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  • MLA International Bibliography (1926 to present)
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  • Literature Resource Center
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  • Historical Abstracts (1955 to present)
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  • Project Muse
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  • ARTstor
    Image database including architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

German cosmopolitan social thought and the idea of the West : voices from Weimar (Harrington, Austin, 1970-, author.) Frost Library; DD238 .H35 2016

The making of an SS killer : the life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990 (Kay, Alex J., author.) Frost Library; DD247.H37 K39 2016

Hitler's compromises : coercion and consensus in Nazi Germany (Stoltzfus, Nathan, author.) Frost Library; DD247.H5 S7778 2016

The devil's diary : Alfred Rosenberg and the stolen secrets of the Third Reich (Wittman, Robert K.) Frost Library; DD247.R58 W58 2016

The bitter taste of victory : life, love, and art in the ruins of the Reich (Feigel, Lara, author.) Frost Library; DD257 .F454 2016

The British Army of the Rhine : turning Nazi enemies into Cold War partners (Speiser, Peter, 1975-, author.) Frost Library; DD257.2 .S65 2016

Angela Merkel : Europe's most influential leader (Qvortrup, Matthew, author.) Frost Library; DD290.33.M47 Q96 2016

Frederick the Great : King of Prussia (Blanning, T. C. W., author.) Frost Library; DD404 .B63 2016

Reden an die Abiturienten : gehalten im Saarland 1999 bis 2015 Frost Library; PT1345 .R48 2016

Armed ambiguity : women warriors in German literature and culture in the age of Goethe (Koser, Julie, author.) Frost Library; PT151.W7 K675 2016

Muskatblut, Muskatblüt (Beyer, Marcel, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; PT1568.M9 B49 2016

The giant hero in medieval literature (Boyer, Tina Marie, author.) Frost Library; PT179 .B67 2016

Goethe : a very short introduction (Robertson, Ritchie, author.) Frost Library; PT2177 .R63 2016

Goethe and Judaism : the troubled inheritance of modern literature (Schutjer, Karin Lynn, 1966-, author.) Frost Library; PT2200.J4 S38 2015

The greater hope (Aichinger, Ilse, author.) Frost Library; PT2601.I26 G713 2016

The storyteller : tales out of loneliness (Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940, author.) Frost Library; PT2603.E455 A2 2016

The "Berlin chronicle" notices (Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940, author.) Frost Library; PT2603.E455 Z513 2015

Ornament as crisis : architecture, design, and modernity in Hermann Broch's The sleepwalkers (McGaughey, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; PT2603.R657 S326 2016

Utter chaos (Gronemann, Samuel, 1875-1952, author.) Frost Library; PT2613.R6 T613 2016

Kafka's ethics of interpretation : between tyranny and despair (Geddes, Jennifer L., author.) Frost Library; PT2621.A26 Z73297 2016

Kafka and Wittgenstein : the case for an analytic modernism (Schuman, Rebecca, author.) Frost Library; PT2621.A26 Z8651716 2015

Is that Kafka? : 99 finds (Stach, Reiner, author.) Frost Library; PT2621.A26 Z866613 2016

The curious humanist : Siegfried Kracauer in America (Von Moltke, Johannes, 1966-, author.) Frost Library; PT2621.R135 Z94 2016

Cursed legacy : the tragic life of Klaus Mann (Spotts, Frederic, author.) Frost Library; PT2625.A435 Z8757 2016

Goethe dies (Bernhard, Thomas, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.E7 G6413 2016

How we learn where we live : Thomas Bernhard, architecture, and Bildung (Naqvi, Fatima, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.E7 Z7873 2016

Sie nannten es Sprache (Beyer, Marcel, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.E94 A6 2016

Achtundachtzig : ausgewählte Gedichte (Borchers, Elisabeth, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.O68 A6 2014

Rummelplatz (Bräunig, Werner, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.R215 R8613 2016

Spiel-Figuren in den Texten Thomas Braschs : ein neues Paradigma postmoderner Theater-Texte (Faber, Silke, author.) Frost Library; PT2662.R266 Z633 2016

Der Körper meiner Zeit : Gedicht (Drawert, Kurt, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; PT2664.R359 K67 2016

Gebrauchsanweisung fürs Schwimmen (Düffel, John von, author.) Frost Library; PT2664.U252 G43 2016

Gedichte und Kommentare (Erb, Elke, 1938-, author.) Frost Library; PT2665.R17 A6 2016

Nofretete ; Das Rad des Glücks ; Mutter Sprache (Fritsch, Werner, 1960-, author.) Frost Library; PT2666.R576 N64 2016

Gesammelte Werke (Harig, Ludwig.) Frost Library; PT2668.A68 A1 2004

Das Licht von Zauche : Erzählungen (Hensel, Kerstin, 1961-, author.) Frost Library; PT2668.E625 L53 2015

Werke in sechs Bänden (Jandl, Ernst, 1925-2000, author.) Frost Library; PT2670 .A483 2016

Dispatches from moments of calm : 89 stories, 64 pictures (Kluge, Alexander, 1932-, author.) Frost Library; PT2671.L84 N3313 2016

Das Entdecken erfinden : unterwegs in meinem Brasilien : Reisereportagen (Loetscher, Hugo, 1929-2009, author.) Frost Library; PT2672.O3 A6 2016

Krähengekrächz (Maron, Monika, author.) Frost Library; PT2673.A4686 K73 2016

Sprache lebenslänglich : gesammelte Essays (Mon, Franz, author.) Frost Library; PT2673.O469 A16 2016

Der geheime Text (Mora, Terézia, 1971-) Frost Library; PT2673.O56 G45 2016

Herta Müller : Heinrich-Böll-Preis 2015 Frost Library; PT2673.U29234 Z684 2015

Frau im Dämmerlicht (Panitz, Eberhard, author.) Frost Library; PT2676.A55 F73 2016

Nachforschungen : Roman (Regenass, René, 1935-) Frost Library; PT2678.E316 N33 2015

Drei Gespräche über einen Mann und andere Hörspiele (Rehmann, Ruth.) Frost Library; PT2678.E32 D74 2016

Sei gegrüsst und lebe : eine Freundschaft in Briefen und Tagebüchern 1963-1973 (Reimann, Brigitte, 1933-1973, author.) Frost Library; PT2678.E34 Z46 2016

Einübung ins Paradies (Schulze, Ingo, 1962-, author.) Frost Library; PT2680.U453 E55 2016 x

In field Latin (Seiler, Lutz, 1963-, author.) Frost Library; PT2681.E529 I413 2015

Die Anbetung des Fleisches : (ein Buch- äh Fleischereifachmessentagebuch) : Kurzgeschichte (Stavaric, Michael.) Frost Library; PT2681.T3524 A64 2015

Der Autor als Sprachwanderer (Stavarič, Michael, 1972-) Frost Library; PT2681.T3524 A88 2016

Tagesanbruch : Erzählung (Treichel, Hans Ulrich, 1952-, author.) Frost Library; PT2682.R37 T34 2016

The Lamentations of Zeno (Trojanow, Ilija, author.) Frost Library; PT2682.R56 E4713 2016

Meine Olympiade : ein Amateur, vier Jahre, 80 Disziplinen (Trojanow, Ilija, author.) Frost Library; PT2682.R56 Z46 2016

Die ungeheure Vielfalt der Welt festhalten (Wellershoff, Dieter.) Frost Library; PT2685.E55 A6 2015

Baba Dunja's last love (Bronsky, Alina, 1978-, author.) Frost Library; PT2702.R658 B3313 2016

Es gibt mich nicht : Kurzgeschichten (Orths, Markus.) Frost Library; PT2715.R78 E825 2015

Traumdiebstähle : eine Erzählung (Scheuermann, Silke, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; PT2720.E94 T73 2016

Before the feast (Stanišić, Saša, 1978-, author.) Frost Library; PT2721.T36 V6713 2016

China in the German Enlightenment Frost Library; PT289 .C55 2016

Edge of irony : modernism in the shadow of the Habsburg Empire (Perloff, Marjorie, author.) Frost Library; PT3818 .P44 2016

Der Fink : Einführung in das Federlesen (Waterhouse, Peter, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; PT3820 .W38 2016

Tropics of Vienna : colonial utopias of the Habsburg empire (Bach, Ulrich E., author.) Frost Library; PT3828.V5 B327 2016

Uncanny encounters : literature, psychoanalysis, and the end of alterity (Zilcosky, John, author.) Frost Library; PT405 .Z53 2016