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  • MLA International Bibliography (1926 to present)
    Covers critical scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore.
  • Electronic Enlightenment (18th century)
    Full text of over 53,000 letters and documents from the best critical editions.
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Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • Gallica
    The Bibliothèque nationale de France's digital library of French and francophone culture
  • French Revolution Digital Archive
    A collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, this digital archive includes two major components: parliamentary archives and images of the revolution.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.


Le Monde - online coverage since 2007 in LexisNexis Academic

Current 2 weeks available in PressReader

Library keeps current month in Periodicals Reading Room

Le Figaro - full text coverage with images in PressReader (plus 3 months of back issues)

coverage from 1996 in LexisNexis Academic


L'Obs (Le Nouvel Observateur) - Current day's issue available in Press Reader

L'Express - Current 3 months in PressReader



    Agincourt (Curry, Anne, author.) Frost Library; DC101.5.A2 C868 2015

    Les belles figures et drolleries de la Ligue (L'Estoile, Pierre de, 1546-1611, author.) Frost Library; DC112.9.L64 A3 2016 x

    Ruling women (Conroy, Derval, author.) Frost Library; DC121.3 .C76 2016

    The life of Louis XVI (Hardman, John, 1944-, author.) Frost Library; DC137 .H369 2016

    Tocqueville : the Ancien Régime and the French Revolution (Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859.) Frost Library; DC138 .T6313 2011

    Liberty or death : the French Revolution (McPhee, Peter, 1948-, author.) Frost Library; DC148 .M4535 2016

    In Nelson's wake : the navy and the Napoleonic wars (Davey, James, author.) Frost Library; DC153 .D37 2015

    The Bonjour effect : the secret codes of French conversation revealed (Barlow, Julie, 1968-, author.) Frost Library; DC34 .B275 2016

    The French war on Al Qa'ida in Africa (Chivvis, Christopher S., author.) Frost Library; DC59.8.M42 C47 2016

    A history of the barricade (Hazan, Éric.) Frost Library; DC719 .H3913 2015

    Louis : the French prince who invaded England (Hanley, Catherine, 1972-, author.) Frost Library; DC90.8 .H36 2016

    Making Monte Carlo : a history of speculation and spectacle (Braude, Mark, author.) Frost Library; DC946 .B73 2016

    Totem 2 : méthode de français A2. Cahier d'activities (Antier, Marine, author.) Frost Library; PC2128 .A67 2014

    Totem 1 : méthode de français A1 (Lopes, Marie-José, author.) Frost Library; PC2128 .L67 2014

    Totem 1 : méthode de français A1. Cahier d'activités (Brillant, Corina, author.) Frost Library; PC2128 .L671 2014

    Totem 2 : méthode de français A2 (Lopes, Marie-José, author.) Frost Library; PC2128 .L674 2014

    Imaginez : le Français sans frontières : cours de Français intermédiaire (Champeny, Séverine.) Frost Library; PC2129.E5 M59 2016

    Aiol : chanson de geste (XIIe-XIIIe siècles) Frost Library; PQ1419 .A4 2016

    Text, image, and the problem with perfection in nineteenth-century France (Sipe, Daniel, 1969-) Frost Library; PQ145.6.U6 S57 2013

    On the happiness of the philosophic life : reflections on Rousseau's Rêveries in two books (Meier, Heinrich, 1953-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2040.R53 M45613 2016

    The complete works of Voltaire (Voltaire, 1694-1778.) Frost Library; PQ2070 1968

    Rêve d'Orient : plans et scénarios de Salammbô (Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880, author.) Frost Library; PQ2246.S3 R48 2016 x

    Death and tenses : posthumous presence in early modern France (Kenny, Neil, author.) Frost Library; PQ231 .K46 2015

    Vision in the novels of George Sand (Mathias, Manon, 1984-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2419 .M38 2016

    Ancients and moderns in Europe : comparative pespectives Frost Library; PQ251 .A63 2016

    Aragon (Forest, Philippe, author.) Frost Library; PQ2601.R2 Z663 2015

    Lettres : 1937-1943 (Artaud, Antonin, 1896-1948.) Frost Library; PQ2601.R677 Z48 2015

    Antonin Artaud (Shafer, David A., 1958-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2601.R677 Z813 2016

    Simone de Beauvoir (Fort, Pierre-Louis, author.) Frost Library; PQ2603.E362 Z678 2016

    Avant Godot (Lambert, Stéphane, 1974- author.) Frost Library; PQ2603.E378 Z7557 2016

    Mélancolie d'Emmanuel Berl : essai (Raczymow, Henri, 1948-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2603.E587 Z76 2015

    Maurice Blanchot et la tradition juive (Hoppenot, Éric, author.) Frost Library; PQ2603.L3343 Z774 2015

    Il y a des journalistes partout (Dachy, Marc, author.) Frost Library; PQ2603.R35 Z654 2015

    The outsider (Camus, Albert, 1913-1960, author.) Frost Library; PQ2605.A3734 E813 2013

    Correspondance : 1899-1950 (Gide, André, 1869-1951, author.) Frost Library; PQ2613.I2 Z48 2016

    Lettres à la NRF : 1928-1970 (Giono, Jean, 1895-1970, author.) Frost Library; PQ2613.I57 Z48 2015

    François Mauriac on race, war, politics, and religion : the Great War through the 1960s (Mauriac, François, 1885-1970, author.) Frost Library; PQ2625.A93 A6 2015

    Commentary : a tale (Sauvageot, Marcelle, 1900-1934, author.) Frost Library; PQ2637.A924 C6613 2013

    Philothérapie : roman (Abécassis, Eliette, author.) Frost Library; PQ2661.B43 P55 2016

    One hundred twenty-one days (Audin, Michèle, author.) Frost Library; PQ2661.U3215 C4613 2016

    Paradis quartier bas (Suds 3) : roman (Audouard, Antoine.) Frost Library; PQ2661.U326 P37 2016

    Otage de marque : roman (Billot, Antoine, 1961- author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.I484 O83 2016

    Comment Baptiste est mort : roman (Blottière, Alain, 1954-) Frost Library; PQ2662.L674 C66 2016

    Noireclaire (Bobin, Christian, author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.O252 N65 2015

    Défoncer la cage (Boisséson, Matthieu de, author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.O549 D44 2016

    Cœur-Volant : roman (Bordas, Philippe.) Frost Library; PQ2662.O6445 C64 2016

    Gaston et Gontran : roman (Bouvard, Philippe, author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.O83 G37 2015

    Morcat : journal, 2014 (Camus, Renaud, 1946-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.A544 Z46 2015

    On dirait nous : roman (Cauwelaert, Didier van, 1960-) Frost Library; PQ2663.A8473 O5 2016

    Vladimir Vladimirovitch : roman (Chambaz, Bernard, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.H2876 V54 2015

    La fabrique des pervers (Chauveau, Sophie, 1953- author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.H3666 Z46 2016

    L'autofictif au petit pois : journal 2013-2014 (Chevillard, Éric, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.H432 Z46 2015

    Le dernier des Baptiste : roman (Chevrier, Jean-Marie.) Frost Library; PQ2663.H45 D47 2016

    Les ravissements du grand Moghol (Clément, Catherine, 1939-) Frost Library; PQ2663.L38 R38 2016

    Montvert-les-Bains : roman (Denuzière, Maurice, 1926-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2664.E616 M66 2016

    33 chambres d'amour : fictions (Emmanuel, François, 1952-) Frost Library; PQ2665.M53 A73 2016

    Mémoire de fille (Ernaux, Annie, 1940-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2665.R67 Z46 2016

    Au pays du p'tit : roman (Fargues, Nicolas.) Frost Library; PQ2666.A7268 A93 2015

    Destiny : récit (Fleutiaux, Pierrette, author.) Frost Library; PQ2666.L43 D48 2016

    Le mystère Henri Pick : roman (Foenkinos, David, author.) Frost Library; PQ2666.O23 M97 2016

    Le plus beau jour : théâtre (Foenkinos, David, author.) Frost Library; PQ2666.O23 P58 2016

    Je me souviens de tous vos rêves (Frégni, René.) Frost Library; PQ2666.R35915 J4 2016

    Les vies multiples de Jeremiah Reynolds : roman (Garcin, Christian, author.) Frost Library; PQ2667.A6857 V54 2016

    Leucate univers : roman (Gavarry, Gérard.) Frost Library; PQ2667.A97474 L48 2016

    Le voyage de M. de Balzac à Turin : roman (Genève, Max, 1945- author.) Frost Library; PQ2667.E479 V69 2016

    Libera me : suite et fin (Gibault, François, author.) Frost Library; PQ2667.I213 Z46 2015

    L'arracheuse de dents : roman (Giesbert, Franz-Olivier, 1949-) Frost Library; PQ2667.I28 A77 2016

    Hervé Guibert : formes du fantasme (Cavallo, Christopher, author.) Frost Library; PQ2667.U4612 Z57 2016

    Le cosaque de la rue Garibaldi : roman (Gutman, Claude.) Frost Library; PQ2667.U79 C67 2016

    Apparitions : brèves (Janvier, Ludovic.) Frost Library; PQ2670.A55 A79 2016

    Le grand jeu (Kemp, Percy, author.) Frost Library; PQ2671.E44 G73 2016

    Et j'ai su que ce trésor était pour moi : roman (Laclavetine, Jean-Marie, 1954-) Frost Library; PQ2672.A2353 E78 2016

    En toute liberté : abécédaire intime (Lapouge, Gilles, 1923-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2672.A63 E58 2015

    Je ne me souviens pas (Lindon, Mathieu.) Frost Library; PQ2672.I385 J4 2016

    Vends maison de famille : roman (Lorrain, François-Guillaume, 1970- author.) Frost Library; PQ2672.O742 V46 2016

    La vie avec Lacan (Millot, Catherine, author.) Frost Library; PQ2673.I3394 Z46 2016

    Ladivine (NDiaye, Marie, author.) Frost Library; PQ2674.D53 N39413 2016

    Bonnes nouvelles de Chassignet (Oberlé, Gérard, 1945-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2675.B38 B66 2016

    Charmer, s'égarer et mourir : roman (Orban, Christine, author.) Frost Library; PQ2675.R33 C43 2016

    Le silence (Pirotte, Jean-Claude, 1939-2014.) Frost Library; PQ2676.I69 S55 2016

    Le retour : roman (Pleynet, Marcelin, 1933-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2676.L4 R48 2016

    La voix de ma mère (Racine, Bruno, 1951-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2678.A2417 Z46 2016

    Bonbon désespéré (Ravalec, Vincent, 1962-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2678.A876 B66 2016

    Le tiers livre des reconnaissances (Réda, Jacques, 1929-) Frost Library; PQ2678.E28 T62 2015

    Bella figura (Reza, Yasmina, author.) Frost Library; PQ2678.E955 B45 2015

    L'homme qui brûlait d'être Dieu (Riou, Jean-Michel, author.) Frost Library; PQ2678.I575 H66 2016

    L'angoisse de la page folle (Saint-André, Alix de, author.) Frost Library; PQ2679.A4324 A84 2016

    Le sentiment de l'inachevé (Sampiero, Dominique, author.) Frost Library; PQ2679.A52664 S46 2016

    Se souvenir des jours de fête : roman (Signol, Christian, 1947-) Frost Library; PQ2679.I348 S4 2016

    Inch' Allah : [roman] (Sinoué, Gilbert, 1947-) Frost Library; PQ2679.I645 I53 2010

    Mouvement : roman (Sollers, Philippe, 1936-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2679.O4 M68 2016

    An anecdoted topography of chance (Spoerri, Daniel, 1930-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2679.P6 T6313 2016

    Loin de nos bases (Velter, André.) Frost Library; PQ2682.E5238 L64 2016

    L'enchantement du monde : roman (Weber, Olivier.) Frost Library; PQ2683.E158 E53 2015

    Baudelaire, le diable et moi : roman (Barré, Claire, 1974-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2702.A768 B38 2015

    Un instant de grâce (Boulouque, Clémence.) Frost Library; PQ2702.O89 I57 2016

    En attendant Bojangles (Bourdeaut, Olivier, author.) Frost Library; PQ2702.O97 E53 2015

    Vers la nuit : roman (Bunisset, Isabelle, author.) Frost Library; PQ2702.U55 V47 2016

    Le renversement des pôles : roman (Côte, Nathalie, 1971- author.) Frost Library; PQ2703.O8635 R46 2015

    Les putes voilées n'iront jamais au paradis! : roman (Djavann, Chahdortt, author.) Frost Library; PQ2704.J39 P87 2016