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Classics Research Guide

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  • Annee philologique (1959 to present)
    Index to articles and books about ancient authors, texts, history, art, and archeology.
  • Cambridge Companions Complete Collection
    Surveys of authors, literary history, culture, and philosophy, all written by scholars.
  • International Medieval Bibliography
    Comprehensive index of journal articles and books about Europe, North Africa, and the Near East from 300 to 1500.
    Full-text backfiles of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
  • Library of Latin Texts (240 BC to 1965)
    Texts from the beginning of Latin literature through to the texts of the Second Vatican Council.
  • Loeb Classical Library
    All 520 of the in-print Loeb volumes of Latin and Greek texts with up-to-date English translations on the facing pages, fully searchable and browseable. Create a user account to save searches, bookmarks, and annotations.
  • Project Muse
    Online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers. (Alumni access)
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

Classical Latin Texts
Essentially all Latin literary texts written before A.D. 200, with some from later antiquity; browse by author or search by word or using the concordance. From the Packard Humanities Institute. 

    Cities called Athens : studies honoring John McK. Camp II Frost Library; DF275 .C58 2015

    Rome's revolution : death of the republic and birth of the empire (Alston, Richard, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; DG254 .A47 2015

    Revisiting the origins of human rights Frost Library; JC571 .R4875 2015

    The intimacies of four continents (Lowe, Lisa.) Frost Library; JC574 .L688 2015

    Jiyū na kuni no kanmoku shakai (Itō, Yahiko, 1941- 伊藤弥彦, 1941-) Frost Library; JC599.J3 I75 2012

    Classical comedy (Rothfield, Tom.) Frost Library; PA3028 .R67 1999

    Epideictic rhetoric : questioning the stakes of ancient praise (Pernot, Laurent, author.) Frost Library; PA3038 .P458 2015

    Modes of viewing in Hellenistic poetry and art (Zanker, G. (Graham), 1947-) Frost Library; PA3083 .Z36 2004

    The gods rich in praise : early Greek and Mesopotamian religious poetry (Metcalf, Christopher, 1986- author.) Frost Library; PA3095 .M48 2015

    The tragedy of political theory : the road not taken (Euben, J. Peter.) Frost Library; PA3136 .E93 1990

    Vies de philosophes et de sophistes (Eunapius, approximately 345-approximately 420.) Frost Library; PA3972.E93 A7514 2009

    Bakkhai (Euripides.) Frost Library; PA3975.B2 C37 2015

    Euripides and the politics of form (Wohl, Victoria, 1966-, author.) Frost Library; PA3978 .W64 2015

    Herodotus's Scythians and Ptolemy's Central Asia : semasiological and onomasiological studies (Humbach, Helmut, 1921-) Frost Library; PA4004 .H96 2012

    Hesiod's Works and days : how to teach self-sufficiency (Canevaro, Lilah Grace, author.) Frost Library; PA4009.O7 C36 2015

    Etymological dictionary of Greek (Beekes, R. S. P. (Robert Stephen Paul)) Frost Library; PA422 .B44 2010

    Platonis opera (Plato.) Frost Library; PA4279 .A2 1899

    The Brill dictionary of ancient Greek (Montanari, Franco, compiler.) Frost Library; PA445.E5 M66 2015

    Dream, fantasy, and visual art in Roman elegy (Scioli, Emma, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; PA6059.E6 S37 2015

    The Poems of Catullus : an annotated translation (Catullus, Gaius Valerius, author.) Frost Library; PA6275.E5 T47 2015

    Assent and argument (Symposium Hellenisticum (7th : 1995 : Utrecht, Netherlands)) Frost Library; PA6296.A3 S96 1997

    Brill's companion to the reception of Cicero Frost Library; PA6346 .B74 2015

    A reading of Lucretius' De rerum natura (Fratantuono, Lee, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; PA6484 .F74 2015

    The afterlife of Ovid Frost Library; PA6537 .A5384 2015

    Laughing awry : Plautus and tragicomedy (Gunderson, Erik, author.) Frost Library; PA6585 .G86 2015

    The annals of Tacitus. Books 1-6. (Tacitus, Cornelius.) Frost Library; PA6705.A6 B1 2004

    Terence between late antiquity and the age of printing : illustration, commentary and performance Frost Library; PA6768 .T35 2015

    Fama and fiction in Vergil's Aeneid (Syson, Antonia Jane Reobone, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; PA6932 .S97 2013

    Der Jedermann im 16. Jahrhundert : die Hecastus-Dramen von Georgius Macropedius und Hans Sachs (Dammer, Raphael.) Frost Library; PA8547.M2 Z73 2007