Philosophy Research Guide

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  • Philosopher's Index (1940 to present)
    Contains scholarly research published in journals and books since 1940, including over 680 journals from more than 50 countries with content representing a variety of languages.
  • PhilPapers
    Comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.
  • Annee Philologique (1959 to present)
    Index to articles and books about ancient authors, texts, history, art, and archeology.
    Full-text backfiles of over two thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
  • Project Muse
    Online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers. (Alumni access)

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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.

New Titles

Philosophers at the front : phenomenology and the First World War Frost Library; B104 .P45 2017 x

Human being, bodily being : phenomenology from classical India (Ram-Prasad, Chakravarthi, author.) Frost Library; B105.B64 R35 2018

Against creativity (Mould, Oliver, author.) Frost Library; B105.C74 M68 2018

Outsider theory : intellectual histories of unorthodox ideas (Eburne, Jonathan P. (Jonathan Paul) author.) Frost Library; B105.F3 E28 2018

The blind man : a phantasmography (Desjarlais, Robert R., author.) Frost Library; B105.I47 D47 2019

Unwatchable Frost Library; B105.I47 U59 2019

Non-propositional intentionality Frost Library; B105.I56 N66 2018

Justice Frost Library; B105.J87 J848 2018

The human spirit : beginnings from Genesis to science (Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke, 1943-, author.) Frost Library; B105.S64 B69 2018

Where are the women? : why expanding the archive makes philosophy better (Tyson, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; B105.W6 T97 2018

David Hume on morals, politics, and society (Hume, David, 1711-1776, author.) Frost Library; B1455 .C68 2018

Adam Smith : systematic philosopher and public thinker (Schliesser, Eric, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; B1545.Z7 S35 2017

Do you know who you are? : reading the Buddha's discourses (Venkatesh, Krishnan, author.) Frost Library; B162 .V46 2018

Foucault at the movies (Maniglier, Patrice, author.) Frost Library; B2430.F724 M3513 2018

Evolution of desire : a life of René Girard (Haven, Cynthia L., author.) Frost Library; B2430.G494 H38 2018

Laruelle : against the digital (Galloway, Alexander R., 1974-) Frost Library; B2433.L374 G36 2014

Lectures and drafts on political philosophy (Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.) Frost Library; B2758 .R38 2016

Kant and the science of logic : a historical and philosophical reconstruction (Lu-Adler, Huaping, author.) Frost Library; B2799.L8 L78 2018

Gesammelte Werke (Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831.) Frost Library; B2903 1968

Remnants of Hegel : remains of ontology, religion, and community (Duque, Félix, author.) Frost Library; B2948 .D82613 2018

Thinking in constellations : Walter Benjamin in the humanities Frost Library; B3209.B584 T45 2018

Heidegger and the Jews : the Black notebooks (Di Cesare, Donatella, author.) Frost Library; B3279.H48 S36233513 2018

I am dynamite! : a life of Nietzsche (Prideaux, Sue, author.) Frost Library; B3316 .P75 2018

Nietzsche in the nineteenth century : social questions and philosophical interventions (Holub, Robert C., author.) Frost Library; B3317 .H5725 2018

What happened in the 20th century? (Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947-, author.) Frost Library; B3332.S253 W3713 2018

Ai lati opposti delle barricate : corrispondenza e scritti 1948-1987 (Taubes, Jacob, author.) Frost Library; B3346.T284 A416 2018

Ludwig Wittgenstein (Hollingworth, Miles, author.) Frost Library; B3376.W564 H645 2018

Thinking the inexhaustible : art, interpretation, and freedom in the philosophy of Luigi Pareyson Frost Library; B3636.P364 T45 2018

Spinoza : a life (Nadler, Steven M., 1958-, author.) Frost Library; B3997 .N33 2018

Spinoza and the cunning of imagination (Garver, Eugene, author.) Frost Library; B3999.I3 G36 2018

De anima = (On soul) (Aristotle, author.) Frost Library; B415.A5 B65 2018

Quality of life : Aristotle revised (Kraut, Richard, 1944-, author.) Frost Library; B485 .K73 2018

Aristotle's theory of bodies (Pfeiffer, Christian, author.) Frost Library; B491.S8 P44 2018

Hellenistic philosophy (Sellars, John, 1971-, author.) Frost Library; B505 .S45 2018

Formen und Nebenformen des Platonismus in der Spätantike Frost Library; B517 .F67 2016

Philosophy, writing, and the character of thought (Lysaker, John T., author.) Frost Library; B52.7 .L97 2018

Stoicism : a very short introduction (Inwood, Brad, author.) Frost Library; B528 .I59 2018

Doing philosophy : from common curiosity to logical reasoning (Williamson, Timothy, author.) Frost Library; B53 .W494 2018

Political philosophy and the Republican future : reconsidering Cicero (Smith, Gregory B., 1949-, author.) Frost Library; B553 .S65 2018

Time biases : a theory of rational planning and personal persistence (Sullivan, Meghan, author.) Frost Library; BC177 .S935 2018

Metaphysics Frost Library; BD111 .M48 2018

The metaphysics of truth (Edwards, Douglas (Douglas Owain), author.) Frost Library; BD171 .E39 2018

The Oxford handbook of truth Frost Library; BD171 .O94 2018

Post-truth : knowledge as a power game (Fuller, Steve, 1959-, author.) Frost Library; BD175 .F849 2018

The exchange of words : speech, testimony, and intersubjectivity (Moran, Richard, 1953-, author.) Frost Library; BD175 .M67 2018

Memory is the medium (Wood, Graham, 1965- author.) Frost Library; BD181.7 .W66 2017 x

Introduction to philosophy : classical and contemporary readings Frost Library; BD21 .I54 2018

Understanding others : peoples, animals, pasts (LaCapra, Dominick, 1939-, author.) Frost Library; BD213 .L325 2018

Supposing the subject Frost Library; BD223 .S96 1994

Thin objects : an abstractionist account (Linnebo, Øystein, author.) Frost Library; BD235 .L56 2018

Similarity : a paradigm for culture theory Frost Library; BD236 .A4613 2018

Oneness : East Asian conceptions of virtue, happiness, and how we are all connected (Ivanhoe, P. J., author.) Frost Library; BD396 .I93 2017

Integral philosophy (Heinrichs, Johannes, 1942- author.) Frost Library; BD41 .H45 2018

Infinity, causation, and paradox (Pruss, Alexander R.) Frost Library; BD411 .P787 2018

Material enlightenment : women writers and the science of mind, 1770-1830 (Wharton, Joanna, author.) Frost Library; BD418.3 .W43 2018

Soul and mind in Greek thought : psychological issues in Plato and Aristotle Frost Library; BD420 .S68 2018

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith : a philosophical encounter (Griswold, Charles L., 1951-, author.) Frost Library; BD438.5 .G755 2018

Corpse encounters : an aesthetics of death (Elam, Jacqueline, author.) Frost Library; BD444 .E43 2018

Donna Haraway : story telling for earthly survival Frost Library; BD450 .D66

Infrahumanisms : culture, science, and the making of modern non (Glick, Megan H., 1980- author.) Frost Library; BD450 .G538 2018

An analysis of Donna Haraway's A Cyborg Manifesto (Pohl, Rebecca, author.) Frost Library; BD450 .P64 2018

Why we disagree about human nature Frost Library; BD450 .W48 2018

Hierarchie und Ritual : Zur philosophischen Spiritualität in der Spätantike Frost Library; BD573 .H54 2018

The tensed theory of time : a critical examination (Craig, William Lane.) Frost Library; BD638 .C73 2000

The biology of beauty : the science behind human attractiveness (Smith, Rachelle M., author.) Frost Library; BH301.P45 S65 2018

Articulating the moral community : toward a constructive ethical pragmatism (Richardson, Henry S., 1955- author.) Frost Library; BJ1031 .R53 2018

The history of evil Frost Library; BJ1401 .H57 2018

Lying in early modern English culture : from the Oath of Supremacy to the Oath of Allegiance (Hadfield, Andrew, author.) Frost Library; BJ1421 .H35 2017

Celebrity (Redmond, Sean, 1967-, author.) Frost Library; BJ1470.5 .R43 2019

Happiness : lessons from a new science (Layard, Richard, 1934-) Frost Library; BJ1481 .L28 2011

A history of silence : from the Renaissance to the present day (Corbin, Alain, author.) Frost Library; BJ1499.S5 C5813 2018

Honor in the modern world : interdisciplinary perspectives Frost Library; BJ1533.H8 H68 2016

In praise of ambiguity : Erasmus, Huizinga and the seriousness of play (Otterspeer, W., author.) Frost Library; BJ1535.F6 O8813 2018

Power, pleasure, and profit : insatiable appetites from Machiavelli to Madison (Wootton, David, 1952-, author.) Frost Library; BJ1595 .W793 2018