Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • LexisNexis Academic (date coverage varies)
    Full-text federal and state laws, international legal materials, and law reviews. Also newspapers and business information.
  • HeinOnline
    Full-text legal materials back to volume 1, historic English law and more. (Alumni access)
  • Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (1975 to present)
    Covers international journals in political science and its complementary fields.
  • WestLaw (Thomson Reuters)
    Federal and state laws, law reviews, legal encyclopedias and dictionaries. Also newspapers and the European Union Library.
  • PAIS Index (1972 to present)
    Coverage of articles, selected books, government documents, research reports, etc., from a wide range of social sciences.
  • Sustainabilty (JSTOR)
    A collection of academic journals, e-books and research reports on environmental stresses and their impact on society. Research spans the Biological Sciences, Business & Economics, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Law, Public Health, Urban Studies, and many other disciplines.
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • American State Papers (1789-1838)
    Full-image database of legislative and executive documents of Congress. Continued by U.S. Congressional Serial Set.
  • Congressional Publications
    Index to U.S. congressional material, some full text.
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1976)
    Reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Preceded by American State Papers.
  • Oyez
    Freely available multimedia archive of the U.S. Supreme Court, with transcript-synchronized and searchable audio from the court back to 1955, plain-English case summaries, illustrated decision information, and opinions.

The selected letters of John Kenneth Galbraith (Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006, author.) Frost Library; HB119.G33 A4 2017

Handbook of economic field experiments Frost Library; HB131 .H353 2017

A rabble of dead money : the Great Crash and the global depression, 1929-1939 (Morris, Charles R., author.) Frost Library; HB3717 1929 .M674 2017

After the flood : how the Great Recession changed economic thought Frost Library; HB3722 .A3225 2017

The end of theory : financial crises, the failure of economics, and the sweep of human interaction (Bookstaber, Richard M., 1950-, author.) Frost Library; HB3722 .B665 2017

Dollars for Dixie : business and the transformation of conservatism in the twentieth century (Jewell, Katherine Rye, author.) Frost Library; HC107.A13 J49 2017

Diplomatie et "relations internationales" au Moyen Âge : (IXe-XVe siècle) (Péquignot, Stéphane.) Frost Library; JZ1305 .P46 2017

Europe's eastern crisis : the geopolitics of asymmetry (Youngs, Richard, 1968-, author.) Frost Library; JZ1570.A57 E839 2017

Everything under the heavens : how the past helps shape China's push for global power (French, Howard W., author.) Frost Library; JZ1734 .F74 2017

China and India : Asia's emergent great powers (Ogden, Chris (Christopher), author.) Frost Library; JZ1734 .O44 2017

The China order : Centralia, world empire, and the nature of Chinese power (Wang, Fei-Ling, author.) Frost Library; JZ1734 .W33 2017

War games : US-Russian relations and nuclear arms control (Cimbala, Stephen J., author.) Frost Library; JZ5665 .C563 2017

Weapons of mass destruction : the search for global security (Siracusa, Joseph M., author.) Frost Library; JZ5665 .S57 2017

Caring in crisis? : humanitarianism, the public and NGOs (Seu, Irene Bruna, 1959- author.) Frost Library; JZ6369 .S48 2017

Equal opportunity peacekeeping : women, peace, and security in post-conflict states (Karim, Sabrina, author.) Frost Library; JZ6374 .K36 2017

Destined for war : can America and China escape Thucydides's trap? (Allison, Graham T., author.) Frost Library; JZ6385 .A45 2017

Artistic license : the philosophical problems of copyright and appropriation (Hick, Darren Hudson, author.) Frost Library; K1420.5 .H53 2017

Migrants at work : immigration and vulnerability in labour law Frost Library; K1841.A46 M54 2014

Women's human rights and migration : sex-selective abortion laws in the United States and India (Kalantry, Sital, author.) Frost Library; K2000 .K35 2017

Law unlimited : materialism, pluralism, and legal theory (Davies, Margaret (Margaret Jane) author.) Frost Library; K230.D38 A35 2017

Freedom and force : essays on Kant's legal philosophy Frost Library; K230.K364 F74 2017

Spaces of justice : peripheries, passages, appropriations Frost Library; K240 .S67 2017

Environmental justice and the rights of ecological refugees (Westra, Laura.) Frost Library; K3230.R45 W47 2009

State food crimes (Howard-Hassmann, Rhoda E., 1948-, author.) Frost Library; K3260 .H69 2016

Privacy and power : a transatlantic dialogue in the shadow of the NSA-Affair Frost Library; K3278 .P75 2017

Ecological systems integrity : governance, law, and human rights Frost Library; K3585 .E26 2015

Sensing law Frost Library; K376 .S46 2017

Liberty and law : the idea of permissive natural law, 1100-1800 (Tierney, Brian, author.) Frost Library; K445 .T544 2014

The legal geographies reader : law, power, and space Frost Library; K487.G45 L44 2001

Synesthetic legalities : sensory dimensions of law and jurisprudence Frost Library; K487.S65 S98 2017

The commercial appropriation of fame (Tan, David, 1969- author.) Frost Library; K627 .T36 2017

Indigenous peoples' land rights under international law : from victims to actors (Gilbert, Jérémie, author.) Frost Library; K738 .G55 2016

The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan (Leamer, Laurence, author.) Frost Library; KF228.D64 L43 2016

The balance gap : working mothers and the limits of the law (Hampson, Sarah Cote, author.) Frost Library; KF3555 .H36 2017

Prairie defender : the murder trials of Abraham Lincoln (Dekle, George R., 1948-, author.) Frost Library; KF368.L52 D45 2017

Vaccine court : the law and politics of injury (Kirkland, Anna (Anna Rutherford) author.) Frost Library; KF3808 .K57 2016

Silent covenants : Brown v. Board of Education and the unfulfilled hopes for racial reform (Bell, Derrick, 1930-2011.) Frost Library; KF4155 .B38 2004

The soul of the First Amendment (Abrams, Floyd, author.) Frost Library; KF4558 1st .A27 2017

Congress's Constitution : legislative authority and the separation of powers (Chafetz, Joshua A. (Joshua Aaron), 1979-, author.) Frost Library; KF4565 .C43 2017

Beyond marriage : continuing battles for LGBT rights (Mezey, Susan Gluck, 1944-, author.) Frost Library; KF4754.5 .M489 2017

The war on sex Frost Library; KF4754.5 .W37 2017

In the shadow of Dred Scott (Kennington, Kelly M. (Kelly Marie), author.) Frost Library; KF482 .K46 2017

Permanent state of emergency : unchecked executive power and the demise of the rule of law (Alford, Ryan Patrick, 1975- author.) Frost Library; KF5060 .A955 2017

Judicial independence and the American constitution : a democratic paradox (Redish, Martin H., author.) Frost Library; KF5130 .R43 2017

The long reach of the Sixties : LBJ, Nixon, and the making of the contemporary Supreme Court (Kalman, Laura, 1955-, author.) Frost Library; KF8742 .K35 2017

Ideology in the Supreme Court (Baum, Lawrence, author.) Frost Library; KF8748 .B29 2017

In praise of litigation (Lahav, Alexandra D., author.) Frost Library; KF8840 .L255 2017

Law and the modern mind : consciousness and responsibility in American legal culture (Blumenthal, Susanna L., 1967- author.) Frost Library; KF9242 .B58 2016

Exonerated : a history of the innocence movement (Norris, Robert J., author.) Frost Library; KF9756 .N67 2017

Reparation for victims of crimes against humanity : the healing role of reparation Frost Library; KZ6785 .R47 2014

Genocide, mass atrocity, and war crimes in modern history : blood and conscience (Taulbee, James Larry, 1942- author.) Frost Library; KZ7145 .T375 2017