Asian Languages and Civilizations Research Guide


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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies (1973 to present)
    Index to articles and books in Asian Studies, including humanities and social sciences.
  • China Academic Journals (1994 to present)
    Full-text articles from 7,200 journals in mainland China, including core journals and specialty journals. Amherst has a full-text subscription to the Humanities portion. (Chinese interface)
  • ChinaLawInfo/LawInfoChina (1949 to present)
    Extensive collection of Chinese laws, regulations and cases in Chinese (Chinalawinfo) and English/Chinese (Lawinfochina, English interface version accessible from main menu of database).
  • CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online (1991 to present)
    Comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. It publishes a wide range of scholarship from 1991 onward that includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs.
  • CiNii Articles (date coverage varies)
    Abstracts and some full text for over 1,000 academic journals published in Japan.
  • Historical Abstracts with Full Text (1955 to present)
    Scholarly literature about world history since 1450 (excluding the United States and Canada).
    Full-text backfiles of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
  • MLA International Bibliography (1926 to present)
    Covers critical scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore.
  • Project Muse
    Online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers. (Alumni access)
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
  • Cambridge Companions
    Surveys of authors, literary history, culture, and philosophy, all written by scholars. Relevant titles include: The Cambridge Companion to Modern Chinese Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture, The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology
  • Cambridge Histories
    Cambridge Histories Online includes several useful titles: Cambridge History of Ancient China, Cambridge History of China (15 vols.), Cambridge History of Japan (6 vols.), Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia, New Cambridge History of India, New Cambridge History of Islam (4 vols.), Arabic Literature in the Post-classical Period, Modern Arabic Literature, Cambridge History of Chinese Literature
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    70 reference e-books, including multivolume works like the Encyclopedia of Religion, American Decades, and more.
  • Han Yu Da Ci Dian
    Comprehensive Chinese word dictionary
  • JapanKnowledge Lib (date coverage varies)
    Collection of dictionaries and encyclopedia, full-text articles, video files, maps, images.
  • Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese character dictionary = Han yu xue xi zi dian
    Contains over 3,000 of the most frequently used Chinese characters and over 32,000 common words and expressions from the HSK proficiency test. CD-ROM contains interactive software with flashcard functions, stroke order animations, pronunciation audio, etc. Pinyin pronunciation provided for all words and phrases. Available in print in our Reference Collection.
  • Reference Universe
    Searchable index of the library's entire reference collection, both print and electronic.
Try these collections of historical and current newspapers (also see the News Research Guide or search the journal locator for specific titles).
  • Asahi Newspaper Database (1879 to present)
    A newspaper database for Asahi shinbun containing 12 million articles (as of Aug. 2010) published from 1879 to present. Also includes articles from the weekly magazines Aera as well as Shūkan Asahi, from the annual new-word dictionary Chiezō, Asahi shinbun jinbutsu dētabēsu, and Aashi shinbun rekishi shashin ākaibu.
  • China Core Newspaper Database (2000 to present)
    This resource collects articles published in over 700 Chinese-language newspapers across mainland China from 2000 onwards, updated daily. The Amherst College Library provides access to Series G & H.
  • FBIS: Federal Broadcast Information Service Daily Reports (1974-1996)
    News in translation (by the CIA) from radio, television, and newspapers around the world.
  • Historical Chinese Newspapers (ProQuest)
    English-language newspapers published in China. It spans 1832-1953, with most content from 1910-1940.
  • NAVER News Library (1920-1999)
    Archive from four major Korean newspapers: Dong-A Ilbo, Kyunghyang Shinmun, Maeil Business Newspaper, and Hankyoreh.
  • LexisNexis Academic (date coverage varies)
    Full-text federal and state laws, international legal materials, and law reviews. Also newspapers and business information.
  • Nikkei Telecom (1984 to present)
    Includes business news, company information, who's who with coverage since 1984.

Japan Times Digital Archive
The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper and the country’s only independent English-language newspaper today. The digital archive allows you to search the full text of all issues of The Japan Times published between March 1897 and 2014.
Current issues of the Japan Times Online can be found by searching for the title, or following this link.

Find collections of e-books and digital records of books online.
  • ChinaMaxx (1939 to present)
    Chinese e-book collection that works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. First 17 pages display for free. Users can click on the recommend button to ask the library to buy the full text. Click on the box to the right of the search box to browse and/or search the full collection.

Chinese Text Initiative -- by the University of Virginia, selected works of Chinese literature and poetry

Chinese Text Project -- focusing on pre-modern texts, open source digital library with over 20,000 titles

National Diet Library -- Japanese digital materials, including rare books, available online

National Digital Library of China -- various collections of e-books, documents, and rare materials

Project Gutenburg (Chinese section)

Project Gutenburg (Japanese section)

Locate data and statistical resources for research in this discipline.

Eurasian encounters : museums, missions, modernities (Asia-Europe Encounters: Intellectual and cultural exchanges 1900-1950 (2012 ; Singapore), author.) Frost Library; DS1.5 .A85 2012

Jerusalem, 1000-1400 : every people under heaven Frost Library; DS109.15 .J467 2016 x

German-Jewish thought and its afterlife : a tenuous legacy (Liska, Vivian, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; DS113 .L65 2017

Space and mobility in Palestine (Peteet, Julie Marie, author.) Frost Library; DS113.6 .P48 2017

Israel and its Palestinian citizens : ethnic privileges in the Jewish state Frost Library; DS113.7 .I853 2017

Connecting with the enemy : a century of Palestinian-Israeli joint nonviolence (Katz, Sheila H., author.) Frost Library; DS119.7 .K328 2016

Memory activism : reimagining the past for the future in Israel-Palestine (Gutman, Yifat, 1977-, author.) Frost Library; DS119.76 .G889 2017

A half century of occupation : Israel, Palestine, and the world's most intractable conflict (Shafir, Gershon, author.) Frost Library; DS119.76 .S526 2017

Z32 [videorecording] Frost Library; DS119.76 .Z32

Orientalizing the Jew : religion, culture, and imperialism in nineteenth-century France (Kalman, Julie, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DS125 .K265 2017

Yitzhak Rabin : soldier, leader, statesman (Rabinovich, Itamar, 1942-, author.) Frost Library; DS126.6.R32 R33 2017

The war of 1948 : representations of Israeli and Palestinian memories and narratives Frost Library; DS126.9 .W376 2016

The six-day war : the breaking of the Middle East (Laron, Guy, author.) Frost Library; DS127 .L39 2017

Mixed feelings : tropes of love in German Jewish culture (Garloff, Katja, author.) Frost Library; DS134.25 .G37 2016

Not in my family : German memory and responsibility after the Holocaust (Frie, Roger, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; DS134.255 .F74 2017

Girl : my childhood and the Second World War (Frankel, Alona, author.) Frost Library; DS134.72.F724 A313 2016

The Russian-Jewish tradition : intellectuals, historians, revolutionaries (Horowitz, Brian, author.) Frost Library; DS134.84 .H685 2017

When Sonia met Boris : an oral history of Jewish life under Stalin (Shternshis, Anna, author.) Frost Library; DS134.85 .S58 2017

The Jews of Nazi Vienna, 1938-1945 : rescue and destruction (Offenberger, Ilana Fritz, 1979- author.) Frost Library; DS135.A92 V54662 2017

The Jewish revolution in Belorussia : economy, race, and Bolshevik power (Sloin, Andrew, author.) Frost Library; DS135.B38 S59 2017

The right to difference : French universalism and the Jews (Samuels, Maurice, author.) Frost Library; DS135.F83 S25 2016

Stealing home : looting, restitution, and reconstructing Jewish lives in France, 1942-1947 (Fogg, Shannon Lee, author.) Frost Library; DS135.F84 F64 2017

"Pouring Jewish water into fascist wine" (Maryks, Robert Aleksander, author.) Frost Library; DS135.I8 M37 2017

Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic : blood and faith (Perelis, Ronnie, author.) Frost Library; DS135.S8 A165 2016

Survivors in Ukraine (Shore, Stephen, 1947-, photographer.) Frost Library; DS135.U43 A1675 2015 x

Jew (Baker, Cynthia M., author.) Frost Library; DS143 .B25 2017

Anti-Judaism, antisemitism, and delegitimizing Israel Frost Library; DS145 .A5985 2016

Europa gegen die Juden, 1880-1945 (Aly, Götz, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; DS146.E85 A48 2017

Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe : a shared story? Frost Library; DS146.E85 A576 2017

From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism (Chazan, Robert, author.) Frost Library; DS146.E85 C43 2016

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism in Turkey : from Ottoman rule to AKP (Aviv, Efrat, author.) Frost Library; DS146.T87 A93 2017

Zionism : a very short introduction (Stanislawski, Michael, 1952-, author.) Frost Library; DS149 .S6585 2017

Qatar : securing the global ambitions of a city-state (Roberts, David B. (David Bryn), author.) Frost Library; DS247.Q35 R63 2017

Iran : what everyone needs to know (Axworthy, Michael, author.) Frost Library; DS272 .A945 2017

Power, politics, and tradition in the Mongol Empire and the Īlkhānate of Iran (Hope, Michael (College teacher) author.) Frost Library; DS289 .H67 2016

Inside the Islamic Republic : social change in post-Khomeini Iran Frost Library; DS318.825 .I575 2016

Iran : stuck in transition (Ehteshami, Anoushiravan, author.) Frost Library; DS318.9 .E38 2017

The making of the modern Gulf states : Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman (Zahlan, Rosemarie Said, author.) Frost Library; DS326 .Z35 2016

End of the Asian century : war, stagnation, and the risks to the world's most dynamic region (Auslin, Michael R., 1967-, author.) Frost Library; DS35.2 .A875 2017

Art, trade and culture in the Islamic world and beyond : from the Fatimids to the Mughals Frost Library; DS35.63 .A78 2016 x

The Pan-Arab movement (Rihani, Ameen Fares, 1876-1940, author.) Frost Library; DS36.88 .R54 2008

Our latest longest war : losing hearts and minds in Afghanistan Frost Library; DS371.412 .O95 2017

The carpetbaggers of Kabul and other American-Afghan entanglements (Fluri, Jennifer L., author.) Frost Library; DS371.415 .F55 2017

Negotiating the siege of the Lal Masjid (Dolnik, Adam, author.) Frost Library; DS389 .D65 2016

Jihad as grand strategy : Islamist militancy, national security, and the Pakistani state (Kapur, S. Paul, author.) Frost Library; DS389 .K378 2017

Governance in Pakistan : hybridism, political instability, and violence (Khan, Sagheer Ahmad, author.) Frost Library; DS389 .K42 2016

Fī al-siyāsah wa-al-adab al-siyāsī (Farrāj, ʻAfīf. فراج، عفيف.) Frost Library; DS39 .F375 2008

Fractured tales : invisibles in Indian democracy (Nārāyaṇa, Badrī, author.) Frost Library; DS422.C3 N35 2016

Religion and modernity in India Frost Library; DS423 .R45 2017

Towards another reason : identity politics and ethical worlds in South India (Demmer, Ulrich, author.) Frost Library; DS432.J46 D46 2016

On uncertain ground : displaced Kashmiri pandits in Jammu and Kashmir (Datta, Ankur, author.) Frost Library; DS432.K27 D38 2017

Europe's India : words, people, empires, 1500-1800 (Subrahmanyam, Sanjay, author.) Frost Library; DS446 .S78 2017

When Stone Walls Cry : The Nehrus in Prison (Hasan, Mushirul, author.) Frost Library; DS463 .H393 2016

Different nationalisms : Bengal, 1905-1947 (Ghosha, Semantī, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DS485.B49 G46 2017

Of gardens and graves : Kashmir, poetry, politics (Kaul, Suvir, author.) Frost Library; DS485.K27 K38 2017

Contestations and accommodations : Mewat and Meos in Mughal India (Bhardwaj, Suraj Bhan, author.) Frost Library; DS485.M63 B43 2016

Gandhian nonviolent struggle and untouchability in South India (King, Mary E., author.) Frost Library; DS485.T7 K56 2015

Memoirs of roads : Calcutta from colonial urbanization to global modernization (Banerjee, Sumanta, author.) Frost Library; DS486.C2 B325 2016

Sri Lanka : the struggle for peace in the aftermath of war Frost Library; DS489.84 .S6945 2016

After the fall : Sri Lanka in victory and war (Tikku, Mohan K., author.) Frost Library; DS489.84 .T53 2016

Painting with light : photography at the Freer (Freer Gallery of Art, author.) Frost Library; DS5.5 .F74 2017

Portsmouth and its legacies Frost Library; DS517 .P67 2006

The history problem : the politics of war commemoration in East Asia (Saito, Hiro (Sociologist) author.) Frost Library; DS518.1 .S25 2017

China's hegemony : four hundred years of East Asian domination (Lee, Ji-Young (Professor of East Asian studies) author.) Frost Library; DS518.15 .L44 2017

Myanmar : a political history (Kipgen, Nehginpao, author.) Frost Library; DS530.4 .K56 2016

Việt Nam : a history from earliest times to the present (Kiernan, Ben, author.) Frost Library; DS556.5 .K53 2017

Vietnam's communist revolution : the power and limits of ideology (Vu, Tuong, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; DS556.8 .V85 2017

A great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA (Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976-, author.) Frost Library; DS557.8.L3 K87 2017

Enduring Vietnam : an American generation and its war (Wright, James Edward, 1939-, author.) Frost Library; DS558 .W76 2017

Hell no : the forgotten power of the Vietnam peace movement (Hayden, Tom, author.) Frost Library; DS559.62.U6 H39 2017

Dangerous grounds : antiwar coffeehouses and military dissent in the Vietnam era (Parsons, David L., author.) Frost Library; DS559.62.U6 P37 2017

Women's antiwar diplomacy during the Vietnam War era (Frazier, Jessica M., author.) Frost Library; DS559.8.W6 F73 2017

Year of the sword : the Assyrian Christian genocide : a history (Yacoub, Joseph, author.) Frost Library; DS59.A75 Y33713 2016

Middle East studies for the new millennium : infrastructures of knowledge Frost Library; DS61.9.U6 M52 2016

The age of jihad : Islamic State and the great war for the Middle East (Cockburn, Patrick, 1950-, author.) Frost Library; DS63.123 .C43 2016

The new Arab wars : uprisings and anarchy in the Middle East (Lynch, Marc, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DS63.123 .L96 2016

Sectarianization : mapping the new politics of the Middle East Frost Library; DS63.123 .S43 2017b

Margaret Thatcher and the Middle East (Bermant, Azriel, author.) Frost Library; DS63.2.G7 B47 2016

Envisioning the Arab future : modernization in U.S.-Arab relations, 1945-1967 (Citino, Nathan J., author.) Frost Library; DS63.2.U5 C55 2017

Imagining the Arabs : Arab identity and the rise of Islam (Webb, Peter, 1978- author.) Frost Library; DS63.6 .W43 2016

Arab nationalism : the politics of history and culture in the modern Middle East (Wien, Peter, author.) Frost Library; DS63.6 .W54 2017

American mestizos, the Philippines, and the malleability of race, 1898-1961 (Molnar, Nicholas Trajano, author.) Frost Library; DS666.A38 M65 2017

The other Philippine history textbook (Diaz, Christine L.) Frost Library; DS668 .D52 2009

Body parts of empire : visual abjection, Filipino images, and the American archive (Balce, Nerissa, author.) Frost Library; DS682 .A155 2016

American imperial pastoral : the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines (McKenna, Rebecca Tinio, author.) Frost Library; DS689.B2 M35 2017

Inheritance of loss : China, Japan, and the political economy of redemption after empire (Koga, Yukiko, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; DS740.5.J3 K615 2016

Four seasons : a Ming emperor and his grand secretaries in sixteenth-century China (Dardess, John W., 1937-, author.) Frost Library; DS753.6.M49 D37 2016

Luxurious networks : salt merchants, status, and statecraft in eighteenth-century China (Wu, Yulian (Historian) author.) Frost Library; DS754.12 .W8 2017

Merchants of war and peace : British knowledge of China in the making of the Opium War (Chen, Song-Chuan.) Frost Library; DS757.55 .C54 2017

Revolutionary nativism : fascism and culture in China, 1925-1937 (Clinton, Maggie, 1977- author.) Frost Library; DS777.48 .C59 2017

The art of cloning : creative production during China's Cultural Revolution (Pang, Laikwan, author.) Frost Library; DS778.7 .P37 2017

The killing wind : a Chinese county's descent into madness during the Cultural Revolution (Tan, Hecheng, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; DS778.7 .T35513 2017

CEO, China : the rise of Xi Jinping (Brown, Kerry, 1967-, author.) Frost Library; DS779.49.X53 B76 2016

The division of heaven and earth : on Tibet's peaceful revolution (Shokdung, author.) Frost Library; DS786 .S5483 2016

Debriefing the president : the interrogation of Saddam Hussein (Nixon, John (Middle East expert) author.) Frost Library; DS79.66.H87 N59 2016

A history of the Iraq crisis : France, the United States, and Iraq, 1991-2003 (Bozo, Frédéric, author.) Frost Library; DS79.75 .B6913 2016

Iraq : the cost of war (Greenstock, Jeremy, author.) Frost Library; DS79.757 .G74 2016

A history of the Great Wall of China (Jing, Ai, author.) Frost Library; DS793.G67 J55 2015

Material culture, power, and identity in ancient China (Wu, Xiaolong (Art historian), author.) Frost Library; DS793.H6 W8 2017

Tracing China : a forty-year ethnographic journey (Siu, Helen F., author.) Frost Library; DS793.S644 S58 2016