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Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought Research Guide

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  • Databases
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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • HeinOnline
    Full-text legal materials back to volume 1, historic English law and more. (Alumni access)
  • LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe (date coverage varies)
    Full-text federal and state laws, international legal materials, and law reviews. Also newspapers and business information.
  • Political Science Abstracts (1975 to present)
    Covers international journals in political science and its complementary fields.
  • Political Science Journals (ProQuest) (1985 to present)
    Full-text articles from leading political science and international relations journals.
  • Westlaw Campus
    Federal and state laws, law reviews, legal encyclopedias and dictionaries. Also newspapers and the European Union Library.
  • EconLit with Full Text (1969 to present)
    From the American Economic Association -- the foremost source of references to economic literature.
  • PAIS International (1972 to present)
    Coverage of articles, selected books, government documents, research reports, etc., from a wide range of social sciences.
Check out these resources first (also see the Primary Sources research guide).
  • American State Papers (1789-1838)
    Full-image database of legislative and executive documents of Congress. Continued by U.S. Congressional Serial Set.
  • Congressional Publications
    Index to U.S. congressional material, some full text.
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1976)
    Reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Preceded by American State Papers.
  • iPOLL
    Database contains survey questions and answers asked in the US over the last 70+ years by more than 150 survey organizations. Create a personal registration for access to full features.

Mostly harmless econometrics : an empiricist's companion (Angrist, Joshua David.) Frost Library; HB139 .A54 2009

Microeconomics and behaviour (Frank, Robert H.) Frost Library; HB172 .F73 2013

Microeconomics : theory and applications with calculus (Perloff, Jeffrey M.) Frost Library; HB172 .P393 2014

Macroeconomics : policy and practice (Mishkin, Frederic S., author.) Frost Library; HB172.5 .M568 2015

The great hangover : 21 tales of the new recession Frost Library; HB3717 2008 .G728 2010

The great financial crisis : causes and consequences (Foster, John Bellamy.) Frost Library; HB3722 .F66 2009

Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future (Vance, Ashlee, author.) Frost Library; HC102.5.M88 V36 2015

Capitalism by gaslight : illuminating the economy of nineteenth-century America Frost Library; HC105 .C23 2015

Measuring wealth and financial intermediation and their links to the real economy Frost Library; HC106.3 .C714 v.73

Seven bad ideas : how mainstream economists have damaged America and the world (Madrick, Jeffrey G.) Frost Library; HC106.84 .M336 2014

The prism of race (Slate, Nico, author.) Frost Library; HT1521 .S538 2014

Negro year book : a review of events affecting negro life, 1941-1946 Frost Library; HT1581 .N4 2015

Shaping the transnational sphere : experts, networks, and issues from the 1840s to the 1930s Frost Library; JZ1320 .S535 2015

The question of intervention : John Stuart Mill and the responsibility to protect (Doyle, Michael W., 1948-, author.) Frost Library; JZ1480 .D69 2015

Hegemony and global citizenship : transitional governance for the twenty-first century (Paehlke, Robert, author.) Frost Library; JZ1480 .P34 2014

The politics of subjectivity in American foreign policy discourses (Solomon, Ty, author.) Frost Library; JZ1480 .S68 2015

Peace : a very short introduction (Richmond, Oliver P.) Frost Library; JZ5538 .R5257 2014

Nuclear authority : the IAEA and the absolute weapon (Brown, Robert L. (Robert Louis), author.) Frost Library; JZ5675 .B76 2015

Trust and fear in civil wars : ending intrastate conflicts (Kirschner, Shanna, 1979-) Frost Library; JZ6385 .K57 2015

The SAGE handbook of intellectual property Frost Library; K1401 .S24 2015

Biotechnology and intellectual property rights : legal and social implications (Singh, Kshitij Kumar, author.) Frost Library; K1519.B54 S564 2015

The one and only law : Walter Benjamin and the second commandment (Martel, James R., author.) Frost Library; K235 .M3745 2014

Wrong-doing, truth-telling : the function of avowal in justice (Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, author.) Frost Library; K241.F7 F6813 2014

Rule of law for nature : new dimensions and ideas in environmental law Frost Library; K3585 .R85 2013

Routledge handbook of medical law and ethics Frost Library; K3601 .R68 2015

The role of the state in investor-state arbitration Frost Library; K3830 .R65 2015

Aesthetic justice : intersecting artistic and moral perspectives Frost Library; K487.A3 A73 2015

Transnational legal orders Frost Library; K605 .T73 2015

Joseph Story and the comity of errors : a case study in conflict of laws (Watson, Alan, 1933-) Frost Library; K7030 .W37 1992

The conscience of the court (Brennan, William J., 1906-1997.) Frost Library; KF213.B73 S47 1999

Felix Frankfurter on the Supreme Court : extrajudicial essays on the Court and the Constitution (Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965.) Frost Library; KF213.F68 K78

The defenses of freedom : the public papers of Arthur J. Goldberg (Goldberg, Arthur J.) Frost Library; KF213.G6 M6 1966

Supreme Justice : speeches and writings : Thurgood Marshall (Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993.) Frost Library; KF213.M37 S63 2003

The Microsoft antitrust cases : competition policy for the twenty-first century (Gavil, Andrew I., 1957- author.) Frost Library; KF228.U5 G38 2014

Law school essays that made a difference (Owens, Eric.) Frost Library; KF285 .O94 2014

Owning and using scholarship : an IP handbook for teachers and researchers (Smith, Kevin L. (Kevin Lindsay), 1959- author.) Frost Library; KF2994 .S63 2014

Information doesn't want to be free : laws for the Internet age (Doctorow, Cory, author.) Frost Library; KF3020 .D63 2014

Invented by law : Alexander Graham Bell and the patent that changed America (Beauchamp, Christopher, 1977- author.) Frost Library; KF3116 .B43 2015

The pursuit of racial and ethnic equality in American public schools : Mendez, Brown, and beyond Frost Library; KF4155 .P87 2015

Religious liberties for corporations? : Hobby Lobby, the Affordable Care Act, and the Constitution (Gans, David H., 1970- author.) Frost Library; KF4783 .G36 2014

The ascent of pragmatism : the Burger Court in action (Schwartz, Bernard, 1923-1997.) Frost Library; KF8742 .S29 1990

Division and discord : the Supreme Court under Stone and Vinson, 1941-1953 (Urofsky, Melvin I.) Frost Library; KF8742 .U76 1997

Supreme Court appointments : Judge Bork and the politicization of Senate confirmations (Vieira, Norman.) Frost Library; KF8742 .V54 1998

The Supreme Court : the personalities and rivalries that defined America (Rosen, Jeffrey, 1964-) Frost Library; KF8744 .R67 2007

The American judicial tradition : profiles of leading American judges (White, G. Edward.) Frost Library; KF8744 .W5

Reason and passion : Justice Brennan's enduring influence Frost Library; KF8745.B68 R43 1997

John Archibald Campbell, Southern moderate, 1811-1889 (Saunders, Robert, Jr.) Frost Library; KF8745.C27 S28 1997

Justice Stephen Field : shaping liberty from the gold rush to the gilded age (Kens, Paul.) Frost Library; KF8745.F5 K46 1997

Felix Frankfurter : judicial restraint and individual liberties (Urofsky, Melvin I.) Frost Library; KF8745.F7 U76 1991

The legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Frost Library; KF8745.G56 L44 2015

Judicial enigma : the first justice Harlan (Yarbrough, Tinsley E., 1941-) Frost Library; KF8745.H3 Y36 1995

John Marshall Harlan : great dissenter of the Warren Court (Yarbrough, Tinsley E., 1941-) Frost Library; KF8745.H33 Y37 1992

The nine young men (McCune, Wesley, 1918-) Frost Library; KF8748 .M27 1947

Dueling discourses : the construction of reality in closing arguments (Felton Rosulek, Laura, author.) Frost Library; KF8924 .F45 2015

Informants, cooperating witnesses, and undercover investigations (Fitzgerald, Dennis G., author.) Frost Library; KF9665 .F584 2015

Implementing juvenile justice reform : the federal role Frost Library; KF9779 .I48 2014

The Oxford handbook of the use of force in international law Frost Library; KZ6368 .O94 2015

Humanitarian action : global, regional and domestic legal responses Frost Library; KZ6369 .H855 2015

International law and drone strikes in Pakistan : the legal and socio-political aspects (Shah, Sikander A., author.) Frost Library; KZ6687 .S53 2015