018

Anthropology as social critique : its public role in the globalized world Frost Library; GN3 .A58 2018

Ethnographies of U.S. empire Frost Library; GN316 .E78 2018

Anthropology in the meantime (Fischer, Michael M. J., 1946-, author.) Frost Library; GN316 .F57 2018

Asking questions about Cultural Anthropology : a concise introduction (Welsch, Robert Louis, 1950-, author.) Frost Library; GN316 .W469 2019

New geospatial approaches to the anthropological sciences Frost Library; GN34.3.G46 N49 2018

Still points (Gardner, Robert, 1925-2014, photographer.) Frost Library; GN347 .G375 2018 x

Island rivers : fresh water and place in Oceania Frost Library; GN386 .I75 2018

Nomads and Soviet rule : Central Asia under Lenin and Stalin (Thomas, Alun (Historian), author.) Frost Library; GN387 .T465 2018

The Oxford handbook of material culture studies Frost Library; GN406 .O97 2018

Edible insects and human evolution (Lesnik, Julie J., author.) Frost Library; GN409.5 .L47 2018

Traditions, traps and trends : transfer of knowledge in Arctic regions Frost Library; GN451 .T73 2018

Diaspora, disasters, and the cosmos : rituals and images (Stewart, Pamela J., author.) Frost Library; GN473 .S74 2018

Why does patriarchy persist? (Gilligan, Carol, 1936-, author.) Frost Library; GN479.6 .G56 2018

Vexy thing : on gender and liberation (Perry, Imani, 1972-, author.) Frost Library; GN479.6 .P47 2018

Rule makers, rule breakers : how tight and loose cultures wire our world (Gelfand, Michele J., author.) Frost Library; GN493.3 .G45 2018

Attachment reconsidered : cultural perspectives on a western theory Frost Library; GN502 .A89 2013

Coastal Sierra Leone : materiality and the unseen in Maritime West Africa (Diggins, Jennifer, author.) Frost Library; GN585.S57 D54 2018

Growing up Aboriginal in Australia Frost Library; GN666 .G76 2018

Boomtown : runaway globalisation on the Queensland coast (Eriksen, Thomas Hylland, author.) Frost Library; GN667.Q4 E75 2018

First fieldwork : Pacific anthropology, 1960-1985 Frost Library; GN671.N5 F564 2018

The death of the Big men and the rise of the big shots : custom and conflict in East New Britain (Martin, Keir, author.) Frost Library; GN671.N5 M36 2013

Neolithic Britain : the transformation of social worlds (Ray, Keith (Keith W.), 1954- author.) Frost Library; GN776.22.G7 R39 2018

Oceans of archaeology Frost Library; GN784 .O34 2018

Against the grain : a deep history of the earliest states (Scott, James C.) Frost Library; GN799.A4 S285 2017

Breaking the surface : an art (Bailey, Douglass W. (Douglass Whitfield), 1963-, author.) Frost Library; GN799.B8 B35 2018

Petroglyphs, pictographs, and projections (Rogers, Richard A. (Richard Alleyne), 1965-, author.) Frost Library; GN799.P4 R67 2018

Forging communities : food and representation in medieval and early modern southwestern Europe Frost Library; GT2853.I16 F67 2018

Baking, bourbon, and black drink : foodways archaeology in the American Southeast Frost Library; GT2853.S646 B37 2018

Death across oceans : archaeology of coffins and vaults in Britain, America, and Australia Frost Library; GT3150 .D396 2018

Domestication gone wild : politics and practices of multispecies relations Frost Library; GT5870 .D66 2018

Migrant smuggling as a collective strategy and insurance policy : views from the margins Frost Library; H1 .A4 v.676

What census data miss about American diversity Frost Library; H1 .A4 v.677

Social theory, sport, leisure (Roberts, Kenneth, 1940-, author.) Frost Library; H61 .R595 2016

Social scientific research (Brancati, Dawn, author.) Frost Library; H62 .B73 2018

Understanding research in the digital age (Quinton, Sarah.) Frost Library; H62 .Q56 2018

Contemporary social psychological theories Frost Library; HM1011 .C66 2018

The Cambridge handbook of sociocultural psychology Frost Library; HM1033 .C34 2018

The Cambridge handbook of personal relationships Frost Library; HM1106 .C36 2018

The ecology of attention (Citton, Yves, author.) Frost Library; HM1176 .C5713 2017

Intercultural communicative competence in educational exchange : a multinational perspective (Fantini, Alvino E., 1936-, author.) Frost Library; HM1211 .F36 2019

Forms of pluralism and democratic constitutionalism Frost Library; HM1271 .F685 2018

The paradox of repression and nonviolent movements Frost Library; HM1281 .P36 2018

The new black sociologists : historical and contemporary perspectives Frost Library; HM477.U6 N49 2018

The Oxford handbook of Pierre Bourdieu Frost Library; HM479.B68 O94 2018

Familiar stranger : a life between two islands (Hall, Stuart, 1932-2014, author.) Frost Library; HM479.H35 A3 2017

Democracy in exile : Hans Speier and the rise of the defense intellectual (Bessner, Daniel, 1984- author.) Frost Library; HM479.S69 B47 2018

Mapping memory : visuality, affect, and embodied politics in the Americas (Murphy, Kaitlin M., author.) Frost Library; HM500 .M87 2019

Advocating weapons, war, and terrorism : technological and rhetorical paradox (Hill, Ian E. J. (Ian Edward Jackson), 1974- author.) Frost Library; HM554 .H56 2018

Regarding the pain of others (Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004.) Frost Library; HM554 .S65 2003

War, experience and memory in global cultures since 1914 Frost Library; HM554 .W3715 2018

The craft of writing in sociology (Balmer, Andrew S., 1983-, author.) Frost Library; HM569 .B35 2017

Pop culture freaks : identity, mass media, and society (Kidd, Dustin, author.) Frost Library; HM621 .K5293 2018

Scripted culture : digitalization and the cultural public sphere Frost Library; HM621 .S27 2018

The Oxford handbook of evolution, biology, and society Frost Library; HM628 .O94 2018

Call them by their true names : American crises (and essays) (Solnit, Rebecca, author.) Frost Library; HM671 .S656 2018

Social media and morality : losing our self control (Nelson, Lisa S., 1963-, author.) Frost Library; HM741 .N45 2018

Extremist propaganda in social media : a threat to homeland security (Erbschloe, Michael, 1951-, author.) Frost Library; HM742 .E73 2019

Selling social media : the political economy of social networking (Faltesek, Daniel, author.) Frost Library; HM742 .F35 2018

A networked self and love Frost Library; HM742 .N487 2018

Social media and civic engagement : history, theory, and practice (Robertson, Scott P., author.) Frost Library; HM742 .R63 2018

Waste : a new media primer (Simanowski, Roberto, author.) Frost Library; HM742 .S5739 2018

Social networks and surveillance for society Frost Library; HM742 .S635 2019

Twitter and tear gas : the power and fragility of networked protest (Tufekci, Zeynep, author.) Frost Library; HM742 .T84 2017

Twitterbots : making machines that make meaning (Veale, Tony, 1967- author.) Frost Library; HM743.T95 V43 2018

Super-sticky WeChat and Chinese society (Chen, Yujie, author.) Frost Library; HM743.W43 C44 2018

Categories we live by : the construction of sex, gender, race, and other social categories (Sveinsdóttir, Ásta, author.) Frost Library; HM753 .S94 2018

Mapping the social landscape : readings in sociology Frost Library; HM826 .M36 2018

Winners take all : the elite charade of changing the world (Giridharadas, Anand, author.) Frost Library; HM831 .G477 2018

Cultural evolution : people's motivations are changing, and reshaping the world (Inglehart, Ronald, author.) Frost Library; HM831 .I574 2018

Internet celebrity : understanding fame online (Abidin, Crystal, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .A238 2018

Identity and collaboration in World of Warcraft (Alexander, Phillip Michael, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .A42 2018

Network publicy governance : on privacy and the informational self (Belliger, Andréa, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .B455 2018

The qualified self : social media and the accounting of everyday life (Humphreys, Lee, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .H856 2018

Technologies of refuge and displacement : rethinking digital divides (Leung, Linda, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .L465 2018

China's digital nationalism (Schneider, Florian, 1977- author.) Frost Library; HM851 .S274 2018

Digicrimination--these are the good times (Tanşu, Okan, author.) Frost Library; HM851 .T357 2018

Technology, activism, and social justice in a digital age Frost Library; HM851 .T42995 2018

Social science theory for environmental sustainability : a practical guide (Stern, Marc J., author.) Frost Library; HM861 .S73 2018

Social movements and networks : relational approaches to collective action Frost Library; HM881 .S629 2003

Waves of social movement mobilizations in the twenty-first century Frost Library; HM881 .W39 2015

Screening protest : visual narratives of dissent across time, space and genre Frost Library; HM883 .S37 2018

Social interactions and status markers in the Roman world Frost Library; HN10.R7 S63 2018

The rise and fall of moral conflicts in the United States and Canada (Schwartz, Mildred A., author.) Frost Library; HN110.Z9 M6685 2018

A fiery flying roule : to all the inhabitants of the Earth, specially the rich ones Frost Library; HN18.3 .F54 2018

The Oxford handbook of well-being and public policy Frost Library; HN25 .O94 2016

Uneven social policies : the politics of subnational variation in Latin America (Niedzwiecki, Sara, author.) Frost Library; HN283.5 .N54 2018

The third bank of the river : power and survival in the twenty-first-century Amazon (Arnold, Chris Feliciano, 1981- author.) Frost Library; HN290.A4 A76 2018

Why people radicalize (Bos, Kees van den (Cornelis), 1965- author.) Frost Library; HN49.R33 B67 2018

Not all dead white men : classics and misogyny in the digital age (Zuckerberg, Donna, 1987- author.) Frost Library; HN49.R33 Z83 2018

Vulnerability politics : the uses and abuses of precarity in political debate (Oliviero, Katie, author.) Frost Library; HN59.2 .O36 2018

Liberalization and culture in contemporary Israel (Ofengenden, Ari, author.) Frost Library; HN660.Z9 G566 2018

The killing season : a history of the Indonesian massacres, 1965-66 (Robinson, Geoffrey, 1957-, author.) Frost Library; HN710.Z9 V568 2018

The rise of victimhood culture : microaggressions, safe spaces, and the new culture wars (Campbell, Bradley Keith, author.) Frost Library; HN90.M6 C358 2018

Where did you get this number? : a pollster's guide to making sense of the world (Salvanto, Anthony, author.) Frost Library; HN90.P8 S25 2018