English Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • British Periodicals
    Searchable full text of hundreds of British periodicals from the late 17th century to the early 20th, with high-resolution facsimile page images.
  • EEBO: Early English Books Online (1473-1700)
    Full text of over 125,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640), Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700), and the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661).
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) (1701-1800)
    Page images and full-text searching for more than 136,000 key English- and foreign-language titles printed in Great Britain during the 18th century, based on the English Short Title Catalogue.
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) (1780-1925)
    Full-text, searchable content from a broad range of 19th-century sources in literature, politics, theater, music, religion, maps, science, and childhood
  • Early American Imprints, Series I, Evans (1639-1800)
    Books, pamphlets, broadsides and other imprints listed in the renowned bibliography by Charles Evans.
  • Early American Imprints. Series II, Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)
    Books, pamphlets, broadsides and other imprints listed in the distinguished bibliography by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker.
  • Romanticism
    Collection of working notebooks, verse manuscripts, and correspondence of William Wordsworth and his fellow writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey, as well as diaries, travel journals, autograph albums, guide books, fine art and maps.
  • American Slavery Collection (1820-1922)
    This digital edition of the American Antiquarian Society's holdings of slavery and abolition materials delivers more than 3,500 works published over the course of more than 100 years.
  • American Periodicals (1740-1940)
    Digitized reproductions of more than 1,100 18th and 19th century newspapers and periodicals.
  • Loeb Classical Library
    All 520 of the in-print Loeb volumes of Latin and Greek texts with up-to-date English translations on the facing pages, fully searchable and browseable. Create a user account to save searches, bookmarks, and annotations.
Try these collections of historical and current newspapers (also see the News Research Guide or search the journal locator for specific titles).
  • America's Historical Newspapers (1690-1980)
    Searchable archive of American newspapers including Early American Newspapers (1690-1922) and Hispanic American Newspapers (1808-1980).
  • Caribbean Newspapers (1718-1876)
    Fully searchable digitized collection of 18th- and 19th-century Caribbean newspapers, including 66 titles from 22 islands
  • American Periodicals (1740-1940)
    Digitized reproductions of more than 1,100 18th and 19th century newspapers and periodicals.
  • Hispanic American Newspapers (1808-1980)
    Full-text collection of Spanish-language and bilingual newspapers printed across the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Global Newsstream (ProQuest)
    Search the most recent global news, including major US dailies, with archives that stretch back into the 1980s from over 2,700 news sources that include newspapers, newswires, television and radio transcripts, blogs, and more in full-text format.
  • Access World News (Newsbank) (date coverage varies)
    Electronic editions of over 2,600 local, regional, and national U.S. newspapers as well as 1,500 international sources. Fully searchable and browsable by map.
  • Folger Digital Texts
    Reliable, expertly edited, free digital Shakespeare texts from the Folger Shakespeare Library for use by researchers for online reading, downloading, and searching.
  • Internet Archive texts
    More than 15 million digitized texts and growing, freely viewable and downloadable.
  • Hathi Trust Digital Library
    A preservation repository of full text books & journals which allows the searching and downloading of public-domain books and Specialized services for text mining projects. Only public domain volumes are fully viewable online and allow partial downloading. Click "log In" and choose Amherst College from the list of institutions to get access to additional features and tools.

Linguistic content : new essays on the history of philosophy of language Frost Library; P107 .L556 2015

Composition, rhetoric, and disciplinarity Frost Library; PE1404 .C62557 2018

Deep reading : teaching reading in the writing classroom Frost Library; PE1404 .D3875 2017

Understanding writing transfer Frost Library; PE1404 .U74 2017

Writing analytically (Rosenwasser, David, author.) Frost Library; PE1408 .R69 2019

Classical reception and children's literature : Greece, Rome and childhood transformation Frost Library; PN1009.A1 C54 2018

An ecology of the Russian avant-garde picturebook (Weld, Sara Pankenier, author.) Frost Library; PN1009.R8 W45 2018

Poetry and animals : blurring the boundaries with the human (Oerlemans, Onno, 1961-, author.) Frost Library; PN1083.A5 O37 2018

Objects observed : the poetry of things in twentieth-century France and America (Stout, John Cameron, author.) Frost Library; PN1083.O25 S76 2018

Chance particulars (Taber, Sara Mansfield, author.) Frost Library; PN147 .T31 2018

Mit dem Schreiben anfangen (Ortheil, Hanns-Josef.) Frost Library; PN189 .O78 2017

European literary history : an introduction Frost Library; PN201 .E87 2018

Senses of style : poetry before interpretation (Dolven, Jeffrey Andrew, author.) Frost Library; PN203 .D65 2017

Essays on theatre and change : towards a poetics of (Gotman, Kélina, author.) Frost Library; PN2039 .G635 2017

Performed ethnography and communication : improvisation and embodied experience (Madison, D. Soyini, author.) Frost Library; PN2041.A57 M33 2018

A new practical guide to rhetorical gesture and action (National Theater of the United States of America, author.) Frost Library; PN2071.G4 N38 2017

Viral performance : contagious theaters from modernism to the digital age (Felton-Dansky, Miriam, author.) Frost Library; PN2193.E86 F45 2018

Intermediality in theatre and performance Frost Library; PN2193.E86 I58 2006

Theaters of the everyday : aesthetic democracy on the American stage (Gallagher-Ross, Jacob, author.) Frost Library; PN2266 .G26 2018

The theatrical career of Samuel Morgan Smith (Lindfors, Bernth, author.) Frost Library; PN2287.S6128 L56 2018

Robin (Itzkoff, Dave, author.) Frost Library; PN2287.W473 I89 2018

Performance studies in Canada Frost Library; PN2301 .P47 2017

Theatre and cartographies of power : repositioning the Latina Frost Library; PN2309 .T476 2018

Commedia dell'arte in context Frost Library; PN2671 .C66 2018

La place du prince (Marciak, Dorothée.) Frost Library; PN2686.F5 M373 2005

Narratology and ideology : negotiating context, form, and theory in postcolonial narratives Frost Library; PN3331 .N28 2018

Elements of surprise : our mental limits and the satisfactions of plot (Tobin, Vera, 1975-, author.) Frost Library; PN3378 .T53 2018

Science fiction : a literary history Frost Library; PN3433.8 .S353 2017

Horror literature and dark fantasy : challenging genres Frost Library; PN3435 .H66 2018

More than true : the wisdom of fairy tales (Bly, Robert, author.) Frost Library; PN3437 .B59 2018

Present : a techie's guide to public speaking (Vijayashanker, Poornima.) Frost Library; PN4129.15 .V54 2015

Rhetoric, history, and women's oratorical education : American women learn to speak Frost Library; PN4192.W65 R44 2013

Überlebenskünstler : 99 literarische Vignetten aus dem 20. Jahrhundert (Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, author.) Frost Library; PN462 .E59 2018

How to suppress women's writing (Russ, Joanna, 1937-2011, author.) Frost Library; PN471 .R87 2018

Narradores del caos : las apuestas de la crónica latinoamericana contemporánea (Correa S., Carlos Mario (Correa Soto), author.) Frost Library; PN4759 .C673 2017

Misunderstanding news audiences : seven myths of the social media era (Elvestad, Eiri, author.) Frost Library; PN4784.N48 E48 2018

Writing a riot : riot grrrl zines and feminist rhetorics (Buchanan, Rebekah J., 1972-, author.) Frost Library; PN4836 .B83 2018

Deep South dispatch : memoir of a civil rights journalist (Herbers, John, author.) Frost Library; PN4874.H47 A3 2018

American little magazines of the Fin de Siècle : art, protest, and cultural transformation (MacLeod, Kirsten, 1969-, author.) Frost Library; PN4878.3 .M33 2018

The Trump presidency, journalism, and democracy Frost Library; PN4888.P6 T78 2018

The struggle for the soul of journalism : the pulpit versus the press, 1833-1923 (Rodgers, Ronald R., author.) Frost Library; PN4888.R4 R48 2018

Psyche and ethos : moral life after psychology (Anderson, Amanda, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PN49 .A525 2018

The art of distances : ethical thinking in twentieth-century literature (Stan, Corina, author.) Frost Library; PN49 .S674 2018

The Times great letters : a century of notable correspondence Frost Library; PN5124.L4 T56 2017

The British underground press of the Sixties : a catalogue (Birch, James, author.) Frost Library; PN5124.U53 B57 2017 x

Everyday lives of Ottoman Muslim women (Zeren-Enis, Ayşe, 1986-, author.) Frost Library; PN5355.T84 H369 2013

The transformation of investigative journalism in China : from journalists to activists (Wang, Haiyan, 1977-, author.) Frost Library; PN5367.I58 W36 2016

African heartbeat : transatlantic literary and cultural dynamics (Watanabe, Nancy Ann, author.) Frost Library; PN56.3.A39 W38 2018

Rome n'est plus dans Rome : formule magique pour un centre perdu (Imbert, Christophe.) Frost Library; PN56.3.R6 I43 2011

Making strangers : outsiders, aliens and foreigners Frost Library; PN56.5.S75 M35 2018

Récit de vie, récit de soi Frost Library; PN56.A89 R43 2018

Literature and emotion (Hogan, Patrick Colm, author.) Frost Library; PN56.E6 H63 2018

Echoes of a queer messianic : from Frankenstein to Brokeback Mountain (Block, Richard O., author.) Frost Library; PN56.H57 B56 2018

Poetry and islands : materiality and the creative imagination (Patke, Rajeev S. (Rajeev Shridhar) author.) Frost Library; PN56.I7 P38 2018

Heretics of language (Schwabsky, Barry, author.) Frost Library; PN56.L27 S393 2017

English mythography in its European context, 1500 - 1650 (Hartmann, Anna-Maria, author.) Frost Library; PN56.M95 H37 2018

Hearing things : the work of sound in literature (Leighton, Angela, 1954-, author.) Frost Library; PN56.S47 L45 2018

Gaze, memory, and gender in narrative from ancient to modern (Kupper, Nelly G., author.) Frost Library; PN56.V543 K87 2018

Black lives, black words Frost Library; PN6119.7 .B53 2017

The comic event : comedic performance from the 1950s to the present (Roof, Judith, 1951-, author.) Frost Library; PN6147 .R66 2018

A companion to satire : ancient and modern Frost Library; PN6149.S2 C64 2011

Literature and error : a literary take on mistakes and errors Frost Library; PN6231.B8 L58 2018

Assembling the Marvel cinematic universe : essays on the social, cultural and geopolitical domains Frost Library; PN6725 .A87 2018

Everything is flammable (Bell, Gabrielle, author.) Frost Library; PN6727.B3775 Z46 2017

Sabrina (Drnaso, Nick, author, illustrator.) Frost Library; PN6727.D76 S25 2018

Fetch : how a bad dog brought me home : a graphic memoir (Georges, Nicole J., author, artist.) Frost Library; PN6727.G466 Z46 2017

We ate Wonder Bread : a memoir of growing up on the west side of Chicago (Hollander, Nicole, author, illustrator.) Frost Library; PN6727.H65 Z46 2018

Herbie. Volume 1 (Hughes, Richard E., 1909-1974.) Frost Library; PN6727.H844 H47 2008

Love that bunch (Kominsky-Crumb, Aline, 1948-, artist, author.) Frost Library; PN6727.K655 Z46 2018

The comics of Charles Schulz : the good grief of modern life Frost Library; PN6727.S3 Z66 2017

Saga (Vaughan, Brian K., author.) Frost Library; PN6727.V387 S24 2012

The Nameless City (Hicks, Faith Erin, author, illustrator.) Frost Library; PN6734.N36 H53 2016

Yellow negroes and other imaginary creatures, 1995-2017 (Alagbé, Yvan, author, artist.) Frost Library; PN6747.A53 N4413 2018

Valmiki's Ramayana : the great Indian epic Frost Library; PN6790.I443 A43 2008

My brother's husband (Tagame, Gengoroh, 1964- author, artist. 田亀源五郎, 1964- author, artist.) Frost Library; PN6790.J33 T255613 2017

Hayate, the combat butler. Vol. 9 (Hata, Kenjirō, 1975-) Frost Library; PN6790.J34 H39 2008

Posthumanism and the graphic novel in Latin America (King, Edward, 1981-, author.) Frost Library; PN6790.L29 K56 2017

The Longman anthology of British literature Frost Library; PR1109 .L69 2012

Sir Bevis of Hampton Frost Library; PR1119 .A2

The Broadview anthology of seventeenth-century verse & prose Frost Library; PR1127 .B76 2000

The poetry cure Frost Library; PR1195.M33 P64 2005

Spring phantoms : short prose by 19th century British & American authors Frost Library; PR1301 .S67 2018

Natasha's dress : language of literature, language of fashion (Colaiacomo, Paola, author.) Frost Library; PR149.C67 C65 2018

Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture (Paz, James, author.) Frost Library; PR173 .P39 2017

Undoing Babel : the Tower of Babel in Anglo-Saxon literature (Major, Tristan, author.) Frost Library; PR179.B33 M35 2018

Compelling God : theories of prayer in Anglo-Saxon England (Clark, Stephanie, 1975-, author.) Frost Library; PR179.P73 C63 2018

Alexander and Dindimus Frost Library; PR2065 .A16 2017

The palimpsest : literature, criticism, theory (Dillon, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; PR21.D56 P3 2014

Richard Rolle's Melody of love : a study and translation with manuscript and musical contexts (Albin, Andrew, author, translator.) Frost Library; PR2136 .A43 2018

Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay; (Greene, Robert, 1558-1592.) Frost Library; PR2544 .F7 1969

An edition of The late Lancashire witches (Heywood, Thomas, approximately 1574-1641.) Frost Library; PR2574 .L3 1979

Doctor Faustus (Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593.) Frost Library; PR2664.A2 B37 2010

The witch (Middleton, Thomas, -1627.) Frost Library; PR2714 .W5 1994

Julius Caesar and me : exploring Shakespeare's African play (Joseph, Paterson, author.) Frost Library; PR2808 .J67 2018

King John (Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.) Frost Library; PR2818.A2 L36 2018

The merchant of Venice (Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.) Frost Library; PR2825.A2 M34 2018

Othello (Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616, author.) Frost Library; PR2829.A2 S26 2018

Mapping Shakespeare : an exploration of Shakespeare's world through maps (Black, Jeremy, 1955-, author.) Frost Library; PR3014 .B533 2018 x

Shakespeare's artists : the painters, sculptors, poets, and musicians in his plays and poems (Sokol, B. J., author.) Frost Library; PR3034 .S65 2018

Tyrant : Shakespeare on politics (Greenblatt, Stephen, 1943-, author.) Frost Library; PR3069.D53 G73 2018