Film and Media Studies Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • Film and Television Literature Index with Full Text
    Bibliographic and full-text database of film and television articles from scholarly and popular publications. Includes images from the MPTV Image Archive of entertainment photography.
  • Film Literature Index (1976-2001)
    Index of scholarly and popular journals in film and television from over 30 countries.
  • Film Index International
    Provides indexing for thousands of films from the silent era to the latest blockbusters, with searchable plot summaries and full cast and crew lists.
  • FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals Database (1972 to present)
    Index of the world's foremost academic and popular film journals.
  • Performing arts database (1864 to present)
    Covers a broad spectrum of the arts and entertainment industry - including dance, drama, theater, opera, film, television and more.
  • Academic Search Premier (date coverage varies)
    Full-text articles from over 3,600 journals in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and sciences.
    Full-text backfiles of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
  • Arts & Humanities Database
    Full-text publications that focus on art, architecture, design, history, philosophy, music, literature, theatre and cultural studies.
  • OpinionArchives
    Searchable full-text archives for 17 periodicals (Harper's, Commonweal, Dissent, the New Yorker, the National Review, and more) known for commentaries and reviews on politics, culture, and the arts.
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Find images and streaming audio and video in these collections (also see the Images Research Guide).
  • Kanopy Streaming Video
    Kanopy offers a broad selection of thousands of streaming films, documentaries, and theatrical releases covering a wide variety of subject areas, with additional new releases launched monthly. If close-captioning is not included, it can be requested. Interactive transcripts are included. Note that US feature films are not typically part of the Kanopy offerings.
  • Ubu-Web
    Large web-based educational resource for avant-garde material.
  • Television News Archive (1968 to present)
    Searchable archive of abstracts of news broadcasts from 1968 to present (ABC, CBS, NBC), 1995 to present (CNN), selected content from PBS and FOX News.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.
  • Experimental Television Center Video History Project
  • IMDb (Internet Movie Database)
  • Museum of the Moving Image collection catalog
    Catalog of museum images and artifacts related to producing, promoting, and exhibiting motion pictures, television, and digital media.
  • Media History Digital Library (Lantern)
    Open access co-production of the Media History Digital Library and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Communication Arts. Provides access to digitized texts from the histories of film, broadcasting, and recorded sound.
  • AP Images
    Contemporary and historical news and culture photographs from Associated Press. Also available are audio files from the 1920s to the present, Associated Press news stories from 1997 forward, and a collection of maps, charts/graphs, logos, illustrations).
  • Open Culture
    Free cultural and educational media, including special collections of Oscar-winning movies, and films by Andrei Tarkovsky, Charlie Chaplin, and others.
  • Open Vault
    WGBH (Boston) public radio and television station's Media Library and Archives, with video, audio, images, searchable transcripts, and resource management tools.
  • Duke Digital Collections
    American advertising from the 1850s through the 1950s.
  • European Film Gateway
    Access to film and film-related treasures collected and preserved by 16 European film archives.
  • Pictorial Media Archaeology Museum
    Online Media Museum of “intriguing and mostly forgotten Early Vintage Visual Media.”
  • American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB)
    Catalog of American public radio and television content dating back to the 1950s. Materials available to researchers at WGBH (Boston) and Library of Congress.

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