Classics Research Guide

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  • Annee philologique (1959 to present)
    Index to articles and books about ancient authors, texts, history, art, and archeology.
  • Cambridge Companions Complete Collection
    Surveys of authors, literary history, culture, and philosophy, all written by scholars.
  • International Medieval Bibliography
    Comprehensive index of journal articles and books about Europe, North Africa, and the Near East from 300 to 1500.
    Full-text backfiles of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
  • Library of Latin Texts (240 BC to 1965)
    Texts from the beginning of Latin literature through to the texts of the Second Vatican Council.
  • Loeb Classical Library
    All 520 of the in-print Loeb volumes of Latin and Greek texts with up-to-date English translations on the facing pages, fully searchable and browseable. Create a user account to save searches, bookmarks, and annotations.
  • Project Muse
    Online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers. (Alumni access)
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
  • Amherst College Digital Collections
    Digitized art works, photographs, manuscripts, books, and other media from Amherst College Archives & Special Collections and the library’s Art & Architecture Collection.
  • ARTstor
    Image database including architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.
  • Bridgeman Education
    A visual resource offering digital images of art, history, and culture from museums, galleries, private collections, and contemporary artists.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

Classical Latin Texts
Essentially all Latin literary texts written before A.D. 200, with some from later antiquity; browse by author or search by word or using the concordance. From the Packard Humanities Institute. 

    The age of Alexander : ten Greek lives (Plutarch.) Frost Library; DF208 .P5513 2011

    Athens burning : the Persian invasion of Greece and the evacuation of Attica (Garland, Robert, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; DF225.55 .G37 2017

    The first European : a history of Alexander in the age of empire (Briant, Pierre, author.) Frost Library; DF234.2 .B74713 2017

    The rise of Athens : the story of the world's greatest civilization (Everitt, Anthony, author.) Frost Library; DF285 .E94 2016

    Ancient Rome : a new history (Potter, D. S. (David Stone), 1957-) Frost Library; DG209 .P67 2014

    Early Roman warfare : from the regal period to the First Punic War (Armstrong, Jeremy, author.) Frost Library; DG231.3 .A762 2016

    The age of Caesar : five Roman lives (Plutarch, author.) Frost Library; DG260.A1 P53 2017

    Freedom is a constant struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the foundations of a movement (Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-, author.) Frost Library; JC571 .D33275 2016

    Understanding contemporary American conservatism (Aberbach, Joel D., author.) Frost Library; JC573.2.U6 A25 2017

    On liberty (Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873.) Frost Library; JC585 .M6 1975

    Free speech : ten principles for a connected world (Garton Ash, Timothy, author.) Frost Library; JC591 .G38 2016

    Bodies of truth : law, memory, and emancipation in post-apartheid South Africa (Kesselring, Rita, author.) Frost Library; JC599.S6 K47 2017

    The shape of the Roman order : the republic and its spaces (Gargola, Daniel J., author.) Frost Library; JC83 .G37 2017

    An anthology of informal Latin, 200 BC-AD 900 Frost Library; PA2095 .A625 2016

    Novum glossarium mediae latinitatis : ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC Frost Library; PA2893.F7 N65 x

    The ancient emotion of disgust Frost Library; PA3014.A94 A53 2017

    Time in ancient Greek literature Frost Library; PA3015.T6 T65 2007

    Musse und Rekursivität in der antiken Briefliteratur : mit einem Ausblick in andere Gattungen (Musse und Rekursivität (Conference) (2014 : Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)) Frost Library; PA3042 .M87 2014

    Creative lives in classical antiquity : poets, artists and biography Frost Library; PA3043 .C74 2016

    Submerged literature in ancient Greek culture Frost Library; PA3052 .S83 2014

    Dichtung und Philosophie des frühen Griechentums. (Fränkel, Hermann, 1888-1977.) Frost Library; PA3057 .F7 1962

    Morts, tombeaux et cultes des poètes grecs (Kimmel, Flore.) Frost Library; PA3095 .K56 2013

    The Greek Epic Cycle and its ancient reception : a companion Frost Library; PA3105 .G75 2015

    Greek tragedies as plays for performance (Raeburn, D. A., author.) Frost Library; PA3131 .R28 2017

    The lost plays of Greek tragedy (Wright, Matthew (Matthew Ephraim) author.) Frost Library; PA3136 .W75 2016

    Tragedy on the comic stage (Farmer, Matthew C., author.) Frost Library; PA3201 .F37 2017

    Contemporary adaptations of Greek tragedy : auteurship and directorial visions Frost Library; PA3238 .C66 2017

    Rhetoric in tooth and claw : animals, language, sensation (Hawhee, Debra, author.) Frost Library; PA3265 .H35 2017

    Dialect, diction, and style in Greek literary and inscribed epigram Frost Library; PA3457 .D53 2016

    The suppliants (Aeschylus, author.) Frost Library; PA3825 .S7 1980

    Aelius Aristide écrivain Frost Library; PA3874.A7 Z5 2016

    Ctesias' Persica and its Near Eastern context (Waters, Matthew W. (Matthew William) author.) Frost Library; PA3948.C9 W38 2017

    The essential Herodotus : translation, introduction, and annotations (Herodotus, author.) Frost Library; PA4003 .E5 2017

    The Odyssey (Homer, author.) Frost Library; PA4025.A5 V47 2016

    Homer's allusive art (Currie, Bruno, author.) Frost Library; PA4037 .C87 2016

    Homer (Graziosi, Barbara, author.) Frost Library; PA4037 .G693 2016

    Experiencing Hektor : character in the Iliad (Kozak, Lynn, author.) Frost Library; PA4037 .K665 2017

    The life of Augustus ; and, The autobiography (Nicolaus, of Damascus author.) Frost Library; PA4250.N5 A28 2017

    The lesbian lyre : reclaiming Sappho for the 21st century (Duban, Jeffrey M., 1949-, author.) Frost Library; PA4409 .D77 2016

    Classical commentaries : explorations in a scholarly genre Frost Library; PA53 .C53 2016

    Why I killed my best friend (Michalopoulou, Amanta, 1966-) Frost Library; PA5624.I27 G5313 2014

    The poetics of late Latin literature Frost Library; PA6051 .P64 2017

    Humanism and the Latin classics (Manuzio, Aldo, 1449 or 1450-1515, author.) Frost Library; PA6163 .M36 2017

    The William Morris manuscript of the Odes of Horace (Horace, author.) Frost Library; PA6393 .C2 2016

    Prudentius and the landscapes of late antiquity (O'Hogan, Cillian, author.) Frost Library; PA6648.P7 O56 2016

    Staging memory, staging strife : empire and civil war in the Octavia (Ginsberg, Lauren Donovan, author.) Frost Library; PA6664.Z6 G56 2017

    Seneca (Star, Christopher, author.) Frost Library; PA6675 .S73 2017

    Statius, Thebaid 8 (Statius, P. Papinius (Publius Papinius) author.) Frost Library; PA6697.A4 A84 2016

    Studies on the text of Suetonius' 'De Uita Caesarum' (Kaster, Robert A., author.) Frost Library; PA6702 .K37 2016

    History after liberty : Tacitus on tyrants, sycophants, and republicans (Strunk, Tom, author.) Frost Library; PA6716 .S77 2017

    Mimetic contagion : art and artifice in Terence's Eunuch (Germany, Robert, author.) Frost Library; PA6768 .G47 2016

    Animal skins and the reading self in medieval Latin and French bestiaries (Kay, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; PA8275.B4 Z59 2017

    The correspondence of Erasmus (Erasmus, Desiderius, -1536, author.) Frost Library; PA8511.A5 E55 1974

    Erasmus, man of letters : the construction of charisma in print (Jardine, Lisa, author.) Frost Library; PA8518 .J36 2015