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Chinese Research Guide

Sharon H. Domier
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China Academic Journals (1994 to present)
Full-text articles from 7,200 journals in mainland China, including core journals and specialty journals. Amherst has a full-text subscription to the Humanities portion. (Chinese interface)

ChinaMaxx (1939 to present)
Chinese e-book collection that works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. First 17 pages display for free. Users can click on the recommend button to ask the library to buy the full text. Click on the box to the right of the search box to browse and/or search the full collection.


Han yu da ci dian
Comprehensive Chinese word dictionary

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online
English to non-English translations (and vice versa), phrases, some grammar, and more.

Web Resources

Classical Historiography for For Chinese History - course website by Benjamin Elman at Princeton U.

MCLC Resource Center - website for modern Chinese film, art, literature and culture maintained by Kirk Denton at OSU. Good place to start reading in English about China. See, in particular, book reviews and lists of translations.

If you want to do research on articles published in Taiwan, please use PerioPath.

Related Amherst College sites

Please note that a number of excellent English language books are available as e-texts through the Library's database page.

Cambridge Histories Online includes:

  • Cambridge History of Ancient China
  • Cambridge History of China(15 vols.)
  • Cambridge History of Chinese Literature