Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe (date coverage varies)
    Full-text federal and state laws, international legal materials, and law reviews. Also newspapers and business information.
  • HeinOnline
    Full-text legal materials back to volume 1, historic English law and more. (Alumni access)
  • Political Science Abstracts (1975 to present)
    Covers international journals in political science and its complementary fields.
  • WestlawNext
    Federal and state laws, law reviews, legal encyclopedias and dictionaries. Also newspapers and the European Union Library.
  • PAIS International (1972 to present)
    Coverage of articles, selected books, government documents, research reports, etc., from a wide range of social sciences.
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • American State Papers (1789-1838)
    Full-image database of legislative and executive documents of Congress. Continued by U.S. Congressional Serial Set.
  • Congressional Publications
    Index to U.S. congressional material, some full text.
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1976)
    Reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Preceded by American State Papers.
  • Oyez
    Freely available multimedia archive of the U.S. Supreme Court, with transcript-synchronized and searchable audio from the court back to 1955, plain-English case summaries, illustrated decision information, and opinions.

Economics rules : why economics works, when it fails, and how to tell the difference (Rodrik, Dani.) Frost Library; HB135 .R625 2015

L'empire de la valeur : refonder l'économie (Orléan, André, author.) Frost Library; HB201 .O67 2011b

Why save the bankers? : and other essays on our economic and political crisis (Piketty, Thomas, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; HB3782 .P55 2016

An economic history of the United States : conquest, conflict, and struggles for equality (Weaver, Frederick Stirton, 1939-, author.) Frost Library; HC103 .W374 2016

Hard times : inequality, recession, aftermath (Clark, Tom, 1976-, author.) Frost Library; HC106.84 .C53 2015

American amnesia : how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper (Hacker, Jacob S., author.) Frost Library; HC106.84 .H33 2016

Race in mind : critical essays (Spickard, Paul R., 1950-, author.) Frost Library; HT1521 .S624 2015

500 years later [videorecording] Frost Library; HT1581 .A15

The hacked world order : how nations fight, trade, maneuver, and manipulate in the digital age (Segal, Adam, 1968-, author.) Frost Library; JZ1254 .S44 2016

The Ashgate research companion to modern theory, modern power, world politics Frost Library; JZ1305 .A8 2015

Myth and reality in international politics : meeting global challenges through collective action (Wilkenfeld, Jonathan, author.) Frost Library; JZ1318 .W544 2016

Human rights in American foreign policy : from the 1960s to the Soviet collapse (Renouard, Joe, author.) Frost Library; JZ1480 .R465 2016

Eurasia 2.0 : Russian geopolitics in the age of new media Frost Library; JZ1616 .E87 2016

Power plays : how international institutions reshape coercive diplomacy (Carnegie, Allison, author.) Frost Library; JZ4839 .C384 2015

Transmitting rights : international organizations and the diffusion of human rights practices (Greenhill, Brian, author.) Frost Library; JZ4850 .G74 2015

The diplomat in the corner office : corporate foreign policy (Fort, Timothy L., 1958-, author.) Frost Library; JZ5538 .F668 2015

The Palgrave handbook of disciplinary and regional approaches to peace Frost Library; JZ5566.4 .P35 2016

Everyday peace? : politics, citizenship and Muslim lives in India (Williams, Philippa (Lecturer) author.) Frost Library; JZ5584.I4 W55 2015

Global rogues and regional orders : the multidimensional challenge of North Korea and Iran (Cho, Il Hyun, author.) Frost Library; JZ5675 .C455 2016

Reassuring the reluctant warriors : U.S. civil-military relations and multilateral intervention (Recchia, Stefano, 1978-, author.) Frost Library; JZ6368 .R43 2015

The Oxford handbook of financial regulation Frost Library; K1066 . O946 2015

Judicial reputation : a comparative theory (Garoupa, Nuno, author.) Frost Library; K2146 .G374 2015

Human rights : a very short introduction (Clapham, Andrew, author.) Frost Library; K3240 .C58 2015

Notes toward a performative theory of assembly (Butler, Judith, 1956-, author.) Frost Library; K3256 .B88 2015

Privacy on the ground : driving corporate behavior in the United States and Europe (Bamberger, Kenneth A., 1968-, author.) Frost Library; K3263 .B36 2015

Routledge handbook of law and religion Frost Library; K3280 .R68 2015

Law, culture and society : Max Weber's comparative cultural sociology of law (Gephart, Werner, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; K370 .G4713 2015

Plato : laws 1 and 2 (Plato, author.) Frost Library; K434 .P5 2015

Soft law and the global financial system : rule making in the 21st century (Brummer, Chris, 1975-, author.) Frost Library; K4444 .B78 2015

Harsh justice : criminal punishment and the widening divide between America and Europe (Whitman, James Q., 1957-) Frost Library; K5103 .W48 2003

Avenging Lincoln's death : the trial of John Wilkes Booth's accomplices (Reed, Thomas J. (Thomas James), 1940-, author.) Frost Library; KF223.L47 R44 2016

Imbeciles : the Supreme Court, American eugenics, and the sterilization of Carrie Buck (Cohen, Adam (Adam Seth) author.) Frost Library; KF224.B83 C64 2016

Class action : the landmark case that changed sexual harassment law (Bingham, Clara.) Frost Library; KF228.J464 B56 2003

Unjust deeds : the restrictive covenant cases and the making of the civil rights movement (Gonda, Jeffrey D., author.) Frost Library; KF228.S53 G66 2015

Sexual exploitation of teenagers : adolescent development, discrimination, and consent law (Drobac, Jennifer Ann, author.) Frost Library; KF3467 .D758 2016

Because of sex : one law, ten cases, and fifty years that changed American women's lives at work (Thomas, Gillian (Lawyer), author.) Frost Library; KF3467 .T56 2016

Engines of liberty : the power of citizen activists to make constitutional law (Cole, David, 1958-, author.) Frost Library; KF384 .C65 2016

Lessons in censorship : how schools and courts subvert students' First Amendment rights (Ross, Catherine J., author.) Frost Library; KF4155.5 .R67 2015

The legacy of St. George Tucker (Vanderford, Chad, author.) Frost Library; KF4545.S5 V359 2015

The democratic constitution (Devins, Neal, author.) Frost Library; KF4550 .D48 2015

Fidelity to our imperfect Constitution : for moral readings and against originalisms (Fleming, James E., author.) Frost Library; KF4550 .F577 2015

Interpreting the Constitution (Greenawalt, Kent, 1936- author.) Frost Library; KF4550 .G737 2015

Constitutional personae (Sunstein, Cass R., author.) Frost Library; KF4550 .S833 2015

Bottlenecks : a new theory of equal opportunity (Fishkin, Joseph, author.) Frost Library; KF4755 .F57 2014

Trotskyists on trial : free speech and political persecution since the age of FDR (Haverty-Stacke, Donna T., author.) Frost Library; KF4770 .H38 2015

Exporting freedom : religious liberty and American power (Su, Anna, 1980-, author.) Frost Library; KF4783 .S8 2016

The new deportations delirium : interdisciplinary responses Frost Library; KF4842 .N49 2015

Plutocrats united : campaign money, the Supreme Court, and the distortion of American elections (Hasen, Richard L., author.) Frost Library; KF4920 .H37 2016

United States code (United States, enacting jurisdiction.) Frost Library; KF62 2012

Borderless wars : civil military disorder and legal uncertainty (Chayes, Antonia Handler, 1929-, author.) Frost Library; KF7209 .C47 2015

Rightlessness : testimony and redress in U.S. prison camps since World War II (Paik, A. Naomi, author.) Frost Library; KF7225 .P35 2016

Government contracts under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (Keyes, W. Noel.) Frost Library; KF849 .K49 1986

Unfit for democracy : the Roberts court and the breakdown of American politics (Gottlieb, Stephen E., author.) Frost Library; KF8742 .G684 2016

American justice 2015 : the dramatic tenth term of the Roberts court (Mazie, Steven V., 1971-, author.) Frost Library; KF8742 .M288 2015

Earl Warren and the struggle for justice (Moke, Paul, author.) Frost Library; KF8745.W3 M65 2015

Inside the Equal Access to Justice Act (Baier, Lowell E., author.) Frost Library; KF8925.E5 B35 2016

Introduction to criminal justice (Siegel, Larry J., 1947-, author.) Frost Library; KF9223 .S4 2016

Confronting the death penalty : how language influences jurors in capital cases (Conley, Robin, author.) Frost Library; KF9227.C2 C65 2016

Jury psychology : social aspects of trial processes Frost Library; KF9680 .J868 2009

Law's mistakes Frost Library; KF9756 .L39 2016

International law : a very short introduction (Lowe, A. V. (Alan Vaughan) author.) Frost Library; KZ3410 .L694 2015

Contingent pacifism : revisiting just war theory (May, Larry, author.) Frost Library; KZ6396 .M39 2015

The violence of care : rape victims, forensic nurses, and sexual assault intervention (Mulla, Sameena.) Frost Library; RA1141 .M85 2014

Forensic psychology reconsidered : a critique of mental illness and the courts (Polizzi, David.) Frost Library; RA1148 .P65 2015