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    Contains scholarly research published in journals and books since 1940, including over 680 journals from more than 50 countries with content representing a variety of languages.
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    Comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.
  • Annee philologique (1959 to present)
    Index to articles and books about ancient authors, texts, history, art, and archeology.
    Full-text backfiles of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. (Alumni access)
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Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.

Animal philosophy : essential readings in continental thought Frost Library; B105.A55 A55 2004

The distressed body : rethinking illness, imprisonment, and healing (Leder, Drew, author.) Frost Library; B105.B64 L433 2016

Emotions, values, and agency (Tappolet, Christine, author.) Frost Library; B105.E46 T37 2016

Experience : culture, cognition, and the common sense Frost Library; B105.E9 E87 2016

The given : experience and its content (Montague, Michelle, author.) Frost Library; B105.E9 G57 2016

The figure of nature : on Greek origins (Sallis, John, 1938-, author.) Frost Library; B118 .S25 2016

Chinese philosophy : an introduction = Zhe xue (Littlejohn, Ronnie, 1949-, author.) Frost Library; B126 .L588 2016

The philosophy of the Mòzĭ : the first consequentialists (Fraser, Chris, author.) Frost Library; B127.M65 F73 2016

Three streams (Ivanhoe, P. J., author.) Frost Library; B127.N4 I93 2016

Early Greek philosophy Frost Library; B171 .E27 2016

Divination and human nature : a cognitive history of intuition in classical antiquity (Struck, Peter T., author.) Frost Library; B171 .S85 2016

Between Deleuze and Foucault Frost Library; B2430.D454 B48 2016

Cultural graphology : writing after Derrida (Fleming, Juliet, author.) Frost Library; B2430.D484 F55 2016

Biopower : Foucault and beyond Frost Library; B2430.F724 B483 2016

Foucault's critical ethics (Lynch, Richard A., 1967-, author.) Frost Library; B2430.F724 L96 2016

Broken tablets : Levinas, Derrida and the literary afterlife of religion (Hammerschlag, Sarah, author.) Frost Library; B2430.L484 H35 2016

Merleau-Ponty for architects (Hale, Jonathan A., author.) Frost Library; B2430.M3764 H34 2017

The existentialist moment : the rise of Sartre as a public intellectual (Baert, Patrick, 1961-) Frost Library; B2430.S34 B255 2015

Existentialism and excess : the life and times of Jean-Paul Sartre (Cox, Gary, 1964-, author.) Frost Library; B2430.S34 C67 2016

Enlightenment underground : radical Germany, 1680-1720 (Mulsow, Martin.) Frost Library; B2621 .M8713 2015

Lectures and drafts on political philosophy (Kant, Immanuel, 1724-1804.) Frost Library; B2758 .R38 2016

Kant's philosophy of communincation (Ercolini, G. L., author.) Frost Library; B2798 .E67 2016

Beauty, ugliness and the free play of imagination : an approach to Kant's aesthetics (Küplen, Mojca, author.) Frost Library; B2799.A4 K85 2015

Kant's lectures on ethics : a critical guide Frost Library; B2799.E8 K38 2015

Gesammelte Werke. (Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831.) Frost Library; B2903 1968

Der asoziale Aufklärer : Salomon Maimons "Lebensgeschichte" (Wälzholz, Joseph, 1980-, author.) Frost Library; B3068 .W35 2016

Adorno and existence (Gordon, Peter Eli, author.) Frost Library; B3199.A34 G67 2016

Adorno's theory of philosophical and aesthetic truth (Hulatt, Owen, author.) Frost Library; B3199.A34 H844 2016

Heidegger, philosophy, and politics : the Heidelberg Conference (Conférence de Heidelberg (1988 Heidelberg, Germany) author.) Frost Library; B3279.H49 C654513 1988

Making sense of Heidegger : a paradigm shift (Sheehan, Thomas.) Frost Library; B3279.H49 S426 2015

On Nietzsche = Sur Nietzsche (Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962, author.) Frost Library; B3317 .B41513 2015

Nietzsche's Earth : great events, great politics (Shapiro, Gary, 1941-, author.) Frost Library; B3318.E27 S53 2016

Spheres (Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947-) Frost Library; B3332.S253 S6513 2011

Sophistry and political philosophy : Protagoras' challenge to Socrates (Bartlett, Robert C., 1964-, author.) Frost Library; B382 .B37 2016

Bolzano's logical system (Casari, Ettore, author.) Frost Library; B4805.B654 C37 2016

The philosophy scare : the politics of reason in the early Cold War (McCumber, John, author.) Frost Library; B52.3.U6 M33 2016

The Bloomsbury research handbook of Chinese philosophy methodologies Frost Library; B5231 .B56 2016

Der philosophische Dialog : eine Poetik und Hermeneutik (Hösle, Vittorio, 1960-) Frost Library; B53 .H63 2006

The Oxford handbook of philosophical methodology Frost Library; B53 .O95 2016

The edge of reason : a rational skeptic in an irrational world (Baggini, Julian, author.) Frost Library; BC177 .B18925 2016

A field guide to lies : critical thinking in the information age (Levitin, Daniel J., author.) Frost Library; BC177 .L486 2016

Dictionary of the possible Frost Library; BC199.P7 D53 2016

The Internet of us : knowing more and understanding less in the age of big data (Lynch, Michael P. (Michael Patrick), 1966-, author.) Frost Library; BD161 .L88 2016

Epistemic friction : an essay on knowledge, truth, and logic (Sher, Gila, author.) Frost Library; BD161 .S482 2016

Between probability and certainty : what justifies belief (Smith, Martin (Of University of Edinburgh) author.) Frost Library; BD171 .S57 2016

Shaping authority Frost Library; BD209 .S53 2016

Other things (Brown, Bill, 1958-, author.) Frost Library; BD220 .B76 2015

The metaphysics of identity (Gallois, André, author.) Frost Library; BD236 .G348 2017

The conceptual mind : new directions in the study of concepts Frost Library; BD418.3 .C64 2015

Love in the dark : philosophy by another name (Enns, Diane, author.) Frost Library; BD436 .E65 2016

The varieties of self-knowledge (Coliva, Annalisa, 1973-, author.) Frost Library; BD438.5 .C65 2016

Normative subjects : self and collectivity in morality and law (Dan-Cohen, Meir, author.) Frost Library; BD450 .D269 2016

As wide as the world is wise : reinventing philosophical anthropology (Jackson, Michael, 1940-, author.) Frost Library; BD450 .J233 2016

The construction of human kinds (Mallon, Ron, author.) Frost Library; BD450 .M2646 2016

Die Austreibung des Anderen : Gesellschaft, Wahrnehmung und Kommunikation heute (Han, Byung-Chul.) Frost Library; BD460.O74 H36 2016

The return of nature : on the beyond of sense (Sallis, John, 1938-, author.) Frost Library; BD581 .S243 2016

Making objects and events : a hylomorphic theory of artifacts, actions, and organisms (Evnine, Simon, author.) Frost Library; BD648 .E78 2016

German Aesthetics : fundamental concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno Frost Library; BH221.G33 G47 2016

Politics and beauty in America : the liberal aesthetics of P.T. Barnum, John Muir, and Harley Earl (Lukes, Timothy J., author.) Frost Library; BH221.U53 L85 2016

The aesthetics of emotion : up the down staircase of the mind-body (Cupchik, Gerald C., author.) Frost Library; BH301.P78 C87 2016

The sublime in antiquity (Porter, James I., 1954-, author.) Frost Library; BH301.S7 P67 2016

Christian understandings of evil : the historical trajectory (Burns, Charlene Embrey, 1953-, author.) Frost Library; BJ1401 .B87 2016

The meaning of evil (Sias, James, author.) Frost Library; BJ1401 .S53 2016

Tolerance among the virtues (Bowlin, John R., 1959-) Frost Library; BJ1431 .B69 2016

Citizen killings : liberalism, state policy, and moral risk (Baker, Deane-Peter, author.) Frost Library; BJ1459.5 .B35 2016

Philanthropy in democratic societies : history, institutions, values Frost Library; BJ1475.3 .P45 2016

The wisdom of frugality : why less is more--more or less (Westacott, Emrys, author.) Frost Library; BJ1496 .W47 2016

Means, ends, and persons : the meaning and psychological dimensions of Kant's humanity formula (Audi, Robert, 1941-) Frost Library; BJ1521 .A93 2016

How superheroes model community : philosophically, communicatively, relationally (Miczo, Nathan, 1970-, author.) Frost Library; BJ1533.H47 M53 2016

Boundaries : when to say yes, how to say no, to take control of your life (Cloud, Henry, author.) Frost Library; BJ1581.2 .C52 2002

Contre la pollution du moi (Lusseyran, Jacques, author.) Frost Library; BJ1595 .L87 1972