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  • Gallica
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  • French Revolution Digital Archive
    A collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, this digital archive includes two major components: parliamentary archives and images of the revolution.
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Le Monde

Le Figaro



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    Exile, imprisonment, or death : the politics of disgrace in Bourbon France, 1610-1789 (Swann, Julian, author.) Frost Library; DC110 .S936 2017

    Diane de Poitiers (Cloulas, Ivan.) Frost Library; DC114.5 .C6 1997

    Deux ou trois leçons de snobisme (Neuhoff, Éric, author.) Frost Library; DC33.8 .N48 2016

    Paris in the sixties Frost Library; DC707 .P232 2001

    Uncovering Paris : scandals and nude spectacles in the Belle Époque (Kerley, Lela F., 1973- author.) Frost Library; DC715 .K465 2017

    The unruly city : Paris, London and New York in the age of revolution (Rapport, Michael, author.) Frost Library; DC731 .R37 2017

    Finding Fontainebleau : an American Boy in France (Carhart, Thaddeus, author.) Frost Library; DC801.F67 C37 2016

    French as language of intimacy in the Modern Age = Le français, langue de l'intime à l'époque mod Frost Library; PC3552 .F76 2017

    La mémoire n'en fait qu'à sa tête (Pivot, Bernard.) Frost Library; PQ146 .P48 2017

    L'arbre des batailles (Bonet, Honoré, active 1378-1398, author.) Frost Library; PQ1551.B7 A83 2017

    Rameau's nephew = Le neveu de Rameau : a multi-media bilingual edition (Diderot, Denis, 1713-1784, author.) Frost Library; PQ1979.A66 E5 2016

    The complete works of Voltaire (Voltaire, 1694-1778, author.) Frost Library; PQ2070 1968

    Voltaire : a very short introduction (Cronk, Nicholas, author.) Frost Library; PQ2122 .C76 2017

    Flaubert in the ruins of Paris : the story of a friendship, a novel, and a terrible year (Brooks, Peter, 1938-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2247 .B683 2017

    Voyage around my room : selected works of Xavier deMaistre (Maistre, Xavier de, 1763-1852.) Frost Library; PQ2342.M3 A27 1994

    Cinepoems and others (Fondane, Benjamin, 1898-1944, author.) Frost Library; PQ2611.O63 A2 2016

    Scratches (Leiris, Michel, 1901-1990, author.) Frost Library; PQ2623.E424 Z462513 2017

    Roger Martin du Gard and Maumort : the nobel laureat and his unfinished creation (Martin, Benjamin Franklin, author.) Frost Library; PQ2625.A823 Z716 2017

    Proust & his banker : in search of time squandered (Balsamo, Gian, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2631.R63 Z52514 2017

    Mourning and creativity in Proust (Elsner, Anna Magdalena, 1982- author.) Frost Library; PQ2631.R63 Z5793 2017

    Sarkozy à Sainte-Hélène : nouvelles (Besson, Patrick, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.E8618 A6 2017

    Island of Point Nemo (Blas de Roblès, Jean-Marie, 1954-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2662.L354 I4413 2017

    Le retour de Jules : roman (Cauwelaert, Didier van, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.A8473 R48 2017

    Poupe (Cérésa, François, 1953-, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.E69 P68 2016

    Aucun été n'est éternel : roman (Châteaureynaud, Georges Olivier, author.) Frost Library; PQ2663.H352 A83 2017

    La vie subite : poèmes, biographèmes, théorèmes (Deguy, Michel, author.) Frost Library; PQ2664.E45 V54 2016

    Crue : roman (Forest, Philippe, author.) Frost Library; PQ2666.O725 C74 2016

    La moustache d'Adolf Hitler : et autres essais (Jaubert, Alain, author.) Frost Library; PQ2670.A745 M68 2016

    L'adieu à la femme rouge : roman (Khoury-Ghata, Vénus, author.) Frost Library; PQ2671.H6 A65 2017

    Au commencement du septième jour : roman (Lang, Luc, 1956-) Frost Library; PQ2672.A5155 A8 2016

    Dans ce jardin qu'on aimait (Quignard, Pascal, author.) Frost Library; PQ2677.U486 D36 2017

    Michel Tournier : l'écriture du temps (Bataillé, Mathilde, 1982- author.) Frost Library; PQ2680.O83 Z55 2017

    Arrête avec tes mensonges : roman (Besson, Philippe, 1967-) Frost Library; PQ2702.E84 A873 2017

    Patricia : roman (Damas, Geneviève, author.) Frost Library; PQ2704.A443 P37 2017

    California girls : roman (Liberati, Simon, author.) Frost Library; PQ2712.I25 C34 2016

    The end of Eddy (Louis, Édouard, author.) Frost Library; PQ2712.O895 E513 2017

    Écrire en temps d'insurrections (Bédard, Mylène, 1986-) Frost Library; PQ3912 .B34 2016

    Readopolis (Laverdure, Bertrand, 1967- author.) Frost Library; PQ3919.2.L3333 L4313 2017

    Incendies Frost Library; PQ3919.2.M665 I5319

    Staging creolization : women's theater and performance from the French Caribbean (Sahakian, Emily, author.) Frost Library; PQ3943 .S24 2017

    Sato San, le maître des corsets : roman (Brival, Roland, 1950-, author.) Frost Library; PQ3949.2.B7 S28 2017

    Thinking in public : faith, secular humanism, and development in Jacques Roumain (Joseph, Celucien L., author.) Frost Library; PQ3949.R73 Z693 2017

    The Algerian new novel : the poetics of a modern nation, 1950-1979 (Orlando, Valérie, 1963-, author.) Frost Library; PQ3988.5.A5 O75 2017

    Discours de réception de Andreï Makine à l'Académie française et réponse de Dominique Fernande (Makine, Andreï, 1957-, author.) Frost Library; PQ3989.2.D57 Z757 2017

    Black Moses (Mabanckou, Alain, 1966-, author.) Frost Library; PQ3989.2.M217 P4813 2017

    Bled : roman (Monénembo, Tierno, 1947-) Frost Library; PQ3989.2.M58 B54 2016

    2084 : the end of the world (Sansal, Boualem, author.) Frost Library; PQ3989.2.S2455 E5313 2017

    Another Morocco : selected stories (Taïa, Abdellah, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; PQ3989.2.T27 A6 2017