Economics Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles and reports in this discipline.
  • EconPapers
    A search engine for RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), EconPapers provides the largest collection of citations to working papers and journal articles in economics.
  • Country Commercial Guides
    Maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, this site provides reports on the political and economic climates of 125 countries.

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.

Primary Sources

Data & Stats

Locate data and statistical resources for research in this discipline.

New Titles

Migrant smuggling as a collective strategy and insurance policy : views from the margins Frost Library; H1 .A4 v.676

What census data miss about American diversity Frost Library; H1 .A4 v.677

Social theory, sport, leisure (Roberts, Kenneth, 1940-, author.) Frost Library; H61 .R595 2016

Social scientific research (Brancati, Dawn, author.) Frost Library; H62 .B73 2018

Understanding research in the digital age (Quinton, Sarah.) Frost Library; H62 .Q56 2018

The first serious optimist : A. C. Pigou and the birth of welfare economics (Kumekawa, Ian, author.) Frost Library; HB103.P54 K86 2017

Adam Smith : father of economics (Norman, Jesse, author.) Frost Library; HB103.S6 N67 2018

Handbook of computational economics Frost Library; HB135 .H356 1996

Principles of economics (Mankiw, N. Gregory.) Frost Library; HB171.5 .M264 2012

Superheroes and economics : the shadowy world of capes, masks and invisible hands Frost Library; HB172 .S88 2019

The path to a modern economics : dealing with the complexity of economic systems (Schwardt, Henning, author.) Frost Library; HB172.5 .S44 2017

The accursed share : an essay on general economy (Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962.) Frost Library; HB173 .B35513 1988

99 theses on the revaluation of value : a postcapitalist manifesto (Massumi, Brian, author.) Frost Library; HB201 .M343 2018

Urbanization with Chinese characteristics : the hukou system and migration (Chan, Kam Wing, author.) Frost Library; HB2114.A3 C398 2018

Economic essays : contributed in honor of John Bates Clark Archives and Special Collections; HB31 .E3 1927

The life project : the extraordinary story of 70,000 ordinary lives (Pearson, Helen, author.) Frost Library; HB3583.A3 P43 2016b

Demography and democracy : transitions in the Middle East and North Africa (Haghighat, Elhum, author.) Frost Library; HB3633.3.A3 H34 2018

Applied economic forecasting using time series methods (Ghysels, Eric, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; HB3730 .G459 2018

The Germany illusion : between economic euphoria and despair (Fratzscher, Marcel, author.) Frost Library; HB3789 .F7313 2018

Capitalism : the future of an illusion (Block, Fred L., author.) Frost Library; HC103 .B548 2018

A history of American state and local economic development : as two ships pass in the night (Coan, Ronald W., author.) Frost Library; HC103 .C565 2017

Gender and development in Nigeria : one hundred years of nationhood Frost Library; HC1055 .G44 2018

Smarter growth : activism and environmental policy in metropolitan Washington (Spiers, John H., author.) Frost Library; HC108.W3 S65 2018

Brazil's long revolution : radical achievements of the Landless Workers Movement (Pahnke, Anthony, author.) Frost Library; HD1333.B6 P33 2018

Dispossession without development : land grabs in neoliberal India (Levien, Michael, author.) Frost Library; HD1333.I4 L48 2018

Globalization and agriculture : redefining unequal development Frost Library; HD1417 .G63 2018

Life behind the lobby : Indian American motel owners and the American dream (Dhingra, Pawan, author.) Frost Library; HD2358.5.U6 D45 2012

Global business (Joshi, Mahesh K., author.) Frost Library; HD2755.5 .J678 2018

The control of trusts (Clark, John Bates, 1847-1938.) Archives and Special Collections; HD2795 .C5 1912

Gay, Inc. : the nonprofitization of queer politics (Beam, Myrl, author.) Frost Library; HD2798.M58 B43 2018

Demobilization of wartime economic controls (Clark, John Maurice, 1884-1963.) Archives and Special Collections; HD3616.U47 C53 1944

Waste of a nation : garbage and growth in India (Doron, Assa, author.) Frost Library; HD4485.I4 D67 2018

The future of work : robots, AI, and automation (West, Darrell M., 1954-, author.) Frost Library; HD4855 .W47 2018

Qu'est-ce que résister? : usages et enjeux d'une catégorie d'analyse sociologique Frost Library; HD5306 .Q47 2014

Remembering Lattimer : labor, migration, and race in Pennsylvania anthracite country (Shackel, Paul A., author.) Frost Library; HD5325.M62 S53 2018

Leading matters : lessons from my journey (Hennessy, John L., author.) Frost Library; HD57.7 .H4457 2018

Outsourcing welfare (Germano, Roy, author.) Frost Library; HD5701 .G47 2018

Learning better : public policy for skills development Frost Library; HD5715.5.L29 L43 2017

Bound for work : labor, mobility, and colonial rule in central Mozambique, 1940-1965 (Guthrie, Zachary Kagan, author.) Frost Library; HD5717.5.M85 G88 2018

Temp : how American work, American business, and the American dream became temporary (Hyman, Louis, 1977-, author.) Frost Library; HD5854.2.U6 H96 2018

Facing barriers : Palestinian women in a Jewish-dominated labor market (Kraus, Vered, author.) Frost Library; HD6182.2 .K69 2018

The Jewish unions in America : pages of history and memories (Ṿaynshṭeyn, B., 1866-1946, author.) Frost Library; HD6508 .W3513 2018

Sal si puedes (escape if you can) : Cesar Chavez and the new American revolution (Matthiessen, Peter, author.) Frost Library; HD6509.C48 M38 2014

Labor politics in Latin America : democracy and worker organization in the neoliberal era (Posner, Paul W., author.) Frost Library; HD6530.5 .P67 2018

Team writing : a guide to working in groups (Wolfe, Joanna, author.) Frost Library; HD66 .W645 2010

Contesting authoritarianism : labor challenges to the state in Egypt (Bishara, Dina, author.) Frost Library; HD6863 .B57 2018

Small is necessary : shared living on a shared planet (Nelson, Anitra, author.) Frost Library; HD7287.85 .N45 2018

Manufactured insecurity : mobile home parks and Americans' tenuous right to place (Sullivan, Esther, 1981- author.) Frost Library; HD7289.62.U6 S85 2018

Segregation by design : local politics and inequality in American cities (Trounstine, Jessica, author.) Frost Library; HD7293 .T735 2018

From summits to solutions : innovations in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals Frost Library; HD75.6 .F77 2018

America : the farewell tour (Hedges, Chris, author.) Frost Library; HD8072.5 .H43 2018

Heartland : a memoir of working hard and being broke in the richest country on Earth (Smarsh, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; HD8073.S637 A3 2018

High-skilled migration to the United States and its economic consequences Frost Library; HD8081.A5 H54 2018

Mexican workers and the making of Arizona Frost Library; HD8081.M6 M48 2018

Reconsidering southern labor history : race, class, and power Frost Library; HD8083.S9 R43 2018

How growth really happens (Best, Michael H., author.) Frost Library; HD82 .B463 2018

Economic institutions and human welfare (Clark, John Maurice, 1884-1963.) Archives and Special Collections; HD82 .C554 1957

Guideposts in time of change (Clark, John Maurice, 1884-1963.) Archives and Special Collections; HD82 .C56 1949

Puerto Rican labor history, 1898-1934 : revolutionary ideals and reformist politics (Sanabria, Carlos, 1950- author.) Frost Library; HD8236 .S26 2018

Beyond the vanguard : everyday revolutionaries in Allende's Chile (Schlotterbeck, Marian, author.) Frost Library; HD8298 .S35 2018

Eleanor Marx (Kapp, Yvonne, 1903-1999, author.) Frost Library; HD8393.A9 K36 2018

Tight knit : global families and the social life of fast fashion (Krause, Elizabeth L., author.) Frost Library; HD8488.C5 K73 2018

The neoliberal diet : healthy profits, unhealthy people (Otero, Gerardo, author.) Frost Library; HD9000.5 .O867 2018

Eating NAFTA : trade, food policies, and the destruction of Mexico (Gálvez, Alyshia, author.) Frost Library; HD9014.M62 G355 2018

Land, power, and the sacred : the estate system in medieval Japan Frost Library; HD914 .L36 2018

Banana cowboys : the United Fruit Company and the culture of corporate colonialism (Martin, James W., 1972- author.) Frost Library; HD9259.B3 U547 2018

The shape of wine : its packaging evolution (Work, Henry., author.) Frost Library; HD9370.5 .W67 2019

The global interior : mineral frontiers and American power (Black, Megan, 1987- author.) Frost Library; HD9506 .B46 2018

After the fall : energy security, sustainable development, and the environment Frost Library; HD9560.4 .A37 2018

Saudi, Inc. : the Arabian kingdom's pursuit of profit and power (Wald, Ellen R. (Ellen Rose), 1981- author.) Frost Library; HD9576.S35 A78 2018

De la terre & des hommes : la tuilerie des Milles d'Aix-en-Provence, 1882-2006 (Grésillon, Boris.) Frost Library; HD9605.F73 P76 2007

Complicit Frost Library; HD9696.A2 C66

Waterfront Manhattan : from Henry Hudson to the high line (Schlichting, Kurt C., author.) Frost Library; HE554.N7 S35 2018

Channeling the state : community media and popular politics in Venezuela (Schiller, Naomi, 1978- author.) Frost Library; HE8700.76.V4 S35 2018

The television code : regulating the screen to safeguard the industry (Jaramillo, Deborah Lynn, 1976-, author.) Frost Library; HE8700.8 .J37 2018

A nation on the line : call centers as postcolonial predicaments in the Philippines (Padios, Jan M., 1979-, author.) Frost Library; HE8789.P6 P33 2018

Discreet power : how the World Economic Forum shapes market agendas (Garsten, Christina, author.) Frost Library; HF1359 .G37 2018

Global economics : a holistic approach (Thies, Clifford F., author.) Frost Library; HF1359 .T447 2018

Trade battles : activism and the politicization of international trade policy (Kay, Tamara, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; HF1379 .K384 2018

Trump, trade, and the end of globalization (Jacoby, David S., author.) Frost Library; HF1713 .J23 2018

Free trade agreements and globalisation : in the shadow of Brexit and Trump (Melchior, Arne, author.) Frost Library; HF1713 .M45 2018

In defense of openness : why global freedom is the humane solution to global poverty (Van der Vossen, Bas, 1979-, author.) Frost Library; HF1713 .V285 2018

Lobbyists and the making of US tariff policy, 1816-1861 (Peart, Daniel, 1985-, author.) Frost Library; HF1756 .P37 2018

Rome and the Indian Ocean trade from Augustus to the early third century CE (Cobb, Matthew Adam, author.) Frost Library; HF386 .C63 2018

Trade and civilisation Frost Library; HF395 .T73 2018

Supermarket USA : food and power in the Cold War farms race (Hamilton, Shane, 1976-, author.) Frost Library; HF5469.23.U62 H36 2018

Inside affirmative action : the executive order that transformed America's workforce (Pedrick, Karin Williamson, author.) Frost Library; HF5549.5.A34 P43 2019

Fading ads of Detroit (Allen, Robert C., 1984- author.) Frost Library; HF5813.U6 A45 2018

The adman's dilemma : from Barnum to Trump (Rutherford, Paul, 1944-, author.) Frost Library; HF5821 .R88 2018

Cash and dash : how atms and computers changed banking (Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo, author.) Frost Library; HG1709 .B38 2018

Unelected power : the quest for legitimacy in central banking and the regulatory state (Tucker, Paul M. W., 1958-, author.) Frost Library; HG1725 .T83 2018

Financializing poverty : labor and risk in Indian microfinance (Kar, Sohini, author.) Frost Library; HG178.33.I4 K37 2018

Dance of the trillions : developing countries and global finance (Lubin, David, 1963- author.) Frost Library; HG195 .L83 2018

City of debtors : a century of fringe finance (Fleming, Anne, 1979-, author.) Frost Library; HG3711.U6 F55 2018

Land of the fee : hidden costs and the decline of the American middle class (Fergus, Devin, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; HG3756.U54 F47 2018

Going broke : why Americans (still) can't hold on to their money (Vyse, Stuart A., author.) Frost Library; HG3766 .V97 2019

Resetting the international monetary (non)system (Ocampo, José Antonio, author.) Frost Library; HG3881 .O267 2017

The gender effect : capitalism, feminism, and the corporate politics of development (Moeller, Kathryn, author.) Frost Library; HG4028.C6 M64 2018

Hedge funds : structure, strategies, and performance Frost Library; HG4530 .H38834 2017

The national debt : a short history (Slater, Martin, author.) Frost Library; HJ9431 .S53 2018